Must Read: Adventures Of A Bad ‘OMO’ Pastor 18+… Part 51


A Story Written by Umoren Elisha (Hfinest1)

Later around 1am, my phone rang waking me up from sleep. Due to the large quantity of drinks i had the previous night, my eyes was heavy and i was so dizy. I answered the call angrily not even checking who it was that called
Me: *with harsh, thick bass voice* Hello, who’s there?
‘Hello’ i heard on the other end of the phone. The voice sweet die but i couldn’t recognize the voice so i removed the phone from my ear to check who it was but it was a number i didn’t know 
Me: who’s this nau
She: *on the other end of the phone* you don’t know who’s talking?
Me: yes i don’t *gettin pissed* just tell me who you are or you cut the call please…
She: okay guess
Me: you woke me up from my beautiful dream to ask me to guess who’s talking? Are you for real?
She: Victor, so you mean you dunno who’s talking
Me: i can’t recognize the voice, even though it sound so familiar
She: you’ve broken my heart Victor
Me: haaaa!!! *laugh calmly* am sorry for breaking ur heart alright… but am a good guesser
She: so this is how you want our love to fade away in ur heart
I immediately knew who it was. Its only one person that can talk about love with me
Me: Tiwa!!!!
She: its now you’re just getting yourself?
Me: yeah…. i was just waking up now… and ur voice sounds different nau
She: ok…. i have cattarch and cough…. cold….ur voice sounds so thick and Sekxy
Me: its like that at night coupled with the cold weather.
She : yeah…. its so cold…. i wish u were here to put your arms around me 
Me: same here dear…. i hope you weren’t too embarassed about what happened earlier today
She: forget that one jhoor…. 
Me: i had a quarrel with the guy when you left
She: ahhhh…. why?
Me: for disturbing me and my baby
She: lol…. ehyaaaa… try settle with him ooo… i don’t like two padis fighting because of a girl
Me: I’ll settle in the morning
She: that’s good. Baby, when am i gonna see you next?
Me: i dinno ooo…
She: can you come to my place tomorrow?
Me: where?
She: i stay at lekki
Me: with your parents?
She: yeah…. but don’t worry, my pop has travelled and mumsi is going shopping from morning and won’t be back till maybe 9pm
Me:*smile* okay…. but i have one problem ooo…
She: what? 
Me: the only place i know is my house, church and school
She: ohhh!!! You dunno how to get to lekki huh?
Me: yeah
She: just take obalende bus at the bustop at that fadeyi under-bridge, then when you reach obalende, take jakande, lekki and drop at lekki phase 1. At lekki phase 1, where they drop you, cross the road, use the pedestrian bridge ooo….
Me: okay ma
She: am serious, that road is too big and cars are driving four lines on one lane
Me: okay… no p
She: so after crossing, take bus and tell them you’re dropping at elf bus-stop. You’ll see one filling station across the road. Enter the street beside and call me
Me: okay see you tomorrow then
She: tnks baby, love you, kiss kiss, muahh muahh
Me:*laugh* goodnight dear
She: goodnight love
I cut the call and drifted into dream land…

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Dec 5, 2016 — 8:49 am

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