A Story Written by Umoren Elisha (Hfinest1)

I went back to school and back to my hostel. The room was looking rowdy. Some dudes i didn’t know where there visiting one of my rummie or the other. I left the room almost immediately i entered. I hated it when the room is rowdy. I strolled around school and after sometime, went to eat. After eating, it was 8pm already so i decided to return to the hostel. The room had less people in it and i saw Bayo who immediately held my hand and dragged me out of the room. 
Bayo: guy, howfa… my boys just informed me that they spotted that nigga walking towards back gate.
Me: who?
Bayo: you dey craze? Wetin we talk yesterday, even this morning sef? E be like say you smoke abi?
Me:okay…. that cadet dude
Bayo: no….. na the man o war dude…. make we go package the guy before him enter bus
Me: oya nau

We left the hostel and ran or jugged to the back gate where we met two of Bayo’s boys, as he would call them. They greeted with one funny hand greeting and one of them was like “who be this?”
Bayo: na the guy wey get the job be this
Guy: nigga you small oo…
They all laughed but i didn’t see it as a joke
Me: you that is big, what have you achieved that i have not achieved?
Guy: nigg….. chill….. i was just joking nau…. never boil yet
Bayo: *silently whisper to me* vic chill oo…. this guy go slit your throat…. no do that your vex vex for here 
I calmed down and kept quiet. We watched the cadet guy cross to the road and enter a dark street which i later knew to be the road leading to staff quarter.

We followed the guy unoticed till we reached a very dark side where there was no light and it was like nobody lived there. 

One of Bayo’s boys shouted “hey stop there”. The guy stopped, looked back and saw the four of us walking slowly towards him like ‘avengers’

He ran but Bayo’s boys outran him and grabbed his waist, holding his belt.

With one swift move, the raked him to the ground and he fell flat on his back.
I and Bayo moved closer to him and i saw him straining his eyes trying to recognise our face but couldn’t. Bayo looked at me, smiled devilishly and said “over to you”. I bent down and brought out my phone and pointed at his face. It was him. The same guy that asked me to pin my head. The memory of that day was still fresh in my head and with refreshed anger, i gave him a very hot, hard, loud, banging, dirty slap that almost sprained my wrist.

I gave him two more slaps and said
“You be cadet abi? You think say na you get yabatech? I go destroy your future today”
I started beating him mercilessly. Landing slaps and blows on his face. As i beat him i was sayin “you no go beg for mercy? I go finish you today” i kept launching blows angrily. I think my temper failed me again. Bayo was trying to tell me its okay but i didnt listen. I hit him hard on the mouth, eye, nose squeeze his neck and heard him trying to say something but couldn’t talk as i was squeezing his neck. 
“Please….. plea….. pl….” he was still.
I felt him breath in an out heavily. I stood up and moved back swiftly
“I’ve killed him, jeez, I’ve killed”
Bayo went close and felt him and turned to me “he’s not dead, you’re lucky. Wetin dey do you na… u wan kill am…. you just dey beat the guy anyhow”
“I nor know wetin dey worry me oo… i just dey loose temper anyhow” i said, as we walked back to school, leaving the guy lieing half dead on the side of the road.

i was scared he’ll die for real. i didn’t sleep that night

To Be Continued…

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