Must Read: An Incest Birthday (18+)… Part 48


A Story written by Kevin_88…

When I said that she scooted closer to me and rested her head on my shoulder, we didn’t need to say anything, just being there after everything that just happened was enough. Unfortunately our silence was short lived as the front door opened and mom came out and sat down next to us.

“You see what happens when you don’t listen to mom? Things get all wild and crazy and you father almost bashes your face in! You two can’t keep away from each other one minute can you?”

“We know mom we screwed up, were sorry, but it was a good screw up kinda because now dad knows about us and he’s ok with it right?” 

“What he said was it would take some getting used to, so you don’t need to be walking around kissing in front of everyone just yet.”

The good mood we had was instantly gone, we were kinda almost back where we started. Rita seemed most upset as she pouted and threw a trail marker out into the woods. “Well why not mom? I’m tired of acting like there’s nothing going on, I wanna act like a normal boyfriend and girlfriend does and make out and touch each other and not have to worry about anyone seeing us, at least at home!”

It felt weird when she said boyfriend and girlfriend, but it was a good kind of weird. I felt the exact way she did, if we had to worry about the public eye seeing us and judging us shouldn’t we be able to at least be ourselves in the privacy of our own home?

“That’s why I came out here, I have an idea to get your father to understand the situation a little better and accept what you two have, it isn’t gonna be easy though. If everything goes to plan when we leave here tomorrow you should be free to act like a couple all u want. Whatever I do I need you guys to follow my lead or this wont work, got it?”

We agreed to go along with whatever she had planned and she motioned for us to follow her back into the house and into the living room, where dad and Aunt Lisa was sitting on the couch along with a big clear bottle and five shot glasses sitting in the middle of the coffee table, it was the biggest bottle of Absolut Vodka I’ve ever seen.

Mom walked to the table and grabbed the bottle. “Ok this is how this is gonna work, the game is called “I never,” how it works is one person at a time you say something that you yourself have never done, and everyone else that has done what the person said has to drink a shot, and this keeps going as long as u want and everyone gets a turn, simple enough right? Ok let’s get started.”

The first ten minutes or so went by pretty fast because everyone was only saying boring things, like I never lied to get ahead at anything, I never cheated on a test, or I never lead someone on just to get a free meal or drink. Just when we thought mom’s plan was bombing, Aunt Lisa said something that changed the rest of the game.

“I never stole anyone’s underwear for Sekxual purposes.”

Its not that it was such a good thing to say, it’s the fact that everyone else took a drink, even dad.

Mom instantly jumped on him. “Whose panties did you steal, because when we were younger I don’t recall ever wearing any panties!”

“I don’t remember you saying we have to explain anything, and no they weren’t yours,” dad joked.

Rita was next, “I never had S£x with anyone outside this room.”

She looked at me to see if I would drink, and I looked at her, luckily neither one of us did, but all the adults did, and they got to asking questions before we prompted them back to the game.

Dad put his glass down on the table. “I got one, I never had S£x with a total stranger before.”

We looked around to see who would drink, then to our surprise mom and Aunt Lisa both took a shot. They both smiled to each other and dad gave mom that “explain later” look.

Mom took the bottle and filled her glass back up. “Ok I’ll go since I wanna sit this round out, I never done any kind of striptease thing, for work or play.”

The way she asked that question we knew Aunt Lisa would be taking a drink, but we almost lost it when we saw dad throw one back, he got looks from everyone.

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Oct 22, 2016 — 5:18 pm

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