Must Read: An Incest Birthday (18+)… Part 25


A Story written by Kevin_88…

When I woke in my bed Rita was staring back at me, like I was staring at her yesterday. She didn’t say a word, just looked at me and smiled. 

“See something you like?” I asked coming out of my grogginess. 

Still she said nothing, but ran her finger through my hair and kissed me lightly on the lips. I lay there for a while trying to get her to talk, but was having no luck, then it hit me. 

“Don’t feel like talking huh, well I’ll change that!” 

I slipped under the covers and lay her flat on her back, and then I pulled her panties down and off. I kissed the toes on her left foot working my way up her leg. I kissed and licked the inside of her thigh, and when I got to her Kittycat I made sure I kissed around it while I blew hot air directly on her clit. She let out a few heavy moans but still said nothing. I then kissed the inside of her right thigh and made my way up her leg until I kissed the toes on her right foot. I made my way back to her Kittycat area, but still made no contact with it, instead, I kissed the strip of hair above her Kittycat, and then lifted her legs so I could lick the area between her Kittycat and Buttocks. She was so horny the spot under her was already damp from her Kittycat leaking its juice. She even tried to force my head on her Kittycat a few times, each time I let her think she had me then I’d pull back real fast. Her moans were even louder now, but she continued to hold off, so I said to myself enough playing around. I reached up and pinched both her Tips between my fingers as I twisted them in place, while I used my nose to tickle the area above her clit and my tongue to draw circles around her Kittycat. Before I knew it she was wiggling around and moaning like crazy. Then just as I suspected would happen, she finally broke. 

“Dammit Randy, I give! You win! I’ll talk, please just stop teasing me and eat my Kittycat!” 


“I knew you’d see things my way,” I said from under the covers. I locked my hands on both of her thighs and dove head first into her wet Kittycat. Her early arousal made her taste even sweeter. The fruity taste of arousal tingled in my mouth as she jerked around at the slightest touch of my tongue. After a while she seemed to stop fidgeting so much and started to enjoy being eaten. I ran my tongue across every crevice of her Kittycat, sucking on her lips, stabbing her hole with my tongue, licking her clit, all which seemed to get a rise out of her.

“Yes Randy! Eat my Kittycat! Oh god! I Bleeping love your tongue! You make me feel so good!” 

In truth, I enjoy eating her Kittycat as much as she enjoys being eaten, so much that I lost track of how long I was actually eating her out. I twisted her Tip with one hand and spread her lips apart with the other. I flattened my tongue and licked every bit of pink I could see. I then flicked on her clit and stuck a finger in her Kittycat as she locked her hand onto the back of my head and her legs shook.

“Yes, I’m gonna Pour! Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god! Yes!”

Her orgasm shot out with so much force I had to back off at first, but when it slowed down I hopped back on her to drink as much as I could. When I finished I climbed up her still shaking body and planted kiss after kiss on her lips. She went back to saying nothing; she just mouthed “I love you” as she looked back at me. I wanted to stay there and cuddle with her for a while, but I knew soon it would be time to get up. No sooner than I said that there was a knock at the door.

“Ok, you two breakfast is on the table, get a move on,” mom whispered through the door. 

“Ok, Mom!” 

We exchanged a few more kisses then headed to the bathroom to clean up, and went downstairs to breakfast.

Mom and Dad were dressed at the table when we sat down to eat, not too dressed up, but casual looking. 

“I have to take your mom to her doctors appointment in a little bit, so I need you two to run to the store and pick up some food for the trip to the cabin,” dad said. 

“Ok, Dad sure. What are we getting?” I asked.

He handed me a list that had to have at least 50 different things on it and $250. 

“Whoa! We’re only gonna be there for a few days!” 

“You can never be too sure.” 

Rita and I went over the list and decided best to go to Giant Eagle (self-checkout line). For about ten minutes we sat there making changes to the list until mom and dad got up to get ready to leave. We had gotten rid of a few things, but it was still a lot of food for four people. 

“You should go get that stuff now before the stores get too crowded, you don’t want to be there all day,” mom said on her way out the door. 

“Remember to get everything on that list,” Dad said following mom out. 

“Ok, Dad we’ll take care of it,” Rita yelled back. We cleaned up, got dressed, hopped in the car and headed for the store.

When we got to Giant Eagle it was a little crowded, but not too bad. We grabbed two carts and went about picking out everything. Halfway through the list we split up so we could get done faster. When I finished grabbing my stuff I went to meet up with Rita and saw she was talking to some guy, naturally I got a little jealous. Unlike last time at the concert, I wasn’t gonna just sit back and do nothing, so I speed walked my cart over to where she was at. As I rounded the aisle corner my cart ran into another girls cart knocking some of her stuff on the floor. 

“I’m so sorry, I wasn’t looking!” I apologized. 

“No its ok I wasn’t looking either,” she replied. 

I helped her pick up what fell out of her cart, when we looked at each other I realized it was Stephanie, one of the few female friends I had. 

“Hey Randy! Haven’t seen you in a while!” 

“Yea I know, it’s been what, two months now?” 

“Something like that. You spend all your time with your sister, where is she anyway?” 

“She’s here, were shopping for a family vacation were taking.” 

We talked for a little while catching up and everything, a little flirting now and again, and she gave me her phone number and said call her whenever I wanted to stop by her house and hang out. We said goodbye to each other and went our separate ways, just about the same time Rita stopped talking to her guy. We met up and finished grabbing everything on the list and went to the self-checkout line. We bought everything, loaded up the car and started for home. 

On the way home we had little small talk until my jealousy kicked in. 

“So who was the guy you were talking to?” 

“Some guy that wanted to get with me, who was that girl you were talking to?” 

“That was Stephanie, you remember her.” 

“Yea, I remember she likes you.” 

“Did you notice how much were getting hit on now that were in a relationship? I mean when we were single, nothing, but now that were together, it’s constant.” 

“Yea I did, and I noticed how jealous we both get,” she said rubbing my leg. 

I looked over at her and she was biting her lip, the sexiest of all come-ons. I was getting so horny I was about to pull over and Fork her in the car, but then I remembered we just bought all that unnecessary stuff and it was crammed in the trunk and the back seat, thanks dad. 

“I think you need to hurry up and get home,” she whispered in my ear. 

We were only about two minutes from our house at the time, but I still sped home. Our parents were still gone, so we knew it was one of those appointments where they were doing body tests (mom had one every month) so we had a couple hours. We took everything in and put it in the proper place, but didn’t take anything out of the bags. We practically ran up to my room and stripped off our clothes as we hopped in the bed. For a while we were just kissing and feeling up each other, but neither of us was too big on foreplay at that moment. 

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Oct 10, 2016 — 6:53 pm

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