Must Read: Adventures Of A Bad ‘OMO’ Pastor 18+… Part 50



A Story Written by Umoren Elisha (Hfinest1)

I went back to my room very angry with Wale for barging into the room to disrupt my fun.
Me: ogbeni, you flop ooo… see as you just enter room sef >
Wale: I paid hostel fee for this room
Me: that one no mean say you no go know when to enter room
Wale: alright, am sorry for barging in on you like that, maybe next time I’ll call you to let you know whether or not am coming to my room… *hiss*
Wale was fund of speaking English, even when you’re speaking pidgin to him, he’ll reply in English and I hated it… after all, me sef can speak English, even better than him.
Me: mtchewww… see as you spoil enjoyment for me, just embarrass my babe anyhow
Wale: so, that’s what you call enjoyment? I pity you, why don’t you change Victor and stop all this attitude of womanizing
Me: who told you I’m womanizing? She’s my girlfriend… watch what you say oo oga
Wale: and you call yourself a pastor’s son? Look at you you’re a disgrace to the house of a priest and priest…
Me: *cuts him short* you’re the one that is a disgrace to your whole family and environment… product of a mistake, nonsense
I walked out of the room very angry and stayed in front for a while before I went in to take my earpiece and phone. As I walked in, Wale still tried to talk to me but I ignored him and picked my phone and earpiece and went out of the room and sat outside in front of my hostel, downstairs

I never knew the anger I had towards Wale will develop into a serious argument like that. I felt a bit guilty for talking to him the way I did, because, firstly, He’s not my mate; he’s older than me with 2 or 3 years and he only meant good but my anger took the greater part of me. Not making me think before talking. I felt bad but I thought he deserved it for telling me my parents will be ashamed of me.
And I also hate people talking to me about repenting, that am a pastor’s son and I shouldn’t be behaving bad. It makes me feel guilty.

As I sat downstairs, I looked at cadet office which was directly opposite my hostel and I saw a guy punishing junior recruits. It was the same guy that asked me to pin my head when I wanted to join the cadet. I was thinking to myself “its like this dude just like punishing people to show agbara, he needs to learn a lesson from someone”
I grabbed my phone and called Bayo and asked him to come and meet me outside hostel. He appeared in like 5mins smelling of stale liquor
Bayo: guy how far nau? Wetin dey sup, this one wey you call me like that
Me: e get one package wey I want make you arrange for me
Bayo: anything for my nigga, ask and I will do
Me: sit down first no be something wey we go loud
Bayo: *sits down* wetin dey ground? 
Me: see that dude for in front of cadet room wey hold pako for hand dey punish those people wey dey lie for ground.
Bayo: I see am, wetin do am
Me: *in a low voice* I want make we treat him f**k up
Bayo: na so?
Me: yesso… 
Bayo: werrin him do you?
Me: the p*$$y a$$ nigga ask me make I pin my head, for early this semester
Bayo: what How that dude, that a$$hole, that kitten go ask my own blood make him pin head, him dey mad ni
Me: how we go arrange am na?
Bayo: no worry, I go follow my boys talk, we go arrange show tomorrow night
Me: okay, no p
Bayo: why you come kakki outside alone? And light dey hostel?
Me: no be that bastard son of a thousand father? 
Bayo: anha!! Who? 
Me: na that fool, Wale
Bayo: wetin him do you?
Me: Tiwa come see me today oo… we don dey kiss already, she don even comot cloth, show don start, n aim the bastard enter room…
Bayo: wetin you come do?
Me: I gats dismiss Tiwa na
Bayo: ehhyaaaa!!!
Me: no be that one dey vex me sef
Bayo: wetin?
Me: the dude come dey tell me say, make I repent, say and my p man na pastor and I bad like dis, im con talk say, I be disgrace to my family, say I be disgrace as a pastor son
Bayo: no mind am jare, him go dey do holy holy for outside, if night don reach, na bad boy for night ooo… wey be say him poster don plenty for hell fire, them write there ‘coming soon’
Me: *laugh* omor, guy how far, where you dey since na?
Bayo: I dey gyrate, na… kegites, come make we go drink small
Me: okay nau, maybe my blood go cold small
We went together to where they (kegites) where having their meeting. Kegite is known as palmwine club, so at every meeting there was always surplus palwine to drink. I drank so much that day, that I almost went drunk but controlled myself. After the meeting around 9 and I bought indomie and cooked and ate and slept well. My frustration and anger level had already gone down before I slept. I didn’t talk with Wale again for the rest of that day till I went to bed, even though I joked with my other roomates. He also didn’t talk to me and I didn’t mind. I was gonna settle with him the next day.

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Dec 5, 2016 — 8:49 am

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