Must Read: An Incest Birthday (18+)… Part 13


A Story written by Kevin_88…

I started really pounding the Shtt out of her, so much that I could barely see my Joystick go in and out. I loved the way her Buttocks jiggled every time I slammed into her, this made me slap her on the Buttocks every few seconds which I liked, and by her screams so did she. I Forked her like this for a while before I started to catch a cramp from kneeling too long in the small tub. We stood up facing each other and I put her leg on my shoulder and continued to Fork her standing up. 

“I don’t remember this position either!” 

“It was in the movie too, I wanted to try it.” 

From this position I was hitting her clit pretty easy, which made her vaginal walls close around my Joystick. 

“Oh Fork its hitting my clit every time! Oh g-g-g-god I’m not gonna last much longer if you keep this up!”

I was really slamming into her, but knew I was on the brink of cumming. After five more minutes or so, we both knew it was about that time. I was first as I held on to her and pushed as deep as I could and held it there, releasing all my jizz into her. Upon feeling my Pour enter her, she broke out in her own orgasm. Though she couldn’t say anything, she shook around and made plenty of noises as she fell against the back wall. I held her up so she wouldn’t fall and watched as both mine and her Pour dripped out of her Kittycat into the bath water below. As the effects of our orgasms wore off, we began to get our speech back.

“That was my most intense orgasm yet! I couldn’t even talk!” 

“It was pretty crazy, I don’t remember ever moving that fast! Maybe it was that movie that gave me so much energy.” 

“I saw a few positions I wanna try too, but later, right now I need to sleep, you wore me out today.” 

I’m not gonna lie, I felt good about myself when she said that, but I didn’t get a big head, I took it in stride and let it pass. We cleaned ourselves off one more time, kissed each other a long juicy wet lipped kiss goodnight and went to bed.

I awoke to the complete darkness of my room. My clock read 3:04, and I wasn’t tired, so I knew it would be a long night. I figured what better way to pass the time than to play some video games, so I popped in Call of Duty 4 and started playing. After about half an hour, I realized I had beaten all of the games I had, so I decided to go play Super Mario Bros in Rita’s room. I haven’t played that game since our little “incident” happened, which brought back some good memories, plus it would be nice to play it by myself without competition. 

I walked into her room to find her sleep on top of her covers in her bra and panties. She looked so beautiful the way she slept with her arm over her head and her foot hanging over the edge of her bed, the moonlight from her window shining directly on her like an angel, she look so beautiful and peaceful with a smile on her face. I forgot all about the game and pulled up a chair and watched her sleep. Ever so often she’d move around a little and a little moan would escape her lips, I would get goosebumps. Then out of nowhere I heard a noise in my parent’s room and got spooked, I put the chair back and ran quietly back to my room and shut the door. In my haste to get back to my room I hit my foot on my bedpost, since it was completely dark I didn’t see it. I cursed out loud and tried to suppress what I could so no one would hear me as I crawled into bed. About a minute later I faintly heard the toilet flush and a door close, so I knew I was ok. I laid there about twenty minutes in silence and darkness for whoever was up to go back to sleep. Just as I was about to go back into her room, she opened my door enough to slip in and closed it right back.

I didn’t want her to know I was watching her so I played it cool. 

“I was about to come in your room, I was waiting for whoever used the bathroom to go back to sleep.” 

She giggled a little and without saying a word she pulled my shorts down and took my Joystick in her mouth. I couldn’t see anything (it takes me a really long time to adjust to the dark) but I was definitely feeling everything. She was sucking away like she didn’t have a care in the world. 

“I thought you were too worn out?” 

“I just couldn’t help myself, dont talk so loud, whoever was in the bathroom could still be up,” she whispered and just kept on sucking. 

I could feel my load building up inside, she must have too because just then she stopped sucking me and got on top of me and slowly sat down on my Joystick. She let out a little moan as not to wake our parents and began bouncing up and down on me. From the way she was sitting on me I knew she was turned around with her back to me, like we had saw in the movie earlier. 

“So this is one of the positions you wanted to try out huh?” 

“I thought you might like this,” she whispered as she grabbed my legs and bounced faster. Indeed I did.

I was really getting into it and started Bleeping her back. Pretty soon she stopped moaning and started breathing heavy. Then all of a sudden she stopped Bleeping, turned around with my Joystick still in her so she faced me and started grinding on my Joystick. I wanted to suck her Tips but I couldn’t see where they were, so I just laid back and enjoyed myself. After a while she grabbed my hands and went back to bouncing up and down on me. I thrust up to meet her as we were both Bleeping the Shtt out of each other. It wasn’t long before I was whispering to her that I was about to Pour. I pushed up into her and emptied what little Pour I had left into her. She squeezed my hands as her Kittycat walls clenched my Joystick and I felt her shake as her juices dripped out of her down my Joystick. After she stopped shaking she kissed me and whispered “goodnight” as she eased back out of the room. I was so lost in my own world I didn’t even respond. She used me for a late night fling, but I loved it. When I assumed normality I felt like I was still in a dream, one of the best dreams of my life. I laid there with a big smile on my face until I eventually drifted into sleep.

I woke up at 10:17 still feeling a little of the effects of the S£x I had just six hours ago. A few moments later Rita comes into my room, gets under the covers with me(we did that all the time even before we started having S£x, so it wasn’t weird on our parents) and just stares at me. I still had a big grin on my face as we lay there.

“What are you smiling at?” 

“Just thinking about last night thats all.” 

“What happened last night?” 

“You remember, when you came in here and had your way with me,” I grinned. 

Her smile faded. “I didn’t do anything. After the bath I went to my room and went to sleep all night, I just woke up ten minutes ago.” 

Now I was lost. “You don’t remember us having S£x last night?” 

“After the tub no, I think I would remember that!” 

“It had to be you!” I said getting serious. “Aunt Lisa went home, and the only people here were you, me, dad and………………………”NO F***ING WAY!”

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Oct 3, 2016 — 8:53 pm

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