Must Read: An Incest Birthday (18+)… Part 104


A Story written by Kevin_88…

“Yeah I do but they’re not here. Don’t think of it as slavery, more like educating. I’m showing Randy how to keep a girlfriend and I’m showing you how to get a best friend, my actions are completely honorable in this.”

“Yeah bull crap. You’re enjoying making me rub your ashy Buttocks pale feet,” I jumped in.

She took her foot and crawled it up my chest to my face and squeezed my cheek with her toes. “Don’t act like you don’t like it Randy, you probably have some little fetish with feet for all we know and are just playing dumb.”

“If I did I wouldn’t be using your foot I can tell you that. Can you move it off my face please!”

She actually for once listened to something I said and moved her foot off my cheek, only to put it back on my chin and force her toes in my mouth, all while keeping that cheeky grin.

“How does my ashy pale foot taste, Randy? Maybe next time you wont put your foot in your mouth and end up with mine there. Since you brought it up, Randy, grab the lotion and get rid of this so called “ash” you speak of, and don’t think I didn’t notice you run your tongue between my toes, I knew you liked it, nasty.”

I didn’t have a choice, she jammed her foot in my mouth so unexpectedly I had no time to react or move my tongue out of the way. I slapped her foot out of my mouth and grabbed the lotion and put it on her as Rita started painting her nails, prompting her to sit there like she was the damn queen of England. 

“See now this is a life I can get used to,” Ashley gloated.

“First and last time Ashley, don’t count on this again, cuz it won’t happen,” Rita replied.

“You two aren’t any fun at all.”

“Ok lets switch and let me ram my foot in your mouth and see how you like it,” I said.

“See no, those are two different things, my foot is tiny, delicate, and perfectly manicured, perfect to be sucked on, yours on the other hand, is not. I’m not about to have your hairy, diseased ridden, deformed, stinky man foot in my mouth, disgusting.”

“Yeah that’s what I thought, can give it but you can’t take it.”

“Don’t you worry about what I can take, concentrate on what you’re doing.”

“I’m done, forty-five minutes is long enough, my hands are cramping up.”

She actually let me rest my hands and paid attention to Rita painting her nails, then let her rest when she finished also, so we got to see the rest of the movie without incident, which turned out to be really good at the end.

“See, that wasn’t so bad, I got a free massage, free manicure, and got to sit back and watch a movie, and you two complained the whole time over nothing,” Ashley said.

“Whatever you say. We did our community service, now were going home,” Rita followed.

We got up and started for the door, but not knowing she was gonna follow us Ashley got the jump on us and beat us to the doorway, trying to block it with her thin frame.

“I didn’t say anything about leaving! There’s still the whole day left.”

“To do what? Watch movies all day? Pass,” I said.

“Nope, were getting out of the house, I got the perfect place for us to go. Wait here.”

She ran upstairs I assume to get something and as soon as she was out of sight I headed for the door full speed, but Rita stopped me.

“Come on let’s get out of here while shes upstairs!” I pleaded.

“Then she calls her dad and tells on us and dad loses his contract. I don’t wanna be here either but we made dad a promise, wherever we’re going can’t be all that bad.”

“I just… uuugh fine. Stupid dad making us promise. We better not be doing anything stupid!”

She bound back down the stairs holding a small duffle bag and had changed into a mini-skirt and spaghetti strap. “Ok let’s go, we can take my car, in case you get any ideas about ditching.”

We headed outside and got in the back of her Mercedes SUV (no doubt a gift from her father) and drove off. As we were driving to who knows where, I looked around to admire the car, and I had to admit, the car was loaded, everything a kid could want was in there. It had tv’s, Pandora, a play station, leather and metallic interior, he spared no expense on this car for her.

“Nice car, what you get it for? Tying your shoes?” I joked.

“Joke all you want Randy, don’t be mad because my daddy loves me.”

“I’m sure you love him too, and his money,” I whispered at the end. 

“Is that all you think I am? A spoiled little rich girl?”

“You haven’t proved me wrong yet.”

“You’re spoiled too Randy, just not to the extent that I am. Why should I have to work? My daddy wants to take care of me so who am I to stop him? Jeez. You put your foot in his mouth for one second and he blows up on you…”

“Can we move past that please? I’ll be quiet now.”

“There you go, that’s better. You should know better than to get into an argument with a girl, you’ll never win.”

Rita snickered at that comment and tried to hide her face so I wouldn’t see it, but I did. “Sorry but its true. How many times have you gotten into an argument with mom or Aunt Lisa?”

“Not that many.”

“And of those few, how many have you won?”

None. I didn’t win any of them, I never even came close. She on the other hand split what arguments they did have down the middle, but my dad and I, none for like ten. “I don’t wanna play this game anymore.”

“Awwww its ok, I’ll let you win one so you can feel better.” Ashley reveled in the fact that Rita backed her on at least one thing. “Then you can make me feel better after,” Rita whispered in my ear when Ashley turned her attention back to the road.

“Ok we’re here,” Ashley said as we pulled into a small plaza with three stores in front of us.

“Which one? The antique store, the tanning salon, or the pet store?” I asked.

“Really Randy? Which one do you think?”

“No, hell no, I’m not going into a tanning salon.”

“Why not? You gave me the idea, with my pale feet and all. You can use a tan too.”

“Nah I’m ok, I don’t even have tanning shorts or anything like that.”

“Yeah I don’t have a bikini to tan in either,” Rita added.

“There aren’t tanning shorts, just shorts, and you can do it in your boxers. Rita I have a bikini for you, were basically the same size so it should fit.”

“Same size except her tits are bigger than yours,” I joked.

“Why you looking at your sisters tits you perv?” Ashley retaliated.

I’ll admit I did sound like a perv for saying that out loud, but I just couldn’t resist the free shot at her, she basically walked right into it. “I didn’t have to, if I had tits they’d be bigger than yours.”

“Are we gonna stand here talking about tits loud enough for everyone to hear or are we gonna actually go in the salon? Just wondering,” Rita jumped in.

“Were going in, before Randy pervs at my tits any longer.”

“Its for dad, its for dad, its for dad, its for dad,” I kept repeating the whole way in.

We walked up to the front desk and I pulled out my phone to bullcrap when I was interrupted by loud girlish screaming directly in front of me.

“What are you guys doing here? I thought you weren’t gonna do anything today?” Ashley said to the short blonde girl.

“Well we figured since you didn’t wanna do anything that didn’t mean we didn’t have to, so we came up here and… its those two from the bowling alley, are you here with them?” 

“Yep, you won’t believe what happened, I’ll tell you about it in the tanning room. Since none of you have officially met, Rita Randy this is Becky, Carina, and Dana, and vice versa.”

Becky was short, like 5’2″ with blonde hair, green eyes and what looked like mid-b size tits, Carina was the tallest of them all at 5’7″ with brown hair and brown eyes and tits a little bigger than Beckys, most definitely c cups, and Dana was in between both of their height at 5’2″ with black hair blue eyes with tits bigger than all of theirs, at least d cups. I didn’t try to examine their tits on purpose, but they were just there, already in their bikinis all ready to go, but then I remembered who they belonged to, friends of Ashleys, and from what I already know about them, they were just like her, so I had to be on my guard with all of them.

“What bet did you lose that you have to hang out with them?” Becky sniped.

“Probably the same one you lost that made you put on weight,” Rita snapped back.

She sucked in air and turned right to Rita trying to examine her to look for a flaw. “Go ahead, look all you want, no extra weight, no stretch marks, no fake hair, yeah, natural blonde here, I see those brown roots in there from a mile away, you’re not fooling anyone.”

“Can we go? I don’t wanna look at them any more than I have to,” Becky said getting upset.

“I’ll go with them in their room, you can get your own room or…”

“We’ll get our own booths, thanks though,” I said cutting Ashley off.

Rita got a bikini from Ashley before they went down the hall to their tanning room, we stayed at one up close that had two side by side booths in it.

“Do we really have to do this?” I asked.

“Might as well, we here. At least were not in the same room with them.”

True. Lock the door, I don’t want anyone walking in while I’m stripping.”

She locked the door and I got down to my boxers and sat down on the booth I was using. Rita didn’t miss a beat either, she stripped completely Unclad and put on the bikini Ashley gave her. Even though we weren’t anywhere near modest around each other and I’ve seen her Unclad millions of times, it felt different being in a public place so near to so many people.

“Just like that? Buttocks Unclad? What if they have cameras in here?”

“They don’t, I checked. They can’t anyway, privacy laws.”

“Then why don’t you tan Unclad?”

“I would, but I don’t want the barbies walking in on me with you in the other booth.”

“Just keep the door locked.”

“Maybe next time. Don’t worry, I’ll be Unclad for you soon enough,” she grinned.

We set the booths to the settings we wanted and got in. I, never having used this machine before didn’t know what I was doing, luckily, Rita came and fixed it for me before I melted my shorts to my body. She unlocked the door and got back in her booth and we both turned on our phones to listen to music while we lay there. We had just finally gotten ourselves situated when the door opened and Ashley walked in with her two sizes to small bikini on.

“So, enjoying the tan that I so graciously paid for?” 

“Its… different. Not something I could do everyday,” Rita said.

“Yeah, the actual sun is much better,” I agreed.

“What? In the actual sun you gotta put on lotion so you don’t get cancer! And this works way faster. Well you’re new at it, I don’t expect you to hold up so soon anyway.”

“About as hard as it is for that bikini to hold up?” I joked.

“Once again, being a perv. I know you want me Randy, stop oogling me in front of your sister!”

“Whatever makes you feel better. How did you even get that thing on? It looks like its suffocating you.”

“Awwww are you worried about my safety?”

“I don’t like to pass up a joke.”

“Whatever. Get burned, I don’t care, you neanderthals. You try to do something nice for people…” she said as she shut the door behind her on the way out.

I laughed as she shut the door. “How the hell did she get that on?”

“Shes a girl, we just have a knack for getting into stuff way smaller than our actual size.”

“Don’t take this the wrong way, but for someone so bitchy and spoiled, her body isn’t that bad. Pale as Shtt but other than not bad. I’d never in a million years tell her that though.”

“Yeah, remember who you’re oogling.”

“I wasn’t oogling, I was just saying…”

“You better not be, there are enough women in your life as it is.”

We both turned our music back on and laid back and did nothing as the artificial rays burned our skin. I’m not gonna lie, it did get relaxing after a while, at one point I forgot I was even there and drifted off to sleep. I couldn’t have been there for five minutes before I found myself having that door dream again, only this time, Rita and Stephanie weren’t there, and neither were their doors, it was just Ashleys, and the other locks that had gotten opened previously were now gone. Now they were replaced by chains and locks covering the whole door. Just then I saw a figure start to come together on the other side of the room, but I couldn’t make it out. Whatever it was had so much light around it it was too hard to make out. It just stood there glowing, and when I tried to get close to it, it would move back even further, then just like that, it disappeared, leaving me in the room with the chained up door with the A on it. I walked up to the door and went to mess around with the chains when all of a sudden my groin jerked. It came out of nowhere and I thought it had something to do with the door so I backed off, then it happened again, and again. I moved as far back from the door, completely paranoid now, then my groin started to get wet. I didn’t know what was happening. Something in this dream world was messing with my body, making me feel all woozy, then I felt my Joystick get suctioned into something, and it hit me, I wasn’t going crazy, I was getting head. I woke up from my dream and looked down, only to see Rita’s swinging tits and her mouth around my Joystick.

“Care to explain what you’re doing.”

She pulled me from her mouth with a loud pop. “I think its self-explanatory.”

“So you’re ok with giving me head, but not getting Unclad?”

“I know, I got my priorities all mixed up.”

“No I think they’re fine, you didn’t have to wait for me to go to sleep though.”

“I’ll remember that next time,” she said as she put my Joystick back in her mouth.

I turned my music off and concentrated on her, as if it was hard not to. She had her hand between her legs rubbing her Kittycat as she downed my Joystick, she was so wet I could hear the sloshing every time she jammed her fingers into herself. There was nothing to grab on to around me but the booth itself, and I didn’t wanna grab her head with as horny as I was, I was liable to start facefucking her, but she solved that problem by grabbing both my hands and putting them on the back of her head for me. She looked up at me as I slowly pulled her head back all the way to the tip, then pushed it all the way down until her nose touched my skin. I repeated this over and over, and she never took her eyes off me or gagged, she just slid her lips across my shaft and sucked, and it felt so Bleeping good. After a while she took my hands off her and put hers on my thighs and started to speed up, taking me to the hilt every time.

“Fork baby I’m not gonna last long if you keep doing that!”

She smiled around my Joystick and went back to playing with herself, and by her excessive moaning I could tell she was just focused on her clit. I started getting closer and closer with pump she took, and the smell of her Kittycat filling the room wasn’t helping. I felt her bite my Joystick a little bit and she slowed down which let me know she was cumming, but never took my Joystick from her mouth. When she finished cumming and had a chance to gather herself, she went right back to sucking me off, going just as fast as before. 

“I’m getting close Rita, I’m about to Pour,” I warned her.

She took my hands and put them back on my head and started bobbing her head faster, signaling me she wanted me to facefuck her. I obliged and gripped her head and went about feeding my Joystick down her throat as far as I could get it each time. Watching my Joystick disappear into her mouth over and over again was pushing me to the edge, I couldn’t hold back anymore and Forked her mouth until I felt my Pour rising.

“Here it comes baby, I’m about to Pour!”

I kept the rhythm until my body stiffened and I pushed my Joystick down her throat one last time and held it there, and emptied all my pent up seed from this morning and now into her mouth. By now she had gotten used to me cumming in her mouth so she didn’t miss a beat as it flowed into her mouth and down her throat with ease. She used her mouth to squeeze the rest out of my Joystick and let it fall from her mouth with another loud pop. I just went limp on the machine, arms hanging off the side, face turned over, still starting at Rita’s freely swinging tits.

“Holy Fork I needed that,” I said exhausted.

“Me too. It felt so good having you Fork my mouth so hard like that!”

“Yeah you must be really pissed at Ashley, we’ve never gone that hard on a Mouthaction.”

“I needed it. That should hold me over for a few hours.”

“That’s it? Just a few?”

“That’s me being generous, as soon as we get another moment to ourselves its round three.”

“I think I can go the distance. It smells like Kittycat in here, we have to air it out before someone comes in here and gets suspicious.”

“They have candles, and towels for the ‘mess’ I made, get that up for me please?”

I looked down at the puddle of juice she left on the floor by my booth. “What a waste.”

“Don’t worry, there’s plenty more,” she smiled as she put her bikini back on.

She lit the candles and I mopped up her juice with a towel and unlocked the door and we got back into our booths as of nothing happened, and about five minutes later Ashley came back.

“So, what do we think now,” Ashley said as she came back in fully dressed.

“It wasn’t that bad after a while, I wouldn’t mind doing it again sometime,” Rita said.

“Yeah, I hate to say it but I kinda liked it,” I added.

“Good, because we’re gonna be coming here at least three times a week. We’re gonna leave now, going to Mikey’s pizza.”

“When you say ‘we’, you don’t mean those other girls too do you?” I asked.

“You’re all gonna get along eventually, so for now just suck it up and come on.”

She left the room as fast as she came in. We haven’t been around her friends that long and I could already tell we weren’t gonna like each other. We had to tolerate them one more time today, but at least we got to eat our favorite pizza while we did it, so I’ll take it. Its only another hour or so, then were free, I told myself. Piece of cake.

We drove to the pizza parlor and went to sit down at our favorite booth, only to be bombarded by the “Ashleys,” that’s what we’re calling them now since they act just like the girls from Recess. Ashley squeezed in the booth with us and the other girls got in on the other side. The waitress came over to take our order just as we fit in the seats.

“Ok, party of six, what’ll it be?”

“One large pepperoni and sausage, two orange sodas and…” Rita started and looked at Ashley.

“And a large supreme with two root beers and two mountain dew,” Ashley finished.

“Ok, that’ll be up in about fifteen,” the waitress said as she smiled and walked away.

“Randy you know you’re paying right?” Ashley said.

“What? Why am I paying?”

“Because the man always pays for dinner! Don’t you know anything?” Becky jumped in.

“I know this isn’t a date. We got kidnapped for the whole day!”

“So I invite you over to my fabulous house to hang out and take you tanning, which you loved by the way, and you can’t thank me by paying for a couple slices of pizza?”

“That isn’t fair to put him on the spot like that Ashley,” Rita said.

“Fine, if it’ll make everyone happy, I will pay,” I surrendered.

“A real man wouldn’t have to be asked to pay,” Dana said.

“And a real woman doesn’t show her tits to everyone me meets, flashing them won’t get you a discount on the food,” I said pointing out her obviously too small, opened shirt that was definitely worn on purpose.

“Why are you hanging out with them again?” Dana asked pissed.

“Our fathers are in business together, they want us to get along for a few weeks,” Ashley said.

“Sounds like you got the rotten half of the deal.”

“Why? Because she talking to people with an IQ higher than 100?” Rita jumped in.

Dana turned her attention to Rita. “You’re just mad at those bumps you call tits, smart is the only card you can play.”

To Be Continued…

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