Must Read: Adventures Of A Bad ‘OMO’ Pastor 18+… Part 62


A Story Written by Umoren Elisha (Hfinest1)

We read till 9pm. Reading and asking each other questions at intervals. Daniel was and is still the best friend I’ve ever had. In good and bad times, he’s there.

Around 9, we decided to go and eat at the school cafteria at food village. We got there, located a table and sat beside each other. We odered for indomie and egg and it was being prepared. We bought a bottle of miranda and both drank as we watched a movie that was playing on a big tv hung on the wall at one end of the cafteria. I noticed one girl at two tables before our table glancing at me at intervals. I wasn’t comfortable. At intervals, our eyes would meet and I’ll turn my eyes away *shy boy*. Soon enough, our food was ready and as we ate, she kept looking at me. I told Daniel and he also noticed she was constantly staring in our direction and started a discussion
Dan: na me she dey look, no be you
Me: idiot na me she dey look. Look her eyes na
Dan: mtcheew… wetin she wan look for your body?
Me: i be fine boy na… e fit don tey wey she see fine guy like me. Make i posé wella make she gbadun her viewing *adjusted on my sit*
Dan: fool… but the babe set sha! See fine face, she fresh sha! Yellow paw paw, chai! If i catch this one for bed, omor i go first lick everywhere before i do the main chopping.
Me: werey…. shut up…. she dey come. Chai! See nyarshhh!!! Asshhh!!!
She came to where we were sitting and sat opposite me, facing me and looking straight at me, smiling and revealing a set of well arranged dezzling teeth
She: hi
Me: wow…
She: what’s wow…
Me: i can’t believe you’re actually talking to me
She: why?
Dan: you see, me and my friend were just talking about how beautiful you are
She: really?*turning to me*
Me: yeah…. you’ve been staring at me for sometime now hope nothing?
She: you don’t know me?
Me: i don’t oo…
She: we met at that students conference organised by school of art at yusuf grillo
Me: yea… i remember the conference but i don’t seem to remember you
She: i tried talking to you after the conference but you were too busy with your friends that you didn’t even notice me
Me: oh my God… i didn’t notice you? I must have been very busy to not have noticed an omalicha like you.
*me and my boring jokes*
She: *covers her mouth and laughs a but, like chuckles* you’re not serious
Me: am serious oo… so what’s the name of this angel on earth?
She: Adeola
Me: wow… am Victor
She: okay

I totally forgot Daniel’s’ presence there so he coughed which i knew was just to remind us he was sitting there. The girl (Adeola) informed me she was leaving and i said bye. As she walked out the cafteria i couldn’t resist my eyes from feasting on her fleshy behind that was swinging from side to side. I realised i didn’t take her number so i told Daniel am coming and ran after her
Me: hey…. ermm…. whats that her name again sef?… ermm…. enhe!… Adeola! Adeola!!
She: yes *turned back* what happen?
Me: *i caught up with her* hey… i wanna see your pretty face again. Your digits please?
She: okay, zero eight zero, two seven bla bla bla… 
Me: aiit. You’re going home?
She: yes
Me: where do you stay
She: bariga
Me: okay…. safe journey home. I’ll call you later to find out if you’ve gotten home okay?
She: alright, thanks a lot. Bye
She went away while i went back to the cafteria to meet Daniel who had already finished his food.

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Dec 5, 2016 — 8:49 am

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