Must Read: An Incest Birthday (18+)… Part 110



A Story written by Kevin_88…

“Holy. Bleeping. Shtt!”

We both shot up off the table, afraid for our lives since we had actually been caught. It didn’t occur to us how dangerous our laying there was, but hearing someone else talk let it sink right in. we turned to look at our executioners, but lucky for us, it was Stephanie and Chris, sporting a combination of shock and amazement on their faces.

“How did you guys…”

“We followed you. Jesus Christ man what the hell did she do to you?” Chris said.

“What are you talking about?” I asked, the blood still flowing back to the head on my shoulders.

“You Forked her so hard MY Kittycat hurt just from watching it! Jeez! How the hell are you even able to move Rita?” Stephanie asked.

“I can’t, my nether regions are sore as hell, but it’ll wear off in a few minutes.” Rita replied.

“A few minutes? I would need a few DAYS after that!”

“That’s how we are most of the time though, today was just…I don’t know what today was!”

“That was making sure I Forked you good enough to last until we got home,” I said.

“Wow, I can’t… wow! I don’t think I can take getting Forked like that! I never let Chris go that hard on me, and for good reason!”

“It took some getting used to, trust me, but now it just feels so good! Fork, I wanna go again!”

“Again? I couldn’t handle a first time. The only way Chris is ever gonna Fork me like that is if I’m plastered beyond belief, and still that might be a stretch, she took that like a champ!”

“Ok can we stop admiring how good they Fork and get outta here before someone comes? I would like to not be kicked out before riding the go carts,” Chris said.

“How’d you see us leave anyway? We ran off before anyone turned around,” Rita said.

“I saw you at the last minute and we followed you. We knew you ran off and had S£x the first time and knew you would probably try it again,” Stephanie said.

“You watched us that whole time, you perverts,” Rita giggled.

“Hell yeah I watched that! And I’d watch it again and again and…”

“Oooooooook we’re supposed to be getting out of here remember?” Chris jumped in.

“At least turn around so we can put our clothes back on,” I said.

“If Rita can even move after that…” Stephanie said as she turned around. “That’s gonna stick with me for a while.”

“Enough to give it a try?” Chris asked.

“Like I said, plastered beyond belief.”

Rita climbed off me, much to Stephanie’s amazement, and handed me my clothes while the last little bit of our combined Pour ran out of her. We got dressed and carefully made our way back the way we came, waiting until the perfect moment to jump back into the crowd like nothing happened. We were walking for a few minutes when both mine and Stephanie’s phone started ringing, it was both of our moms calling.

“Hey mom,” I said as I answered the phone.

“Hey honey, you guys having a good time?”

“Yeah we are, mom asked are we having a good time,” I told Rita.

Without warning, she took the phone from me. “We’re having a GREAT time mom!”

“Yep, twice!”

“Not that long ago actually, like ten minutes before you called.”

“Yes! It’s still tingling! I might be good for days!”

“No I said MIGHT be good for a few days! Mom! Well I lied then.”

I stood there just listening to Rita’s end of the conversation already knowing what mom was asking, then I looked to Stephanie and Chris, they were having a completely different conversation from what was going on with us.

“Ok mom fine! I’m only being nice because you caught me at the perfect time.”

“Ok. Ok. OK! Yeah it’s in my top drawer. Haha you Sluut! Yeah I know. Ok here he is.”

She gave me back the phone, completely ignoring the flabbergasted look on my face. “Do I even wanna know what that was about?”

“Only some of it, the rest, no. Girl talk. Marie came over and we got into some of my things.”

“Ok, no need to get into detail; I’m sure you’ll show me later.”

I could tell she was grinning. “After what Rita just told me I think you’ll be the one showing me.”

“Shouldn’t you be getting back to Maria? I’m sure you have plenty to talk about now.”

“Trying to rush me off so you can get back to Rita are we?”

“That and we still have a lot of stuff to ride.”

“From the sound of it Rita only wants to ride one thing…”


“OK! OK! I’m done. Try not to get back too late.”

“OK mom, love you.”

“Love you too honey.”

I hung up and looked at Rita. “Just couldn’t resist could you?”

“I had to! I wanted to make her jealous.”

“Now you have to share.”

“Yeah I didn’t think that part through; my mind is still clouded with happiness right now.”

“Ok, bye mom. So where are we going now?” Stephanie asked as she hung up her phone.

“Let’s go to the arcade, The Ashley’s wont wanna if we go back with them,” Rita said.

“Sounds like a plan, hopefully they’re already caught up in something else,” Chris said.

We headed to the arcade, which was packed, and didn’t have many games free. The whole time we were there we played the games we could all play at the same time, like Time Crisis, Fast and Furious, House of the Dead, Fruit Ninja, we even went old school arcade and jumped on Dance Dance Revolution, which we all royally sucked at. After we felt we’d blown enough quarters we left and went to play some carnival games. The first few times we didn’t win anything, but as we got to the ones we were familiar with like the water gun and the rings, we made out. We added a dolphin, a couple basketballs, Donkey from Shrek, and a pack of shot glasses to our collection. We were walking around looking for something else we could play when my phone rang that special song, a laugh a little every time I hear it.

“Yeah Ashley…”

“Where are you? We’re gonna eat now.”

“Playing carnival games, we’re by the 50’s diner thing.”

“Meet us at the buffet by the front ASAP, I’m starving!”

“That almost sounded like you were asking nicely…”

“Randy if you don’t get over here and…”

“Ok we’re coming! We’re hungry too.”

“Don’t take all day or you’ll be paying your own way to get in.”

I hung up and turned to everyone. “They want us to meet at the buffet so we can eat.”

“What are we gonna do with all this stuff?” Stephanie asked.

“We can put it in the locker in the front, that’s the only one I have a key for.”

We settled on it and walked the ten minutes back to the front and stuffed our new stuff in the locker, and backtracked to the buffet, where they were all waiting at the front door.

“A few more minutes and we would’ve left you,” Ashley said as we walked up.

“We had to put up the rest of our stuff, you have the other keys,” Stephanie said.

“Ok ok whatever come on, I’m hungry.”

We brushed off her spike in attitude and went into the buffet and were seated by the window. Once we knew where everything was we all went off and grabbed a plate of food and met back at the table around the same time. Rita, Stephanie, Chris and I all had fattening foods like cheeseburgers and pizza and chicken, and the Ashley’s had the complete opposite; a big plate of salad, pasta, shrimp with rice, and a bunch of seafood, that one was Ashley’s.

“Look at that! You all eat like Neanderthals!” Becky said.

“We eat like we’re hungry, without all those crappy restrictions,” I said.

“Would everybody stop talking about eating and actually eat!” Ashley snapped.

“What happened with you? Why do you have a stick up your Buttocks all of a sudden? ” Rita asked.

The other “Ashley’s” all giggled when Rita said that, and Ashley glared at them for a second before stuffing seafood in her mouth.

“What happened while we were gone?” Chris asked, drawn in to their laughter.

“We ran into that guy from the pool,” Dana giggled. “Right Ashley?”

“Shut up Dana,” Ashley threatened.

“Haha what happened?” I asked.

“He basically stalked her because there’s no way he just happen to stumble across us the way he did, and when Ashley called him out on it we were in line for the Maverick, he had a line jump pass too. He got pissed when she reneged because he cheated and talked about her tits being so little he couldn’t do anything with them anyway, then she punched him in the face. They made us get out of line, and she’s banned from getting on the Maverick!”

“That asshole. That was one of my favorite rides!” Ashley said swallowing a mouthful of food.

“Yeah but that wasn’t why you punched him…” Becky followed.

“You want me to punch you? Then drop it!”

“And you were just starting to be nice, well that went to hell…” Chris said.

“Let’s not let that asshole mess up the day. Really, were actually having fun,” Carina said.

“Yeah ok, but you guys better quit running off, I’m not your babysitters,” Ashley said at us.

“That was kinda nice I guess, well at least Ashley nice,” Stephanie said.

“So what’s left to get on?”

“Uhh, Gatekeeper, Windseeker, and Millennium Force again…”

“Again? We already got on it once!” Dana cut me off.

“You can’t just ride it one time, that’s a three times a day thing,” Ashley said.

“Well whatever we do we got three hours to do it, its 7:03,” Carina said.

“And it’s starting to get dark. Ok well we can get on the bumper cars and go carts while our food digests, then we’ll come back around to the roller coasters we didn’t get on,” Ashley said.

“Sounds like a plan. We should go now, we can’t use the cut passes on go carts,” Chris said.

We got up and emptied our food and headed down the pathway to the dodgems. Being late in the day there wasn’t many people there so we got on kinda fast. Immediately the Ashley’s all went after Chris and I, pushing us to a corner so the others would smash into us from across the room. The whole time we were on defense and by the time we finally got out of the corner time was up. Since it was still a short line we ran back through and got on again, this time picking a car on the other side from where everyone else was. When the bell rung we both made a beeline straight for Ashley smashing into her at the same time giving her a minor case of whiplash. Stephanie and Rita helped us this time by separating the others so we could take them out, they must’ve saw how hard we hit Ashley and wised up. By time the bell rung we had hit them all at least three times, and when they tried to get on again we ran off towards the go carts so we could get on them before it got too dark. They knew we were right and followed us, a little ticked we got the last laugh but they followed us anyway. When we got there the line was as long as a roller coaster line, and we had to wait in it. The good news was they let off twelve cars at once, the bad news was it was a while in between when each group of cars went, and our cut passes didn’t work here, so we waited. After about forty-five minutes it was finally our turn, and Chris and I ran to the first two cars so we could get a jump on everyone else.

“You drive that bad that you need an advantage?” Ashley teased.

“You’re gonna be behind me the whole race anyway so what’s it matter?” I replied.

“Cocky. Wanna make a bet?”

“With you? You’re liable to cheat me if I win.”

“If that’s your way of saying you’re scared then that’s fine, I figured you would be.”

“Why don’t you bet someone else?”

“We’re all betting, that’s the fun part. Whoever wins gets one favor while we’re here.”

“So we only get a little more than two hours to use it?”

“That’s the fun part. Deal everyone?”

Everyone was skeptical but eventually agreed, and I was the only one left, so I agreed to avoid conflict. When everything was ready to go we sat at the starting line waiting for the green light, and when it flashed, we all took off around the track. I was flying around corners and speeding on the straightaways, but no matter how big a lead I thought I had, I never broke away from Rita, Chris, Becky, or Ashley. Dana, Stephanie, and Carina fell back in the pack and were battling with each other. We passed a lap and I still had the lead, but not by much, they were still on me. Ashley tried to run me into the wall a few times, but couldn’t do it without taking herself out of the race too, so instead tried to take sharper turns. Chris and Rita didn’t care and were ramming each other to the point where it turned into road rage. We hit the last lap and I still had my lead, making sure not to do anything stupid to give Ashley the advantage. I made all my turns nicely and stuck to the inside walls, and was coming around the last turn, when somebody nicked my car just enough for me to break speed and give Ashley the lead. I looked over for a split second and saw Becky clip the wall, showing it was her that did it, and both Chris and Rita passed me. I tried to make up ground, but being the last lap and a straightaway, there was nothing I could do. I watched as Ashley crossed first, followed by Chris, then Rita, then me. I dreaded the next scene because I knew Ashley wouldn’t shut up about winning.

“Ha! So close Randy! I guess we know who the better driver is!” Ashley gloated.

“If Becky hadn’t cheated and clipped me into the wall I’d be the one gloating right now!”

“Awww don’t be a sore loser, there’s always next time, if we come back.”

“Uugh fine Ashley you win. What is it you want?”

“I don’t know, let me think about it and I’ll get back to you, for right now let’s go get on the last few roller coasters we didn’t get on yet, we got two hours before they close.”

We got out of the cars and headed for the Gatekeeper. The line was longer because most people prefer riding coasters at night, but again our passes came in handy. We breezed through that, getting pictures for it and headed straight to the Windseeker. It was the same situation as the Gatekeeper, but the line went faster because there were so many seats on the ride. We didn’t get pictures for it, but no one was really upset about it either. We decided to get on the Millennium Force again since it was nighttime, and almost immediately Becky and Dana expressed their disinterest.

“Nope, we already went on it, we don’t have to go on it again,” Becky said.

“If you’re not gonna get back on it, then go get our stuff from the locker at the back so we won’t have to walk back there later,” Ashley said.

“That’s all the way back past the waterpark!” Dana complained.

“Either that or you come along for the ride…”

Dana quickly flipped the script. “We’ll get it, rather be safe on the ground than on that thing again, if we’re not back before you get off we’ll meet at thing over there.”

“No, meet us at the Ferris Wheel in half an hour. It’s on the other side of the Millennium Force. Put the stuff in the front locker then meet us over there, Randy give them the key.”

I gave them the key and they went off, and we jumped back in line for the Force. The wait was a little longer, even with the passes, but once we got on the ride and looked down from the hill in the night sky with the coaster all lit up, it was worth it. The only parts we cared about at that point was the hill and the pictures. We screamed on the hill and smiled for the camera, getting an even better picture than before because everyone was looking at the camera this time. By the time we got off and headed to the Ferris Wheel Becky and Dana were already standing there, having put the stuff in the locker and were engaged in their own conversation.

“Have a nice walk?” Rita teased.

“For your information yes we did, I got a phone number from a cute guy,” Becky said.

“Knowing him he’s probably as hideous as can be,” Ashley laughed.

“Actually this one was kinda hot,” Dana defended her. “Nice hair, teeth, smile, everything.”

“Well I guess there’s a first time for everything. Even Becky gets lucky once in a while.”

“Hey not to interrupt or anything but were we just meeting here or are we actually getting on the Ferris Wheel, because we definitely should,” Stephanie said holding my arm.

“You know what? Yeah we should! Everybody grab somebody and get in line.”

We went to the line which didn’t have many people, just a few couples and waited out turn. When we could all go at the same time I went to grab Stephanie’s hand but was immediately cut off by Ashley grabbing mine.

“Ashley what the hell?”

“I won the bet remember? I’m using it on the Ferris Wheel.”

“You can’t think of anything else to use it on?” I pleaded.

“Nope. Already thought it out, let’s go.”

She dragged me to a cart not even noticing the pissed off looks on both Rita and Stephanie’s face. We sat down and were locked in, I couldn’t see anything except for in front of me, every other angle was blocked off, which she probably already knew. She sat there patiently until the announcer said his speech and the ride started moving.

“So how’s life Randy? Are you having fun?”

“Yeah, when you’re not up to something.”

“What? When am I ever up to something?”

“Yeah, because we always go on a romantic Ferris Wheel ride together…”

“Hey, you never know…”

“Cut the bullshit Ashley, why am I here?”

“Fine. I want a little info.”

“Yeah I don’t think so.”

“You don’t have a choice; it was part of the deal.”

“The deal was the Ferris Wheel, and nothing else.”

“The deal was the Ferris Wheel and everything related to it, sir. Not my fault you didn’t specify. Now are you gonna keep your word or are you a liar like eighty percent of the rest of the men?”

(Geez, somebody really messed with her head big time!) “Fine, but nothing too personal.”

“That depends on how you look at it.”

“What are you talking about?”

“You four.”

“What about us four?”

“You don’t think it’s weird that you and Chris are dating each other’s sisters?”

“It’s not that uncommon.”

“No but it’s unlikely. You don’t get that brother instinct and wanna whoop on each other?”

“Uh, not really no.”

“Seriously? Knowing he’s screwing your sister doesn’t bother you? Not even a little?”

I sat silent, thinking about if she had actually done that, though I knew she didn’t, the thought was still enough to make me a little jealous.

“You gonna answer the question?” Ashley said snapping me from my thoughts.

“Don’t really need to.”

“Answer or I’ll giggle like a schoolgirl loud enough for everyone in this state to hear! Oh Randy stop it! No we shouldn’t do that here! You’re pinching them so hard…”

“OK! You know you can really be a Bytch when you wanna be.”

“So I’ve been told. Well?”

“I try not to think about it, otherwise I’d 

probably slap him around a little, as he probably thinks about toing to me too, especially since Stephanie is more flirty than Rita has been.”

“Slap him around? Chris would… well I don’t know now, that was before I knew you had actual muscles tucked under this shirt,” she said as she squeezed my arm.

“Hey quit it, you don’t wanna give Stephanie any more reason to kick your Buttocks.”

“Why would she wanna in the first place?”

“Because you took her boyfriend on the Ferris 

Wheel right in front of her! You know how women are! That’s worse than two girls wearing the exact same dress to prom!”

“Yeah, I don’t know why we are the way we are sometimes…”

“Yeah me either. So are we done with twenty-one questions now?”

“Just one more. Do you see yourself being with Stephanie for the rest of your life?”

When she said Stephanie, I slipped Rita in since that’s who she was unknowingly referring to. “Yep. Not a doubt in my mind.”

“Are you sure? A lot of things could happen that could change that.”

“A lot of things like what?”

“I don’t know, I was just saying, nothing is guaranteed.”

With that the ride stopped and we climbed out. That last little bit left a bad taste in my mouth. What did she mean by that? Did she know something I didn’t? Was she setting me up for something? Was she saying all that just to mess with my head? If so, then it was definitely working. When we walked through the gate Stephanie immediately walked up to me and hooked my arm in hers, glaring back at Ashley when she did it.

To Be Continued…

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