Must Read: An Incest Birthday (18+)… Part 113


A Story written by Kevin_88…

“Ok, I’ll meet you down there, everyone’s in the backyard.

I turned around to get another shirt out of my drawer and heard my door close, since I knew Aunt Lisa just left I didn’t think anything of it, but when I heard the door lock, I knew I was in trouble. The second I turned around Aunt Lisa was there, and she pushed me back on the bed and straddled me, holding my arms down with her hovering over me.

“What the hell? I thought you had something to do!”

“I’m about to do it, you, however you wanna say it, you’re gonna get Forked.”

“You said you weren’t trying to seduce me.”

“I’m not, I’m gonna skip all that and get straight to the S£x. Don’t act like you don’t want it.”

“Nope, you’re raping me, I’m not admitting to anything, how does that make you feel…”

She saw my hard-on and had the only answer she needed. “Like a woman.”

She got up on her knees and stripped the towel off, bearing her huge tits and neatly trimmed landing strip to me in all its glory. As much of a fight I put up, I knew it would do no good, unless Rita came in, then I had a chance, but for now, I was at her mercy. Her pheromones slowly crept into the room and into my nostrils, cutting my will power in half, to the point where I was almost powerless to anything she did, almost. She pulled me out of my pants and took my Joystick in her right hand, when I tried to sit up she pushed me back down with her other, and when I tried again she put my Joystick in her mouth, I stopped trying.

“I knew you would behave if I did that.” 

“So you ambush me just to suck my Joystick? Why?”

“Because its Saturday, do I need a reason?” she asked as she put my Joystick back in her mouth.

I tried to resist, for all the good it did, but she was just too good at it. trying to convince myself I didn’t want this was wasting too much energy, and it wasn’t working in the least. She put both her hands on my thighs and started deepthroating me in long, slow strokes, which is the absolute best head you could possibly get. I looked down just as she looked up and she winked at me without breaking her concentration. I fell back onto the bed and she took my hand and put it on her head, giving me control of how fast she went. She had gotten me so relaxed and into it I almost didn’t hear the door open, and I knew in a second Rita would put an end to our little S£x act. Part of me was relieved, but the bigger part was kinda disappointed that it came right in the middle of some of the best head. I lay there waiting for something to be said, but nothing came, I just heard some rummaging around or something, and when I was about to sit up to see what was going on, a bare thigh swung over my head and moms Unclad, clean shaven Kittycat came in contact with my face, literally smashed it to my face.

“What the hell Anna, how did you get in here, I locked the door!” Aunt Lisa said.

“My house remember? I have keys to every lock in here.”

“But I… ah Fork it, I’m too horny to argue.”

I felt Aunt Lisa’s mouth close back around my Joystick as mom held my head in both hands and ground her Kittycat all over my mouth, like she was trying to get her smell all over my face. 

“That’s right baby, eat mommy’s Kittycat, eat it nice and good,” mom moaned.

With moms legs blocking my peripherals and her Kittycat directly over me, my sense of sight was gone, so I focused on the smells and noises around me. My sense of taste and touch was already being taken care of with her Kittycat leaking its juice into my mouth and all over my face as I held her big soft Buttocks firmly in place over me; she always tasted so good that I would never complain, and I would never tell her. I could hear the faint sound of Aunt Lisa fingering her wet Kittycat as she sucked and slurped on my Joystick to the point where if she kept that up I would be shooting in her mouth soon. If Rita so much as come into the house there would be no way she couldn’t know something was going on, the smell of S£x was so strong in the room you could smell it down the street. Suddenly though the feeling of Aunt Lisa’s mouth around my Joystick was just a memory, but it was replaced by her straddling me and stuffing my Joystick into her waiting Kittycat. It slid in with ease she was so wet, even though her Kittycat was gripping my Joystick tightly.

“Ooh yeah that’s it, that first moment it always the best,” Aunt Lisa moaned.

Mom got up and turned around so she faced Aunt Lisa and began making out with her as she rode my Joystick. I spread moms Buttocks cheeks apart and trailed my tongue up and down her Kittycat, and used my thumb to massage her asshole.

“Someone’s feeling a little naughty today are we?” mom asked.

“I figured if I did something naughty you would let me up,” I suggested.

“Mmm nah, but feel free to keep doing what you’re doing.”

I could feel the weight of Aunt Lisa as she slammed herself down on me, each time trying to outdo her last thrust. Mom leaned forward to she could kiss Aunt Lisa as she rode me, which made her push her Buttocks against my face repeatedly, like she was punching me. I tried to motion for her to slow it down, but her attention was elsewhere, so I slapped her Buttocks cheek as hard as I could, making it echo around the room as well as make her jump in place and squeal.

“What was that for?”

“You were punching me with your Buttocks, I was starting to get dizzy.”

“Maybe it knocked some sense into you to stop resisting.”

I took my finger, coated it in her juices and slid it right into her Buttocks as far as it would go.”

“Oooh yeah now you’re getting the picture, do some more of that!”

I forgot for a split second mom like anal, so I didn’t do anything but make her hornier. She rolled off of me and held my arms down with her tits hanging over my head as Aunt Lisa leaned forward and braced herself on my chest so she could Fork me harder. 

“Fork I’m gonna Pour on this Joystick! This teenage Joystick!” Aunt Lisa moaned.

She squeezed her tit and sucked the Tip while she kept the other hand placed firmly on my chest and ground her Kittycat into me. I could see her eyes closed as she tried to hold out as long as she could, that was when moms big swinging breasts weren’t in the way. I timed it so when one of her Tips dragged across my lip I caught it in my mouth and sucked on it. she moaned as I bit it and sucked on it then switched to the other and did the same thing. Aunt Lisa was now leaning back on her hands with her head thrown back slamming herself down while her huge tits swung in motion. Mom crawled back over me and sucked on Aunt Lisa’s tits, and I took the opportunity to put my finger back in moms Buttocks.

“Someones obsessed with his moms Buttocks today,” mom said as she smiled over her shoulder.

I didn’t say anything, I just kept shaking it and working my finger in and out as Aunt Lisa worked my Joystick. I heard her moans get louder, but they were cut off by mom leaning forward and kissing her. She pinched Aunt Lisa’s Tips frantically as she rode me, making sure to not break lip contact. The pressure seemed too much for Aunt Lisa because she ripped away from mom and let out a loud, straight from the lungs moan I’m sure everyone in a ten mile radius heard.

“Fork! Oh my god don’t move Randy! Fuuuuuuuuuuuck!” Aunt Lisa screamed.

Mom never let up on pinching her Tips as she came, which probably made her orgasm that much better. When she had finally went through her orgasm, she used what little control she had left to lift herself off of me, then immediately plopped down on the bed. Mom didn’t waste any time putting her face right into Aunt Lisa’s Kittycat and licking it clean, in the process making her Buttocks arch into the air, like an unwritten invitation to be Forked. I slid out from under them (which took a little longer than expected) and got right behind moms Buttocks, which had a small gape from when I fingered her earlier. I decided to wait on Bleeping her in the Buttocks and went straight into her Kittycat, reaching up and grabbing her shoulders to pull back on as my Joystick slid in so I could get as much of it in her as possible.

“You’ve been playing with my Buttocks this whole time but stick it in my Kittycat? Tease,” mom said.

I shut her up by pulling out all the way and slamming back in, making her moan repeatedly on both occasions. Out of the three of them, I swear mom has the best Buttocks, not to put down Aunt Lisa or Rita by any means, but moms is just fuller and when I slam against it her Buttocks cheeks jiggle to perfection, which is why I have to Fork her doggystyle anytime we have S£x, I love that Shtt. I watched my Joystick slide in and out of her Kittycat as her Buttocks bounced around it, and the whole time she had her head in Aunt Lisa’s crotch eating her Kittycat. I don’t know how she was able to put up with that after just cumming, if it were Rita she would’ve pushed me off because she would be too sensitive to even breathe on, but Aunt Lisa just took it in stride. I focused my attention back on Bleeping mom, moaning in between eating Aunt Lisa, and rubbed her Buttocks with my thumb. I made sure it was good and wet and pulled my Joystick out of her Kittycat and put it at her asshole, I pushed the tip in then grabbed her hips and pulled her back on the rest of it. She immediately picked her head up from Aunt Lisa’s crotch.

“Fork yeah baby! Fork your mother in the Buttocks with that big Joystick!”

I took my hands off her hips and let mine do all the work. She removed herself from Aunt Lisa completely and sat up on her hands to meet me thrust for thrust. Each time I pushed forward and she pushed back I was rewarded with a appreciative groan and a wave that seemed to glide across her Buttocks each time it met my hips. Aunt Lisa crawled out from under mom and walked over behind me and ran her hands across my chest.

“You love her Buttocks don’t you? You light up whenever you Fork her doggystyle,” Aunt Lisa said. 

I didn’t say anything, and she wasn’t looking at me to know I had on a shitty poker face, and mom was too busy getting Forked to care about turning around.

“It’s ok, you don’t have to say anything, I love her Buttocks too, especially the way it bounces when you slam that big Joystick of yours in it,” she whispered as she kissed along my neck.

She dropped her hands to my hips and helped me Fork mom, all the while moaning and kissing my ear right behind me, which was making me really Bleeping hot.

“You wanna Pour in that Buttocks don’t you? You wanna Pour your young Pour her mature Buttocks and watch her Pour while you do it, I know you do.”

Her dirty talk right in my ear as she rubbed my chest was really turning me on, and when she nibbled on my ear I all but Pour right there.

“Come on baby, I wanna feel you jerk as you pour that hot seed in your mom’s Buttocks.”

“I wanna feel it too, come on baby, Pour inside me, just keep looking at my Buttocks bounce against that big Joystick” mom moaned as she looked at me over her shoulder.

She knew I loved her Buttocks and used it against me, and Aunt Lisa’s hands trailing down my chest as she kissed my neck didn’t help either. 

“He’s about to Pour, I can feel him tensing up,” Aunt Lisa said.

“That’s it baby, Pour inside me, fill me up with that hot Pour,” mom groaned gripping the sheets.

She was right, I was right there on the edge, and with so many things going on I couldn’t hold out any longer. I grabbed moms hips hard and slowed down each thrust with a hard smash into her Buttocks until I lodged my Joystick deep into her and sprayed my load inside her. Aunt Lisa pressed her body flat against mine and held onto me as I shuddered inside mom, who by now had dropped her arms on the bed and had her face buried in the blanket. When I finished cumming, I dropped my hands off her hips and just stood there while moms Buttocks slowly dropped to the bed, making my Joystick slip out of her leaving a small trail of Pour behind.

“That was Bleeping hot! Did you Pour Anna?” Aunt Lisa asked.

“Oh yeah, right at the end, nice and hard. Sorry about the sheets.”

Aunt Lisa stretched around my and grabbed my softened Joystick and started stroking it. “He just had quite the workout, making two grown women Pour isn’t an easy task.”

“Workout my Buttocks, you two raped me,” I said still trying to keep up my act.

“I’ve never seen someone enjoy being raped so much, we should do it more often,” mom said.

“Bunch of nymphos,” I mumbled under my breath.

“Yes we are, don’t you love that about us? Anytime. Anywhere,” Aunt Lisa said as she let go of my Joystick. “Well its back to the shower, can’t walk around smelling like S£x all day, or can I?”

“You can, but I have an Buttocks full of Pour that’ll run out all day if I don’t take care of it, so I’ll be sitting in a hot bath,” mom said.

“That sounds like a good idea, maybe I’ll take one too while Randy rests up for round two.”

“Yeah you hold on to that, you’ve had enough for three rounds,” I said.

“When will you ever learn Randy? We will never have enough we’re just held over for a while, the sooner you learn that the better all our S£x lives will be,” Aunt Lisa said.

“He knows, he just wants to put up a fight is all. We all know what’s going through his head. When you’re ready for more, you know where to find us,” mom said as she and Aunt Lisa grabbed up their stuff and left the room.

I sat down on the bed somewhat exhausted, but a good exhausted. They never failed to get their point across and exit the room on a high note, damn women. They set me up, ambushed me, had their way with me, and left all in a span of a little over an hour and are going about their day like nothing is out of the ordinary, and gloating that they can do it anytime they wanted, which was most likely true. They got exactly what they wanted without a single interruption from anyone or anything and were gone before anyone could figure out anything, which only kept sending one question through my head, where the hell was Rita?

I put some clothes on and headed downstairs, I knew mom and Aunt Lisa were in the tub so no reason to check upstairs at all. I looked through the living room, dining room, kitchen, and the basement, no Rita, so I went to the last place I saw her, and wouldn’t you know it, she was still there, playing fetch and rolling around with the dog.

“There you are Randy, where you been?”

“Me? I was upstairs getting raped by the Desperate Housewives of America, where were you?”

“I was here playing with Tibbles, oh yeah that’s his name now, my little Tibbles!”

“Yeah they probably knew you would stay here and took advantage of you being distracted.”

“It’s ok, they’re allowed one I guess.”

“What? Before it was touch me and die, now it ok go ahead? I’m getting replaced.”

“You’re not getting replaced, I just got him, and I’m supposed to be like this the first day.”

“Now every time they see you playing with him they’re gonna pounce, I’m only one man Rita, I can’t fight them both off, hell I can’t even fight one of them off.” 

She gave me that “you worry too much” look and threw a stick so Tibbles could chase it. I glanced around the yard and looked up at the window to see both of them in towels looking out at me, grinning. “See! It’s starting already!”

I motioned to the window and Rita looked at both of them smiling at us, taunting us, showing they had the upper hand without saying a word. Rita grabbed my hand and walked towards the kitchen where they were looking out, the yard was closed in so she left Tibbles to play with his toys, but he followed us anyway. We made our way back to the kitchen where they were both still standing, with those smug grins still on their face.

“I don’t know what you did, but don’t try to make a habit out of it,” Rita said.

“We didn’t do anything you wouldn’t do, just had some fun with Randy is all,” Aunt Lisa said.

“So you jump him while I was distracted for a quick second?”

“A quick second? We were all MIA for over an hour and you didn’t even budge from that spot! You didn’t even notice when I didn’t come back, when any of us didn’t come back! All we had to do was make sure you were still playing with the dog and we knew we had all the time in the world to play with Randy, which I’m positive he enjoyed,” mom said.

“So what now? Every time I play with Tibbles you’re gonna go after Randy?”

“It’s no different than before you got the dog, just now there’s another distraction in the picture, we don’t want Randy to feel neglected,” Aunt Lisa said.

“Its still the first day! I’m supposed to be like this! Its one day!”

“A lot can happen in one day. The first time you two had S£x did you just stop at that one time? Hell no you didn’t, you’ve barely been apart since then, Bleeping and doing whatnot every chance you got. You getting the dog is no different, you’re gonna play with every chance you have, and when Randy wants to do something you say “I gotta feed the dog first” or “I gotta take the dog for a walk” or something along those lines, it’s only a matter of time,” mom said.

“Wow you guys are really piling it on, I was just joking,” I said.

“We’re just giving her a heads up on what COULD happen, doesn’t mean it have to, but it’ll work out better for us if it did,” Aunt Lisa said.

“Well now its definitely not gonna happen, thanks for the heads up. You guys take Tibbles, I’ll take Randy, I’m sure you can figure out something to do with him,” Rita said.

We started to walk off and Tibbles tried to follow us, but cried when Rita held her hand up and motioned him not to. He sat there with his sad puppy face and watched us walk off, I kinda felt bad for him, getting attached so quickly just to be put on his own because of two devious mature S£x crazed nymphos who won’t let a day go by without trying to get in your pants, well when you say it like that it doesn’t sound so bad. We went upstairs and closed the door and locked it, and I took a chair and held it under the door for extra security. 

“Trust me, we need it there,” I said when Rita gave me a strange look. “They were really trying to get in your head down there, they never run out of tricks to mess with us.”

She sat there on the bed looking sad and pondering something at the same time, not bothering to look up, just twiddling her fingers as she sat there. 

“Rita what’s wrong? You didn’t let them get to you did you?”

“You think they’re right? That I’d push you to the side to spend more time with Tibbles?”

“Its like you said, it’s the first day you got him, you’re supposed to be excited about stuff like that. Remember when mom and dad bought me my first play station?”

“Yeah, you didn’t come out of your room for three days! If I didn’t bring you something to eat and drink you’d have been dead with a controller in your hand!”

“Yeah see? Its only normal that you’re supposed to act like that.”

“But this is a live dog, not a game. You can turn a game off and not worry about it, but a dog will want all your time, he’ll follow you and want you to play with him, then you have to feed him and take him for walks and all kinds of stuff, stuff that takes up time.”

“Ok. There’s one major loophole in your scenario though…”

“What’s that?”

“Who said you had to do all that by yourself? Last time I checked I liked dogs too, I just gave you the first day because you wanted a dog ten times more than I did, and when you saw him I knew he was the one, it just so happens mom and Aunt Lisa saw and opportunity with you distracted and pounced, which with us isn’t out of the ordinary. I don’t know why they’d point it out though, something like that you’d think they’d keep to themselves and capitalize on it, unless they were genuinely concerned the dog might come between us…”

“When they’re horny, genuine is hard to distinguish on then,” Rita laughed.

“Yeah, but why else tell us, they could’ve just let it happen, even help you to do more with Tibbles, but they chose to help instead.”

“Yeah, but it could just be a ploy to get on our good side so we wouldn’t fight them as much.”

“Did it work?”

To Be Continued…

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