A Story Written by Umoren Elisha (Hfinest1)

It was the maid. “I’m through with what I was doing“ she said.
Tiwa: okay, take this money and go to the market and buy ingredients for fried rice and come and preare fied rice and turkey for me and my guest *brings out some pieces of N1000 notes*
Maid: *collects the money* okay *bends her knee slightly*
Tiwa: hurry up oo… my guest is feeling hungry already, please don’t take time. And buy turkey also and fry
Maid: okay *walking out of the room*
I couldn’t help but notice the swinging of her voluptuous a_ss but I quickly erased the thought of her out of my head. She went out and Tiwa suggested we go to the sitting room. We went there and she turned on the large television set and put on DSTV and tuned to channel o, while we were enjoying the music booming out of the loud home theater system.
We had some minutes of an awkward silence, just looking at each other and then the television. She broke the silence. “lets dance” she said.
“I can’t dance” even though I know I can dance very well, infact dancing is one of my hobbies, but shyness no go gree me. She tried pulling me from my seat but couldn’t so she tickled me until I stood up. I can’t withstand tickle at all. I stood up, she put her hands around my neck and started twisting her body. I held her waist and followed the rhythm of the song and movement of the song.
After some time, she turned her back and I started rocking her b**ty while she was grinding her ars*e seriously into my di*ck. I had a hard-on already. She slowly turned and faced me and started kissing me. This time, I went straight for her b**bs with my hands and started work on it. She started moaning in my mouth and she was licking my lips, down to my chin and up back to my lip, while I was handling her b00bs. This lasted for about five minutes, then a knock on the door >
We stopped what we were doing and I sat on the chair and crossed my legs to conceal my hard Dickson. It was the maid again.
“shey this girl na winchabi them swear for am ni? Abi she nor want make I f**k my babe agin?” I thought to myself angrily.
She came in holding a nylon bag and proceeded straight to the kitchen. Tiwa came and sat on my leg and started kissing me. I wasn’t comfortable with the idea so I stopped her
Me: baby, the whole place is bright. What if the maid or anyone comes in
Tiwa: so? This is my house, I can do whatever I want
Me: including, having s*ex with a guy in the full glare of the lights?
Tiwa: anything. Its my house not the maid’s
Me: hmm…
She continued kissing me but I stopped her again
“what!!!! Fear fear, mtchew”
Me: anha! You don vex?
Tiwa: of course nau… you’re doing like a woman.
I kissed her this time and started using my hands to rub her laps
“Omotilewa!!!” we heard a voice from outside as series of rushed knocks was heard on the door.

To Be Continued…

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