A Story written by Kevin_88…

“Ok Randy enough of that, just Fork me!”

Her tone surprised me a little, but turned me on even more. I turned her on her side and lifted her leg, slapped my Joystick against her Kittycat a few times and slid right into her. 

I held her leg up as I pounded into her from the side, and squeezed her tit in my hand while I kissed her neck. She held her head up on her arm as she met my thrusts halfway, forcing a clapping sound to echo through the room. I sped up a little as my balls slapped against her Kittycat.

“Oh Randy Fork yes! Fork me, Fork your sister! You love it don’t you? Ugh, ugh, ugh, yea just like that ugh! Oh baby I love your Joystick shoved in me! Please don’t stop!”

I kept up my pace for about five more minutes and directed her to get into the doggystyle position. I let my Joystick head poke her asshole a few times before she jumped forward and flipped on her back, covering her Buttocks. 

“What are you doing? I’m not ready for that yet, besides, as tight as you are in my Kittycat you might rip my Buttocks apart!” 

“Oh well, it was worth a try,” I thought. She then spread her lips apart with one hand and pulled me down to her with the other hand. We kissed as I guided my Joystick back to her Kittycat, and shoved it in full force. She screamed into my mouth but never broke the kiss, and then locked her arms and legs around my waist and pulled me towards her, and then let go, and pulled me towards her again, effectively Bleeping me while I lay there and did nothing. After a while I had to get back into it, so I interlocked our hands and raised them above her head on the bed, lifted my bottom half off the bed so she would have to let me go, and drilled her with everything I had. I lay my head next to hers and moaned into the pillow as she was screaming in my ear. She raked her toes lightly across my lower back and made me shiver, and at the same time she contracted her Kittycat around my Joystick and I had to stop because it made my Joystick too sensitive. I sat up on my knees and lifted her legs off the bed, with an arm holding each of her thighs, and then continued Bleeping her swollen Kittycat. A while later I thought I heard a noise in the house, so I slowed my pace so I could hear, but when I heard nothing, I went back to Bleeping her. About two minutes later I thought I heard something again, but I was too concentrated on Rita, big mistake. Not too long after there were three light knocks on my door then our dad barged in, with me still on top of Rita, what a way to get caught.

“Randy do you know… what’s going on here?” He was staring right at me. 

I looked down at Rita who lay there silent in shock, but I could hear her heart beating rapidly as my Joystick slowly deflated inside her. I looked back over at dad and he still had that same look on his face as he held the doorknob. I thought for sure he was gonna beat the crap out of me for violating his little girl. Since there was little we could do to rectify the situation, I decided to tell the truth before he did anything. 

“Dad, I can explain,” I said scared outta my mind. 

“What’s to explain, it’s pretty obvious,” he said as a smile slowly crept across his face. 

Why was he smiling? Did he know about us? Who told him? Was he gonna try anything with Rita? I had a million questions in my head, but if there’s anything I learned from TV, it’s that you always let the other person talk first, before you Fork up and say something at the wrong time. 

“I knew you were lying when you said you weren’t involved with anyone! Ha ha my sons a chip off the old block! I was beginning to worry about you!” 

We were both dumfounded, but still aware of the situation, so we went along with what he thought was happening so he could leave. 

“Umm dad can you… you know,” I babbled. 

“Oh yeah yeah I’m leaving, just make sure you’re done before your mother gets back. Oh, have you seen Rita? Your mom said she borrowed her planner and it has all our insurance cards in it.” 

Just then it occurred to us he thought I was having S£x with a random girl and not my sister. I breathed a sigh of relief as Rita mouthed to me where the planner was. 

“I think she went to a friend’s house, but she usually keeps stuff like that in her desk drawer.” 

“Ok, your mom and I should be back in a little over an hour, which should give you and your lady friend plenty of time to finish up.”

“Ok dad, you can go now!” I said desperately. 

He looked at me one more time, pumped his fist in the air while he cheered and left. A couple minutes later we heard him say he found the book, get in the car and drive off.

“What the hell just happened?” 

“It seems that daddy thinks you have a girlfriend!” 

“I do, the sexiest girl alive, who just happened to be my sister.” 

Her face lit up as she rolled over so she was on top as my Joystick fell out of her, but was getting harder by the second. She stuck two fingers in her Kittycat and brought them down on my lips, when I sucked her fingers clean she stuck the same two fingers back in her Kittycat and this time sucked them herself. She ran her tongue over her lips in a clockwise motion (probably the sexiest thing she has done by far), grabbed my Joystick and sat down on it. She was bouncing up and down on me so hard I thought the bed would break. 

“Seeing dad standing there with your Joystick still in me scared the hell outta me, but turned me on so much,” she said while riding me like crazy. 

I grabbed her Buttocks and helped her bounce on me, and then she pulled me up and kissed me hard on the lips. Just then I got an idea, I got up with me still inside her and walked over to my desk chair and sat down in it. The new feeling was incredible, I felt like I slid another inch or two inside her. She must have felt the same feeling because she rode me even harder than before. 

“Mmmmm baby this feels so good, your Joystick is even farther in me! We should have done this… Oh Fork I think I’m cumming! Fork me Randy, yes yes! I’m cumming! Oh goooooooooodddddddd!” 

I held on to her and kept Bleeping as I felt my legs getting drenched with her juices. She had a look of ecstasy on her face as she went limp in my arms. I held her close to me as I thrust harder and harder into her. When she came back to reality she put her arms around me and stuck her tongue down my throat. The pressure was building up in me and I screamed to her I was cumming. She rocked her hips faster and told me to Pour deep inside her. About two minutes later I pushed as deep into her as I could and emptied everything I had into her. When I finished cumming I leaned back in the chair to catch my breath, with Rita still straddling me as she fell forward onto me.

“We really have to start locking that door!” Rita joked. 

I couldn’t help but laugh. It was a completely ironic situation. Every time we were found out, it was because we failed to secure the door, and yet were still making the same mistake.

“Yea we’ll have to be more careful, that could have ended in disaster, but we can worry about that later, we need to get cleaned up before they get back.” 

“Yea you’re right, you put so much Pour in me I don’t think I can get it all out! I’ll get out what I can and run us a bath.” 

“What are you crazy? What if dad comes back again?” 

“Remember what you told him? I’m at a friends house remember? Besides, the door will be locked anyway, and he’ll just think you’re in there by yourself.” 

After a while I warmed up to the idea and she climbed off of me, holding her hand under her Kittycat as she walked into the bathroom. I lay back in the chair until I heard water running in the bathroom, and went in just as she was putting the bubbles and oils in the water. I locked the door and sat down in the tub, a few moments later she sat down right in front of me. 

For about ten minutes we didn’t say anything, we just relaxed in the water. S£x with her is always great, but it’s nice to just sit back and relax with her without S£x. I wrapped my arms around her and she leaned back and laid her head on my shoulder. We washed up so we could get that out of the way and get back to relaxing in the tub, when we were finished cleaning ourselves we went back to sitting there and enjoying the feel of each others body. 

“I talked to mom yesterday, about what you said to her,” she said out of the blue. “She told me everything you said, about wanting to be with me, and buy me stuff, and love me forever, did you really mean it?” 

I looked her in the eyes then kissed her softly on the lips. “I meant every word of it, this last week has been the best time of my life, and it makes me happy to know that the rest of our lives is going to be just like this.” 

She looked up at me as her bottom lip started to shake, a tear rolled down her cheek and she pulled me into a sideways hug thanks to the awkwardness of the tub, but I didn’t care. She didn’t say anything, just released me from the hug and looked up at me, now with more tears running down her face. 

“God you’re so beautiful, I could look at you a million times and be love struck every single time,” I said to her. I know it was a little corny, but thats how I felt. When I said that her mouth dropped and she let out a sigh, and kissed me with her teary lips. 

“I can’t believe this is real,” she whispered as she snuggled up closer to me. 

I kissed her forehead and held her close, feeling the exact same way she did, knowing how lucky we were to have each other. We stayed in that position until our skin started to get wrinkly, and then we got out, got dressed and went to watch TV in the living room while we picked up where we left off in the bathroom.

At around 5:00 our parents walked through the door with chinese food, ironically Kiss of the Dragon was just about to come on (Jet Li is one of our favorite actors) so we all sat down in front of the TV to eat. It was pretty normal except dad kept smiling and nodding his head at me, mom kept making Sekxy faces at me, and Rita kept touching me, some family we have. When the movie ended we made small talk for a while, then Rita and I decided to take a drive just to get out of the house. 

She drove so I could lie back in the seat and relax. We drove around for a while talking about nothing in particular, then I hear her sighing a few times, so I asked her what was wrong.

“All these couples around holding hands and kissing in public, I hate that we won’t be able to do that.” 

“I know, no one would understand, they don’t know what we have. Give it time, society will come around, if not, we’ll move somewhere no one knows us.”

This seemed to have cheered her up because she was smiling again. 

“Ooh, a carnival! We have to go in!” 

“Yeah, could be fun, I’ll get a chance to win you a stuffed animal.” 

We parked, called mom and dad to tell them where we were, and went into the carnival, which was lit up in the night sky. We thought it’d be best to go on the rides first so we wouldn’t have to carry anything. We went on a train ride, a merry-go-round thing, a slingshot, and of course the ferris wheel (we kissed and fondled every time we were at the top). We took pictures of everything, even random people doing stupid things, we were having a great time. When we got on all the rides we wanted to go on we went to get some cotton candy and play the carnival games. I won a dog at the bottle game and Rita won a SpongeBob at the water gun game, but she really wanted this giant blue teddy bear from the balloon darts game, so I had to win it. My first two tries I missed winning by one balloon, the third I won a little bear, but she wanted the big one, so I was gonna keep playing until I won it. As I’m throwing darts I hear someone start to talk to Rita, but I can’t look away or I’ll mess up. 

“So Rita, finally ditched your brother huh?” 

“Not quite,” I said as I turn to face them, blue teddy bear in hand. Crap, its Rita’s bitchy friend Ashley.

Ashley is the girl in those TV high school dramas that everyone hates, but secretly wants to be friends with. She’s 5’5, 110 pounds of pure evil. She looks at me with this nasty look like I ran over her cat or something. 

To Be Continued…

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