A Story written by Kevin_88…

It’s so hot now! You guys wanna go to the water park now?” Ashley asked.

“What? You actually asked us instead of telling us?” Rita joked.

“Yeah you have a point, we’re going to the waterpark, let’s go!”

“I didn’t bring a bathing suit, I didn’t know we were getting in the water,” Stephanie said.

“Wha… no one told you? No its ok, I remember I packed extras, didn’t know which one to pick out so I just brought them all, lucky for you,” Ashley said.

“Yeah I didn’t bring any shorts either,” Chris followed up.

“I can’t help you Chris, unless you wanna wear some bikini bottoms.” Everyone laughed.

“Nah that’s ok, I’ll just watch you guys swim or something.”

“I think they have shops where you can buy shorts, we can at least check,” I said.

“Ok, we’ll go change and meet at the giant water fountain fifteen minutes after we get to the waterpark, don’t take all day,” Ashley said.

“Said the six women who don’t wanna get their hair wet,” Chris fired back.

“Not today, were going all out in the water, no holding back,” Ashley said and everyone backed her, smiling back and flipping their hair through their hands.

“That’s even better; we’ll meet you down there then.”

We went to the locker to get our bags and put the pictures in then walked to the waterpark. Chris and I branched off from the girls to go in the shop and sure enough, they did have swim shorts, lucky. Chris bought a pair with whales on it (either that or dolphins) and we went to change. We changed, had our stuff in the locker, and were under the fountain with two minutes to spare, and just like we predicted, the girls weren’t there. I don’t even know why they gave such a short time frame knowing they weren’t gonna meet it, maybe it was just to have us wait on purpose. After an extra fifteen minutes they all finally walked into view, and I tell you, I would’ve waited another hour, because what a view it was. Just imagine six girls in two piece bikinis all smiles as they walked up to you, yeah, they all looked so damn hot it was unbelievable. Rita had on a hello kitty bikini, Steph had one with clouds on it, Becky had on the American flag, Carinas was white with fire all over it, Dana had the playboy bunnies on hers, and even Ashley looked hot with her green leaves bikini on, though I would never say that out loud, or think it. Chris and I both stood there, me in my sunset shorts, him in his whale shorts, as they all walked up to us still giggling and what not.

“Nice shorts Chris, were they all out of the kittens and puppies!” Ashley joked.

“It was either this or dolphins, or boxers, and I didn’t feel like getting kicked out…”

“I like them, not anybody can pull these off,” Rita said tugging at his shorts.

“Yeah I bet you would like to “pull those off” wouldn’t you?” Becky said.

“I don’t know, I like Randy’s better, what girl doesn’t love a sunset?” Stephanie jumped in.

She and Rita exchanged glances then smiled to play it off, and Chris and I both gave each other that knowing look as they felt up our chest in front of the girls.

“Oh get a room all four of you! Come on before some little kids start perving at us!” Ashley said.

As we walked through the waterpark seeing where to stop at first the girls were getting looks from just about every guy we passed, even some girls. While we were walking a few guys would come up and try to hit on them, even while Chris and I were standing there, but the conversation always ended with “sorry, I’ll pass, but thanks.” We settled on going down the big slide and staying in the pool area when we got to the bottom. The Ashley’s went down first, and to keep up appearances, Rita went down with Chris and I went down with Stephanie, who instead of sitting down in front of me like Rita did, laid down on top of me chest to chest the whole way down. She whispered something, but I didn’t catch what it was. I knew once they saw up come out of the opening someone was gonna say something.

“Eww were you two Bleeping on the slide down?” Dana asked.

“Yep. We had the quickest quickie ever. Best twenty-five seconds of my life,” I said back.

“That probably sounds about normal, maybe ten seconds too much,” Becky jumped in.

“Yeah? And how would you know. Watching me in action huh, I knew it,” I said taking a page from Ashley’s book and flipping the script.

“For your information I…”

I didn’t let her finish before I pushed a big wave in her face. That got everyone going as we pushed water anywhere in front of us, even at people we didn’t know. We were actually having fun. All of us. I was surprised to see it but yeah, everyone had smiles on their faces messing around with each other, who would’ve thought? Chris dove underwater and came up under Carina, making her flip around in the air before splashing down, and I followed suit on Rita, then on Becky for good measure. One by one we dunked them all, and saved Ashley for last, Chris and I both double-teaming her, throwing her as high as we could before she came thundering down. When she came up her bathing suit had moved to where her left tit almost came out, but she immediately saw it and fixed it. They all finally had enough of us and three of them came after one of us to try to dunk us, Rita, Becky, And Ashley on me and Carina, Stephanie, and Dana on Chris. We had been manhandling them for the better part of half an hour so we figured we’d let them win. They didn’t so much as dunk us as kick our legs from under us and push us underwater, but it still had the same effect, and when we came up, they were waiting to do it again, even use their bodies as weight to help push us under. After we’d had enough for the moment, we got out and went to find eight lawn chairs to go and lay out on, which took a good while. The girls started putting sun tan lotion on their legs and whatnot, but Chris and I passed and just camped out next to them.

“Hey, looks like you need some help with that, I can get your back for you,” some random guy who was walking by said to Rita.

“That’s ok, that’s what I have him for,” Rita said as she tossed the bottle of sunscreen on Chris’ lap. 

They were out in flocks, almost as soon as he left another guy looking like that guy from Jersey Shore came right behind him, this time it was Ashley’s turn to get hit on.

“Why don’t you relax and let me do that for you, I can rub out any sore muscles too if you like?”

“Tempting, but I already have a personal masseuse,” Ashley said staring at me.

“That was the first and last time,” I said recalling when she made me give her a foot massage.

“Well something’s obviously wrong with him that he doesn’t wanna touch you, come on, I’ve been told these hands are magical,” he said holding his hands up for her to see.

I started to say something, but Rita grabbed me wrist and shook her head no and rolled her eyes at the guy. He was just trying to impress Ashley, but he picked the wrong one out of the group for that. Instead, both Chris and I rubbed the tan lotion on everyone’s back; Chris even did Ashley while she was still talking to the guy! He definitely saw his chances slipping away.

“I guarantee you a night you will never forget,” he said as Chris sat back down.

“Yeah like I haven’t heard that before, I’m gonna have to pass.”

“At least tell me your name?”

“What are you gonna do with it?”

“Take the lady it belongs to out to dinner tonight.”

We were all watching like there was a big fight going on, watching this guy try all his best pickup lines only to have Ashley squash then with no effort at all was really entertaining.

Ashley sat there staring at him, and then sat up a little in her chair. “Now to me that sounds like a line you’ve said to every other girl here, but I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt. If you can find me outside the waterpark today before it closes I’ll take you up on your offer, if not, then there are plenty other women to choose from here.”

“Not many with a fiery attitude and the hair to match.”

“We’ll just have to see if it was meant to be then,” she said biting the end of her glasses.

He smiled and looked her over one more time before he walked off, then turned and looked back, but Ashley didn’t even budge.

“Ashley what is wrong with you? I totally would have gave him my number!” Becky said.

“And your panties too, tramp!” Carina joked.

“Just because you haven’t had S£x in six months doesn’t mean I don’t want to,” Becky said back.

“That’s because I choose not to, I don’t need to give it up every day like you do!”

Rita jerked and held her stomach like she’d been shot. She looked at me and mouthed “never Bleeping happening” as she shook her head no, not even checking to see if anyone saw her, which luckily no one did because of Becky and Carinas bickering.

“Will you two cut it out, you’re both sluts! Becky is just a more recent one,” Ashley said.

“And these conversations are normal between you all?” Chris asked.

“Basically yeah, think of it as advanced girl talk 101, only the important stuff,” Dana said.

“If that’s your idea of basic, then I’m definitely a few classes behind,” Stephanie said.

“Don’t worry, we’ll catch you up in no time,” Becky grinned.

Stephanie laughed it off and fixed her bikini; Becky’s words suddenly making her feel Unclad.

“Speaking of catch, anyone up for water football? Chris asked pulling a football out of nowhere.

“You know what? That actually sounds fun,” Ashley said.

“As long as we get to hit each other,” Carina said staring down Becky.

“We’ll go blondes’ vs everything else, Randy you throw the ball for them, Chris you throw for us, NFL rules. We better not lose either,” Ashley said giving him a fake death stare.

“What do you know about NFL rules?” I challenged.

“There’s a lot you don’t know about me,” she grinned. “Come on, let’s go!”

We went to the 4ft deep section so our top halves would be over the water. With all the people there, we would have to play around them, but that wasn’t what I was concerned about. 

“Ok, we each start at the ends, touchdowns are that blue flag right there and that green flag down at the other end, the only first down is that pole right there in between both flags. You have to catch it above water for it to count, and once the ball touches the water, the play is over, and we’re playing tackle, the quarterback can only run if he gets rushed, and we’ll play to three, no win by two, everyone ok with that?” Chris said in a nutshell.

Surprisingly we didn’t have to explain anything to anyone, for girly girls they knew the basic concept of football, who knew. We did paper, rock scissors for ball and we won, so we went first going towards the green flag. First play I threw it to Becky and as soon as she caught it and turned around Carina smacked her with a hit Ray Lewis would be proud of.

“That’s right! Don’t come in my area unless you wanna get put down Blondie!” Carina gloated when Becky came from underwater.

“Wait till you get the ball, I’m gonna throw you into the wall!” Becky retaliated.

I lined up to throw again and saw Chris staring at me creepy like. “The hell are you doing?”

“She’s not the devil!”


“She’s not the devil, she’s the most beautiful woman in the world!”

“What? Who? I never said anyone was the devil!”

“She’s the most beautiful woman in the world!”

“What the hell… HIKE!”

As I was looking for someone to get open Chris came at me like a serial killer as fast as he could through the water. No matter what I did he was right there, chasing after me. It was trying desperately to throw to someone, but no one was open, and with all the people walking around and playing in the water it was hard to keep vision on them, so I resigned to getting hit. He didn’t just hit me, he lifted me and threw me back in the water, I didn’t even get a chance to throw the ball away. When I came back up, everyone on the other team was laughing, along with a few bystanders.

“I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry man,” Chris fake cried.

“The Waterboy?”



He went back to play safety this time since we were so far back, so I had more time to throw. I hiked the ball and everyone went toward the pole so we could get a first down. I motioned Rita to go right since everyone was going left and threw her the ball, she initially dropped it but it hung in the air long enough for her to catch it again, but short of the stick. On fourth down I knew Chris would have them play short, so I told Stephanie to go to the touchdown and Rita to slide across, I would make it look like I was running. I snapped the ball and they fell for it like I thought they would, Chris was chasing me and Ashley was on Rita but she was open, but I looked up and saw Dana a good four feet behind Stephanie chasing her, so I took a chance and threw it, and she caught in right in the endzone.

“That’s right! I own you!” Stephanie said to Dana as she spiked the ball in the water.

We were all cheering and Ashley’s team was pissed but then we got back to the game. Chris took quarterback and threw to Ashley the first two plays, then ran for a first down when I rushed him and missed. He threw to Carina the next play and she dropped the ball, but Becky still hit her anyway, she was a little pissed when she came out of the water.

“Isn’t that a flag? She hit me late!” Carina complained.

“No I didn’t, I hit you when you dropped the ball. You just got scared!” Becky teased.

The next play he threw to Dana to get them halfway there, and the one after that, even though I didn’t officially sack him, it might as well have been one because he threw the ball to nowhere just as I tackled him. On their last chance he had Ashley and Dana cross, and when Rita got hung up on them, Ashley came free and caught the touchdown.

“That’s how it’s done! Here, you can keep that, might be worth something someday,” she said fake signing the ball and giving it to me.

On the next two series, we scored and they didn’t, then the one after that they scored and we didn’t, and on the last one we had the ball with game point. Immediately Chris came rushing after me, but I was ready for it this time. I told Rita if he did that to catch a screen pass then throw it back to me if Chris chased her, and that’s exactly what he did. When Rita caught the pass everyone went after her, leaving me wide open, and she just tossed a floater to me that I easily caught and ran in for the game winning touchdown.

“What was that? That wasn’t legal!” Chris complained.

“Yes it was, Rita was behind the line when I threw her the ball, and she threw a forward pass, and the ball never hit the water, so that’s game.”

He stood there for a second, realizing I was right, then turned to Ashley who immediately dunked him underwater. “What was that for?” Chris asked when he came up.

“For costing us the game, we had them beat!”

“Hey we all chased after her! Go tackle them too!”

“Nope, you’re the guy, it’s your fault.”

“Hey you both equally lost, you have to buy the winner’s lunch,” I gloated.

“Hey, we didn’t say anything about buying lunch,” Dana said.

“It’s only fitting that the winners get something, if you win next time we’ll buy lunch.”

“Let’s play again, you won on a lucky play,” Ashley said.

“Nope, we’ll stay undefeated, plus we still have a lot of rides to get on, its past two,” Rita said.

“We’re not done, we’ll play when we got home if we have to,” Ashley said.

“That’s fine with me, I play better on the ground anyway, more food for us,” I said.

“Since you sprung loser buys food on us you’ll have to settle for a pretzel. They have the big soft ones on the stand outside the waterpark where we came in at,” Chris stand.

“That’s ok, pretzels sound good right about now. We’ll change and meet you out there, make sure you get me a really big one,” Becky said.

“I want a big one too I caught a touchdown,” Stephanie said.

“I threw the game winning touchdown so you gotta get me the biggest one,” Rita added.

“You’ll all get one bigger than your heads, just don’t take all day coming out like before or I might eat them on accident,” Chris responded.

They made faces at us as we got out of the water and went to change back into our regular clothes. We washed the chlorine off and dried off as best we could under the heat lamps before we headed to the pretzel cart. To our surprise Stephanie was already there stringing her hands through her hair so it wouldn’t clamp up.

“How long you been out here?” Chris asked.

“I just got here, I really want my pretzel, they make the best ones.”

Chris took the hint and ordered her and me one, and got himself one too while we waited. They really were good. We all demolished them while we were waiting and Stephanie and I both bought another one. Rita came out as we were ordering them and everyone else came out when we got halfway through our second pretzels. Chris, being the nice guy he was, went ahead a got everyone a pretzel, probably since it was his fault they lost, but it was still a nice gesture. We put our stuff in a nearby locker to avoid going back to the front entrance, which would save a lot of time that could be used on rides and stuff. As we walked and ate our pretzels we went looking for the next ride to get on, not wanting to get one the good ones until a little later. Everyone decided on the Wicked Twister and MaxAir since they weren’t really coasters and they were relatively close together. We got about halfway there when Rita pulled my arm and got the attention of the group.

“Hey everyone I’ll catch back up with you, I’m gonna go get another pretzel.”

“Were almost at the Wicked Twister, can’t you wait until we get off?” Ashley asked.

“I won’t wanna come back for one, I’ll be quick, I’ll run there and catch back up.”

“If you’re not back by the time we get in line we’ll go on without you.”

“That’s fine, I should be back though.”

“I’ll go with you, in case you get lost or someone tries to grab you or something,” I said.

“Yep, that’s all the protection you’ll need right there,” Dana laughed.

“Game. Winning. Touchdown.” It had no relevance whatsoever but I felt like saying it anyway. 

We walked back in the direction towards the pretzel cart and right back into the sun, it seemed like it was sixty degrees where we were but over here it was ninety-five.

“You’re really walking all the way back over here 

for a pretzel in this heat? I thought they were good too but not heat stroke good,” I said.

“It’s funny you should mention “stroke,” that’s exactly what I had in mind…”

“Wait what about stroke?”

She smiled and grabbed my hand and ran to the area where the train station thing is and ran into the trees, pulling me along with her. I was amazed at myself for taking this long to know what she was up to, all the time we snuck off you’d think it’d be second nature to me now. When we had gone deep enough into the trees and she was sure no one was around she backed me up against a tree and shoved her tongue in my mouth. We were kissing for at least two minutes before either of us thought about breaking it.

“So what’s the…”

“Carina hasn’t had S£x in six months! There’s no way I can do that, ever! Not now, not after everything that’s happened. Her even saying that made me wanna Fork you right there!”

“Do you even remember what life was like before we had S£x?”

“No, can’t say I do, but I don’t care either,” she said as she undid my shorts, then hers.

I took the hint and pushed her shorts the rest of the way down along with her bikini bottoms. She leaned against the tree and shook her as I dropped my shorts and got in front of her. I kneeled down and held her leg open so I could lick her Kittycat for a little to get her good and wet, and in no time she was dripping all over my tongue. I licked up as much as I could while she tried not to moan too loud, which was proving to be difficult. I didn’t wanna stop, but I knew we didn’t have much time, so I pulled my lips from her Kittycat and stood up in front of her. I grabbed my Joystick with one hand and I rubbed her Kittycat with the other and took a good amount of her juice and rubbed it all over my Joystick, lifted her leg up and put it on my shoulder and slid balls deep into her.

To Be Continued…

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