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Must Read: An Incest Birthday (18+)… Part 100



A Story written by Kevin_88…

“It was 10:41 on our birthday in your bed. We just came back from having dinner with mom and dad and I asked you the difference between S£x and love, and you not only told me, you showed me. I’ll never forget that day, it was when I realized the love of my life had been living under the same roof as me my entire life.”

She tightened her grip on me and I held her a little tighter as well, holding back my own emotions at the answer she just gave me. I honestly didn’t think she would remember the time, I don’t even remember her looking at the clock that day, but she knew every detail about that moment, and the way she said it reminded me once again why I fell in love with her in the first place.

“Hey,” I said as I lifted her head so she could look at me. “I love you.”

“I love you too,” she said then followed with a soft heartwarming kiss right on the lips.

We kissed like that until the ipod changed the song to that “Put My Body” song by Beyonce, then she broke the kiss and sat up off me.

“Come on, I think its time to get out.”

She didn’t say anything else, she just got up out of the water and stepped out of the tub and turned off the ipod, then she wrapped herself up in towels, one around her body and one for her hair. I stood up myself and let the water out of the tub and wrapped the other towel around myself, then was instantly embraced again by Rita as she slowly slid her tongue over mine, not rough or hardcore or anything, but slow and sensual, as if savoring it. She moaned each time I ran my hands over her Buttocks which made her breathing get quicker, until she got to the point where she had enough.

“Come on, lets go to the bed.”

“Ours or Aunt Lisa’s?” I asked, Aunt Lisa’s room still being her’s technically.


She smiled as she took my hand and led me out the bathroom and right into mom and dad’s room. I had never thought of having S£x in mom and dads room, ever, the thought just never crossed my mind, but thinking about it now, having S£x in the bed of the people who were responsible for your existence just seemed to make the scene that more erotic. She slid out moms vanity chair in front of the foot of their bed and had me take a seat then left the room, and came back with the ipod deck.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“You’ll see, just sit there and watch.”

She turned the ipod back on and started the Beyonce song over, and shook the towel in her hair loose and onto the floor, then came over and sat in my lap as she lip synced the words to the song to me, and changed a few around for my benefit.

“I just wanna show you how much you got your girl feeling good Randy,” she whispered in my ear.

She got off my lap, both of us still clad in our towels, and started dancing to the music. 


That was the only thing that formed in my head. In all the time we have ever spent together I have never truly seen her dance, but seeing her dance for me made me fall for her all over again. She had the body movements of an exotic dancer with the grace of a ballerina as she moved her body to the song. I couldn’t stop looking at her thighs where the towel made a split at, and when she turned around and gyrated her Buttocks for me to look at I almost came on the towel. When the song started to cut into the chorus she made her way back to my and sat down in my lap again, this time facing me and ground herself into me, pressing my hard on right into the crevice of her Kittycat.

“I cant help but to think about it day and night Randy,” she whispered as she nibbled on my ear.

I was so aroused it was painful. Never has she done so little but made me so hot ever. I wanted to rip that towel off of her and ravage the hell out of her, but I didn’t wanna ruin the moment, and she would never forgive me for it, and I definitely wanted to see her dance some more, so I sucked it up.

“Tonight I’m gonna put my body on your body, boy I like it when you watch me, ugh, tonight its going down,” she whispered again then leaned off so she could grind on me some more.

I ran my hands up her back as she continued to dance on me, grinding her towel covered body over mine and letting little moans escape her lips to show me just how aroused she was. When the song finally ended she stood up and pulled me with her and guided me to mom and dads bed and had me lay down, I still couldn’t believe we were in their room. I lay down and she crawled over me and dropped her towel, and I swear it was like I was looking at her for the first time. My Joystick was poking into the towel so hard it was giving me indian burn every time it pulsed. As bad as I wanted to have her right then, I wanted to warm her up first, like she did me, so I flipped her over on her back and held her legs open in the air, licking my lips so she knew what I was about to do. I dipped my head into her crotch and in one long stroke I licked all the way from her Buttocks to her clit.

“Uuuuuuuuuugh Fork, do that again just like that,” she moaned.

I did as asked and licked from her Buttocks to her clit again, this time not stopping after one lick though, I kept going like I hadn’t eaten her Kittycat in days. She was moaning louder than she ever did before, so loud I was certain the next door neighbors could hear us, so I had to slow down a little until she got quiet again, which wasn’t well received by her in the least bit.

“Don’t stop please, I’ll be quiet, I promise, just don’t stop.”

I started up again but this time I chose to use my tongue as a Joystick and darted it in and out of her as I rubbed her asshole with my thumb.

“Yes Randy, you always know how to make me feel good!”

I never penetrated her Buttocks, but rubbed it, it didn’t seem like this was that kind of moment for such a thing. We weren’t being rough or anything like that, we were soft, caressing, loving with each movement, so I wanted to keep everything clean. I held her legs apart and sucked on her swollen lips as she fidgeted around under me, finally placing both of her hands on my head and holding me in place. 

“Baby, oh god, I need you in me now, please, put it in me…” Rita begged.

Not having made her Pour yet, I wanted to finish the job, but all the tension she would have stored up from not cumming would make it that much better, plus she begged me in that needing voice I love so much, so saying no wasn’t an option anyway. I wiped her excess juice that was on my mouth on the towel under me and made my way up her body. She cradled her legs around me as my Joystick rested right on top of her Kittycat, just waiting to get in. The song on the ipod changed to “Ice” by Kelly Rowland as I grabbed hold of my Joystick and held it right at her Kittycat.

“Mom and dads had S£x so many times in this bed.” I said as I put the tip of my Joystick at her entrance.

“And now their kids will.”

She looked me in the eyes as she said that and slowly pulled my hips toward her, impaling herself with my Joystick. She never broke eye contact with me, just sucked in her breath and let it all out in relief once I was fully buried inside her. She hooked my neck and brought me down to kiss her as I slowly withdrew from her all the way to the tip and eased back into her.

“Oooh yes Randy just like that, make love to me, make love to your little sister…”

Her words trailed off into a moan as I slid all the way back into her, ironically going to the beat of the song, which was nice, seeing as Rita started to sing some of the words to the song in my ear. I buried my face in her neck and closed my eyes so I could focus on the feel of her Kittycat gripping my Joystick like it never wanted to let go, her Tips poking into my chest and her legs wrapped around me telling me she wants more, and the sound of her soft voice as she switches between singing the song and moaning in my ear, it was a lot to concentrate on, but it was well worth it.

“Nothing ever feels as good as your Joystick inside me, ohh soooo goooooood!”

She started meeting me halfway, her body taking over for her now that shes completely given in to the moment. I sat up on my elbows so I could look down at her every time I pushed my Joystick into her, and was rewarded with a look of pleasure on her face every time my Joystick would enter her. She looked so beautiful the way she would close her eyes and try to hold back a moan, it made me wonder how I didn’t notice it before. She looked me in the eyes and put her hands on my chest to let me know she wanted me to stop, and when I did she rolled me over on my back and climbed on top of me. She leaned down to kiss along my neck as she grabbed hold of my Joystick in her hand and began stroking it. 

“I cant wait to put this big Joystick back in me,” she said still stroking it.

I moaned under her as her little hand squeezed my Joystick, if I didn’t find a way to distract myself and soon I would Pour just from that. My problem was solved when she went to switch sides on my neck and left her tits right in front of my face. I took hold of her right Tip and her Buttocks cheeks at the same time and sucked on her Tip as I massaged her Buttocks in my hands.

“Oh baby, yes suck my Tip, suck on the other one too, oh my god yes!”

I switched to the other Tip like she asked and held her to where she lad to let go of my Joystick, and teased her some more by rubbing my Joystick against her dripping wet Kittycat. Almost the instant my Joystick rubbed against her clit her lips were pressed into mine like she was trying to distract herself from the teasing I was putting her through. She quickly regained the upper hand though, she sat up by pushing off my chest and rocking against my Joystick, looking down at me and biting her lip.

“Trying to tease me? You should know better than that.”

I was stuck between looking at her and wanting my Joystick back in her Kittycat, either way was a win, but one would definitely feel better than the other. Out of nowhere though her plan started to backfire though, I guess she forgot that she was attracted to me and loves S£x as much, if not more than I do, and the constant rubbing on her clit didn’t help either. Without saying anything she grabbed my Joystick and slowly sat down on it until I was balls deep, waiting for that moment to groan. I went to sit up so I could kiss her but she pushed me back down on the bed.

“No, you lay down, now its my turn.”

I let her push me back down and spread my arms wide as she had her way with me. She lifted herself off my Joystick slowly and slid back down on it just as slow all while pinching one of her Tips and bracing herself on my chest with her other hand. She pinched herself so hard it jerked her eyes open and looked down at me looking back up at her, which made her go from impaling herself on me to grinding on me. She put her arms on either side of my head and leaned down until we were face to face, each time she ground into me forcing my head to lean up to where our mouths almost touched each time, but she had her eyes closed and was too focused on the pleasure to notice.

“Baaaaby, god you feel so gooooooood! I’ll never let another man inside me, ever!”

I struggled to get words out with how good she was riding me, that and the look of pure bliss on her face. She put her head right over mine again and this time she did kiss me, sucking on my lips with as much passion as she could until she broke it panting, but still riding me.

“Yes, oh my god yes! I love you Randy, I love you,” she half moaned-half whispered.

“I love you too baby,” I said back as I put my hands on her hips to help guide her.

“I love you so much, I love you I love you I love you…”

I cut her off with another kiss as I sat up so she was sitting in my lap, me still inside her. We hardly moved our hips, we did just enough for it to be considered having S£x. At that moment we mostly just held on to each other as we kissed, rolling around in our parents bed as our combined juices no doubt seeped into the bedsheets. At the time we didn’t think about how we would get the stains out of the sheets before they got home, or even how to get the S£x smell out of the air, but we weren’t too concerned with it, at that point, they could have walked in at that moment and I don’t think we would’ve budged. In no time we stopped the slow movement and picked back up the pace a little. I slid my hands under her Buttocks and slowly lifted her off my Joystick and then would let her slide back down it, her Kittycat gripping it tightly the whole way.

“Ooooh yes, I don’t think we’ve ever done this before, do that again,”she groaned.

Once again, just like she asked I lifted her off me, this time higher, and let her slide back down again, this time getting a louder and more drawn out groan from her right in my ear, which could only mean keep doing what you’re doing, so that what I did. I listened to her announce her pleasure at what she was feeling in my ear as “Maria Maria” by Carlos Santana now played in the background, which made the mood that much better as I tried to go along with the beat. I had to pick up pace a little to keep up, but not too much, and I went as deep as I could every time which was definitely starting to have its effect on me, but it was having an effect on Rita even more.

“Oh Randy, Randy, I think I’m gonna Pour, I’m gonna Pour hard!”

I didn’t know what her body was going through that confused her, but she never “thought” she was going to Pour, she either was or she wasn’t, so something that hasn’t happened before was probably throwing her off a little. As the song drew to the end so did her breathing and her grip on my neck and my Joystick tightened two times over as her climax approached.

“I”m gonna Pour Randy! Pour with me please! Ooooooh gooooood!”

“No, this ones all you baby,” I whispered in her ear as I drove a bit harder and a bit faster into her. I was still going at a relatively slow pace, but with all the buildup earlier and everything that was going on around her at that moment it was just a matter of time before she came, and came she did. Her arms were still locked tight around my neck as she involuntarily shook in my lap, her head leaning back and just hanging there. I stopped my thrusts so she could enjoy her orgasm without getting jolted every second by my Joystick, and when she finally came down, she threw all her weight on me, pushing me back on the bed. I could feel her juice running along my body to the bed where it surely made a big wet spot, but at that moment I wasn’t worried about it. I lay there with my Joystick still buried inside her until she lifted herself off me and kissed me on the lips. I went to move her from on top of me but she resisted and pushed my arms back to the bed.

“No, you didn’t Pour yet. You always make sure I do, now I’m gonna make sure you do.”

She pushed against my chest and drove my Joystick balls deep in her Kittycat, making us both groan at the same time. Every time I would move my arms, even the slightest bit, she would always put them back on the bed parallel to my body.

“Just lay there, I don’t want you helping at all, I wanna make you Pour on my own.”

As hard as it was to just lay there, I did as she asked. I watched her face squint together each time I slid back into her, completely powerless to do anything about it. At that moment, my Joystick belonged to her. She controlled how deep I went, how long I stayed in, what angle I went in at, even the way I went in. She was grinding me nice and deep, biting her lip each time I hit her clit, and opening her eyes slowly ever so often to see what my facial expression was, which probably looked the same as hers seeing as her Kittycat was trying its hardest to suck the Pour out of my Joystick. After a while, her Kittycat started wearing me down and my will to stay up was slowly fading, I was about to Pour, and she knew it.

“Come on baby, Pour deep inside me, Pour inside your Kittycat,” she moaned.

I fought it for as long as I could, but then Rita leaned down and gave me one of her passionate “I love you and only you” kisses with her hard Tips pressed right into my chest, I was done.

“Rita, I’m gonna Pour!”

“Go ahead, Pour inside your little sister, do it for me…”

She sat back up and braced against me for one last time as she ground into me more fiercely, pumping my Joystick with her Kittycat. I had enough. I grabbed her hips and thrust into her as deep as I could and squirted every single drop of Pour I had right into her. She never took her eyes off me the whole time I was cumming, and I strained to keep mine open to look back at her. Each time a jet shot into her she would suck in air and let it out in a little moan, which made me Pour that much harder. When I got down to my last drops I wrapped my arms around her back and pulled her down to me with the little strength I had, and she was all to happy to oblige. We lay there panting in each others arms for what seemed like hours, but was probably only minutes, just holding each other with me still inside her.


“You don’t have to say anything, I know,” she said grabbing my hand and kissing it.

“Why cant it be like this all the time?”

“Cuz that would make life fair, and we all know how that works out.”

“Yeah, but on the other hand it makes moments like these that much more special.”

“Well I’m ready to have another “special” moment right now,” she said climbing back on top of me.

“Haha Rita we cant, we definitely wont have enough time to go again, not in here.”

“You gotta live a little Randy…”

“That’s funny, because I definitely felt alive a few minutes ago.”

She chuckled to herself like she was gloating. “Thank you, I try.”

“Just wait till next time, you’ll be begging me to stop.”

“Randy, when have I ever begged you to stop? If anything I beg you to keep going.”

Walked right into that one. I laughed just like she did. “Haha, thank you, I try.”

I caught a pillow to the side of the head. “Smartass. I guess we should get up then, they are doing what dad wants to do, so they’d be trying to get done and home as soon as possible.”

We got out of their bed and stretched our legs, me walking right behind her. She went right into the bathroom and I kept going to our room, until I heard a faint song coming from downstairs. I listened again and it struck me that it was my phone ringing, I left them downstairs like an idiot while we were upstairs, smart. I flew down the stairs Buttocks Unclad and grabbed my phone to see it was mom calling. I saw the missed call signal in the corner and took a breath, ready to get yelled at, and answered it.

“Hey mom.”

“Don’t “hey mom” me, where the hell have you two been? I’ve been calling for the last five minutes!”

“Sorry mom, we were a little busy.”

“Well its a good thing you climbed off your sister long enough to hear your phone ring, were on our way home, were at the gas station.”

“Ok, we’ll be cleaned up by the time you get home.”

“The gas station up the street, we’ll be there in about ten minutes.”

“Crap, you cant stall dad a little?”

“Well if you weren’t busy pumping away at your sister you would have more time.”

“Is that jealousy I hear?” I teased, forgetting the seriousness of the moment for a second.

“No that’s the door slamming behind you after he kicks you out, get moving!”

The phone clicked and I snapped back to reality and flew back up the stairs, just in time to meet Rita as she came out of our room wrapped up in the sheet.

“Hey you, I was just about to…”

“No time, they’re on their way back now! They’re at the gas station up the street, we gotta fix their room back and get that smell out of there in less than ten minutes!”

Without saying a word, she noticed the look of urgency on my face and followed me back into our room to put on some decent clothes and went right back into our parents room. We looked like someone hit fast forward on us we were moving so fast, changing the sheets on their bed (luckily they only had plain white sheets), getting the ipod deck out and putting the chair back all while airing out the room, but it didn’t seem to be working fast enough. Rita grabbed a can of febreeze and sprayed it all over the room, but I knew dad, and he would definitely notice something wrong seeing as it was only sprayed in their room, so I took the can from her and sprayed the whole house as she finished making their bed, and while I was at it I plugged up the vacuum and ran it over the entire second floor, nothing big, just made the vacuum lines in the visible spots on the floor so you could see it was done. When we got their room back how it was we closed their window and left the room heading downstairs just in time to see the lights show through the curtains, indicating they were home. We put the vacuum up and turned the tv to Scary Movie 2, a movie they would buy us watching, and to give us more cushion I grabbed two pops and a big bag of chips from the kitchen and threw some chips on the floor to look like we were wrestling. They stepped on the porch, bags rattling and all, and opened the door just as Rita put me in a headlock, dad was the first one in.

To Be Continued…

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