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Must Read: An Incest Birthday (18+)… Part 23


A Story written by Kevin_88…

For a moment all I could hear was her bed shaking and heavy breathing, and then she hung up the phone. A couple minutes later Rita burst through my door completely Unclad and landed right on me. We were kissing each other passionately while feeling every part of each others body. She then kissed her way down my chest and pulled my pants off. She grabbed my semi-erect Joystick and jerked it up and down a few times, licked her lips and swallowed it whole. I was in heaven, she wasn’t rushing or speed sucking, and she had a nice rhythm going that was giving me the full experience of a complete Mouthaction. I lay back and relaxed as she bobbed up and down on my now fully erect Joystick. Just as I’m getting the feeling that I’m about to Pour I hear her let out a little squeal, and then she bites me, not hard, but enough to get my attention. I sit up to ask her what happened and couldn’t believe what I was looking at, moms face was buried deep in Rita’s Buttocks. 

I couldn’t really see what was going on, but the looks on Rita’s face showed that mom was doing a hell of a job. Every once in a while Rita would squint her eyes and let out a moan on my Joystick, which sent vibrations through my body and making me want to Pour right there, but I wanted to last as long as I could so I fought the urge. Just then mom emerged from behind Rita and crawled up next to her and kissed her right on the lips. 

“Feel like sharing?”

Rita just looked at her and smiled as they both worked on my Joystick. They were licking up the side from base to head at the same time, and when one was sucking my Joystick, the other was licking my balls. I thought the earlier Mouthaction felt great, but this one was far better hands down. They picked up their speed sucking me off and I couldn’t hold off anymore. 

“I’m gonna Pour!” I shouted, and they stopped and simultaneously jerked my Joystick. 

A few seconds later I squirted straight up into the air as it came down and landed on mom and Rita’s face and my chest and groin. They both licked each others face clean and what was left on my body. They traded kisses swapping leftover Pour that was in their mouth and swallowed, and then they looked at me and giggled. 

“Mommy’s gonna teach you kids a thing or two tonight.” 

I was so turned on at that moment my Joystick was starting to get hard again, but I still needed a little time before I was fully erect again, so I lay them both down on the bed to return the favor. I kneeled down in front of them and started eating Rita’s Kittycat and playing with her breasts while I fingered mom, both were squealing like little girls. 

“Yes big brother eat my Kittycat! Keep doing that it feels so good! Lick me while you finger Fork mom!”

“Yes Randy get your fingers all the way in there! Rub my clit, yes right there! Fork yes! My son sure does know how to please a woman! Don’t wear your tongue out, I want you to eat mommy’s Kittycat next!”

“If you guys don’t be quiet you’re gonna wake up dad!” I pleaded. 

“Oh don’t worry about that, I gave him a sleeping pill a while ago, he’s completely knocked out, you just keep doing what you’re doing,” mom said. 

I switched to eating moms Kittycat and fingering Rita’s while they kissed each other. Both of their pussies tasted so good I was like a maniac switching from one to the other, but I knew Bleeping them would be a whole lot better, so I had to make them Pour. I attacked Rita’s clit knowing from experience what I needed to do to make her Pour. I licked her up and down, side to side, and sucked on her clit so hard I thought I was gonna pull it off, and she held my head in place with both hands as she ground her Kittycat into my face.

“Oh Fork Randy! Oh god oh god I’m cumming! Yes! Oh god! Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!” 

She squeezed my head with her thighs as she continued her orgasm and wouldn’t let me move, just then her juices poured straight into my mouth as I gulped down every bit I could. When she finally let me go she fell back into the bed and just laid there with a big smile on her face, one down, one to go. I looked at mom with lust filled eyes as I dove right into her Kittycat, right away she put her hand on the back of my head and moaned as loud as she could. Since I didn’t know how to make her Pour yet, I did everything to her that I did to Rita, who by the way was still in her own world on the bed. I was getting a slight reaction, but nothing that showed she was gonna Pour, so I tried a little incentive. I flicked at her clit and twisted her Tip while I stuck a finger in her Buttocks, needless to say that last one did the trick. She bucked her hips into my face and trembled as she started her orgasm.

“Yes baby, oh you eat mommy’s Kittycat so good! God I haven’t felt like this in years! I’m gonna Pour all over your face baby! Oh Shtt! Mommy’s cumming! Yes! Yes! Yeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssss!” 

She too fell back onto the bed with a smile on her face. I must admit I was very proud of myself, I just satisfied to beautiful women orally to shaking orgasms, but we weren’t done yet. I grabbed hold of Rita’s waist as I positioned myself over her, and thrust my now hard Joystick into her Kittycat.

For about five minutes I was pounding her Kittycat with everything I had, then slowed it down so we could enjoy ourselves. I leaned over and kissed her as I looked into her eyes, there was a sparkle that always appears when she comes down from a climax that I’ve come to know and love. She snapped back into reality and thrust her hips into mine Bleeping me back, then rolled over and was riding me cowgirl. She bounced up and down on me while licking her Tip, and then ground her Kittycat into me as she threw her head back and moaned to the ceiling. Just then mom sat up and straddled my chest in front of Rita, then scooted back until she was sitting on my face. 

“You ate my Kittycat so good before I just have to have you do it again!” 

I wasted little time and licked her Kittycat, Buttocks, anything that was in front of me. I couldn’t see anything because my mom’s big Buttocks was blocking my view, but I could hear moans and faint kissing sounds, so I knew everyone was enjoying themselves. After a while mom climbed off me and stuck her tongue down my throat, then looked at Rita with a friendly stare.

“Ok honey, now its mommy’s turn to ride that Joystick.”

Rita was a little reluctant to get off of me, but she gave in. Mom stood over me and gave me a wink, then slowly dropped into a split and sat perfectly on my Joystick, I almost blew my load right there as mom let out a long, load moan of ecstasy. 

“My god that’s a big Joystick!” mom said as she began Bleeping me while still doing a split. Rita looked on in awe at how flexible our 35 year old mom was, and I could tell she had gotten a little turned on at the sight. 

“Fork her Randy, Fork our mom’s Kittycat,” Rita said as she played with mom’s breasts. 

“Yea, Fork your mom’s Kittycat, just like that! Shove that Joystick up my Kittycat as far as it’ll go!” 

Her Buttocks looked so juicy the way it was bouncing on my Joystick, I had to grab it. I squeezed her Buttocks as she continued to bounce up and down on me, if I hadn’t Pour earlier, I surely would have then just from the sight of my mom’s lovely Buttocks. After a few more minutes she stood up again and told me to scoot to the edge of the bed, and then she hopped down onto the floor and sat down perpendicular on my Joystick. She used her hands to steady herself as she rode me sideways. I had never seen this position before and was definitely going to try it with Rita, who had climbed on the bed and put one of her Tips in my mouth. 

“Oh god baby your Joystick feels so much bigger than your fathers! I’ve never felt a Joystick this deep in me,” she moaned. I nodded as I moaned through the Bosom still in my mouth.

After about ten minutes Rita started to get a little agitated. “Ok mom quit hogging him, I wanna get Forked too!” 

“I’m sorry baby, but his Joystick feels so good I don’t wanna take it out of me!” 

Mom eventually got up and Rita bent over the edge of the bed. I took my cue and plunged straight into her waiting Kittycat. “Ugh, god,” she screamed as I went all the way in. “Fork me hard Randy, I mean it, really Bleeping hard!” 

I grabbed her hips and Forked the life out of her, so hard that she couldn’t get any words out, just grunts and half-words.

“Ugh, ugh, ugh, Fork m…, ugh, yes,” she said through gritted teeth.

Mom looked on in amazement either for the fact that I was Bleeping Rita so hard or that she was taking it. A few minutes passed and to my surprise I was still Bleeping Rita like crazy, and then I felt her legs start to buckle. She let out a big scream as she squirted all over my Joystick and fell forward on the bed. 

“Oh Fork yeah I want you to do that to me!” Mom grinned as she took position where Rita was. I stroked my Joystick a few times and got ready to push it into her when she stopped me. “Oh no, not there, I want you to Fork me in the Buttocks!” 

I was in total shock, but quickly snapped out of it when she took my Joystick and guided it into her Buttocks. She winced in pain for a minute, but it quickly went away and she told me to Fork her like I did Rita. Her Buttocks was so tight around my Joystick it took me a while to build momentum, but when I finally did I Forked the Shtt out of her non stop for a long time.

“Yes Randy Fork my Buttocks! Pound that huge Joystick in me! Oh god yes! Oh Fork I’m cumming again! I’ve never had an orgasm from being Forked in the Buttocks before! Oh god! Yes! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!” 

I didn’t let her fall; I held her hips firmly in place as I kept Bleeping her. A couple more minutes passed and Rita came back from her orgasm and positioned herself right next to mom. When I finally pulled out of mom she fell forward on the bed next to Rita and turned over on her back. I shoved my Joystick back into Rita’s waiting hole as she buries her face in mom’s Kittycat muffling her scream. Rita must be a quick learner because mom had her hands wrapped around the back of her head while she ate her out. The only sounds in the room are my balls slapping against Rita’s Kittycat, Rita making slurping sounds on mom’s Kittycat and mom screaming in pleasure. Watching Rita eat mom’s Kittycat as well as Bleeping her finally made my balls tighten, and I knew I was about to Pour. I screamed to them of my upcoming climax and Rita lay on the bed next to mom. 

To Be Continued…

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