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Must Read: An Incest Birthday (18+)… Part 31


A Story written by Kevin_88…

“It’s about time you slowpokes got here!”

I looked around the tower of stuff in my hands to see a woman in about her early 40’s smiling back at me. She was very pretty, standing at 5’4″ with brown hair and hazel eyes and a nice set of breasts; she could have easily passed for 30. 

“We didn’t know how much longer you’d be, my husband Jim was just about to call you guys.” 

Just then a man came around the corner and put his hand on her shoulder, he must be Jim. “Hi, I’m Jim,” he confirmed, I thought so. 

He really didn’t looked that aged either, he was about 6’2″ with brown hair and blue eyes, and looked like Donny Osmond a little. All while I’m standing there looking at them, it never occurred to me that I don’t know who they are. I was just about to ask when dad came up behind me and shook Jim’s hand. 

“How’s it going Jim and Marie?” 

“Everything’s great, we just finished cleaning up for you, so we’ll get out of your hair,” Jim replied. 

“Oh no you can stay a while cant you? I mean it’s your cabin and I haven’t introduced you to my family yet!” 

Just as he said that mom and Rita came in with bags of groceries and sat them down on the floor. “This is my lovely wife Anna, my daughter Rita and my son Randy, they’re twins.” We all kinda muttered a shy hi. 

“Hey everyone, it’s nice to meet all of you! I’m your dads boss Jim, this is my wife Marie, our son isn’t here, but our daughter is in the other room, honey could you come in here please?” 

A few seconds later a girl walked into the room. “And this is my daughter Stephanie.” 

I whipped my head back around so fast I almost gave myself whiplash. “Stephanie?” I asked. When I did that my dad looked at me surprised, since he thinks I had S£x with a girl named Stephanie. Rita’s face went blank, and mom just smiled. 

“Hey Randy, hey Rita!” Stephanie said as she hugged me then Rita. “You guys are staying here? Oh man you’re gonna have so much fun there’s a lot of stuff to do here!” 

“Well it looks like the kids already know each other, this could be fun,” Marie said. 

“That’s why I called you out here Stephanie; you mind sticking around for the day?” Jim asked. 

She smiled as she looked at Rita and I, “no I don’t mind, that way I can get back in the pool.” 

“Then it’s settled, we’ll stay until tonight,” Jim said. 

I looked at Stephanie who was grinning at me as she walked away, and then over at Rita who had her arms crossed and a “what the hell” look on her face, this is going to be a long, awkward day.

We brought the rest of the food and our clothes in the cabin and put everything up. When we finished our dad’s boss and his wife were giving our parents a tour of the cabin. Everything about the cabin was huge; the kitchen, the living room area, the dining room, all of it, huge. Stephanie showed us to the room we were sleeping in. It had a queen size bed and two nightstands on either side of the bed with one lamp on the far side nightstand, one big dresser, a curtained window over the bed, and a desk and chair next to the door, but no TV, great. We put our stuff in the room and Stephanie led us around the rest of the cabin. There was a hot tub, a sauna, a swimming pool, the biggest walk-in shower I’ve ever seen, and best of all, a game room. There was table hockey, table tennis, a foosball table, a basketball game, a pool table, and a bunch of arcade machines. Once we had seen that room, the tour was over. 

We went straight to the Time Crisis shooter game and started blasting our way through the levels, Stephanie even joined in much to Rita’s dismay, but I was in between them to avoid problems. When I died and reached for a quarter to put into the machine I noticed it was rigged for 25 lives, I knew then we would be in this room a lot. Once we finished that game we all got on the Daytona Speedway racing game, and we made a little bet that the losers had to do what the winner told them to do. I spun out and crashed on the last lap, and Rita tried to run Stephanie off the road and missed, crashing herself into a wall, so Stephanie won. 

“Haha! You have to do what I say!” she gloated. 

Neither Rita nor I were looking forward to what she would make us do. “Ok you won what do we have to do?” Rita asked impatiently. 

“Hmmmm, I want to see you two kiss each other!” 

Of all the things she could have said, we couldn’t have asked for a better outcome, well, maybe one. We looked at each other and knew exactly what the other was thinking, that we wanted to kiss each other badly, but had to make it look like we wanted no part of it. 

“What? Are you crazy that’s my sister!” I said in the most innocent voice I could get. 

“Yea I can’t kiss my brother!” Rita added. 

“That’s my bet and you have to do it,” Stephanie responded. 

We looked at each other and took a deep breath, keeping the act going, and leaned in for a quick peck. 

“No no no what was that?” you have to do it better than that! At least five seconds!” 

“Yes” I thought to myself, she has no idea. This time we met halfway and closed our eyes as we shared a soft, satisfying kiss. Not trying to make it look obvious or anything we pulled back and acted out of place. “There happy? You can’t tell anyone about this” I said and Rita agreed. She just looked at me with a grin on her face. 

“That was fuckin hot! I wasted a perfectly good bet!” 

“Yea well you should have used it on yourself,” Rita said, to which Stephanie smiled a little. With that we went back to playing more games for who knows how long, and then we heard someone call us to breakfast and realized we had been playing for an hour and a half. Stephanie looked at me and winked as she left the room, which I’m pretty sure Rita saw, and as soon as she was gone Rita and I attacked each other in a full body caressing, tongue-twirling, hot and sweaty kiss. 

“She better not try anything with you, I’m not gonna have anyone touching you but me,” 

“Don’t worry, she wont try anything with all of our parents around,” I assured her. We kissed a little longer then regained our composure and went downstairs to eat.

We all sat at the table to eat, the two fathers on the ends, the mothers on one side, and us on the other. Once again I sat between Rita and Stephanie to minimize problems. We talked about anything and everything that came to mind while we ate, we talked about personal stuff, movies, music, the cabin, hiking, etc. I found out dad was/is a boxer, mom is a dancer (ballet, not exotic), Jim can speak 3 different languages, Marie can sing, and Stephanie does gymnastics (oh yeah), I’m pretty sure she said that for my enjoyment. As a demonstration she twisted her leg so it sat right in my crotch, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t get turned on by her abilities, but I controlled myself, barely. When we all finished eating and cleaned up, dad pulled me to the side for a one on one talk.

“Is that the same Stephanie you had S£x with in your room?” 

To Be Continued…

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