Must Read: An Incest Birthday (18+)… Part 11

A Story written by Kevin_88…

She lay back with her Kittycat in my face. She was wetter than I’ve ever seen her. I put my nose directly on the split of her lips and inhaled in her aroma, which smelled of a sweet, musky smell of arousal, and a hint of fruit. I would soon notice that the taste is much better than the smell. I dove right into her wet snatch licking up all her juices, which tasted of Sekxual arousal mixed with pineapple. It was so mouth-watering good I didn’t let a single drop get away from me. She immediately began fidgeting as I massaged her titties and caressed her Tips between my fingers and tongue-Forked her Kittycat.

“Yes that’s it, lick me! Get your tongue all the way in there! That feels so good! Eat that Kittycat! Oh Fork Randy I love you so much! You always know how to get me…fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!

I couldn’t get enough of her. I’ve really come to love eating my sister’s Kittycat, especially when it tastes this good. I must have been eating her out for a good ten minutes before I even thought about making her Pour. I spread her lips to bring her clit out of its hiding place and began my assault on it, flicking, sucking, kissing, anything that would make her crazy and bring her closer to cumming, and it was working.

“Oh you little bastard! You know that’s my spot! Oh god yes! I’m gonna Pour all over your face! Oh Fork Fork Fork I’m cumming! Oh god yyyyeeessss!!!

Pour on my face she did. I was soaked, but I loved it. As she went through the motions of her orgasm I licked up the rest of her sweet juice from her Kittycat. By this time I was already hard again and was stroking my Joystick. Then out of nowhere she threw me on my back and mounted me, she always was very strong. She positioned her Kittycat directly over my Joystick, rubbed it between her lips, teasing me, and sat down on it.

We both let out a loud moan as she started to bounce up and down on my Joystick. I felt she was gonna snap my Joystick in half as hard as she was Bleeping me, but at the same time it felt so good. I grabbed her Buttocks to help her keep her rhythm. 

“Fork Rita you’re so tight! If you weren’t so wet I wouldn’t be able to pull out!” 

“You like that don’t you? You like being in your sisters tight Kittycat?” 

“Fork yeah I do! Keep Bleeping me like that, ride your brothers Joystick!” 

She leaned forward and kissed me while grinding and bouncing on me at the same time. I knew if she kept that up I would Pour on the spot, so I pulled out of her and lay her on her side, got right behind her started Bleeping her from the spooning position. She used her arm to hold her head up and I held her leg up as I was pounding her. 

“You’ve never…ugh, tried this position before…ugh.” 

“I saw it in the movie and thought I’d try it out.” 

“It feels so Bleeping good! Keep Bleeping me like this,” she moaned as I reached around and grabbed her right tit and fondled her Tip, making her moan even louder. I Forked her balls deep like this until she started shaking with a mini orgasm. 

“Oh Fork Randy I want you to Pour in me! I need you to fill your sister with your Pour please!” 

She was practically begging me, and who am I to turn down such a generous request. I pulled out, mounted her and shoved my Joystick back into her in five seconds flat. I was Bleeping her so hard I started seeing double, but I didn’t care, it felt so good. 

“That’s it, Fork me harder! Ugh, ugh, ugh, I’m about to Pour!” 

I felt that magical feeling coming and moaned that I too was coming to give her a heads up. Just as she wrapped her legs around me and pulled me closer, I let loose all of my Pour into her. We both let out a euphoric scream and I collapsed on top of her as we both slipped into an orgasm, dazed and amazed.

We laid there for a while after we finished having S£x, taking in the outdoor air and the perfect view of the city lit up with moonlight. Her head resting on my chest and my arm around her, it was a perfect ending to the perfect date. Neither of us said anything, as there was nothing to be said, we just laid there and enjoyed each others company. We could have stayed like that forever, but we knew we had to get home, so we reluctantly got dressed, wrapped up the blanket and headed home, hand in hand.

It was 10:12 when we got back to the house. Our parents car was gone as well as the Pontiac, so we figured they were taking Aunt Lisa home and the Pontiac was still at the insurance place. We ran in the house and did a quick once-over just to make sure no one was home, the house was indeed empty. Knowing what a rare opportunity this was we quickly ran up to my room so we could have S£x again. The night air had made my room cold since I left my window open, so I closed it and pulled the curtains together, making the room completely dark. I cut on the night stand lamp and continued to get undressed. Rita was already Unclad and was on my bed when I finished undressing. She motioned me to come to her with her finger, and I quickly jumped on top of her and started kissing her. We had been making out for about five minutes when we heard someone walk in the front door. 

“Shtt! Mom and dad are back!” 

“Quick grab your stuff and go to your room, cut off the lights and pretend like you’re sleep.”

She grabbed her stuff and ran out the door, about a minute later Aunt Lisa poked her head around the corner into my room, I breathed a sigh of relief and relaxed a bit. 

“Oh thank god! I thought you were our parents!” 

“Nope just me, they’re out eating dinner, they’ll be back around eleven. Are you here by yourself? Where’s Rita?” 

“She ran to her room, she’s pretending to be sleep,” I said laughing a little. 

To Be Continued…

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