Must Read: An Incest Birthday (18+)… Part 111


A Story written by Kevin_88…

What did she want?” Stephanie asked impatiently.

“She was asking about all of us, how it’s weird dating each other’s sisters and whatnot.”

“And what else?”

“If I thought we’d stay together and Chris and Rita stay together and stuff.”

“Did she touch you?”

“She squeezed my arm muscle… When did you get so possessive?”

“Since she went on the Ferris Wheel with MY boyfriend!”

“How exactly does that work again?”

“In public, we’re together, in private, you’re with Rita and I’m with Chris.”

“That’s what I thought. So you’re perfectly within your right to be pissed off.”

“Damn right I am! I should go over there and…”

“Don’t worry yourself Stephanie, I was just messing with him,” Ashley jumped in.

“Well mess with someone else next time.”

“Should I mess with you? You look like you like that kind of thing.”

“How do I look like I like that? I don’t look butch, or too girly, or man hating…”

“I don’t know, you just have that look. If I was wrong then sorry, but I don’t think I am.”

Stephanie looked at her long enough for her to smile at her then turn away. “You know what just happened right?”

“No, what?”

“She just took the heat off herself and exposed one of your secrets without breaking a sweat.”

“How the hell does she keep doing that?”

“I don’t know, but she did it to me so many times I notice it immediately now.”

“Ok they’re starting to close the park, we can get on one more ride before we leave,” Chris said.

“Let’s get on the Mantis since its right by the front gate,” Dana said.

“Then after that we can get on the Millennium Force one more time,” Rita said.

“Nooooooooooo! Aren’t you tired of getting on that?” Becky complained.

“No! That’s the ride everyone looks forward to when they come here!” Rita followed.

“I’ll get on the Mantis, but we’re not getting on the Millennium thing again.”

“Perfect. Then you can go to the other locker and get the rest of our stuff,” Ashley said.

“Stop doing that! Why do we have to keep going?”

“Because it saves the trip. Or you can quit being babies and get on…”

“This is the last time, if there’s another locker someone else can go to it!”

“By the time you get back it’ll be time to go so we’ll meet you at the front gate.”

They went off to the locker and we hopped on the Mantis, which had no line whatsoever. We weren’t smiling for the cameras or anything; we were just on it to get that last ride in before we left. When we got off we ran back on two more times, then went to the Millennium Force, and got on just before they closed the line. We went through the motion, screaming on the way down the hill and everything, and got off and saw Becky and Dana standing by the ride exit with all our stuff and two big sticks of cotton candy.

“The shop guy was giving them out. Bet you want one now don’t you?” Becky gloated to Ashley.

“Nope. It wouldn’t stay down right now anyway from all the fun I just had on the coaster you two are too scared to get on, but thanks for the offer.”

“You could’ve just said no, Bytch,” Becky responded, making me laugh a little.

“Yeah I could have, oh well. Let’s get the rest of our stuff and go home.”

We went to the other locker and pulled everything out, it looked like we robbed one of the game stations we had so much stuff. Everyone had at least two stuffed animals and a picture, but Ashley had the most stuff overall. After ten minutes of looking for the truck we piled everything in the back trunk area and I ran into the seat all the way in the back so she wouldn’t ask me to drive.

“Chris since Randy’s scared you wanna drive back? I don’t feel like it,” Ashley asked him.

“As long as I’m not responsible for any damage done while I’m in the driver’s seat.”

“As long as you don’t crash us or kill us, fine.”

Chris drove with Ashley riding shotgun, Dana, Becky and Carina were in the middle seat and I was sandwiched between Rita and Stephanie in the back. The Ashley’s were all conversing with each other and I just laid my head back on the seat exhausted, but a good exhausted. I had relaxed all but five minutes when I felt a hand land on my crotch, Stephanie’s.

“What are you doing?” I whispered.

“I’m allowed to touch aren’t I?”

“You pick now of all times? What if one of them turns around or something?”

“Then they’ll see your girlfriend getting frisky with her boyfriend, I’m just rubbing it. After what you did earlier I’m not sure if I could handle Bleeping you anyway…”

“It’s not like that all the time. We both wanted it like that at that moment,” Rita said.

“And you just popped right up after, I still can’t believe it, I would be sore for weeks!”

“Believe me, it’s still sore, but it’s a good sore, once you get used to it, it feels sooooo good!”

“So I can get used to it?”

“Hey, that was a figure of speech. Let Chris try it on you first.”

“Oh he will definitely be Bleeping me tonight, how hard is up for debate though…”

“Let him eat your Kittycat first, it heightens the hell out of S£x after!”

“I noticed, I could taste you on Randy when I kissed him. For a while I had forgotten what you tasted like, its addicting, his hormones were probably raging just from the taste of you!”

“So your hand is gonna stay there the whole trip back?” I asked changing the subject.

“Not here,” Stephanie said slipping her hand into my pants, fully grabbing my Joystick. “Here.”

“What if…”

“They’re not even paying attention to us, and it’s too dark to see anything, you’re so cautious!”

“He’s like that all the time. It makes the S£x even better,” Rita said.

“Good to know. Try not to Pour all over my hand, or you know what… let it out, your choice.”

I sat there getting jerked off the rest of the way home with Rita taking my hand and gliding it across her Kittycat. I could feel her Kittycat lips still a little swollen from the beating it took earlier. It took everything in me not to make a noise of any kind to tip off what was going on back there. We were in our own zone, The Ashley’s were in their own zone, and Chris was in his own zone the rest of the way back to Ashley’s house, but I’m sure I enjoyed myself the most.

Stephanie didn’t take her hand off my Joystick until the second we pulled into Ashley’s driveway. I fixed myself and we all climbed out and gathered in front of her house.

“Ok, Dana, Carina, and Becky all decided to stay the night, you guys wanna too?” Ashley asked.

“Nah, maybe next time, I wanna go home and go to sleep,” Chris said.

“Yeah me too, I wanna go take a load off,” Stephanie said sneaking a look at Chris, he caught it.

“What about you two?” Ashley said turning her attention to us.

“Me in a house full of crazy women? Pass. Maybe next time,” I said, and Rita agreed.

“You all suck! Maybe I should add that into the routine…”

“Your father won’t have any problem with guys sleeping over?” I asked.

“No, he’s barely ever here, and I don’t go to my mother’s house that much anymore.”

“Maybe next time, it’s been a long day, I just wanna go home,” Rita said.

“Now I’m definitely adding it. Don’t forget to get all your crap out of the back, and put the devil Randy won me in the front, because he won it, for me, not you, but me, just me…”

“Ok we get it! It’s a devil not a bouquet of roses!” Becky cut her off.

“You have some nerve… see you guys later then,” Ashley said to us before turning her attention back to Becky as they went into the house.

We grabbed all our stuff and loaded them in our cars, and put the devil on the front seat since she actually did ask nicely.

“What do you think of them and their change of heart?” Chris asked.

“I don’t know, it could be sincere, but its Ashley, you never know,” I said.

“Either way, I’m keeping my guard up, no one flips that easy,” Stephanie said.

“Yeah well I really do wanna go home, hopefully she’ll give us a day off or something. I’ll call you tomorrow ok?” Rita said to Stephanie.

“Ok, if you’re not doing anything come over, we can have a fat Saturday or something.”

The girls hugged and Chris and I bumped fists and we were all on our way. We didn’t say anything for a while on the way home; Rita just held my hand as I drove down the dark streets. 

“I didn’t wanna tell her, but it really does hurt,” Rita said breaking the silence.


“My Kittycat, I think you broke it or something.”

“Really? I thought you were used to it?”

“I am, but there was so much friction this time. It was like rubbing two sticks together and smashing them with a rock at the same time.”

“When we get home I’ll kiss it and make it better then.”

“Maybe tomorrow, tonight, I’m sleeping with an ice pack.”

“I don’t know if that’ll work for women…”

“It will. If it doesn’t, it won’t change anything, I’m not missing out on S£x because my Kittycat’s being a Bytch, but you might have to go easy for a while.”

“I don’t think that would be a problem.”

She sighed and rested her head on my shoulder. “Still totally worth it though.”

We pulled in the driveway and grabbed up all our stuff to take in, I grabbed all the animals and basketballs and Rita grabbed the pictures and our bags. It took some doing but I finally got the door open, and we walked in to see dad laying out on the couch watching Super Troopers.

“Dad? What are you doing up? It’s past eleven,” I said.

“No work tomorrow, I can finally relax for a change. You guys have fun?”

“You could say that,” Rita said nodding to all the stuff we had. “Where’s mom?”

“Upstairs with your aunt, they haven’t come out of her room in over two hours.”

“I don’t know if that’s good or bad,” I said.

“A little of both, but at least I get some down time. You need some help with that?”

“We’ll manage, we won’t mess with your down time, gotta put this up somewhere.”

“Ok, if you change your mind you know where I am… a liter of cola, haha classic.”

We got to our room and just threw everything on the bed. We didn’t feel like putting anything up at that moment so we put the bag in the corner, the pictures on the dresser, and our bags in the closet. Rita stripped down and was under the covers in record time. She waited for me to get in but I had to use the bathroom, so I went and took care of business and was headed back to the room when Aunt Lisa’s door opened and she poked her head out.

“I thought I heard you two walk in, come here for a second, Rita too.”

I went and got Rita and we headed back to Aunt Lisa’s where both she and mom were sitting on the bed with a whole bunch of clothes laid out. I think mom noticed our skepticism.

“Don’t worry, we’re not up to nothing. You couldn’t do much anyway Rita, you look worn out.”

“I am, but nothing a good night’s sleep won’t fix,” Rita said.

“So how’d it go? Was that girl being a Bytch?” Aunt Lisa asked, straight to the point.

“Surprisingly no, she was basically nice all day, she even paid for everything,” I said.

“Listen, girls like don’t just flip personalities overnight, unless they’re crazy, and I don’t think this one is. Just by the brief conversation I had with her that day I could tell she was devious and manipulating, she’d sell her own friends out to get what she wanted. Don’t get fooled by her schoolgirl attitude, I don’t wanna see you two get hurt.”

“Her friends are just as bad too, a girl like that definitely has followers who will do anything she tells them to do, I have half a mind to confront them myself,” Aunt Lisa added.

“You don’t need to, we’re not getting that close to her, just stirring the pot for the time being. When this is all over we’ll go back to just us and Stephanie and Chris,” Rita said.

“By the way how are they doing?” mom asked.

“They caught us having S£x today,” I laughed.

“At the theme park? Where did you find the isolation?” Aunt Lisa asked.

“Rita found it, when they caught us they thought I was killing her, it was kinda funny.”

“Yeah now Stephanie’s scared if they have S£x he’ll do the same thing to her,” Rita laughed.

“Been there, when he gets in that mode… Jesus Christ!” Aunt Lisa said.

“Hey! There will be no talking about S£x with my son until I have S£x with my son, is that clear?”

“Awww, someone’s a little jealous! You should be happy, my Buttocks hurt for the next week! Every time I sat down it was like he shoved it all the way in again,” Aunt Lisa said.

“I feel like a bomb went off inside me! It doesn’t hurt as much as before but I won’t be able to close my legs tonight,” Rita added.

“That’s enough. Stop gloating! Figures the one day your father gets off early… AND has a day off! Maybe if we’re quiet…”

“Can’t mom, not with him still up!”

“Yeah sis, you just have to accept that we got some, and you didn’t,” Aunt Lisa laughed.

Mom didn’t like to lose, but she wasn’t a sore loser either, she would just leave while everyone else reveled in their victory. “I’m going to bed, maybe your father will come up early.”

“Yeah we are too, hopefully we finally get a day away from The Ashley’s,” Rita said.

Rita and I got up first to leave and said our goodnights and left out of the room.”

“Remember what we said, if it seems too good to be true, it usually is,” mom said.

“What about what we have going on here?” I asked. “Does that count?”

“That’s a rare case, because I’m in it. You can’t go wrong when Anna’s there,” mom gloated.

“Oh get over yourself,” Aunt Lisa said as she smacked mom with a pillow, who retaliated by pushing her back on the bed and lunging on top of her with a pillow of her own. They looked like kids again, like they had done that plenty of times. We both wanted to join in, but we knew one thing would lead to another, and it was best if we quit while we were ahead. 

We closed the door and went back to our room. Rita hopped back in her spot in the bed while I locked the door and got undressed. I put on some boxers and got in next to her and put my arm around her while she laid her head on my chest.

“Thinking about what mom said?” Rita asked.

“Yeah. She’s usually right about stuff like this.”

“Yeah, but on the other hand, who spends that much money on someone they don’t like?”

“True, and her friends came around too. Let’s just not get too close.”

“Ok. Except right now, I get all up in your space,” she said as she cuddled me closer.

I leaned over and cut off the lamplight then hugged her back. “Goodnight, I love you.”

“I love you too Randy, goodnight.”

She tried to put her leg over mine, but she was still sore because she winced and put it back down. I rubbed her leg and kissed her forehead, letting her know I would take care of her, she just had to wait until morning. I couldn’t wait.

To Be Continued…

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