Must Read: An Incest Birthday (18+)… Part 41


A Story written by Kevin_88…

“Oh Fork mom lay down, I wanna ride you!” I screamed at the top of my lungs. 

“Ooh my little Sluut is eager to ride mommy isn’t she?” she grinned. 

I nodded my head yes as she pulled out of me and lay down on the bed. I wasted no time in getting back on her, and soon enough I’m sliding up and down my mom’s strap-on. I grabbed on to her tits and squeezed them as I bounced up and down on her, feeling the smooth surface hug my Kittycat lips every time I pull out. I couldn’t get enough, knowing my mom was the one under me made me Fork just that much harder.

“Oh god yes! It feels soooooooooo good! You like how I ride you mommy, you like how your daughter bounces up and down on you? God, I love it!” I moaned.

“Ride that Joystick you little Sluut! Fork it, Fork it hard! It feels good don’t it you little tramp!” mom screamed. 

I was like a madwoman, bouncing up and down on her as hard as I could, and Randy watching only made me hotter, so I really was Bleeping her hard. As I was grinding her mom reached up and pulled me down to kiss her, and she grabbed my Buttocks and helped me grind on her. I was caught up in riding mom so much I had forgotten where Aunt Lisa had slipped off to. All of a sudden she walks in front of me with another strap-on just like mom’s, and forces the dildo down my throat. 

“Suck it you little Sluut, you know you want to,” she yelled as she pushes my head down on it. 

I suck the dildo with everything I’ve got until she pulls it out of my mouth. She smiled at me and walked from my view, seconds later I feel two more hands on my hips and Aunt Lisa shoves the dildo right into my Buttocks.

I suppressed a scream, mostly because the way she shoved it in my Buttocks made me unable to talk. The pleasure I was now feeling was overwhelming, I was being Forked in the Kittycat and Buttocks at the same time by my mother and aunt, how many people can say that? Needless to say I was enjoying it so much I just lie on top of mom and let them Fork me.

“My little Sluut of a daughter likes being double penetrated doesn’t she?” mom said.

“I think she does, why else would she have that big smile on her face?” Aunt Lisa followed.

I sucked mom’s tit into my mouth and moaned out loud to anyone willing to listen. The pleasure they were giving me was constant. When one dildo was coming out, the other was going in; it felt so amazing that I began to slide back and forth, helping the Bleeping process move faster. I sat back up, and the dildo in my Buttocks went a little deeper. Aunt Lisa played with my clit while mom twisted my Tips, I have never had this much attention paid to my body and I was loving every second of it. Every little thing they did sent a tingle through my body, adding to the pleasure that was already building up inside me. I wanted to Pour so bad, but I wanted this feeling to last forever, so I held on for a little longer while my mom and aunt Forked the Shtt out of me. Mom noticed me holding on, and flashed me that loving smile she does when she’s about to say something. 

“It’s ok baby, go ahead and Pour, it’ll feel that much better when you let it all out,” mom said. 

Her words set off a trigger in my Kittycat. Right after mom said that they both sped up Bleeping me faster and harder until I couldn’t take it anymore.

“Oh my god, I can’t hold it anymore! I’m gonna Pour! I’m gonna Pour! Fork Fork Fork! Oh Shtt! Oh Shtt! Right there, I’m cummmmmmmmmmming!!!”

I fell right onto my mother’s chest shaking and gyrating uncontrollably. My mind is all a blur, and I can see nothing but colors. I lay there for a minute going through everything that just happened in my head, I couldn’t believe what just happened, and I was right in the middle of it. 

“That was incredible, since when did you two use strap-ons?” I said out of breath. 

“We met this cute mixed girl in Bordeaux, France back when we were in college on a class field trip, lets just say she helped us truly appreciate the female body, you can thank her for everything that just happened,” mom said exhausted. 

“I remember that, I was sore that entire week,” Aunt Lisa said as she pulled the dildo out of my Buttocks. When I finally get my senses back, I look over to the door and see that Randy is still there, though now he’s holding his limp Joystick in his hand.


Mom and Aunt Lisa just Forked the Shtt out of Rita, and I had a front row seat to it. That had to be one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen, I came so much on the wall I had to use my shirt to wipe it off. Who would have known they were capable of that, sure they said they had their experiments, but I would have never guessed anything like that. This made me see them in a whole new light, I don’t know whether to be extremely aroused that they are this kinky, or terrified that they have so much control over us. I didn’t want them to know I had been there the whole time, so I picked up my Pour stained shirt and tiptoed back to our room. While I changed shirts I couldn’t get the image of Rita being double penetrated out of my head, the way mom was sitting on her face, how she 69ed with Aunt Lisa, the two strap-ons getting worked in and out of her Kittycat and Buttocks, I was getting turned on again. Before I knew it I was daydreaming again, but I quickly snapped out of it when I realized I had to get back out of the house. I snuck out the back door and grabbed up some more logs of wood, just as I went around to the front door dad was pulling up in the truck with the cage in the back. 

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Oct 18, 2016 — 7:49 pm

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