Must Read: An Incest Birthday (18+)… Part 49


A Story written by Kevin_88…

“I was in college, I needed the money, it was a long time ago, case closed.”

It was still a shocker, but we let it pass. Now it was my turn and even though I didn’t have something on hand, I was gonna improv it, but before I could even finish my sentence Rita jumped the gun on me.

“I never…”

“I never faked a headache to get out of S£x!”

“I’d have to have S£x to begin with to fake getting out of it,” Aunt Lisa said.

I started to take a drink to piss Rita off, but it was a bad career move, so I let it go. We almost laughed when mom and dad took a drink at the same time.

“It was that night you went to that sushi bar with your co-workers, you still smelled like fish,” mom said.

“The night you put on that avocado mask, enough said,” dad laughed.

It was my turn again, and after what Rita did I had the perfect question to make all the women take a drink, and to shine some incest light on mom and Aunt Lisa.

“I never had a lesbian threesome with the women in my family.”

They all looked at me then looked over at dad, and took the shot. His jaw dropped, but he didn’t look disgusted, he looked excited.

“Yesterday when you went to get the thing for the fireplace, we got a little friendly,” mom said.

Dad seemed to get more relaxed with everything, though it might have been the vodka, but probably not. The next question that Aunt Lisa asked gave us no doubt that dad would be ok with us.

“Not counting this last week, I never thought of a family member of the opposite S£x in a Sekxual way.”

We expected no one to take a drink, but when dad slowly did, all our doubts were gone.

“I thought about my sister and my mother in a Sekxual way, but it was just thoughts, I didn’t get the chance to act on them.”

Why did he word that the way he did, like he would have acted on it if given the chance? Is that why he’s cool with it, because I’m in the exact same spot he was in? Is that why we roughed me up, because he’s jealous I got to actually do something and he didn’t?

“Would you have done anything if you had the chance?” Aunt Lisa asked.

He paused for a long while. “I don’t know, I’m not sure, who knows.” Yeah he would have.

We kept playing until the whole bottle was gone, and we were all sitting back on the couch tipsy, but still aware of what we were doing. We had found out so many secrets about each other tonight I don’t think anyone would have said under different circumstances. 

“So Mike honey, what do you think of your lovely family now?” Mom asked.

“I think, I think were all a bunch of incest weirdo’s,” he said.

Mom looked at Aunt Lisa and Rita and nodded. “Well I don’t know about the weird part, but you’re right about the incest part.”

As soon as she finished her sentence mom walked over to where I was sitting, straddled my lap and started kissing me. I looked past mom to see Aunt Lisa walk up to dad and do the same thing to him, and then Rita moved mom out of the way and stuck her tongue down my throat. Here we all were, on the couch making out with someone we shouldn’t be kissing, but no one said a word to stop it, instead mom grabbed my hand and led me to their bedroom, and Rita and Aunt Lisa followed behind us with dad.

Dad and I were both pushed on their king size bed and had someone climb on top of us, mom and Rita on me and Aunt Lisa on dad. I was in an intense makeout session with mom when I felt my pants being pulled off, along with my boxers. I sat up and mom pulled off my shirt and threw it in a pile on the floor, along with Rita’s clothes that she had just taken off. She and mom switched places so she could take off her clothes as well, and dad and Aunt Lisa had just finished taking off their last pieces of clothes. As soon as all my clothes were off mom sat down over my face and Rita took my Joystick in her mouth and started sucking while I ate mom out. Rita always tastes good but mom’s Kittycat tasted fantastic, it was a combination of peaches and that sweet, yet tangy taste of Kittycat juice. My tongue went straight up into her as she ground her Kittycat all over my face.

“That’s it baby eat mommy’s Kittycat, oh you do that so good! Get your… ooh I love that! It looks like you guys have a little bit of competition now!”

Rita pulled my Joystick from her mouth and danced her tongue around the tip. “Doesn’t her Kittycat taste so good Randy? I couldn’t get enough of it!” 

“Mmmmhmm so good” was all I could manage to get out before I dove right back into her Kittycat, and Rita took my entire Joystick back into her mouth. I managed to look past moms toned thighs to see dad and Aunt Lisa in a 69 with her on top sucking the life out of his Joystick, and he was doing work on her Kittycat.

“Oh Mike I’ve been wanting to do this for years, but your wife is so dam stingy! Your Joystick feels so good in my mouth! That’s it, swirl your tongue around just like that!”

“Dam Lisa you sure do know how to suck a Joystick! I wish Anna would have told me, I’m sure we could have worked out something,” dad said as he dove back into her Kittycat.

I concentrate back on the two women in front of me riding my face and sucking me off, by now I’m barely holding off cumming as I can feel my Joystick sliding all the way into Rita’s throat. The feeling is so intense every time it happens I jump a little and my tongue goes farther up into mom’s Kittycat, and a little juice seeps out.

“Oh Fork Randy if you keep doing that I’m gonna soak your face,” mom said.

I hear a loud muffled moan as I realized Aunt Lisa must have come over dad’s face, and her moan triggers something in me to start Bleeping Rita’s mouth faster. My hips are hopping off the bed as I Fork her mouth and mom fucks my face, by now I have her clit in my mouth sucking it and squeezing and pulling her Buttocks cheeks together, and the pressure finally gets to her as she grabs my head with both hands and squeezes her legs together.

“Oh my god baby, I’m cumming! Oh my god, oh my god, oh fuuuuuuucckkkkkkk!!!”

I’m trapped between two massive thighs as a river of juice flows out of mom soaking my entire face; I mean there was not a dry spot left. As she rides through her orgasm mine builds to extreme pressure and I cant even let Rita know because mom’s Kittycat is still sitting atop my face, so I try to mumble to her as best I can (which by the way only makes mom shake even more), but before I know it, I’m ejaculating a huge load into my sister’s mouth. I continue mumbling through mom as I seem to spurt a never ending supply into my sister’s mouth, but she doesn’t seem to be complaining. After what felt like minutes I feel my Joystick slip from my sisters mouth, and mom rolls off of me to the side, where Aunt Lisa is still sucking dad’s Joystick, I guess he hasn’t come yet. While mom lays there dazed I pull Rita up to me, give her a big sloppy wet kiss, exchanging mom’s juices in the process, and switch spots with her on the bed.

“Rita that was Bleeping great, now it’s time I returned the favor.” 

I spread her legs to see her Kittycat glistening, waiting for me, her arousal strong as the pineapple pungent odor fills my nostrils begging me to dive into her, and that’s exactly what I did. The second my tongue touched her Kittycat, her body locked up and pushed her Kittycat into my face even more. God I love eating her Kittycat, mom may have had a better taste but Rita’s was made for me, and I’ll never get tired of it.

“Randy! Yes! Oh my Bleeping god no one eats my Kittycat better than you, no one! I love you so much!”

“I love you too, let me show you just how much I do,” I said as I started licking her asshole.

“Ooh Fork! You know I love that! I’m gonna Fork you so hard you’ll be sore all week!”

When she said that I saw dad peek up from the Mouthaction he was getting, from now mom and Aunt Lisa who were trading off on him, they both saw this and smiled at each other. I went back to eating Rita out, which by now I had just stuck a finger into her Buttocks and had her clit between my teeth. She tried to stifle a moan but failed, and it only got louder as I slipped a finger on the same hand in her Kittycat and Forked both holes as I pinched her Tip and sucked her clit. I looked over just in time to see dad squint his eyes and grab the head sucking his Joystick, which was Aunt Lisa’s, and pump his seed into her mouth while mom licked his balls. Pour slipped out the side of her mouth but mom was there to lick it up. Not a second later Rita grabbed my head just as mom did and Forked my face as fast as she could, her orgasm was fast approaching and I was ready for it.

“Randy, I’m cumming! I’m cumming baby! I’m Bleeping cumming! Yeeeessssssssss!!!”

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Oct 23, 2016 — 1:20 pm

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