Must Read: An Incest Birthday (18+)… Part 105


A Story written by Kevin_88…

“Typical dumb girl comment. Those silicone tits aren’t gonna last forever.”

That last comment made the table go “ooh,” as well as a few people around us.

“Real Bytch, all real. Wanna touch em? Since they’re all you seem to be concerned about.”

“Ok girls, play nice. You can tear each others hair out later when I’m not starving,” Ashley said.

The two glared at each other and Carina whispered something in Beckys ear that had them both giggling like schoolgirls, that thing girls do to make someone uncomfortable. 

“Something funny?” I asked.

“Yeah you two, you’re sitting with the cool kids, you should be kissing our Buttocks,” Carina said.

I looked at Ashley in disbelief. “Is she serious?” I looked back at Carina who still had that grin on her face. “I’d rather go swimming with sharks than hang out with you voluntarily.” 

“Ashley why are we even trying? Let’s ditch them,” Carina complained.

“You are more than welcome to go do what Ashley tells you to somewhere else,” Rita said.

“You little wannabe, you got some nerve…”

Just then the waitresses walked over with our pizzas and drinks, and Carina stopped talking mid-sentence as they sat our food down. We stopped them when they got around to our stuff and went to sit at another booth, not wanting to deal with all their crap while we ate.

“We’re gonna eat over there, we’ll leave you with your puppets,” I said to Ashley.

We sat down at the table across from them and dug into our pizza. They were smacking their lips and giving us the evil eye but we could care less at that moment. 

“We gotta do something, we can’t go through this for three weeks,” I said.

“I know, but remember why we’re doing it.”

“Yeah. We gotta get some dirt on her, on them.”

“How are we gonna do that? Neither of us trust each other at all!”

“I don’t know, but we gotta figure out something soon.”

We sat and ate in silence while we watched Ashleys friends Bytch about us, which seemed like they could do the entire time we were there, and then my phone rang, it was Stephanie.

“Hey Steph, what’s up?”

‘Where are you guys? Chris and I came over and you aren’t here.”

“At Mikeys pizza with Ashley and her bitchy friends.”

“What? Why the hell are you guys there?”

“We told our dad we’d hang with her, he’s trying to get a contract with her dad.”

“Oh, well sucks to be you guys!”

“That’s nice Steph, way to be supportive.”

“How long you gotta do it for?”

“At least three weeks, which means we won’t see much of you guys in that time.”

“That’s not gonna work. Let me talk to Rita real quick.”

I passed Rita the phone and took the opportunity to steal another slice of pizza from her. They looked like they were having an intense conversation, then turned into a giddy girl as they obviously started talking about me and Chris by the subtle hints she gave me. She hung up from her and gave me back my phone.

“What was that at the end?”

“Chris came in and started Bleeping her while we were talking, she was still trying to hold a conversation and failing miserably.”

“You told her I did the same thing to you?”

“Yeah, that’s why I was making all those faces. We gotta do that to her again soon.”

I guess we were having to good a time because just then Ashley got up and strolled over to our table, for a while I had forgotten we were here with them.

“You ditched them? Please tell me you ditched them,” Rita said.

“No, well yeah kinda, we’re about to leave. You all better start playing nice, or you’ll gonna be miserable the next few weeks.”

“You’re asking the impossible, but yeah, where do we have to go now?” I asked.

“Home, well at least yours, I didn’t get a chance to really meet your mother.”

“Or our Aunt, but maybe that’s a good thing.”

I left a tip and we exchanged evil looks with the Ashleys as she said goodbye to them. Finally done with that at least for today, we waited the eight years it took to say goodbye to three people, then we got in her car and drove back to her house to get our car.

“What they say about us? It doesn’t take that long to say goodbye to three people,” I said.

“Its not important. What is important is you all will get along,” Ashley responded.

“Yeah I don’t think that’s gonna happen.”

“Yes it is, I told them the same thing. You all aren’t gonna mess up my fun.”

We got back to her house and when we got out to get into our car, she stopped Rita, telling her to get in the front seat. I got in our car by myself and drove back to our house, wondering what Ashley was talking to Rita about. The drive seemed to take forever as I finally pulled into our driveway and parked behind moms van. Ashley parked across the street and she and Rita walked in behind me to mom and Aunt Lisa sitting on the couch watching tv.

“Hi Mrs. Stevens, its nice to see you again, and ummm…” Ashley paused as she got to Aunt Lisa.

“Lisa, or Ms. Stevens. Nice to meet you,” Aunt Lisa said back.

“We didn’t get the chance to get into any details about anyone, but we have three weeks to catch up on everything. I’m looking forward to spending time with them.”

“What exactly are you planning on doing for three weeks?” mom asked.

“Whatevers fun, like today we went tanning, which I could tell was their first time, but they warmed up to it. Whatever pops in our head at that moment that’s what we’ll do.”

“Sounds like fun. Maybe Lisa and I will join you sometime, if we aren’t to old that is.”

“Noooo, you two look as young as us, you might even get more guys than Rita,” Ashley joked.

“So Rita pulls the guys huh? How many we talking here?” Aunt Lisa asked looking at me.

“I think it was a figure of speech, shes just saying you two still got it,” I interjected.

“Yeah that’s it, I wasn’t saying she was loose or anything. Well it was nice seeing everyone but I should get going, don’t wanna keep my dad waiting. I hope we all get to hang out one day, should be really fun, see you guys later, and tell Mr. Stevens I said hi.”

She hugged both mom and Aunt Lisa and then gave us a hug for show, secretly grinning at us as she opened the front door and walked out. As soon as the door closed Rita threw her hands in the air in mock anger, but mom and Aunt Lisa were already on to her.

“That girl deserves an Oscar,” mom said.

“You mean you didn’t buy that nice girl act?” I asked.

“What? No! We figured her out from the moment she said hi,” Aunt Lisa said.

“How are we gonna put up with that? She had me rub her feet!” I said.

“And I had to give her a manicure!” Rita followed.

“Just remember, its for your dad, but also, if it feels degrading, then don’t do it, we won’t care if we don’t get the contract in the end, nothings worth your self-respect, remember that.”

“Ok. We’re gonna go get some ice cream, you want us to bring you anything back? Rita asked.

“No we’re ok. Don’t be gone too long though, your father will be back soon,” mom grinned.

“Geez you nympho get your own!” Rita mock yelled.

“He is my own, and so are you,” mom said back.

Rita grabbed my hand and led me out the door, mom and Aunt Lisa watching us the whole way and we got in the car and made the short drive to the ice cream place. Rita got her usual banana split but I decided to mix it up and get a chocolate sundae. We sat down in our usual seats outside and watched the night traffic go by.

“So what did Ashley say when you were in the car alone?” I asked.

“She was trying to pick my brain for any info on us dating Steph and Chris. She still can’t believe you’re dating Stephanie, like she lost a bet or something.”

“Just can’t seem to wrap her empty little head around it. What does it matter to her anyway?”

“I think she wants us to ditch you two and join her little group.”

“And make you guys her hand puppets too? Yeah right.”

“I told her it wasn’t happening, and she just said wait and see. I’ll admit it spooked me a little.”

“We gotta be careful, shes one of those girls who doesn’t take no for an answer.”

“We have a lot of experience in that field remember,” she said referring to mom and Aunt Lisa.

“But this one is different, she only has HER best interest in mind, she could care less about ours. It all comes down to us getting leverage on her, without it, I hate to say it, but we’re screwed.”

“We’ll find something, don’t worry, shes not messing anything else up for me!”

Her voice got a little high as she took the last bite of her banana split. “You’re still pissed off from this morning aren’t you?”

“Aren’t you? I was this Bleeping close!” Rita said pinching two fingers together.

“Dads probably home now, so that ruins any chances of picking up where we left off.”

“Thinking about it makes me hate her guts right now, worst Bleeping timing ever.”

“Come on. Lets go before you drown yourself in four more banana splits,” I suggested.

We threw out our cups and walked to the car. She got the keys from me and got in the drivers seat before I could do anything about it, probably to drive and let off some steam. She started the car but sat there, looking out into the street for what seemed like minutes, then in an instant she swung around the back of the ice cream store and parked in back in a shaded spot and cut the car off. She had my pants halfway down before I even got two words out.

“Ummm, dumb question, what are you doing?”

“Picking up where we left off this morning,” she said as she got my pants down past my knees.

“We’re in the back of the ice cream store, its still open! People could drive past and see us!”

“I don’t even care, besides, the chance of getting caught makes it that much more worth it.”

Rita got her pants off and straddled me, both of us still in our underwear, and sank down on my Joystick. She groaned loud and wrapped her arms around the car seat to hold herself up and worked my Joystick like she hadn’t had any in six months. A car drove past and its headlights flashed through our car for a second and I held her as still as possible, which wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be with her hormones pretty much raging at the moment.

“You know, they probably saw us, they saw you stuff your big Joystick into your little sister…”

“No, they saw you slam your tight Kittycat down on your big brothers Joystick…”

“Oooh and it felt so good, next time I’ll park in the front, let everyone see me Fork my brother.”

“One step at a time,” I said as I grabbed her hips and thrusted into her hard to distract her.

It worked as she groaned again and slid her face into my shoulder and took the pounding I’d started giving her. I was still paranoid to anyone who could pass by and see us Bleeping, so I pulled the lever on the seat back a little so we could drop out of sight, I don’t even think Rita noticed the slightest bit. I maneuvered her to turn around in the tight space and sat her back down on me, this time giving me complete access to her clit. I took advantage and worked my hand around her panties and latched on to it, squeezing it like I wanted to pop it, then caressing it back to safety, then over and over again.

“You better stop, unless you wanna clean my juices out of the car,” Rita moaned.

“I wouldn’t mind doing it if I know I caused it.”

I reached up with my other hand and cupped her tit in my hand and squeezed her Tip the same way I was doing her clit. Everything going on at once was throwing her off rhythm and she was struggling to meet me thrust for thrust. To make matters worse I started giving her a hickey, but decided that would be bad considering the weeks we had ahead, so I settled for tickling her with my tongue. By now I had forgotten completely that we were still in the parking lot, or like her I was too caught up in the S£x to think about it, I locked my mind on Rita and everything that didn’t come from her kinda blocked off. I stopped Bleeping her and held my hands on her Tip and clit, waiting for to get agitated and Fork me back, which didn’t take long, but the way I was moving against her she couldn’t get any sort of rhythm going.

“What are you doing? This isn’t funny Randy!”

“Is it making you go crazy? Do you wanna feel my Joystick pushing inside you again? You want me to go back to Bleeping my little sisters tight Kittycat again?”

“No, now your little sisters gonna Fork the Shtt outta you…”

She twisted back around and almost immediately had my Joystick back in her all the way. I tried to say something but she closed her lips over mine to shut me up as she rode me like crazy. 

“Uh, uh, uh, Fork, I’m gonna Pour baby, I’m gonna Pour all over you!”

I lay there as she Forked the hell out of me for teasing her, a punishment I would gladly take over and over again, and I felt her Kittycat starting to clamp on me. She lifted off me just high enough where I could see her face, and at that moment a pair of headlights passed over her face as well, showing the lust driven glow on her face, and reminding me that we were still in dangerous waters. 

“Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god…”

I was pulled from my thoughts by Rita who was at that moment literally cumming all over my waist area. I could feel my boxers getting soaked with each second that passed with her flinching on top of me. Her warm, extremely pungent girl Pour filled my boxers and the car and sort of put me in a trans from the amazing S£x we just had. I held her there and lifted her up to peck her on the lips as she struggled to stop shivering.

“Better?” I asked.

“Yes, so much better,” she whispered back in my ear.

We lay still for a while, enjoying the silence and each other, until we heard that noise that first messed up our day, my phone ringing. At first I thought it was mom or Aunt Lisa but I have them on two different ringers, then I actually listened to the song, “I’m a Bytch”, and knew exactly who it was unfortunately, but took my time answering it.

“Yeah Ashley.”

“Good, you aren’t sleep yet, get Rita and get over here.”

“What? Its late Ashley! Cant it wait until tomorrow?”

“No it can’t, now get her and get over here asap, and stop waiting so long to answer the phone, I know you’re doing it on purpose!”

I ended the call and looked at Rita, who was still smiling despite knowing Ashley just called.

“I don’t even care. After that, I can deal with whatever bullshit she throws at me tonight.”

I smiled as we got dressed and headed back to Ashleys for god knows what, we weren’t spending the night so whatever she wanted she could have told us over the phone, she just wanted to be an asshole, or Ashhole, I might patent that. We finally made it there with Rita still sporting her smile like a two thousand pound weight has been lifted off her and got out to knock at her door, but just like this morning she was waiting there for us, this time in a robe.

“No I’m not hitting on you, I just took a shower, pervy,” she said as she let us in.

“Whatever you say Ashley, why’d you call us over here?” I asked.

“I needed to talk to you before I went to sleep.”

“What? You coulda called us instead of having us drive all the way over here!”

“I wanted to see your faces, a visual is always better.”

She was again getting under my skin and she knew it, all the little simple stuff she could have done she found a way to blow it up way out of proportion to get a rise out of me, and it was working, we drove all the way here and burned all that gas to talk? It better be important.

“What are you smiling so big about?” Ashley asked as she noticed Rita.

“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you. Now for real, why’d you call us over here?”

“Oh, yeah, you two, Becky, Carina, and Dana are all gonna be seeing a lot of each other over the next few weeks, so you’re gonna have to cut out all that nitpicking and namecalling and learn to get along, or you’re all gonna be really miserable together, and no more splitting off like at the pizza parlor.”

“Were you paying attention to what happened? They were the ones who jumped down our necks, we didn’t say anything to them, we’re not gonna just stand there and let them talk about us like that, and I didn’t see you playing mediator or anything,” I said.

“Well that’s all about to change now, starting tomorrow everyones gonna be nice, and if you can’t be nice, be tolerable, and if you can’t be tolerable, don’t say anything at all.”

“Were not the ones you need to be telling this to,” Rita jumped in.

“I already told them, so everyones on the same page.”

“Don’t forget about yourself, you’re not so innocent in all this. Last I remember you started Shtt at the carnival, then again at the bowling alley, then you make a deal to boss us around, now all of a sudden you wanna be friends? And we’re supposed to just believe that?” Rita asked.

“I’m willing to overlook that if you are, besides, this morning was just a little bit of payback for those past incidents, me having a little fun, now the slates clean.”

No way was I gonna believe this off rip, I wanted to see what happened in the next week or so before I believe Ashley had anything close to a change of heart. “Well its not gonna happen overnight, but we’ll give it a try.”

“See? Now that wasn’t so hard was it? You should listen to me more often.”

“Yeah yeah whatever, is that all you wanted? I wanna go home,” Rita said.

“One more thing,” she said as she pulled some index cards from her robe and gave them to us.

I took the card and read it… Café, spa, tanning salon, shopping, gym, movie night, fat Tuesday, and the list went on. “What the hell is this?”

“That’s the day to day I have planned. Learn it, live it, love it, because that’s what we’re gonna be doing for the next few weeks.”

“You’re outta your mind, I’m not doing this! There isn’t even anything on here for guys!”

“Well tough luck, that’s why its MY schedule, not yours. If it was yours it would say drink beer, watch football, drink more beer, wrestle, blow stuff up, and finish with more beer, pass.”

After you just gave us that big Buttocks speech…” I said stopping to read the rest of the cards.

“I have to show some authority, I mean I am still running this operation. Oh and while you’re at it bring Stephanie, I have a few things to ask her, Rita you can bring Chris too, it’d be nice to have someone around who can lift over a hundred pounds,” Ashley joked.

“Maybe I should bring her, it’d be nice to have someone who could fill out a bikini,” I retaliated.

“All that means is you’re checking me out like I’ve been saying all day, I’m sure Stephanie would be happy to know that, perv.”

“Ok how am I a perv? Last I checked guys were supposed to look at girls, I don’t even…” I stopped, knowing I was only doing what she wanted me to do, which she confirmed by grinning and crossing her leg over the other. “Is that all Ashley?”

“For today, yes. That schedule starts tomorrow, be ready to follow it exactly.”

“Exactly? Who plans out their whole… never mind, its late, we’ll have plenty of time to rant about it tomorrow, I’m going home,” Rita said heading for the door.

“Don’t forget what I said!” Ashley yelled as we went out the door.

We got back in the car and drove straight back to the house, we weren’t gonna take any more detours and get called somewhere else again. I went through the cards again groaning with each event I passed. 

“This is gonna suck, I just know it,” I said.

“It doesn’t seem like a bad list.”

“That’s because you’re a girl, everything on here is right up your alley!”

“Well what do you expect? Shes a girl too, a high-maintenance one at that.”

“Still sucks. You think Steph and Chris will wanna come?”

“Not without some major convincing, Steph might agree when she sees the list, but Chris wont, they won’t wanna hang out with those other girls either, I don’t know.”

“We’ll ask em tomorrow, that’s a discussion I don’t wanna have tonight.”

To Be Continued…

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