A Story written by Kevin_88…

Now the tricky part of all of this, how do I go about using this information? Do I come right out and throw it in their face and make them do whatever I want, or do I play stupid and act like I don’t know a thing? No, I can’t pass this up, I own them now, and I wouldn’t be Ashley if I didn’t make them suffer. You would think you’d hide pictures of you kissing your brother and your hand on his Joystick better than that, but I guess not, and those are just the lesser pictures, I’m gonna have a field day whenever I go after them.

I closed my door and scrolled through the pictures again. one things for sure, they both had nice bodies, especially Rita, I could see myself doing a few things to her. Maybe that’s what I’ll do! I could make them both my S£x slaves, or make them have S£x in front of me, or in front of random people, oh the possibilities! I got up and grabbed a pen and paper to write all my ideas down, with so many ideas running through my head I wanted to make sure I wrote everything down and didn’t leave anything out. I can see it now, Rita and Randy Bleeping each other in my living room while all my friends watched, oh this is gonna be so much fun!

To Be Continued…

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