Must Read: An Incest Birthday (18+)… Part 106


A Story written by Kevin_88…

We drove the rest of the way in silence with me staring disapprovingly at the cards and Rita still with the little grin on her face, I guess Ashley didn’t break her mood. We finally got back to the house and walked in to dead silence, all lights off, and not a person in sight. Its was past eleven so we didn’t expect anyone to be up, but it was still weird walking into the house like that. We walked upstairs and almost into our room when Aunt Lisa’s door opened and she stepped out in her robe and leaned on the door frame, looking frustrated as she stared back at us.

“And where have you two been?”

“Shhhh Aunt Lisa dad could hear you!” I panicked.

“They’re both in there sleep, happily I might add, now once again, where have you been?”

“Ashley called us to come to her house last minute, we just came from there,” I said.

“Bullshit, I can smell what you two just came from doing, might as well have took a bath in it.”

“Ok maybe we did, but whats the problem?” Rita asked.

“The problem is you were supposed to get back before your father did! Everyone got some but me, you two went out and Forked each other so hard Rita is still smiling, you mom waited on you but when you didn’t show she hopped on your father, and I’m stuck tiddling with my toys because anything else is too risky with your father home. What about me, what about Lisa?”

She was part yelling, but mostly sad and sexually frustrated by her body language. Even though we made no plans with her or anything, she had been flirting with me all way and who knows what she did to Rita, so I felt we owed her something at least. I looked at Rita who looked back at me, once again the twin thing showing we were thinking the same thing again.

“You willing to chance it?” I asked.

“Tonight? After the day we had? Yep. As long as she doesn’t scream…”

Aunt Lisa looked a little curious to what were saying, but before she could get anything out we grabbed her and pushed her back into her room. We locked the door and threw her against the bed, opening her robe to show her Unclad body with a glistening Kittycat that showed she was just recently playing with herself, probably when we came back.

“What’s this? Guess someone really was horny after all,” Rita said as she picked up a big pink dildo from the bed and waved it around in front of her. “Won’t be needing this tonight.”

She locked lips with her as she massaged her huge tits with both hands and I wasted no time taking my place right between her legs and locked my lips with her still wet Kittycat. I could hear her moan into Rita’s mouth when I first made contact but Rita didn’t let her break free. She clenched her legs around my head and pushed her hips off the bed to push her Kittycat even more into my face. I felt Aunt Lisa’s hands grab the back of my head and hold them firmly on her Kittycat as her moans were no longer muffled. I looked up to see Rita taking off her pants, and when she had them off she sat her Kittycat right on Aunt Lisa’s face, completely blocking her view of me, but I think she liked the one she just got a lot better. It took some doing, but I finally managed to pull myself from her Kittycat long enough to strip down and position myself between right behind Rita. I slapped my Joystick against her clit, making her jump every time, and without warning, I slowly, very slowly, slid balls deep into her Kittycat. 

“Oh my god! Yes! I waited all Bleeping day for this,” she whispered past Rita’s Kittycat.

“Fork her good Randy Fork her as good as shes eating my Kittycat,” Rita groaned.

I held her legs in my hands and long stroked her as she ate Rita’s Kittycat. Rita leaned back on her hands and found my lips as Aunt Lisa kept hers attached to Rita’s lower lips.

“You like the taste of that young Kittycat Aunt Lisa? You like your niece’s Kittycat? Your nephew had his Joystick in there twice today. He Forked me so good I drenched us with my juice. What about you? Is he Bleeping you good with that big Joystick of his?”

“Yes! He’s Bleeping me so good! So much better than that Bleeping toy!”

“You want him to keep sliding that big Joystick inside you while you suck on your nieces Kittycat?”

“Yes I’ll do whatever you want, just don’t stop Bleeping me, I need to Pour badly!”

“Switch places with me, I’m sure he’ll love to Fork you doggy style.”

I was loving how Rita took charge of the whole thing, playing to Aunt Lisa’s need to Pour and getting some pleasure out of it herself, as well as for me. It took only seconds before Aunt Lisa had her Buttocks pointing at me with her face once again buried in Rita’s Kittycat, and she was shaking it at me to tell me I was waiting too long putting my Joystick back in her. I squeezed her cheeks and pulled them apart, spreading her Kittycat lips in the process and showing me her little asshole. I thought about shoving my Joystick in it but her Kittycat was still glistening and she clamped it with every thrust I made like she didn’t want me to pull out, so I put the head back at her Kittycat, held her Buttocks cheeks open and pushed back in. She was so wet I basically got sucked into her Kittycat. I quickly got into a rhythm pushing my Joystick into her that everytime I did it made the clapping noise I love so much, but I realized I had to tone it down so we wouldn’t be heard, so I slowed down my pace.

“You see Aunt Lisa, we do care about your needs,” Rita said through labored breaths.

“I NEED to Pour, can you do that for me Randy, can you make your Aunt Pour?”

“I think I can work something out,” I said as I pulled my Joystick from her and got off the bed.

“What the- what are you doing? Get back here!” Aunt Lisa said getting sad.

I took Aunt Lisa’s robe and fitted it in the space under the door to muffle any noise coming from the room, got back on the bed between Aunt Lisa’s still open legs, wet my thumb with the juice from her Kittycat and stuck it in her Buttocks at the same time I pushed my Joystick back into her Kittycat.

“Fork! I’m so horny I don’t even care what you do tonight, just keep Bleeping me!”

With cover from the robe, I went back to Bleeping her like I wanted to, letting that big Buttocks smack against me each time I stabbed her with my Joystick. My thumb in her Buttocks didn’t seem to discourage her as she began to meet me when I thrusted. I saw her reach her hand under her and rub her clit like a crazy lady while she still had her face buried in Rita’s Kittycat.

“I think shes getting there Randy,” Rita said as she got on all fours in front of Aunt Lisa.

“I think she is,” I followed as I started moving my thumb in and out of her Buttocks.

“Just a little more like that, keep doing that, keep Bleeping that Kittycat baby!” Aunt Lisa moaned.

I had been sliding in and out of her so easy I was pounding her to the point of ramming her face into Rita’s Buttocks, she couldn’t even lick her Kittycat due to the force, she had to Fork her with her tongue instead. Her Buttocks started to gape a little from my thumb being there so long, but before I could think to do anything with it I felt her Kittycat clamp down on me.

“That’s it baby, uuuuuuuuuuggggggghhhhhhh,” she muffled through the pillow she hid in.

If I thought she was wet before, now she was overflowing. She wasn’t squirting, but it just kept squeezing out every time I thrust into her convulsing Kittycat. Each push back in while she was cumming was a grunt into the pillow.

“Ok, ok, I can’t take anymore, my Kittycat is too sensitive now, please…”

“I think you can take some more, what do you think Rita?” I asked.

“Yeah I think she can too, as horny as she was, I think she can take a lot more.”

“My Kittycat can’t take it right now, any touch is way too sensitive…”

“Who said anything about your Kittycat…” I followed. “You don’t care how, remember?”

“I uhh… that was when…”

I didn’t let her finish. I let my Joystick slide out of her Kittycat, dripping wet as it was and still hard, put it to her asshole and pushed in. She grunted, but I could tell it didn’t hurt by the way it slid in easier than I thought it would, probably from warming her up with my thumb.

“Uugh god Randy, uuugh Fork…” Aunt Lisa groaned in half pain half pleasure.

Rita pushed her Buttocks hard against Aunt Lisa’s face and closed off her face in the pillow to muffle her screams as she came from Aunt Lisa severely sucking on her clit. With Rita laid out on the bed underneath her she brought her awareness back to my Joystick invading her tight asshole with long quick thrusts. I made sure she felt every inch, pulling out to the head and shoving it back in balls deep every time, reveling in the feeling of her Buttocks around my Joystick. I stopped thrusting and with my Joystick still in her I walked her backwards off the bed slowly and had her lean over Rita’s computer chair. Her back now fully arched, I grabbed the arms on the chairs and went back to pounding her Buttocks for all it was worth, while she tried her hardest not to scream.

“Quiet Aunt Lisa, you wouldn’t want dad to wake up and see what we were doing would you?”

“That’s a little hard to do with your big Buttocks Joystick shoved up my Buttocks!”

“You like it, don’t try to play innocent, bite your lip if you have to.”

With all the leverage I needed I slammed my Joystick into her, making those thunderous cheeks clap against me to the point where I felt myself about to Pour. I felt Rita get behind me and grab my waist and help me thrust into Aunt Lisa as I made my own grunting sounds, letting her know I was getting close. I warned her again but she didn’t stray away from the moans she was trying so hard to hold in, and I reached my point. I grabbed her hips and did one last power thrust and spilled my seed into my Aunt’s freshly abused Buttocks. She gasped each time I spurted and pushed forward, making sure I let out every drop inside her. When I was done, I slowly slid out of her Buttocks so none of my Pour would follow after and pulled out with a wet slop and a shiver from Aunt Lisa. She lay on the chair trying to catch her breath, and we knew she would stay there if we left her like that, so we pulled the blanket back on her bed (flipped it around for good measure) and carried her to it and covered her up, she was asleep in seconds. We grabbed our stuff and peeked outside after moving the robe and unlocking the door, making sure no one got up for a lite night snack or anything, and jet across the hall into our room and shut the door.

“What a way to end the night,” I said as I locked the door and cut on the lamp.

“After the way it started, I’m not surprised. You really gave it to Aunt Lisa in there… ”

“Yeah, I guess Ashley got to me too, don’t think Aunt Lisa cared though, she enjoyed every second of it. On a serious note though, if these next few weeks go the way Ashley set them up, today might be the last contact we all have with each other for a while.”

That struck a nerve instantly with Rita. “I don’t Bleeping think so, not by a long shot!”

“Shhh, don’t wake mom and dad! I was just saying…”

“I know what you were saying, and I’m saying I’m not waiting three long Buttocks weeks to have S£x with you again, no Bleeping way in hell I’m doing that.”

“It might be good for us,” I teased.

“Try it if you want to, I’ll Bleeping Molest you in your sleep, I’m not even joking.”

I laughed it off as we got into sleeping clothes and cut off the lamp as we got into bed. With the ice cream shop and what we just did with Aunt Lisa not five minutes ago we were about ready to pass out. We cuddled up and I draped my arm around her as she rested her arm and head on my torso, what has become our usual way to sleep now.

“Goodnight Randy, I love you.”

“I love you too Rita, goodnight,” I said as I kissed her on the forehead.

The room fell silent as we prepared to drift off to sleep, the day’s events flowing through my head again. I may not fully enjoy the next few weeks that we were about to undergo, but they would certainly be an interesting few weeks.

“Hey Randy, remember, I’ll Molest you if I have to. Without a second thought. Or remorse. Ok goodnight,” Rita said as normal as ever as she kissed my cheek and cuddled back into me.

I lay there, speechless, not by what she said, but because I wouldn’t expect any different from her. I hugged her, knowing she fully meant what she said, and hoped for the chance to see it first-hand. Yep. Definitely an interesting few weeks.

To Be Continued…

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