A Story Written by Umoren Elisha (Hfinest1)

We broke the kiss and she stood up and went towards the door while i rubbed my lip to clean off d lipstick stain from her lip. She opened the door and i heard her say “mum!!”
For real, my heart skipped a beat on hearing the word ‘mum’ i dunno why but i got nervous and started sweating on my palm, as i usually do when I’m nervous. Her mum stepped in and i stood up and greeted her while bowing my head and touching my knee. She answered in yoruba and turned to Tiwa whit a questioning look of ‘who is he?’
Tiwa: mum, this is Victor, my boyfriend
Mum: oh! He’s the Victor you’ve been telling me about
Tiwa: yes mum
Mum: *turn to me* omo mi… you’re welcome ehn! Make yourself comfortable… *turn to Tiwa* have you given him something to take?
Tiwa: no mum but I’ve asked this girl to prepare fried rice
Mum: okay… i came to get a document i left at home while going to work. *turn to me* make yourself comfortable okay!
Me: yes ma… thank you ma
Mum: call me mum… and take care of my daughter oo.. 
We both laughed and i said okay. Tiwa’s mum made her way to the coridoor and Tiwa kissed me on my lip and followed closely beside her mum.

I was suprised at how she welcomed me and Tiwa introduced me as her boyfriend. I relaxed and was watching one of Eminem’s song playing on the tv and through the home theater system. I sang along while nodding my head. After some minutes that seemed like forever, Tiwa and her mum came out of the room, with Tiwa carrying a rubber file closely behind her mum.
Mum: my dear, feel at home alright. You’re welcome here anytime.
Me: thank you mummy
Mum: so, you school in Yabatech too?
Me: yes ma
Mum: what course are you studying? 
Me: science laboratory technology
Mum: wow… that’s great. I’ve always wished one of my kids will ba a science student… but i have only Tilewa and she’s commercial
Me: *clears throat* hmmm…
Mum: i have to get back to work dear. *collected her file from Tiwa* you guys enjoy yourselves enh! Tiwa take care if him well you hear?
Tiwa: okay mum… see you later at night. And remember what we discussed
Mum: *already at the door* okay! 
She went out of the sitting room and we heard her car engine start and fade gently as she drove away. Tiwa came closer and sat on my leg *i would say sat on my d**k* and we resumed our kissing from where we stopped

To Be Continued…

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