Must Read: An Incest Birthday (18+)… Part 35


A Story written by Kevin_88…

“What was that for?”

“For not freaking out when you found out about us. We know dad would kill us but we were more worried about what you would think of us. I love you mom.” 

She pulled back and held my cheeks and gave me three pecks on the lips. “I love you too honey,” she said as she pushed her chest into mine. Her hard Tips rubbed into my chest and she let out a little moan, but she quickly got herself under control. “You never did answer my question, how does it feel having two girls fight over you?” 

“It actually feels kinda good, but don’t you mean three?” I asked grinning, mostly to see what she would say. 

She pushed me back on the bed and straddled me until her face was level with mine. “My dear son, I don’t have to fight for anything, if I want it, I get it!” 

She dragged her body down mine as she stood up. I lay there frozen with a massive hard on as she walked out of the room. When she got to the door she looked back and mumbled something, I couldn’t hear what she said, but judging by the way she looked at me and walked away I would soon find out.

When I walked into the living room the parents were sitting down talking and sipping wine, I tried to be clever and pour me a glass, but no luck. A few minutes later Rita came in and tried the same thing, but she was dismissed as well. 

“Your kids sure are persistent,” Marie said as she took a sip. ”

Yeah, but I don’t think their bodies can handle ’95 Chteau Margaux,” Jim added. 

“I’ll tell you what, since it’s a little chilly in here if you guys get some firewood for the fireplace, we’ll let you try a sip, if that’s ok with you guys,” dad said, and everyone nodded the ok. 

We really could care less about the wine; it was another chance to be alone is what we were excited about. 

“Be back in a few,” we said heading for the front door. 

“Don’t go too far from the cabin, and take the flashlight and trail markers,” mom yelled after us as we stepped out the door.

There were three pathways that led into the forest so there was no need for trail markers, so we dumped them on the front porch and took the middle pathway. 

“So what did Stephanie wanna talk about?” I asked picking up wood as we walked. 

“What do you think, she likes you, she wouldn’t stop talking about you,” she replied a little annoyed. 

“What did you tell her?” 

“I didn’t want to be an asshole so I just said be yourself, if he likes you then he likes you, if he doesn’t then move on. I really hope she moves on.” 

“You don’t have anything to worry about, I could never do better than my beautiful little sister,” I said sincerely. 

“You can’t,” she giggled and motioned for me to follow her. 

When we thought we were far enough from the cabin, but close enough that we could still see it, we dropped all the wood we found and the flashlight and attacked each other. She jumped up on me and wrapped her legs around my waist as I felt her up. 

“Mmm god I’m so Bleeping horny right now,” she moaned. 

“You have no idea. I’ve been horny since earlier in the bathroom!” 

We kissed heavily for a couple minutes before she jumped down, taking my shorts with her. She dropped to her knees and took my whole Joystick into her mouth as far as she could go. I suppressed a moan and placed my hand on her head to guide her speed, but not to force it down her throat because I know some girls hate that. She was really doing a good job.

“Oh god Rita keep sucking it like that!” I moaned. It was dark but I could see her rubbing herself as she sucked me off. Every time she brushed her clit she’d scream onto my Joystick which made me twitch around. Just as I leaned my head back in pleasure I heard something rattling the leaves and grass on the ground, turns out Rita heard it too. 

“Hey you guys out here, it’s me,” we heard Stephanie say. 

“Dammit! Does she know every time we sneak off! ” Rita whispered angrily. 

“I don’t know, but we better not let her catch us like this,” I protested as we fixed ourselves up. 

“Were over here!” I yelled waving the flashlight in all directions. Rita had the look of a girl whose cat just died, but quickly toughened us as Stephanie approached us. 

“They told me to help you guys carry the wood back,” she said smiling. She was always smiling, for no reason, or maybe for a reason I didn’t want to acknowledge. We grabbed up the wood and headed back to the cabin, disappointed again of another interruption.

When we walked back into the cabin the parents were still talking and laughing on the couch, the only difference was the bottle of wine was empty. 

“Too late guys the wine is all gone,” mom said snickering. 

“That was some good wine, here, I’ll help you with that,” Jim said taking some firewood and putting it in the fireplace. 

We all set the wood in and Jim lit it, and we all took our spot sitting in front of the fire and on the couch. We all talked and joked about anything and everything for a while, really having a good time, and then someone said something about dancing that had everyone debating. 

“Oh come on you guys are too old to dance!” Rita joked. 

“I’ll have you know I was a great dancer, I still am,” mom said proudly. 

Marie shot a glance at us and laughed a bit. “Yeah were not that old, I bet we can still keep up with you kids and your crazy dance moves.”

“Until you get tired and pass out,” Stephanie laughed. 

Just then dad got an idea. “Well there’s only one way to settle this.” 

“Ok, but when you get exhausted don’t get mad if we laugh at you,” I said. 

“Time to show you kids a thing or two, could you grab the stereo and speakers from the closet?” Jim asked me. 

“I’ll help him I know where it is,” Stephanie shouted. 

I knew it wouldn’t be good being just us, so I knew to get the stereo and hurry back to the living room. “Be back in a sec,” I said looking at everyone and following Stephanie to the closet. 

As soon as we found the stereo she threw her arms around me and kissed me hard on the lips. I’m not gonna lie, it felt dam good, and she put so much feeling into the kiss I would have thought she was in love with me. 

She looked at me and smiled seductively. “Oh god Randy I’ve been waiting all day to do that again!” 

I stood there silent for a minute, but when I cracked a smile she took it as a cue to kiss me again. The second kiss was softer, and this time she stuck her tongue in my mouth a little. 

“Oh god that felt so good,” she said breaking the kiss. 

I was in an awkward situation. I didn’t know what to do or what to say, and I didn’t want to lead her on. Just as I was about to make up something to say I heard the most beautiful voice come to my aid, Rita. 

“Find the stereo yet?” 

Stephanie smiled as she grabbed it out of the closet. “Did she kiss you?” Rita whispered. 

I nodded yes, and she frowned up and made a fist, but I reminded her about the talk we had earlier, and she calmed down. 

“Here, all set,” Stephanie said as she winked at me. We all grabbed a part of the stereo and a few cd’s and headed back to the living room. 

We got back into the living room and set up the stereo and put in Mystikals “Shake it Fast” first. Right away Rita and Stephanie got up and started dancing, telling the parents to take notes and what not. I was focused on the two of them dancing, they could really move. Rita was doing all kinds of gyrating and booty-poppin and Stephanie’s gymnastic background had her bending all over the place, needless to say I was getting really turned on. Not wanting to be outdone, the mothers got up and overshadowed the girls, mimicking what they did, but a little cleaner. Mom really surprised me, 35 years old and still dancing like a teenager, and looking very Sekxy at it too. All the guys just sat back and watched as the women competed against each other, but neither seemed to be getting the edge on the other. They put on some club music and dragged us off the couch to dance with them, the men with their wives and I had both Rita and Stephanie. Rita was in back of me while Stephanie was in front, which I’m sure she had no problem with. Everyone’s dances were getting Sekxual as I could see Jim grab Marie’s tits a few times, dad slapped mom’s Buttocks, and Rita held my shoulders while Stephanie ground her Buttocks into me. The parents weren’t even paying attention to us anymore, I swear if Rita didn’t hate Stephanie we could have had a threesome right there and no one would have noticed. We put in a few line dance songs like the Hustle, Casper Slide, and Electric Boogie, and somehow ended up in a soul train line listening to “Flashlight.” I don’t even wanna talk about what everyone did down the line; we’ll just say Steve Urkel and Ugly Betty would be proud. After a lot of dancing we stopped and crashed on the couches. We made cracks about their soul train dancing but told them overall they still had it. They cracked jokes on us too but it was all in good fun (they couldn’t insult us anyway as good as we were dancing). After a little more talking Stephanie’s family decided to leave so they’d get home before midnight.

We helped them gather their stuff, which wasn’t much since most of their stuff was already packed in the car, and helped them walk it outside. 

“I had a great time everyone,” Jim said. 

“Yeah we should definitely do this again,” Marie added. 

We said goodbye to everyone one by one, and when Stephanie came around she stole another kiss from me, this time directly in front of Rita. She was to the point where she was about to pounce on Stephanie, but before she could do anything she broke the kiss. 

“We should hang out more Randy; we can really have a lot of fun together. Oh, and Rita you should really call my brother, he hasn’t stopped talking about you since we left the store the other day.” 

She looked confused for a minute before her face grew wide. “That’s your brother?” 

“Yep, he won’t shut up about you, you’re all he talks about. You should call him, it’ll take some of the pressure off of me,” she said. 

She cracked a little smile and did her best to hide it from me, but it faded when Stephanie pulled me into a hug and another kiss, luckily they were leaving or Rita would have probably yanked her off of me. Everyone got in the car and said goodbye one more time, and they started their car up and drove off into the night.

To Be Continued…

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