Must Read: An Incest Birthday (18+)… Part 20


A Story written by Kevin_88…

I woke up to the most perfect sight imaginable, my little sister lying next to me. She looks so beautiful when she sleeps, with her hair pulled back, that big smile on her face, her cute little button nose, I was head over heels for her. I watched her sleep for ten more minutes until she finally opened her eyes. 

“Good morning you,” she said smiling. 

“It is now, how’d you sleep?” 

“Beautifully, I love the way you held me, I feel so safe with you.” 

“We’ll have to do this more often, but for now I better get out of here in case dad comes,” I said as I started to get up. 

“No! Don’t leave! Stay here with me!” she said grabbing my arm. I looked at her and knew I wasn’t going anywhere. I lay back down and she rested her head on my chest. For about fifteen minutes we held each other as we lay quiet until she broke the silence.

“What do you love best about me Randy?” 

“What don’t I love about you, here’s so many things to choose from I wouldn’t know where to begin.” 

“Just say what comes to mind.” 

“I love your sense of humor, your personality, your figure, your beautiful face, but most important, I love that you love me.” There was silence for a brief second as she looked at me with her pretty blue eyes. 

“Take me now!” she whispered. 

Just then she climbed on top of me with her legs on either side of my body and kissed me all over my face. I ran my hands down her still Unclad body and cupped her Buttocks in my hands (I swear it feels like it’s getting bigger and firmer). She interlocked her hands with mine as she ground her hips into my pelvis, making me harder by the second. I rolled her over so I was on top, then I took her left Tip in my mouth. 

“Oh yes, that feels so good! Suck it, suck it harder! I love how good you make me feel!” 

I kissed back up to her neck and nibbled on her earlobe, and she moaned louder and her body started vibrating as she squeezed me with her legs. I knew then I found her spot. I kept working at it, licking it, sucking it, biting it, until she couldn’t take it anymore. 

“Oh god Randy Fork me! Fork me please! I need you in me now!” 

As much as I teased her, I wasn’t gonna make her wait any longer. I positioned myself over her and pushed my Joystick deep into her. She instantly let out a sigh and wrapped her legs around me. I pounded into her with long, fast strokes as I kept nibbling on her ear. I could feel her Kittycat walls contract and squeeze my Joystick, which made me wanna Fork her harder. 

“God Rita you’re so tight! I can barely slide out of you!” I moaned. 

She didn’t say anything, she just kept her eyes closed and smiled. I was getting more and more worked up by the big grin on her face and her tits bouncing around, so I leaned back and put her legs on my shoulders and really slammed into her. I took her foot into my mouth and sucked her toes while I rammed her, knowing I would get a reaction from her.

“Fork your Joystick feels so big! Keep pounding me while you suck on my toes! I have the best brother in the world! Uuuuuuugh god keep Bleeping me! Yes! Yes! Yes! Keep doing that!”

I couldn’t talk because I still had her foot in my mouth, but I did scream onto her foot, sending vibrations through her body as she curled her toes in my mouth. She pulled her foot out of my mouth and looked at me with pure ecstasy. 

“Now it’s my turn,” she said as she pushed me back. She crawled her way up to me in the sexiest way possible, if I wasn’t already Bleeping her, that would’ve given me good incentive to start. She mounted me and sat down full force on my Joystick, then rocked her hips in a circular motion. She closed her eyes tight and bit her bottom lip as I pinched both her Tips through my fingers. Just the sight of her doing that made me want to Fork her harder, but she controlled the pace with her hands pushing down on me. When she started bouncing up and down I grabbed her Buttocks cheeks and met her thrusts halfway, and she took one of her Tips into her own mouth. Soon after she lost all control and bounced up and down on me furiously.

“Oh yes baby, Fork me! You like that Buttocks bouncing up and down on you? How about when I grind it into you, like this? Or maybe in a circular motion like this! Oh god I’m about to Pour on your Joystick!”

I knew I was about to Pour too. The way she kept switching up her technique I couldn’t keep myself under control. I went to grab her Buttocks again but she grabbed my hands and crossed them on my chest. 

“No you just lay back, I want to make you Pour this time,” she said seductively. 

“If you keep Bleeping me like that it wont be long!” I told her. She again went back to riding me three different ways while holding my arms down, the feeling was incredible and I couldn’t hold it any longer. “Oh god Rita I’m about to Pour!” I warned. 

“Go ahead, let loose in me, I wanna feel it as it spurts out!” 

With one big thrust I emptied a ton of Pour into her, and then I felt her start to shake as my orgasm must have triggered hers.

“Oh god I’m cumming! Oh yes Randy it’s so good! I’m cumming! I’m cumming I’m cummmmmmmming!

She fell down on my stomach still twitching a little, and in her own world, as was I. Neither of us said a word for close to twenty minutes. 

“I love you big brother,” she finally said. 

“I love you too little sister, so much.” 

She rolled off of me and cuddled face to face with me as we kissed on and off for ten minutes, until I realized it was 10:05 and that breakfast could be ready any minute, so I really had to get back to my room before anyone noticed I wasn’t there. Again, she grabbed me before I could get up and begged me to stay, me never being able to say no to her, crawled right back into bed next to her and picked up where we left off. She finally let me leave twenty minutes later when she realized she had to take a shower to get all of my Pour out of her. I crept back to my room, realizing both parents were downstairs, and stayed there until we were called down for breakfast.
There was so much tension at breakfast it could be cut with a knife, but it was a good kind of tension. I looked at mom, who was looking back at me, then I looked at Rita, who was looking at mom, then I looked back at mom, who was now looking at Rita, then looked at Rita who was then looking back at mom, and I went back to Rita one more time, who was now looking at me, then we all looked at dad, who was looking at all of us. 

“What a bunch of weirdos,” he said as he got up to put his plate in the sink. If only he knew how “weird” we really were. 

“Oh yeah dad can you take me to take my drivers test today?” Rita yelled before he could leave the room. 

“Why not, since you helped me out yesterday I guess I could, but we have to go now, I have to stop by work later on.” 

When dad said this a big grin came across mom’s face as she looked right at me. I don’t know what she was thinking but it couldn’t be good. Rita saw this and made hand movements not to mess with me while she was gone, then mom waved her off and blew a kiss at me. A little while later Rita and dad were heading out the front door as mom and I finished breakfast. She shook her fist at mom and mumbled something, but I couldn’t make it out. I finished up and headed to my room, just as I heard the car pull out of the driveway and drive off.

I had a little time to kill until Rita came back, so I cleaned up my room, took a shower and sat down to play Ninja Gaiden. I was getting into it until I heard my door close, which scared me a little. I whipped my head around and saw mom standing there in a silk robe. 

At breakfast she had on a big cotton bathrobe, but this one was way smaller and hugged her skin, she looked damn gorgeous in it. I sat there looking at her for what seemed like an eternity. 

“Well I’m glad my son thinks his mom is hot,” she giggled. 

I had been lost in how Sekxy she looked I forgot to question why she was in my room in the first place. “Uh is.. is there s-something you need mom?” I stuttered. 

“Relax honey, I’m not here to seduce you into S£x, I’m just here to talk.” 

I was a little relieved, but also a little disappointed. “Oh, ok then, what’s up?”

“This thing with you and your sister, how’s it working out so far?” 

When she said that I smiled and forgot all about her being half-Unclad as my thoughts drifted to Rita. “I can honestly say I have never been happier than the past week, I’m in love with her.” 

I was in a daydream state until mom brought me back to reality with a slap across the face. “You two and your teenage hormones are gonna drive me crazy! She said pretty much the exact same thing when I asked her yesterday, just remember, S£x isn’t everything!” 

“That’s the thing mom, it isn’t just about S£x, I truly wanna be with her! I wanna spend all my free time with her, take her on vacations, buy her a house, support her so she’d never have to work, and just love her, like a man should do for his girl.” 

Mom looked a little shocked at what I said; to be honest I surprised myself a little. 

“Well, I knew it was serious, but I didn’t know long-term serious!” 

“Yea it is. I honestly can’t picture life without her.” She leaned forward putting her hands on my head and kissed my forehead. 

“My little man is all grown up, and I do mean grown up,” she said looking at my crotch. 


“I’m just saying a tool like that could keep a girl hooked, you have your father beat by a good inch in length and width, and you can certainly feel the difference.” 

“And how would you know that?” 

She never gave me an answer; she just grinned, retied her robe, and walked out. Oh that sneaky devil! I knew it was her, but why tell me? Maybe she did it on purpose so I’d wanna have S£x with her again, or maybe she just slipped up, or maybe it wasn’t her and she’s messing with me again. I told myself to let it go before my brain started to hurt, as I was a little tired, so I decided to take a nap until my sis got back from her drivers test.

To Be Continued…

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