Must Read: An Incest Birthday (18+)… Part 50


A Story written by Kevin_88…

Her juices didn’t come out all over the place like moms did, so I had no problem scooping it up and gulping it down. I crawled up her shaking body and planted kiss after kiss on her lips, which she returned, then I kissed my way back down to her Tip, but before I could put it in my mouth, I heard a “Oh god yes!” and we looked over and saw Aunt Lisa impale herself on dad’s Joystick. I went right past her Tip and sat up on my knees and pushed my Joystick right into Rita’s wet Kittycat.

“Oh Fork! Now pound me Randy, pound your little sister with your big brother Joystick!”

She didn’t have to tell me twice. I started slow and worked up to a fast pace Bleeping that had her squirming all over the bed. I sat up on my knees, grabbed her hips and gave her what she asked for, a hard pounding. She pinched her Tips and moaned my name every few seconds, giving me initiative to Fork her harder. Aunt Lisa was just as loud bouncing up and down on dad while mom sucked on her Tips, she was digging her nails into his chest and bouncing up and down on him like a mad woman, as long as she’s been waiting to Fork dad she wasted no time bullshitting, she was going all out on him. I turned my attention back to Rita and put her legs up on my shoulders so I could go deeper into her, every time I would slide into her it felt like I was going down a slippery side with a soft landing at the bottom. I don’t think I’d ever gone this deep into her. She responded by fidgeting and putting the toes on her right foot into my mouth, which I gladly sucked on. Aunt Lisa was still going crazy on dad, and mom was now licking on his balls as they clapped every time Aunt Lisa sat down.

“Oh this feels so Bleeping good! How does dad’s Joystick feel inside you Aunt Lisa?” Rita asked.

“It feels fantastic, just like I knew it would. Here, come see for yourself.”

She tried to pull her toes from my mouth but I wasn’t letting her because I didn’t want her to Fork dad, but I knew she had to, so I reluctantly let go and she gave me a sad look and slowly crawled over to dad, who had this look like “I’m about to Fork my own daughter” on his face, and lay back as he straddled her. Aunt Lisa made her way over to me and got on all fours.

“I hope you saved your energy Randy, because you’ll need it.”

Rita and I both looked up as we now knew who the culprit behind my secret Mouthaction was, but she was distracted once dad pushed his Joystick into her and she let out a loud moan. Mom crawled away from dad and lay down in front of Aunt Lisa’s mouth, and she dropped down and started eating her out. I took my Joystick and poked it at her clit a few times, then lined it up with her Kittycat and pushed right in.

“Uugh Fork Randy! Now let’s see what you can do!”

I’m not gonna lie, I had been wanting to Fork Aunt Lisa for some time now, but I would never act on it because I was faithful to Rita, but now I could let loose all my pent up horniness and Fork the Shtt out of her. I grabbed her hips and just started thrusting in and out of her as hard as I can. While I was Bleeping her I made a quick observation, moms Buttocks jiggled only a little because its so toned, while Rita’s Buttocks jiggles a lot because its both toned and soft, but Aunt Lisa’s Buttocks had to be all soft because the slightest touch and it would make a wave across her whole Buttocks, and I love to see that when I Fork from behind, so you can imagine how hard I was Bleeping her.

“Oh my god Randy, you’re really working my Kittycat back there! Keep Bleeping me like that!”

As long as her Buttocks jiggles like this I could Fork her all day. Rita looked up with a little pang of jealousy on her face as she saw how hard I was Bleeping Aunt Lisa, and then dad flipped her over on all fours and slipped into her doggystyle. Mom was screaming whatever came to her mind as she was still getting tongued by Aunt Lisa, whose screams were muffled because she had a face full of mom’s Kittycat, and Rita had begun to get vocal on the other side of me.

“Yes, keep eating my Kittycat! Oh this feels so Bleeping good! Oh Fork don’t stop,” mom screamed.

“You like how I Fork you huh Aunt Lisa? You like that young Joystick sliding in and out of you?”

“Oh yes baby, I love that young Joystick, don’t you dare stop Bleeping me!”

I heard a drowned out scream as her face was still in moms Kittycat, and I figured she must have had an orgasm because she stopped moving, but I didn’t, I kept on Bleeping her through it as her Kittycat leaked all over my Joystick, and kept coming back for more. Dad must have been Bleeping Rita pretty good too because she was screaming and bouncing back on dad as he Forked her, and dad was really Bleeping her fast. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t care she was Bleeping dad.

“Yes daddy, oh my god yes daddy! Fork me, Fork your little girl hard daddy!” 

“That Joystick feels good doesn’t it baby? You like daddy’s Joystick in that little Kittycat don’t you?”

“Yes daddy I do! Keep Bleeping me! Keep Bleeping me daddy!”

There were only sounds of clapping, screaming, or moaning in the room as everyone was either giving pleasure or getting pleasured. I could not stop looking at Aunt Lisa’s Buttocks as I Forked it, her big meaty cheeks clapping together just mesmerized me, but I snapped out of it when mom broke out yelling.

“Oh god, oh my Bleeping god I’m so horny, I need a Joystick in me now!” she yelled.

When she said that Aunt Lisa crawled from in front of me and over to dad, and I eased up over mom and slid my Joystick into her Kittycat right away. She gasped and wrapped her legs around me as I Forked my mom’s Kittycat with a vengeance. 

“That’s it baby Fork me, don’t hold back! I want you to make my Kittycat hurt tomorrow!” 

I had heard mom talk dirty plenty, but her last statement really gave me a boost of energy. Hearing my mom say that to me made me really go at her, I was Bleeping her so hard it hurt, like she asked, but well worth it. I pushed up onto my hands and just like before, let my lower half do all the Bleeping. I was looking her in the eyes as she was bouncing around under me, and then I felt two hands on my Buttocks helping to push me into mom. I looked and saw dad Bleeping Aunt Lisa missionary, so I knew it was Rita. She then crawled around us and squeezed mom’s tits together and stuck her tongue in my mouth. Mom closed her eyes tight like she was in pain as she tensed up and held still, and I stopped thinking I really hurt her. All of a sudden she rolls me over and straddles me with her back facing me, jacks my Joystick a few times and puts my Joystick into her Buttocks. It was so tight I had to hold her in place just so I wouldn’t Pour right there. When I regained control she started bouncing up and down on me faster and faster until she was satisfied with her rhythm. She then turned her attention to dad Bleeping Aunt Lisa.

“What’s the matter Lisa? Don’t feel like putting my husband’s Joystick in your Buttocks?”

“What are you talking about? He’s Bleeping me in the Buttocks right now!” 

We looked as best as we could, and yes, he was Bleeping her in the Buttocks missionary. Mom must have gotten even more turned on at seeing her husband Fork her sister in the Buttocks because she grabbed onto my legs and bounced every which away on my Joystick. Moans and screams filled the air again as Rita sat down over my face, putting that beautiful Kittycat within tongues length of me as I licked at her while squeezing her tits between my hands. As I sucked the juice out of Rita’s Kittycat I eased two fingers into her Buttocks. She jumped and looked down at me with a huge grin and worked her Kittycat across my face while pushing my fingers into her Buttocks. I heard Aunt Lisa scream she was cumming and felt the bed shake even more as she shook around under dad. Mom kept riding me as if she was on a mechanical bull, and by the looks of it Rita was close to another orgasm. I sped up on everything I was doing but before I could make her Pour she rose up off me and sat down on the side of me.

“Next time I Pour, I want you to be inside me. Mom can I please have my boyfriend back?”

“Sure honey, just let me…”


“Ok, fine, take him. Never wanna share anything,” she pouted.

She climbed off me and went over to dad, who was just getting off Aunt Lisa, and quickly sat down on him. Rita got up on all fours and spread her Buttocks cheeks, and I crawled up behind her and slowly eased my Joystick into her Buttocks. 

“Ugh, Fork me baby, Fork my Buttocks. Fork it hard!”

I didn’t start out slow at all, I ripped into her Buttocks as hard as I could thrust after thrust. We were Bleeping so hard we slowly made our way to the top of the bed, and she reached up and grabbed the headboard to have something to hold on to. Mom was busy riding dads Joystick and Aunt Lisa was now on her knees over dads face kissing mom.

“That’s it baby make me Pour! Lisa suck on my tits, I need to Pour again so bad,” mom said.

“Don’t worry baby, I know just what to do,” dad said as he brought her down to him and Forked harder.

I turned back to Rita who was still holding the headboard as I pounded away at her Buttocks. She leaned her head to the side and I took advantage by kissing her neck in her sweet spot.

“Oh my god Randy, that’s it! I’m so Bleeping horny! I need to ride you right now, lay down!” 

I pulled out and lay down like she asked, and jumped when mom screamed as dad entered her Buttocks from behind while he fingered Aunt Lisa from the same position. Rita turned around to face me as she made her way to my body and mounted me as she looked at me all cute and innocent, then got this kind of possessed look of determination.

“This Joystick belongs to me now!”

She grabbed hold and sat right down on me all the way to the hilt. She closed her eyes and shuddered a bit, but soon they were opened and looking dead at me as she rode me. I hadn’t noticed until now, but every S£x dream I had from yesterday into today had come true, mom rode my face while Rita sucked me, I Forked Aunt Lisa doggystyle, I Forked the hell out of mom, and now Rita was riding me. I suddenly felt a rush of happiness as I realized everything that happened, really happened and that Rita sitting on top of me would be the perfect way to end it. She put her hands on my chest and pushed as she ground her hips in a circle on me, then in a triangle, and then a square. We heard a loud clapping noise and looked at mom and dad to see him build up speed Bleeping her, then stop and close his eyes.

“Oh baby I’m cumming in your Buttocks! Oh Fork!”

“Yes baby fill my Buttocks up with you Pour! It’s so hot, it feels so good!”

“Hey don’t forget about me, I want some of that Pour too!” Aunt Lisa jumped in.

We watched dad pull out of mom and Pour the rest of his Pour on Aunt Lisa’s Kittycat, then all three fell out next to each other on the bed, leaving just me and Rita. She looked back down at me and ground forward onto me, and then slowly bounced on me picking up speed as she went. I grabbed her Buttocks to help her move faster as she switched between bouncing on me and grinding me. When she closed her eyes and bit her lip I knew she was close, so I rubbed her clit as best I could with all the moving.

“That’s it, I’m almost there. Keep doing that, I’m about to Pour all over your Joystick!”

I picked up the intensity rubbing her and she picked up intensity Bleeping me, and to give her the extra push I pinched her Tip with my free hand. When she stopped bouncing and started shaking I knew that did the trick, as she closed her eyes and let her orgasm take over.

To Be Continued…

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