A Story Written by Umoren Elisha (Hfinest1)

bayo: guy, wise up ooo… abeg f**k love jare, the only reason why you need a babe is to keep your di*k alive and active full stop, forget love jare, toast them, f**k them and let go. That’s how you play the game bro.
me: *sigh* hmmm…
bayo: shey make we rough handle am small?
me: no oo… rough handle ke?
bayo: make we teach am lesson nau, my boys are ever ready oo
me: no, e neva reach dat level 
bayo: so wetin you go con do am
me: i go break up with am noni, wetin i wan do? 
The feelings i had for Tolu had already developed into anger. I didn’t even know what to do with her although i had already decided its over between us.

I tried reading because exams was only a week away but book no gree enter. I just resorted to solving more of calculations in math, physics and chemistry and leave the reading courses for later. As i was reading one of the days, i got a call from Tope. I didn’t pick the first time, then it rang again and again and after the third time, i picked.
I said a very low sounding and depressed “hello”
tope: hey sweedy watsup wit u nau?
me: am fine, hw u?
tope: am gud oo… you no even call me sice all this days
me: av been busy preparing for exams and hope you’re preparing well for d exams
tope: yeah, are you in your hostel?
me: yes
tope: okay am coming there right now
me: ehe!
tope: yes, am already in front of the hostel
*hung up*

in two mins, she was already knocking on my door and Bayo went to open the door while i just sat on my bed.

I heard her ask of me and Bayo told her to go in and he left the room.

She walked in and i didn’t even lift my head from my phone, even though i was just entering and exiting ‘menu’. She sat on my bed and tried kissing me but i didn’t raise my head for her to, so she pecked me on the cheek and asked whats wrong with me.
me: i’m disappointed
tope: how, by who? who disappointed my baby?
me: *sigh* you love me right?
tope: of course, you know i do
me: i don’t think so
tope: what do u mean

To Be Continued…

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