Must Read: An Incest Birthday (18+)… Part 123


A Story written by Kevin_88…

“Oh my god what the Fork was that! Fork that felt good!”

I didn’t say anything, neither did Rita, she was too pissed, she just went back to sucking her lips through her panties, but she put a stop to that right away. She put a foot on either side of her face and pulled her off of her (how she managed to be that bendy I don’t know), raised her legs and pulled her panties off, sitting them on the couch next to her, then grabbed her face again with her feet and pulled her back down until she was face to face with her now bare Kittycat.

“Come on, let’s see what you really got. Earn my silence.”

We both stared at her bare Kittycat which looked back at us with the clit piercing sitting atop it. If it wasn’t attached to Ashley, it would’ve thought it was really Sekxy, but since it was, I didn’t care. I could feel Ashley watching me, taunting me, waiting for Rita to press her lips against her, but Rita didn’t wanna seem to anxious, like she wanted to eat her, so she messed around for a little bit kissing around her Kittycat until she was just about to yell at her, then she raked her tongue against it from top to bottom, effectively shutting her up mid-sentence.

“You little Bytch, don’t Bleeping do that, oh you Bytch, that feels so Bleeping good!”

She was starting to get really wet as she licked her, and whenever she pulled at the ring then sucked on her clit she would gasp and cradle her legs around her head, ready to squeeze it at any moment. She palmed her hand on the back of Rita’s head and smashed her face in her Kittycat in a circular motion as if she was trying to mark her with her Kittycat juice. Her eyes were locked shut and her head was thrown back against the couch, and she’d managed to pull one of her tits out without me noticing and was pulling on the Tip like she wanted to rip it off. It didn’t take long to notice she liked it rough, matches her Forked up personality, but I’d be damned if we gave her what she wanted after all the Shtt she put us through, and is still putting us through by making Rita eat her Kittycat in return for her cooperation. She pulled at her ring, not hard, but just a little, enough to Fork with her, and she groaned again even louder as her Kittycat began leaking again. She was getting hornier and hornier by the second, and by the looks of it, since Rita was doing everything to Ashley that I do to her, she had no intentions of making her Pour. That wasn’t part of the deal, so she would just have to suck it up and finish herself off once we left. As she was tugging on the ring she took her hand off her head and grabbed her hand and started to suck on one of her fingers like it was a Joystick, ironic. I could tell she was waiting for a release, for Rita to attack her and send her over the edge by the way she was grinding on her face and sucking her finger all the way into her mouth. She wanted to Pour, and bad, but Rita wasn’t gonna let her, and with good reason. She may have had the upper hand in making Rita give her head in place of me, but in no way did she have to make her Pour, and I could tell she wasn’t going to. She slipped up and let us know she liked it rough, and when she did that Rita toned it down drastically until she was basically doing what she was when she started, kissing her lips and licking her slit. The change in her was almost immediate. She went from just about to go over the hill to slowly rolling back down, and no matter how much she smashed her Kittycat against Rita’s face, she didn’t change a thing.

“Stop playing around Rita, eat my Kittycat like you were before,” she said almost pleading.

“I am doing what I did before,” Rita replied.

“No you’re not, you slowed down, come on I was getting close to cumming.”

“You never said I had to make you Pour, you just said you wanted to see what I could do.”

“You can’t be that good and then just Bleeping stop!” Ashley whined getting frustrated.

I was enjoying the hell out of this, not the eating her Kittycat part, but the her being frustrated part. She had both hands on Rita’s head trying whatever she could to make her eat her better, but she was having none of it. Ashley wanted to get mad, but she was way too horny to process another emotion at the time. She wanted to get off, and bad. I could see the desperation in her eyes; she could break at any time, and I was loving it.

“Fork! Eat my Kittycat Rita! Make me Pour and I’ll give you back your phone!”

“Today? Before I leave?”

“Yes! Yes!”

“And you won’t tell anyone about us? And you’ll delete everything off your computer?”

“Yes yes I’ll do it all just Bleeping make me Pour!”

Had her. Finally, a break for us. We had her complete silence, and all Rita had to do was give her a mind shattering orgasm, shouldn’t be too hard excusing the fact that she hated her guts and was on her knees with her face in her Kittycat, but for a good reason, even though looks can be deceiving. She looked at me for a second and signaled she was about to pull out all the tricks, well not all but most, just enough to make her Pour and get the hell out of there. She held her legs apart so her Kittycat would open by itself a little and jabbed her tongue right in it, also using her nose to tickle her clit while she licked her. Ashley’s response was right on point with Rita giving attention back to her clit, and she went back to rubbing one hand through her hair and playing with her Tip with the other. When she started to climb the hill a little bit Rita wet two of her fingers with Ashley’s Kittycat juice and slid them right inside her. In an instant Ashley was convulsing each time Rita shoved them inside her and pulled them out; she could barely make a noise that wasn’t a moan let alone form any words, so I knew she was on the right track. Rita sucked her lips around her clit but didn’t pull on the ring just yet, she waited a few seconds then real quick like pulled hard at it, then again, and again, matching it up with her fingers thrusting inside her Kittycat.

“Fork my life, you’re so Bleeping good at this! Why did I…ooooooooooooh Fork Fork Fork!”

Rita had her clit in between her teeth grinding it to the point where each time she smashed it, Ashley would jerk in place, and squeeze her head tighter. What Rita did next surprised even me, she lubed up a finger on her free hand and put it at her asshole. Ashley liked pain, I guess we were gonna see exactly how much. While she was occupied trying to Pour Rita shoved her finger in her all the way in, in one thrust, opening her eyes wide as she stared over at me with the biggest look of shock on her face, and I just stared right back, hoping it hurt.. She was about to say something before Rita started moving her finger in and out of her Buttocks as deep as it would go. I wasn’t gonna lie, I wanted it to hurt her so bad I was practically willing Rita to do it with my mind, and she responded in kind by jamming both holes while pulling at her clit, but it only served to push her closer to orgasm, which was equally fine with me because then we’d be done with this punishment. 

“Fork, right there, right there, here it comes, Fork here it comes!” Ashley yelled out of nowhere.

She didn’t let up, she wanted this to be over, and so did I. I’d definitely been here too long and with Rita here with her car I know Aunt Lisa was definitely suspicious now. Rita was about to be an even bigger asshole and shove another finger in Ashley’s Buttocks, but as soon as the other finger poked at her Buttocks she grabbed her head with both hands and smashed it directly against her Kittycat as she Forked her face mercilessly, she was about to come.


She didn’t Pour, but her Kittycat was pulsing pretty damn hard, and when it stopped, all her Pour just sort of poured out, like when a cup overflows, it just, poured out. Rita managed to back her face off a few times but Ashley was right there to clamp it right back until her body had had enough, which took longer than I thought it would, must’ve gone a long while being abstinent. When she finally let go of Rita’s head she breathed a sigh of relief, mostly to actually be able to breathe again and to rub her head where I guess her nails were digging into her scalp when she was cumming. She leaned back into the couch panting and looked straight down at Rita.

“You little Bytch! How the hell can you eat Kittycat like that! I’m still tingling!”

“Ok Ashley. We had a deal. You have to give me the phone, and you can’t tell anybody about me and Randy,” Rita said ignoring what she just said.

“I demand to know! How the hell are you that good! Who taught you? It obviously wasn’t Chris, or Randy, they’re too selfish to focus on a woman’s needs,” Ashley persisted.

“You’d be surprised what you could learn from a man,” Rita said looking in my direction.

“Him? Yeah right, I’ll believe it when I see it. Well, he was originally supposed to…”

“Not a Bleeping chance Ashley!” Rita cut her off.

“I just wanna see if you’re telling the truth.”

“First you hate him, then you want him to give you head, make up your mind!”

“Nothing’s changed, his place is still on his knees between a woman’s legs doing whatever she tells him to do, I just happen to be that woman in this instance.”

“That attitude’s only gonna get you so far, we all need each other and you know it,” Rita said.

“I have a collection of toys and a drawer full of batteries, I don’t need anything.”

“Ok fine, whatever Ashley, I gave you what you wanted, give me the phone so we can leave.”

“Hold on a second, I’m reveling right now. You should be soaking up the compliment.”


“Don’t try to act like you didn’t enjoy eating my Kittycat.”

“I don’t have to act, I didn’t.”

“Bullshit. I know a liar when I see one, and you, Rita, are a big Buttocks liar right now.”

“How do you figure?”

“You are too good and like eating Kittycat too much to not have enjoyed that, even a little.”

“It easy not to when you hate the person you’re doing it to.”

“That may be true, but you still ravaged me. I’m still Bleeping pulsing! You’ll never admit it, but some part of you wanted to eat me, you probably wanna Fork me too don’t you Rita?”

“Ok. That’s enough of that Shtt. Give me her phone so we can leave, please,” I forced out.

“You didn’t even eat my Kittycat and it’s got you using manners. Don’t worry, I’ll make sure you get your turn,” she boasted as she reached between the couch cushions and pulled out Rita’s phone and gave it to her. “A deals a deal, here.”

“And you have to delete everything on your computer about us,” I said.

“Yeah yeah,” she said as I watched her delete everything on the laptop.

“And you can’t tell anyone about us, anyone,” Rita added.

“And I won’t, as long as you keep eating me out like that.”

“What? That wasn’t the deal Ashley!”

“Not at first, but do you think I’m gonna let you off just like that after you ate me out so good I almost had a heart attack? I don’t Bleeping think so! I’m gonna stretch this out.”

“You can’t do that! You’re altering the deal!”

“I’m not altering it, I’m extending it. I’m still gonna delete everything off the computer, but I didn’t say anything about deleting the backup disk I made, and I won’t tell anyone about you two if you don’t give me a reason to. As long as you keep me feeling like this, I’ll be quiet.”

“You Bleeping… this is such bullshit! We did what you asked, stop trying to turn us into your personal S£x slaves!” I yelled.

“I’m not TRYING to make you my S£x slaves, you ARE my S£x slaves. I can’t wait to mess around with her, and watch you two Fork each other.”

I sunk my head in defeat; she pulled another one on us. “There is a special place in hell for you.”

“Yeah, and you two will be sitting there burning right next to me on the same ledge.”

I should’ve known better, that’s been something I’ve been saying to myself a lot lately. She maneuvered her way into getting what she wanted and again I’d walked right into it. She’d probably be more lenient on Rita for being a woman, but me, I’m screwed. 

“Hey, Earth to sister fucker, you in there?” Ashley said snapping her fingers in front of me and pulling me from my thoughts. “We don’t have anything else to talk about, so unless you want your turn at eating me out, you can leave.”

I got up and gave her a glare to let her know I hated her. “This isn’t over Ashley.”

“No it’s not Randy, not by a long shot. I’ll see you and Rita later, and make sure you keep that tongue well rested, he’s working a double shift tonight.”

I didn’t say anything, I didn’t even look back, I just headed for the door and kept walking until I was in my car. I immediately pulled out my phone and saw the recorder was still on, with over an hour tape and still going. I turned it off and dialed Rita, but her phone went straight to voicemail, she still hadn’t turned it on. Rita pulled off and sped down the street, not wanting to stay another minute at her house, and I was right with her, I just didn’t drive as fast as she did. I drove off cursing my luck again. Of all the people to find her phone, Bleeping ASHLEY? I guess too much was going good in our lives so it had to be balanced out with the bad, but this much? And most of it on me? To say life wasn’t fair would be a big understatement right now, with bad things happening to good people being an even bigger cliché. 

I got back to the house to see dad’s car there, and went in the house to see him sitting on my new bed watching TV. He was caught up in the baseball game took a quick second to nod and raise his hand with the beer in it before he turned back to the game.

“Hey dad.”

“Hey son, can’t talk now, bottom of the ninth, down two runs.”

“Ok enough said, talk to you later.”

I decided not to push it, he gets a little testy when he’s watching a crucial part of a game, so I left him alone and went straight to our room. I knew Rita was home first because of how fast she took off, and Aunt Lisa’s car looked like it had been sitting there for a while now because she got home so fast. I went to turn the handle expecting it to be locked, but was surprised when it opened, and saw her sitting on the bed hugging the giant bear I’d won her at the carnival a while back. I went over and sat down next to her, hoping she wouldn’t push me away, thankfully she didn’t. I could tell she was still a slight mad, but I think she’d forgiven me.

“So did Aunt Lisa willingly tell you, or did you beat it out of her?” I asked.

“I beat it out of her. I knew something was up the way you needed the car in a hurry.”

“You sure got over there fast for being mad at me.”

“I don’t know, I guess that instinct kicked in or something.”

“Because you knew Ashley was up to no good.”

“Yeah and mostly that. I was angry, all I saw was you on another woman that wasn’t me, or Stephanie for that matter. Everything else blocked out, I just wanted to hate you.”

“Rita, you gotta know I would never knowingly do that, that was all Ashley.”

“Yeah, but you’re not completely innocent either. You did kiss her back, and feel her up, and let her feel you… I don’t even wanna think about it.”

“She made herself up to look like Stephanie, I was too drunk to comprehend anything.”

“You couldn’t tell the difference between Ashley’s body and ours? Her Buttocks is way firmer than ours and her tits are definitely smaller than ours!”

“Drunk. The smart part of my brain completely shut off. I couldn’t think about anything except “I have titties in my hand and she’s grabbing my Joystick, yes!” I know it’s not what you wanna hear, but it’s the truth. I couldn’t tell much of anything as drunk as I was.”

“Ok, I get that, but you still shouldn’t have put yourself in that situation, if you knew you were too drunk you should have stayed with us.”

“True, but I thought I was ok when Chris took me off to a bed, and I couldn’t stay with you two, you were too busy making out in front of everyone and getting hit on by every guy there.”

“Nu-uh don’t try to turn it around! And what about today? Running off into the lion’s den and don’t even give me a heads up about it?”

“You were short with me since the night this all started, plus she said not to tell you or Stephanie or she would send out the pictures to everyone.”

“That’s still something I should know Randy, you can’t tell Aunt Lisa and not me.”

“She was gonna tell everybody about us Rita! She took everything off your phone, everything! She already had it ready on her computer to send if I didn’t do what she said!”

“You still should have told me!”

“She said if I did the deal was off and we were done. You know how bad a liar I am, she would’ve seen right through me, and she said she talked to you and Stephanie with that girl talk stuff and you both told her stuff, so she basically knew the answer to every question she asked me anyway, and if she would’ve caught me in a lie, we’d be leaving the state right now.”

“Even with all that you still should’ve told me.”

“And then what? You would’ve gone over there swinging first and asking questions later. You know you wouldn’t have been able to hold back. That not only would’ve messed us up, but dad too. I was in a bad spot Rita, I tried to make the best of the shitty hand I was dealt.”

She was quiet for a second, but not long. “Even still Randy, holding that back only makes you look guilty, I know it’s not completely true, but looks can be deceiving. What makes Aunt Lisa so easy to tell stuff to? She’s the one who told me where you were in the first place.”

“Aunt Lisa looked at it from a neutral point of view, she said she would tell you when I got back if I didn’t, so much for that part. If it wasn’t for her I would’ve went over there blind.”

“Did Ashley even delete everything off? You don’t know if she was lying, or told anyone.”

“We can’t completely delete everything with the way internet backs everything up nowadays, but you heard her, she’s selfish, she’s not gonna tell anyone else about it because that’ll give everyone else the same leg up on us she has, Ashley’s too greedy for that.”

“Trust me I know, the taste of her is still on my breath unfortunately.”

“Speaking of that, why’d you volunteer to do that in my place?”

“Because I don’t want your lips on Ashley’s dirty Bleeping cunt that’s why!”

I was a little suspicious. “Ashley’s dirty Bleeping cunt, or any girls dirty Bleeping cunt?”

“Ashley! Why does it matter anyway?”

I decided to shut up before I made things worse. “It doesn’t, I was just thinking out loud.”

“If you had been thinking in the first place I wouldn’t have had to put my face in her Kittycat.”

“Tell me Rita, if you were in my spot, what would you have done?”

“I’d have done nothing, because I would’ve known better than to end up in bed with Ashley.”

I was stumped. I felt horrible. All of this happened because I couldn’t hold my liquor. You’re right, I screwed us. “I’m sorry. I made a stupid mistake and now I’m paying for it.”

She threw her phone on the bed and headed for the door. “No, now WE’RE paying for it.”

She left the room and left me sitting there on the bed. I couldn’t feel any lousier. The conversation started off good but then took a serious turn into bad. I lay back on the bed and stared at the ceiling. I wanted to just lay there and never get up. No matter what I tried to do to fix something I would make it a tad bit worse. I was there for so long I figured I’d just go to sleep, that way I couldn’t screw anything else up.

I couldn’t have been sleep for ten minutes before my phone started ringing, Chris was calling me. I didn’t wanna answer because I had actually managed to get comfortable, I didn’t feel like talking, and I’d knew he’d wanna do something, and I just wasn’t in the mood. After debating for five rings, I gave in and answered, the sooner I did the sooner I could go back to sleep.

“Yeah man.”

“Hey what are you doing?”

To Be Continued…

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