Must Read: Adventures Of A Bad ‘OMO’ Pastor 18+… Part 63


A Story Written by Umoren Elisha (Hfinest1)

I sat down and continued with my food
Dan: you don collect her number?
Me: for sure… that’s why i ran after her na
Dan: sure boy…. the babe set sha!
Me: her ukwu make sense die
I finished with my food and we went back to the hostel. Around 11pm, before i slept, i called Adeola
Me: hello
She: hello…. ermm… who’s this?
Me: Victor… i took your…
She: okay… how are you?
Me: i should be the one asking you that. Have you gotten home?
She: yes oo…
We talked some more and she told me she’s a part time student of computer science. She offered to call me later with extra cool. I objected, telling her am having exams around 9am that she should call me the next night. She was also having a paper but evening paper, around 4pm. 

The next day came and i wrote d paper successfully. Something happened though.
As we were writing the paper, i sat beside one babe like that and towards the end of the paper when the invigilator shouted “five minutes more” the girl tapped me, and was like “hey Victor, have you done number four?” I said yes and told her the answer. As i finished telling her she kept demandidng for more answers and i was supplying to her. I was so engrossed in the expo that i didn’t even notice my surrounding until i heard someone cough behind us. I looked back immediately and saw one of the invigilators staring at me with a stern lok. “Well done” he said. 
“Erm… sirr… errmmm… ” i was speechless
“Anha! Mr. Adewumi(not his real name)” the girl came to my rescue
“Joy, Joy, so its you” he replied rubbing his hands on her shoulder and rubbing downward until his hand met her b**bs and squeezed it. I didn’t say anything but pretended like i didn’t see. He turned to me and said “help her oo… she’s my girl. If i hear that she fails this course, you’ll hear from me” i said okay and she immediately passed me her paper and i drew all the diagrams for her and then gave her my paper to copy all the writing aspect and we went to submit. After the paper, i called Daniel. It was after 11 already. We met in front of my centre.
Me: how your paper?
Dan: fine o… e make sence
Me: omor…. this girl nearly coba me oo
Dan: which girl be that?
Me: no be that joy…. that yellow one…. wey dey carry nyash up like say she no sabi anything
Dan: wey no dey greet person abi
Me: yes na she
Dan: wetin she do?
Me: she call me dey ask me questions… invigilator con catch us
Dan: ahh…. gobe …. so she dey sabi person for only exam hall… after exam she nor know you again
Me: na so oo… everybody na friends for exam hall
Dan: so wetin the invigilator do una
Me: na this guy, ermm… Mr. Adewumi
Dan: enhen! Wetin him do?
Me: e be like say the man dey run Joy package sha…
Dan: na today you know? Na anything in skirt the man they run… anytime wey i go im office na so so girls, i never see am get male visitor before… na all the girls for yabatech him wan yansh…
Me: mission impossible….. the guy no even say anything as him see say na Joy, him just rub am small, squeeze her bobbi, think say i no see am. Him even tell me say make i help Joy say na im girl she be. As i collect her script, i swear she never write shingbain…
Dan: she no dey read nau… na d*ick she dey pursue all around.
Me: na you sabi o… but i muder the exam sha…. wetin we get next week sef?
Dan: morphology and physiology on saturday and inorganic chemistry on sunday.
Me: till next week tinz be that
Dan: na so my guy…. make we reach hollywood, make we go play ps small jare
Me: oya na… looser pay
Dan: hope say you get money? Cos i go beat your carrer today…. 
We left to hollywood hostel game center and were dere till 10pm

To Be Continued…

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