Must Read: An Incest Birthday (18+)… Part 46


A Story written by Kevin_88…

“It sucks this is our last day at the cabin, I kinda like it up here,” Rita said.

“Yeah it’s so peaceful, it’s nice to get away for a while. I wish we didn’t have to leave,” mom followed.

Dad was busy chomping down on his steak to respond, and Aunt Lisa was admiring the scenery, so I just nodded in their direction and went back to eating. We ate more than I thought we would, completely clearing out the cole slaw, mac and cheese, steaks, and hot dogs, and there was about 3/4 of everything else there, man were a fat family. We had finished eating just as the sun was pretty much going down, and we gathered everything up and took it back into the cabin. 

I went back into our room and collapsed on the bed, I was so full I needed to lie down. A few minutes later Rita walked in the door and lay next to me. 

“Uugh I’m so full! I ate entirely too much food,” Rita said holding her stomach. 

“You? I can’t move! I feel like I’m gonna pop!”

“I think I’m just gonna lay here for a while and digest all this food before I explode.”

We lay there for a while doing absolutely nothing, but listening to the sounds around us. We heard dad talking to someone then running and a door slam then laughing, and this repeated itself for a while. When we were sure we had digested our food we got up and went to see what the adults were doing, which was the typical sitting on the couch drinking wine.

“What were you guys doing out here? We heard you even with the door closed,” Rita said.

“Your father was getting frisky, I high-tailed it before he could catch me,” mom giggled.

“You guys do know there’s a perfectly good room right over there, you don’t need to be scarring us with your gross old people flirting,” I joked, more for dad than anything.

At that moment Aunt Lisa came in from the kitchen with a half drunk bottle of wine and a bathing suit on. “Did you guys know there was a hot tub here? It’s big enough to fit all of us in it, why don’t we all go take a dip?”

Mom instantly lit up. “Oh I forgot they said there was a hot tub here! Were all going in right now!” 

We all looked at each other, nodded, and headed to our rooms to change. If mom says we do something, it gets done, we don’t defy mom, besides it’s a freakin hot tub, you have to be an idiot to say no anyway. Since we all pretty much still had on our bathing suits, we were back in the kitchen pretty fast following Aunt Lisa through a door that seemed almost hidden because it blended in with the wall so well. When we got in the room we saw that Aunt Lisa had already turned it on, and it was indeed big enough for all of us. 

We all got in the water, Rita on my left, Aunt Lisa on my right, and mom and dad in front of me. The hot water bubbling around us and on our bodies, the light blanket of steam that was gathering in the room, and the rain forest wallpaper with the big roof window giving us a view of the night sky set the scene for a calming experience. Almost as soon as we sat down we were instantly relaxed, and it seemed with all the wine Aunt Lisa brought in here we would get pretty loose too. She poured everyone a glass and we drank it like water, so she poured us all another glass, but this time filled it up to the top. I drank half the glass and lay back and let the jets do their work on my back and legs, and from the looks of it, it seems I wasn’t the only one who was taking advantage of this as everyone was in the same position as I was.

“We have to get one of these! It’s so relaxing,” mom said to dad as she sipped some of her wine.

“They have competitions where they give stuff like this away at work, but I never really paid any attention to it.”

“Well you need to! We could put it on the back porch. Oh, I could just sit in here all day.”

Aunt Lisa was gulping down glass after glass of wine, but surprisingly didn’t look drunk at all; I guess she can hold her liquor really well. “I’d get one myself if I had a man to sit in it with me.”

“Don’t worry Aunt Lisa, Rita and I will be happy to come over and share your hot tub with you,” I said.

“That’s very nice of you guys, but I meant an actual man, not my nephew.”

“Hey, I am an actual man! You see these biceps,” I said as I stood up and showed off my muscles.

She giggled but stopped when I flexed a little. “Oh my, I guess you are a man, but don’t get a big head, you’re still the same skinny kid whose butt I used to kick!”

“Oh you got jokes? I’d like to see you try that now!” I said splashing her. 

This started a little play fight with everyone splashing each other, kicking each other underwater, stealing someone else’s wine, and I’m pretty sure someone grabbed me through my shorts, but it didn’t matter, all that moving around I’m sure everyone touched someone everywhere. When things calmed down we went back to relaxing and drinking wine, which we discovered was almost all gone, we had went through three bottles of wine and was on the last one. 

“I don’t think I can drink any more wine, it’s leaving a weird aftertaste,” Rita said.

“Yea me neither, it didn’t even make me tipsy, let alone drunk, I mean, not that I get drunk or anything,” I said when dad looked over at me.

“Yeah, right. Well in that case we need something else,” he said as he left and came back with a 6-pack of bud light. 

Despite her earlier protest, Rita split the last bottle of wine with mom and Aunt Lisa while dad and I split the 6-pack. I drank two beers and he drank three, and the women finished off the wine, so with nothing else to drink we went back to relaxing in the wonderful hot tub. After about an hour of small talk and silence, everyone stood up to get out of the hot tub. Before I could stand up I felt a hand grab my crotch underwater, and immediately looked over to Rita, who had a knowing look on her face.

“I’ll get out in a little while, I wanna stay for a little bit longer,” I said stretching out in the water.

“Yeah I’ll stay for just a little bit longer too, it feels too good in here to get out,” Rita followed.

Aunt Lisa looked at us and cracked a smile as she left out with dad, but mom stayed behind for a second. “I know what you two are planning, don’t even think about it, it’s too risky!”

“We know mom, were just gonna you know kiss a little, and he’ll suck my Tips a little, and…”

“And nothing! I’m serious guys, don’t.”

“Ok mom, jeez, we wont do anything. Way to ruin our fun!”

“You’ll thank me when your father doesn’t kill you,” she said as she left the room. 

The second mom was out the door Rita swam into my lap and pressed her lips to mine. All my senses were in overload. My hands were feeling all over her body caressing every curve of her back and Buttocks, my vision was blurred by all the steam circling the room, the smell of her womanly scent combined with the fragrance of strawberries from her body wash, the sound of our lips smacking together and water splashing around us as she ground her hips into me, and the sweet taste of her tongue in my mouth sent me into a frenzy and had me rock hard within seconds. I broke free of her for just a second to talk.

“Rita listen, I know mom said we shouldn’t do anything, but…”

“I know, I’m just as horny as you are, just a little quickie, we’ll be done before she comes back.”

She said exactly what I wanted to hear. I pushed her until her back was on the Jacuzzi wall and shoved my tongue back into her mouth. She pulled my pants down and stroked my Joystick a few times, which felt great in the hot water. I peeled her bra off and went straight for her Tip as my hands worked down her body and into her bikini bottoms. She let out a low Sekxy moan as I shoved two fingers into her Kittycat and worked them in and out at a steady pace, until she pulled me off her erect Tip and pushed me back.

“Ok enough foreplay, Fork me and Fork me now!”

I needed no motivation as I was equally as horny as she was. I eased back and pulled by shorts down, and at the same time she pulled off her bottoms and we put them in a pile on the floor. I neared her Joystick in hand and rubbed it across her clit a few times, and when she leaned her head back and shuddered I pushed right into her. She gasped and grabbed the edges of the hot tub as I held her legs and built up a steady motion driving into her. She closed her eyes and laid her head back on the Jacuzzi deck. I stared down in awe as her titties bounced on her chest and a smile slowly crept onto her face.

“You like that, huh Rita? You like your brothers Joystick buried deep inside you?

“No I don’t like it, I Bleeping love it! Fork me baby Fork me! Shove that Joystick into your sister’s wet Kittycat!”

I moved in close to her and kissed her while never breaking stride, and she wrapped her legs around me and helped me thrust into her. I broke the kiss to suck on her neck, which I know she loves, and let my free hand drop under the water to give her clit a little stimulation. By now she was moaning louder so I had to kiss her again to keep her quiet, but eventually she broke free so I moved from rubbing her clit to rubbing her tits. She released her grip on my lower back and bit her bottom lip as she squeezed her eyes closed. I knew she was approaching orgasm, so I pumped a little faster.

To Be Continued…

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