A Story written by Kevin_88…

A few days have gone by since we went to the amusement park, and it’s been non-stop like the last three weeks. We’ve done everything I could think of and then some; volleyball, drive-in, more shopping, they even slipped in some guy stuff for Chris and I like football, video games, we even went laser tagging. Through all that though, the best thing on the list will still be Fat Tuesday, there’s always so much stuff to eat, and it never gets wasted. As long as that’s on the list of stuff to do, I could put up with the rest of the stuff. Even through all that though, you eventually start to wear down, and need to take a break, so yesterday I asked Ashley for a cool off day, which she protested, but with a promise by Chris and I to give all the women manicures and pedicures before we left that day, she agreed. That was yesterday we had the day off, and I know none of us did a damn thing the entire day.

Rita and I left the room a total of three times each, two bathroom breaks and a food run, and didn’t answer our phones to anyone but family and Steph and Chris. Now it’s the next day, and I find myself lying awake in bed at 8:07 in the morning, waiting for the call from Ashley that I know is coming. I lay there all the way up to 8:30, and no call. She would’ve definitely called by now, so I took it as another day off, and happily flipped the blanket over my head, pulling it off Rita in the process. When I woke up again it was a little chilly, mostly because Rita pulled the entire blanket back from me and was wrapped up in it. I would’ve stolen it back, but I was up anyway and she’s been through a lot the last few days. It turns out she needed more than a day to rest. While she was still able to have S£x, the friction from me pounding her non-stop for ten minutes bruised her a little.

We asked mom if anything was wrong just to be sure, and she explained away any fears by saying it was just her Kittycat’s way of evolving with the S£x, like how muscles rip when they get bigger, she was just surprised it took so long with all the S£x we’d had. Mom told her she would be back to normal in a few days, and able to take almost anything with heightened pleasure. As I thought about it, I decided to test out that theory, and I wanted to wake her up before she slept the day away, so what better way to kill two birds with one stone. It took some effort, but I finally pulled the blanket off of her with groans of protest, and turned her so she was flat on her back with her legs spread a little. 

“Gimme the blanket back, its cold,” Rita whined, still basically sleep.

I ignored her complaint and hooker her panties in my fingers and pulled them down and off, leaving her bare Kittycat right in my face. By now she was starting to wake up, but was still a little groggy, so I quickly dropped my face right in her Kittycat and started licking.

“Oh my god! Why does it… oh my god!” Rita said now fully waking up.

I had no idea what she was talking about, but it didn’t sound bad so I didn’t let it distract me. I wasn’t even two minutes in and she was already squeezing the sheets around her. I rubbed her soft milky thighs, which started to tremble a little as I suctioned my lips to her lips, not giving her a chance to focus on one thing. 

“Randy, oh my god, it feels so good!” Rita moaned. “Keep doing that baby, don’t stop!”

It didn’t take long for her hands to find my head and hold me in place. I looked up at the same time she looked down and we locked eyes, her biting her lip trying to hold in a loud groan she so desperately wanted to let out, and I with my nose tickling her clit while my tongue stabbed her Kittycat. We stayed locked for a second before I grabbed a tight hold of her thighs and went in for the kill. The second my lips suctioned at her clit her back arched like she was possessed and her head flew back. I thought she was gonna rip the sheets she had so tight a grip on them. 

“I- g- gon- Pour!” Rita mumbled, words at that point hard to come by.

I lifted her Buttocks off the bed and held it in place with my hands and tickled her butthole with my thumb, then coated it with some of her juices and slid it right in, not even having to move it because with all her jerking around she was basically Bleeping herself with it. that was the last straw, because she kicked her legs out which made me drop her back on the bed, but I followed her the whole way down. She tried to scoot away from me, but I was having no part of it. she backed up to the headboard until she was half leaning against it, half laying down, and threw her arms back to grab the top of it as she came violently against my tongue.

“Ugh, ugh, ugh, ah, aaaaaaaaaaaaaah!” she moaned, almost too loud.

I looked at her the entire time she came, with her eyes closed, hands clenched tight to the headboard, and mouth open agape like they do in those animes as she soaked my face with Pour after Pour of Kittycat juice. She looked so beautiful at that moment, even more so when her life energy drained from her body and she just sort of welted down half dazed half passed out, her Kittycat still right in my face. I finally got up from under and pulled her down so she was lying back on the bed again, and lay down next to her.

“What the hell was that?” she said, finally able to form words.

“I wanted you to get up, that seemed like the most logical way to do it.”

“Oh my god that was so intense! What did you do?”

“Nothing I don’t usually do. Mom did say everything would be heightened on you now.”

“That’s an understatement, as soon as you touched me I was jolted awake!”

“Good to know, now if I need something from you I know how to get it.”

“You sound like Ashley, trying to bribe me. Speaking of Ashley did she call? What time is it?”

I looked at the clock to make sure. “10:37, I was up around eight but she never called so I went back to sleep, I guess we have another day off.”

“Good, I could use it after that. God I’m still so horny!”

“Well we have another day off, we have all day to fix that. I’ll go check and see if dad is still here then head to the bathroom.”

“I’m gonna lay here for a little bit, get my head together. Don’t take too long.”

I went downstairs to an empty kitchen, which was unusual for this house, but I thought nothing of it. I went back upstairs to mom and dad’s room, I knocked then walked in, mom was in her closet rummaging around for something.

“Morning mom, dad still here?”

“No, he left for work a little while ago, why, you need him for something?”

“I just wanted to ask him something about the car, but it can wait till he gets back.”

“So what does Ashley have planned for you two today?”

“Nothing, she didn’t call, so I guess we have another day off.

She turned and looked at me with that grin I know all too well. “Really! No dad, no plans, there’s nothing in the way of me taking advantage of you then, lucky you.”

“Rita and I already made plans though, we have a big day of video games and slouching around to catch up on, it looks like an all day project.”

“Screw video games, I’m the only project you’re gonna have today. Don’t make me hunt you down Randy, you know how I get when I want something…”

“I know all too well mom,” I smiled as I left the room.

I went to go to the bathroom but someone was already in there. I knocked (for whatever reason) and Aunt Lisa opened the door wearing a towel that was way too small for her.

“Don’t stare, unless you’re gonna do something about it,” she said.

“All the towels in here and you grab that small Buttocks baby one?”

“I like this baby towel, it compliments my figure. What? You don’t think it looks good?”

I held her gaze as she looked at me. “I smell ulterior motives…”

She grinned and walked up to my ear. “That’s not ulterior motives you’re smelling.”

I’m not gonna lie, when she said that, my Joystick twitched. She kissed my ear and walked back to her room, giving me a full view of her half covered Buttocks, I guess that towel wasn’t so bad after all. I went back to our room and opened the door to see Rita playing with herself, one hand squeezing her tit, and the other rubbing her Kittycat. She saw me come in and close the door and started to rub faster. She rubbed herself so fast I thought she was gonna give herself Indian burn, then she let out this little high pitched squeak and slunk back into the bed.

“You just have an orgasm?” I asked.

“Yeah a little one, not like the ones I’m used to though.”

“What if I was dad coming in and you’re just there playing with yourself?”

“Then I bet you he’d knock from now on. I had to entertain myself since you weren’t here.”

“I was gone like five minutes! Bunch of nymphos living here.”

“In girl time that’s like an hour, enough time to go shopping, make dinner, have S£x…”

“I call bullshit on the shopping.”

“Smartass. Wait, why’d you say that bunch of nymphos thing? Which one of them hit on you?”

“Both of them.”

“Figures, anytime you go somewhere alone they’re not far behind.”

“Awww you don’t have to be jealous, I know what I have,” I said as I crept on the bed over her.

“And don’t you forget it.”

She hooked her legs around me and yanked me down so I was on top of her and met her lips to mine, and grinds on my Joystick when she feels it start to get hard.

“I knew you were gonna come in here and Fork her,” Aunt Lisa said from the door.

“What?” I asked stupidly as both Rita and I sat up.

“Honestly, why do you even have a lock on your door? You never use it,” mom said. 

“I practically threw myself at you out there! I did everything but tell you to Fork me.”

“Don’t be mad Aunt Lisa, he just loves me more that’s all,” Rita gloated.

“Yeah ok, next time I’ll just be more blunt, no more trying to be cute.”

“What do you mean next time? Who said anything about a next time.”

“There’s always a next time, you should know that by now dear. You can’t be around him all the time,” mom smiled as they left the room.

“We need to get out of here, I don’t feel like fighting them off all day,” Rita said.

“We’ll be fine in here, you can take them both by yourself.”

“Yeah but I don’t WANT TO! They get scrappy when they’re horny.”

“Sounds like someone else I know…”

“Let’s go take a shower, we can figure it out in there.”

“We grabbed our towels and my phone just in case and headed to the bathroom. Since she was basically Unclad she ran the water and got in first. When I stepped in she already had her hair lathered up and was halfway done washing herself.

“Somewhere you gotta be? I asked.

“I feel all icky, like I haven’t taken a shower in days.”

“Probably all the dried up Pour, that happens to me sometimes too.”

Surprisingly we didn’t try anything, we just washed up, rinsed off and got out, nothing special. Rita went back to the room and I went downstairs in my towel to grab everything we’d need for cereal and headed back upstairs. We turned on Supernatural and ate some Cinnamon Toast Crunch while Sam and Dean killed off another demon. We were halfway through our cereal when Chris called, probably wondering if Ashley called us.

“What’s up Chris.”

“Nothing, did Ashley call you?”

“Nope, you?”

“Not yet, I’m kinda hoping she doesn’t. it’s fun and all, but I just need a break.”

“Yeah same here. If she hasn’t called yet she probably won’t.”

“She could be messing with us, it is Ashley.”

“Don’t jinx it man! Now if she calls I get to punch you in the face.”

“Haha yeah ok. Do you have any plans or anything?”

“Yep, kick back and do nothing, with some video games thrown in there.”

“Yeah I figured, gonna be a dogs day afternoon for me too.”

When he said that a thought clicked in my head. “You just reminded me of something.”

“I’m always reminding you of something.”

“Yeah well I had a reason to forget this time, luckily she didn’t call us today.”

“Well if you plan on going somewhere fun hit us up, we’re not doing anything either.”

“Alright cool man.”

“HI CHRIS BYE CHRIS!” Rita yelled towards the phone as I was hanging up.

“You couldn’t say that at any point before I hung up?”

“It was easier to do it that way.”

I smiled as I took my last bite of cereal. It was a good thing Chris called, the lady from the pet store called a week ago, the puppy was available and she was holding it for me, as long as I came to get it before the month was up, I cut it pretty close.

“Still wanna get out of the house?” I asked.

“Yeah, where we going?”

“It’s a surprise, Chris reminded me about it.”

“Can you at least give me a hint?”

“Nope, anything I say could give it away.”

“You suck!”

“You won’t be saying that later, but you’ll wanna do it,” I grinned.

“Yeah we’ll see.”

We got dressed and Rita headed down to the car. I grabbed some money out of my stash and was on the way out the door when I was cut off by mom.

“Where do you two think you’re going? Trying to sneak off huh?”

“I’m going to get that puppy from the pet store that Rita wanted.”

“Did you tell your father? You know how he feels about dogs.”

“I was gonna call him from the store so he could hear how excited Rita was.”

“He could still say no, then Rita would’ve gotten her hopes up.”

“Come on mom, you know dad can’t say no to Rita, he bought her a freakin pony remember?”

“That lasted all of three weeks. Who knew it cost that much to feed a pony…”

“Yeah, so a dog shouldn’t be any trouble at all, if not, I have a trick up my sleeve.”

“Mm-hmm ok, you let me know how that turns out. In the meantime, don’t take too long getting back here, I have plans and I need you to be here.”

I nodded and went out the door to see Rita glaring at me through the car window.

“What were you doing? You don’t tell a girl you have a surprise for her and then make her wait, that’s bad for your health,” she said as I got in the car.

“I was talking to mom about it, she was a little skeptical.”

“Why is she worried, it’s my gift isn’t it?”

“Yeah she was just a little unsure that’s all.”

“Well whatever it is she’ll deal with it, now I’m even more excited! Let’s go!”

We drove off down the street with Rita trying to get clues from me to find out where we were going, but I wouldn’t budge, I knew she would figure it out once we got close enough to the area. We came up on the plaza and the pet shop came into view; she looked at me and saw me grin, then looked in the direction I was looking in, then it clicked in her head.

“I know where we’re going I know where we’re going!” she said bouncing in her seat.

“You think so do you,” I said trying to play it off as long as I could.

“We’re going to get my puppy aren’t we?”

I didn’t say anything, just smiled, but that was enough to give it away.”

“Eeeehhh! Thank you Randy! I love you so much!” she said extremely giddy now.

“The lady called a week ago and said the puppy was good to go, up to date on all his shots, clean bill of health, everything, we just needed to come get him.”

“I can’t believe I get my puppy! I love you so much, you’re the best brother boyfriend ever!”

“Just don’t say that last part too loud.”

As soon as I shut the car off Rita took off into the pet store. I smiled to myself as I locked the car and went in after her, to see that she already had it out of the cage and was playing with it on the floor, the lady was laughing as she watched them both bond almost immediately.

“I think they like each other,” the lady said when she saw me coming.

“Yeah I think so. Is he all ready to go?”

“Yep, we can take care of all the paperwork and payment over here.”

“Ok, let me just make one quick call and I’ll be right over.”

She nodded and walked over to the table and I pulled out my phone and called dad. 

“Hey son, you caught me right at my break.”

“Hey dad. I need to ask for a small favor.”

“Sure, what’s up?”

“Can Rita and I get a puppy?”

I could hear him spit out whatever he was drinking. “What? Why do you want a puppy?”

“Rita really wants one, and I do too, come on dad…”

“I don’t know Randy, I’ve never had good lock with dogs.”

“This is different. It’s a lot better than having a full grown pony…”

“Don’t remind me about that, I don’t know what I was thinking.”

“And it’s a puppy, so we can train him from the ground up since he’s young.”

“I don’t know…”

“Come on dad, we hung out with Ashley like you wanted us to…”

“Playing that card. The difference with that is that’s temporary, the dog isn’t.”

It’ll make Rita really happy…”

I heard him sigh, always a good sign with dad. “Fine, but any problems she’s gone, got it?”

“Got it, thanks dad.”

“Yeah yeah. See you at home.”

I hung up and walked over to the lady. “We’ll take him.”

“Great! You’re getting a wonderful little guy, so happy and energetic.”

“She is too, they haven’t stopped rolling around on the floor since we got here.”

I paid for the puppy and Rita scooped him up and waved goodbye with the puppy’s paw as we left the store. There was a Petco across the street so I figured might as well buy him the lot of what he’ll need since we were out. Rita took him across the street while I pulled the car into the parking lot. I met her inside, she had the dog in the cart along with a bunch of dog food, chew toys, bones, bowls, a doggie bed, and an extended leash, she went all out.

“I’ll pay for all this since you bought me him, gotta make sure my little man is happy!”

“I’m sure him and all his friends will be happy with all the stuff in that cart!”

“Nothing but the best for my… for my little… I don’t know what to call him yet.”

“Don’t rush it, I’m sure it’ll come to you. Do we need anything else while we’re here?”

“A doghouse, but I don’t have enough for one…”

“We can get dad to buy one, or mom, he’s trained so he doesn’t need one yet.”

I chipped in and helped pay for the stuff since it was a little more that Rita thought it would be. My stash had took a big hit today, as I knew it would, but to see her face light up when she knew she was finally getting her puppy was well worth it, besides, with mom and dad, there’s plenty more where that came from.

I drove us home with Rita in the back seat wrestling with her new companion. I couldn’t help but laugh at his little barks whenever she would get the best of him.

“Hey you two, knock it off back there!” I joked.

“Sorry DAD, he started it,” Rita replied, the dog barking back to defend himself.

I pulled into the driveway and we went straight into the backyard, where mom was sitting in one of her lounge chairs reading a book.

“Mom look! Isn’t he so cute!” Rita said as she held him out for her to see.

“Aww look at the little puppy! Your father isn’t gonna like this.”

“He will once he gets used to him, how can you not like this little guy,” I said petting him.

“I guess we’ll find out once he gets here. What’s in the bag?”

“A whole bunch of doggie stuff, she practically bought him the whole store!” I said.

“Come look see what I got, he has bones… chew things, kibbles and bits…”

“I’ll be right back, I’m gonna run upstairs for a minute,” I said.

I went upstairs to our room and checked the money I had on me with the money I had left in my stash, $234, which is hardly anything nowadays, but I’d have to make the most of it. I put the money back and took off my shirt to change it when I saw Aunt Lisa standing at the door, still in her towel, but having applied some fruit flavored lotion that made her look almost shiny with the light hitting her. She had that look, but I wasn’t gonna get caught up in it this time.

“I gotta get back downstairs to Rita, we just got a dog.”

“I heard. Don’t worry, for once I’m not trying to seduce you.”

“Oh, ok then. Did you wanna come see the puppy?”

“Why not, I love puppies, but there’s something I gotta do first.”

To Be Continued…

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