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Must Read: Adventures Of A Bad ‘OMO’ Pastor 18+… Part 49


A Story Written by Umoren Elisha (Hfinest1)

Now Tope was out of my life for good. I had to move on with my life, even though I knew I would miss her, I just had to let her go. The act was too preposterous (I nor know the meaning ooo…) I just can’t be with a girl whose s*x-tape is on another guy’s phone. I called Tiwa that night and we talked from around 1 till 4. It was quite a while we’ve talked so we had a lot of gisting to do. Tiwa is a nice girl by all standards. After the call, I felt a bit better. At some point, she would sing for me and I’ll do the same for her. She promised to come to my hostel the next day so we can talk.

The next day, at about 1pm, Tiwa came knocking on my door. I was very glad to see her and she gave me a very warm hug which lightened my mood though she noticed I wasn’t happy when she walked in and asked what was wrong with me. I told her I lost one of my uncles who was very close to me. She said sorry and we sat on my bed gisting about nothing in particular. Anytime we were together, she always had gist for me. We talked and talked till 3pm and then she said she wanted to cook for me. I tried giving her money for ingredients but she refused to collect money from me. She went out and came back in like 30mins and started preparing egusi soup *my second favourite soup, after afang soup*. After cooking the soup, she also prepared eba and kept the remaining garri in my cupboard, then served us. As we were eating, a lot was going through my head and we started a conversation
Me: babe, this soup is delicious ooo…
Tiwa: *blushing* thanks honey
Me: it must have cost you a lot
Tiwa: anything for love
Me: that’s why I love you baby
Tiwa: love you too*kiss me*
Me: do you really love me Tiwa?
Tiwa: yes I do, really
Me: you’ll never break my heart?
Tiwa: yeah, wats wrong with you? Why are you talking like this?
Me: the girl I dated before, she broke my heart seriously… she had s*x with another guy and they recorded it and I stumbled upon it… that’s what led to our breakup I was left heart broken. Since then I”ve been scared of a relationship 
Tiwa: ehhhyyyyaaaaa…. I won’t let you down baby…. Is that why you’re talking like a girl?
Me: lol… anytime I remember it, it makes me sad
Tiwa: its alright baby, I love you so much, I wont wanna see you hurt
Me: love you too dear, will you be my girlfriend?
Tiwa: of course, is that not what I’ve been since?
Me: really *showing sarcastic face*
Tiwa: of course, I’ve been yous since nah
Me: alright, love you baby
Tiwa: love you too
We finished eating and lay on the bed holding each other and then she kissed me

Tiwa: you’re so cute
Me: *blushing* thanks, you’re beautiful too baby
Tiwa: hmmm… I love you Victor
Me: I love you too baby
We started kissing passionately and then my hand found its way to under her shirt. No one was in the room except both of us. I started handling her Bosom and took off her shirt and bra and started sucking her b**bs. She was also using her hands to rub my already hard d*ick fighting to come out of its prison *my trouser*. Just as the hot romance went on, someone bardged into the room, so she had to quickly grab her dress and cover her b**bs. It was Wale that came in *remember Wale*. I was angry. He went to lie on his bed while she quickly wore her clothes and told me she was leaving. I saw her off and came back too the room looking so angry 

To Be Continued…

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