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Must Read: Adventures Of A Bad ‘OMO’ Pastor 18+… Part 43


A Story Written by Umoren Elisha (Hfinest1)

Me: why aren’t you sitted nau? abi you wanna do ushering for me? this is not a church nau
Tolu: is this my house? that i should just sit anyhow
me: common, be free nau

I pushed her gently to sit on the bed and i sat with her
me: babe, you’re looking take away oo
Tolu: hmm… you’ve started again this morning with your whynning
me: am not whynning you oo.. am serious, i love this gown so much, you look cute
Tolu: aiit, thanks, lets get to the business of the day
me: hmmm… serious student, okay ma..
I brought out a book and pen and we started the lesson and in my mind i was just like “omor… dis girl wan form serious student sha! i go bleep am today sha! weda na ra*pe or molest, i must bleep her well today sha!”

I was teaching her and she was assimilating, nodding her head at interval to show she was understanding. After a while, she said she’s tired, that we should rest small.

I knew it was [b]SHOW TIME[\b]

She lied down on my bed and i moved to another bed, backing my own bed and continued reading. After a while, she called my name and i turned back to behold the most shocking moment of my life.

There she was, totally unclad. My mouth hung open and i was like “what’s this?”
she said “Victor, you’re too serious jare, you need to cool sometimes oo.. have you had s*x before?
i said yes and went closer to her and we started kissing while my very sharp left hand located her big b**bs. Gosh! it was soft, juicy.
I started kissing her Bosom and sucking it but i didn’t touch the nip. She begged me to suck her tips and i circled my tongue around it. I took my time to do the sucking and she was enjoying it cos she pressed my head hard against the b**bs and i did justice to it. I sucked and bite it softly at intervals. My other hand slipped down and she was damn wet. After the hot romance, she layed on the bed and spread her legs for me.

Her p. was well shaved and looked inviting.

I stood for a while and admired the beautiful creature laying on my bed, all mine. Her skin was smooth with no spot. 
I first licked her from the leg upward. I was licking her thigh and romancing her legs at the same time. I moved my mouth up and buried my tongue in her punnany. It smelt and tasted fresh. While eating her, my hands reached for her two b**bs and started squeezing.

This lasted for about 4 minutes within which she was just moaning and raising her leg higher and rubbing and pressing my head.

ashhhh!! oh sh*t! oh f**k! Vic…. oh yea, sh!t, you’re killing me, oh yea, eat that kitty, yeah like that, oh ashhhh!!! My di.k was over erected at this point. I stood up and raised her leg and put on my shoulder and penetrated her, burying my full length into her pssy. She moaned as i put my d..k into her. I maintained that style for like 2mins, hitting slowly and steadily, then changed scissors, from the back. It gave me access to f**k her and squeeze her b**bs at the same time.

To Be Continued…

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