A Story Written by Umoren Elisha (Hfinest1)

She opened the door and it was the maid. She said something in yoruba and Tiwa left the room with her i stood up and got dressed. Tiwa came back later holding a tray with two plates filled with fried rice and turkey. I started salivating at the site of the food. I was hungry. She put a stool in front of me, on the bed and placed the food while she sat beside me. I lauched on the food with power.
Delicious would be an understatement to describe the food. I was enjoying it. Then the maid came in with a tray containing a pack of hollandia youghurt drink and two tumblers. She placed it on a stool beside us, i couldn’t help but notice her big bobbi and dimple as she smiled and asked “hope you’re enjoying the meal?” 
“Of course…. its more than delicious. Who taught you how to cook like this?” I said with a smile
“My mum is a caterer” she said with clean English.
“Oh…. i see… its nice….”
“Thanks” she said, as her face went red with blushing. She was about pouring the drink into the cups when Tiwa stopped her with a kinda raised tone
Tiwa: don’t pour it, i have hands *mtchew* gerrout
The maid left
Me: why did you do that
Tiwa: what was all that for?
Me: what?
Tiwa: *mimicking* its more than delicious who thought you how to cook?
Me: anha…. do i smell jealousy?
Tiwa: yes…. and am here and your flirting with my maid
Me: i wasn’t flirting…  was just complimenting the nice meal
Tiwa: its unneccessary, that’s what she’s paid to do. To cook good food

I saw jealousy in her eyes. 
Me: baby….. you shouldn’t be jealous…. i was just complementing her na… harmlessly… you’re the only one for me
Tiwa: that’s how you boys are…. from complement, to flirt, from there, intimacy.
Me: naaa…. am not like that 
Tiwa: you aren’t suppose to say you’re like that. Abi a thief will tell you, he’s a thief? That’s how all of you boys are.
For a minute, i lost the temper i was yet to learn to control. I stood angrily
“What is that meant to mean? Just because one moafucking nigga broke your heart, it doesn’t mean all guys are the same” i yelled angrily “its cos of you female folks, you b*tches ain’t loyal… that’s why we niggas cheat babe…. so you’re tryina insinuate that I’ll cheat on you with your maid at that? Yo probably take me for a shameless guy without class oo…
Tiwa: I’m sorry for insinuating that
Me: *still shouting* no need for sorry. Its too late. Its me that carry myself down here to collect unecessasry insults from you na! Mtchewww…. am leaving
She:anhan! It hasn’t come to that na…. baby, i already said am sorry
I hate people begging me when am angry or losse my temper.
Me: forget it. Am leaving
Tiwa: I’m sorry na… baby…. at least finish your food
Me: I’ve lost my appetite
She stopped begging and opened the door and i barged out of the house angrily

To Be Continued…

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