Must Read: An Incest Birthday (18+)… Part 118


A Story written by Kevin_88…

“You have some nerve calling me after almost Bleeping my boyfriend, then bringing me to the room where you almost did it? What’s to stop me from hitting you right now?” I asked.

“You’re mad, which is completely understandable, but I did it for a reason,” Ashley said.

I laughed a little on the inside. Oh this should be good. “Which is?”

“To show you you’re no good for him, no, that he’s nowhere near good enough for you.”

Ok that caught me a little off guard. “And why not exactly?”

“Do you even remember what happened? He got drunk and made out with me.”

“Yes I’m aware. I hope you weren’t banking on that being your defense…”

“He’s just like all guys, a little alcohol goes a long way. We were literally about to Fork when you came in, I was jerking him off and everything.”

My hands bawled into a fist of their own free will. “I’d watch it if I were you.” 

“This is exactly my point. I did it to help you.”

She was surprising me more and more each passing second. “Wait what? You’re kidding right? You tried to Fork my boyfriend to help me?”

“He was hitting on almost every girl there, and tried to sleep with some of them!”

“I don’t remember that,” I said, knowing she was telling me a bold face lie.

“You and Rita had your hands full too, remember you kissed each other and all the guys swarmed you, your attention wasn’t on anything else at that moment.”

Damn, she was right. That little slip up could back up her story, doubtful, but it could.

I wasn’t gonna Fork him, just take it as close to S£x as I could. I figured since it was already a lost cause I’d show his true colors.”

“He said you tricked him, that you dressed like me.”

“With my red hair and brown eyes? Yeah that’s very confusing. If I hadn’t done what I did he would’ve slept with someone else, and you wouldn’t have known anything about it.”

“It looked like you were gonna Fork him from where I was standing.”

“I had to make it look good. Guys like that don’t deserve any leniency.” 

I didn’t know what was worse, that her story started to kinda make a little sense or that I started to believe it. Rita and I both did turn our backs when the guys swarmed us, so we have no recollection of what happened at that moment. It’s still too tough to call though.

“Trust me Steph, I did it for you, you deserve better than someone who’s gonna cheat on you, at a party that you’re at nonetheless, such disrespect.”

I sat down on her bed in thought. I came over here ready to listen to a half brained ploy then punch her in the face, now I don’t know what to do. She walked over and sat down next to me.

“The same thing happened to me, but I made sure it wouldn’t happen again, or to anyone else I considered my friend,” she said as she put her hand on my leg.

I looked at her to see how genuine she was, and she was either really genuine or Oscar worthy because I couldn’t figure it out either way, so I stared at my lap again.

“Trust me, you deserve much better than that.”

“I don’t know what to trust right now…”

“You can trust me,” Ashley said in a slight whisper.

Her hand that was on my knee made its way up my leg to my thigh, and before I knew it she hand was directly touching my Kittycat, in fact she was cupping it.

“Umm what are you doing?” I said looking from her hand back up to her.

“Giving you the attention he didn’t.”

“I- oh my god!”

I didn’t get another word out as she pushed my panties to the side and slipped her middle finger in. I groaned loudly as she pumped it in and out of me, adding another finger before she pulled my panties off completely without me even realizing I’d helped her by lifting off the bed for her. She lifted my skirt flap back up and pushed two fingers back inside my Kittycat. I gripped her bedsheets as I tried to fight the urge to scream out in pleasure, never knowing getting fingered could feel this good. She kissed me as I felt another finger pushing at my clit, trying to get me to go over the edge. I was about to Pour, I could feel it. She was hitting all the right spots with just the right amount of pressure like she’d done this a million times. I didn’t care, all I was focused on was her magic fingers working my Kittycat, then out of nowhere I flash flew across my mind, and an image of Randy popped it, and scared the bejesus outta me, and back to reality. I sat my head back up and pushed her hand away from my Kittycat, to her disapproval.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” Ashley asked.

“Nothing, I just gotta go,” I said, not sounding convincing at all.

I gathered my stuff (with the exception of the panties I couldn’t find) and bolted from the house and into the car and sped off. My mind was buzzing. What the hell just happened?


Dammit! I almost had her! Another minute and she would’ve been putty in my hands! At least it wasn’t a total loss; I got in her head, so it shouldn’t be hard to do it again. I called Becky who was so eager to find out what happened she answered before the first ring even ended.

“What happened? Did you get her? Is she still there?” Becky spoke.

“She just left not too long ago.”

“Did it work?”

“Not yet, I almost had her!”

“Come on details, what happened?”

“I had her in the palm of my hand, literally, but she back out at the VERY last minute.”

“Well now she just basically cheated on him, unless they broke up already.”

“I definitely gave her something to think about though. Damn I was so close!”

“How was she?”

“She was really Bleeping tight. Randy’s Joystick isn’t little so she either does kegels or they don’t have S£x, knowing Randy probably the latter.”

“So what’s the plan now then?”

“Well I’m definitely gonna try again now that she’s confused, but I need to figure out how to go about it now, she’s on guard and she’ll be paranoid about me now.”

“What about Rita?”

“She’s on edge, with any little thing threatening to push her over, perfect time to set up Chris.”

“Damn, I wish I could’ve been there! I bet she was dripping all over your hand.”

“I deserve an Oscar; I had her doubting everything she thought was true just by playing nice! If I had another minute she’d be outside smoking a cigarette right now.”

“Well you do have this misleading nice schoolgirl way about you that draws people in.”

“Who me? I’m just a charming innocent redhead with no ulterior motives whatsoever!”

“No modesty either. I’ll believe that the day Channing Tatum says he’s gay.”

“Whatever Bytch, I could be. Ok I need to call you back, I gotta get the rest of my plan going.”

“You still didn’t give me any details!”

“I’ll tell you and everyone else later. Call them and fill them in first.”

“Next time we all should be there, she can’t get away from all of us.”

“I’ll figure it out. Call me back with everyone on the line in an hour.”

“Ok, this is gonna be Bleeping fantastic!”

I hung up and went downstairs to get something to eat as I went over what happened in my head. Stephanie was a bust, but not completely. I planted a seed, now all I had to do was stir up some more trouble and watch it grow. I could have some real fun with her. Rita, on the other hand, was gonna be a little trickier. I walked past the counter and saw the phone Carina found the other day. I picked it up and opened the screen, it was Rita’s. There was a picture of her taking a selfie with a puppy, and since she was the only one who lost a phone, it was safe to say it was hers. I lucked out and she didn’t have it password protected, so I grabbed a banana and took it and her phone back to my room, maybe she might have something useful in it.


What the hell was that? I went over there to get some answers, possibly punch her face in, but ended up getting fingered. I was speeding down the street like someone was chasing me I was so amped up, and the fact that I was still horny wasn’t helping either. I didn’t know what to think now. She could’ve easily pushed up on Randy, but she also could’ve backed away, same for him. I stopped it, I might not have stopped it right away, but I still stopped it. Fork! I’m even more confused than before now. I don’t know what to make of her story now. Some of its true, and some of it’s definitely crap, but how much and which parts? Fork if I know. I called Rita’s house since she still didn’t know where her cell phone was, but her mom picked up.

“Hi Mrs. S., is Rita there?”

“Hi Stephanie, no she’s out walking her dog right now.”

“Can you have her call me when she gets back?”

“Sure thing. Oh, and while I have you, though its none of my business, can you please find out what really happened before condemning Randy? I know he would never do anything like that on purpose, something’s not right with the way everything’s played out.”

“Yeah, I think I just figured that out first hand. You have my word Mrs. S.”

“Thank you sweetie. I’ll be sure to tell Rita to call you as soon as she gets in.”

“Thanks Mrs. S. see you later.”

I hung up the phone and turned down our street. I gathered myself as best I could as I pulled in the driveway and walked into the house. It was dark, which meant mom and dad still weren’t back and Chris hasn’t left his room since I went to Ashley’s. I went up to his room and knocked on his door until he said it was ok to come in. he was doing what I knew he’d be doing, playing Xbox and dead to the world around him, Call of Duty will do that to you.

“Don’t turn off your Adult movie on account of me coming home,” I joked.

“Funny. So how’d it go?” Chris asked without so much as tilting away from the screen.

I took a deep breath and decided to just tell him the straight out truth. “She fingered me.”


I turned around so fast my headset flew off my head. “Wait say that again, she what?”

She played with her fingers and look at her feet. “She fingered me,” she repeated softer.

I don’t know if I was confused or puzzled more. That caught me so off guard I didn’t want any distractions while she explained it, so I cut off the game, in the middle of an online deathmatch, it was that serious. “How the hell did she end up doing that?” 

“She was telling me what happened and everything, saying how Randy was hitting on other girls when we weren’t looking, and how she stepped in to make sure he didn’t go too far.”

“And how much of that do you believe?”

“To be honest I don’t know, but it kinda makes sense the way she said it.”

“That’s because it’s Ashley! She probably rehearsed the whole speech!”

“I don’t know, but she definitely could’ve picked a better route than almost Bleeping him.”

“So let me get this straight, she basically confessed everything she did with him right to your face, but she’s off the hook because of why she did it?”

“I never said she was off the hook…”

“Then she works her magic on you and puts her hand up her skirt and you still don’t catch on?”

“It’s not that simple, it’s not like I invited her to finger me! I don’t even remember how it happened, one minute we were arguing and the next minute my panties were off, I didn’t go over there with the intent of getting fingered,” I said as I fanned my skirt.

“That’s not… Where exactly are your panties?” Chris asked as he caught my accidental flash.

“I don’t know, they’re still in her house somewhere, I couldn’t find them.”

I sighed. “And you’re still confused as to what’s going on? Come on Steph you’re smarter than this! Is this some girl code thing where the guy is always wrong no matter what?”

“There’s just too much going on, I can’t think straight…”

“She’s playing you! And you’re falling for it!” I said as I moved closer to her.

There was silence for a good while as everything that was said got soaked up. I looked at her wondering how she could let Ashley manipulate her like that after everything she said to her, after everything she did. There was no way I’d let her do that to me, not even for a second.

“You can’t seriously be giving her the benefit of the doubt,” I said breaking the silence.

“I’m not, I just look at the situation differently than you do.”

“Rita too? You being mad at him only makes her even more pissed at him, someone’s gotta give. There’s no way Randy did this on purpose and you both know it.”

“Come on Chris, if you were me and you walked in on Randy kissing someone else you would be mad as hell too, you’re not thinking about what got them to the room, all you’re focused on is the Shtt happening in front of you and how angry you are.”

“I can understand that, really I can, but you have to look at it from his view too, he was pass out drunk and he said she was wearing the same stuff you had on, he even said her hair was blonde, it’s kinda hard to believe that wasn’t a setup.”

“For someone who was pass out drunk he sure has a great memory…”

“Come on Steph, we’ve both been like that, you can’t tell me you don’t remember the little things that happened right before you were about to have S£x.”

“I’m not the one on trial here, you’re not the one on trial here, Randy is, Randy messed up.”

“So if the same thing happened to me would you believe it too?”

She looked up at me and started to say something, but closed her mouth and sat there with her head down twiddling her fingers. 

“I take that as a yes then…”

“No, I didn’t…you can hold your liquor better than he can.”

“But you still think I’d mess around with Ashley on you, I don’t…”

“No Chris I didn’t say that! I know you wouldn’t, its different with you.”

“Why is it different with me?”

“You know why.”

“No I don’t know why, so please tell me so we can clear all this up.”


Now it was my turn to be speechless. I really did not see that coming. I’d gotten so wrapped up in the argument that I didn’t notice, no I won’t say that I did notice, but I didn’t acknowledge her habits she does when she wants to say something. Her hands were shaking a little, and to be honest, so were mine. I sat down next to her and pulled her hair behind her ear so I could see her face. She was a little red in the cheeks but her face was still soft, and beautiful.


“Rita and Randy are a cover for us just like we are for them. We may have done things with them, but that was before all this happened. Walking in on him like that, I didn’t get mad at Randy, well I did, but it happened, all I thought about was you.”


“The look on Rita’s face when she walked in on Randy almost made me cry. It was like everything she’d ever known just vanished. You know how they feel about each other, if this could happen to them, as in love as they are, what chance do we have?”

It finally clicked. Stephanie had just admitted to being in love with me, and I was at a complete loss for words. I think I knew all along, but I just wasn’t paying attention good enough to work it all out. Surprisingly though, the idea didn’t put me off, not in the least, it only made her that much more important to me, but why the silence? That’s something I should know.

“Why didn’t you tell me Steph?”

“Wasn’t it obvious? I gave you all the signs.”

“What about the constant hitting on Randy and all that?”

“At first I was into him yeah, but when I started to see how he was with Rita, it made me really look at you even more than I already was. After a while I even started doing things to make you jealous, but you never caught on. I came on to him right in front of you can you didn’t catch the hint, dumbass!” Stephanie laughed.

“I didn’t know there were feelings attached, I thought it was just S£x with us.”

“That’s because you’re thickheaded! You basically kept saying to Rita and Randy that we weren’t gonna be anything like them, which hurt by the way, so I tried to like Randy, but it didn’t work, everything kept making me think about you, even when I tried not to.”

I had the stupidest look on my face as I sunk it all in. “I really didn’t know. With all the “kiss Buttocks” jokes I thought you were on the same page as me.”

“I was at first, but Rita and Randy changed that. You can’t tell me you don’t feel anything when you see them a cutesy together.”

“I did, but I always forced it away. Randy even said something about it, and I told him no way. I just never thought we would get on their level, but…”

“But, but what?”

“But a lot’s changed. Rita and Randy did rub off on me. I did start getting jealous when I’d see you do something with Randy, so I’d make out with Rita ten times harder, and tonight, if you would’ve had S£x with him, I don’t think I would’ve been able to hide it.”

“We weren’t gonna have actual S£x, just a lot of stuff leading up to it. You didn’t want all that in between stuff, so I was gonna get it from Randy, and we would just stick to S£x.”

It was time to make a move. If I didn’t say anything now then I would be stuck in the friends with benefits zone with my sister, there’s a sentence I never thought I’d say. I took her hand and waited for her to look at me, and when she did, I almost forgot what I was gonna say. It’s amazing how feelings and emotions could make you speechless to a person you’ve known your whole life, but we weren’t just brother and sister, or S£x partners, not anymore.

“I don’t know if we’ll ever get to where Rita and Randy are, but I’m more than willing to try.”

She didn’t say anything, she just looked back at me with her bright blue eyes and smiled. I couldn’t look away, it’s like I was trapped in her gaze, but it was a good feeling, one I’ve never experienced before, but willing to explore to the fullest. She put her hand on my cheek and sighed, like a weight was lifted off of her and she could breathe happy again.

“I love you Chris.”

“I love you too Steph,” I said back without hesitation.

“I mean it, I really love you,” she said as she closed what little space we had between us.

I went to say I love you back again, but stopped me by pulling my face gently to hers and kissing me with a passion I didn’t know existed between us. Her wet lips pressed into mine as she moaned into my mouth made me hotter by the second, made me want her, even more than she wanted me. She swung her leg over me and sat down in my lap, wrapping her arms around my neck and went right back to kissing me. I rubbed along her back, feeling her skin as she melted into me with each kiss we shared. After a while she slipped her tongue in my mouth and started to slowly grind her crotch into mine. We both knew what we wanted, and with mom and dad gone, we had plenty of time to do it. She broke the kiss and went to the door and locked it, then she cut off the light, leaving only the lamp at my computer desk on, just enough light as to where we could still see each other clearly. She came back and sat next to me instead of in my lap, and pushed me down so we were on our sides as we started kissing again. our hands found their way all over each other, with hers on my chest, and mine trailing down to her skirt, which reminded me that she didn’t have any panties on. I slipped my hand under the small skirt and onto her Kittycat to find her already wet, her inner thighs practically slick with all the lubrication that leaked from her Kittycat. While not breaking the kiss, I slid my middle finger between her legs and into her Kittycat, making her gasp almost immediately.

“Oh Chris, oh that feels so good,” Stephanie moaned.

I reminded myself that Ashley had been doing this very thing not too long ago to her, and I sort of put myself in a little competition with her. “As good as Ashley made you feel?”

“I like the way you do it better, your hand is much bigger than hers.”

“You know all the right things to say huh?”

“I know all the right things to do too.”

She stood up, unbuttoned her skirt and pushed it down her legs, and then pulled her shirt over her head and tossed it next to the skirt, showing me her Unclad body for the hundredth time, but this time felt like I was seeing it for the first time ever.

To Be Continued…

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