Must Read: An Incest Birthday (18+)… Part 51


A Story written by Kevin_88…

“Yes baby, I’m cumming! I’m cumming all over your Bleeping Joystick! Oh my god yeeeeeeessssssssssssssss!!!!!!!”

When her juices poured over my Joystick and onto my chest I just lost it and railed her again and again harder and harder. She was still in her orgasm but I know she felt it because she tried to say something but couldn’t. A few minutes after Bleeping her hard I felt the Pour rising in me and closed my eyes as I pushed into her as far as I could and pumped my seed up into her. Her eyes widened as I was filling her up like she was having another orgasm, and when I finally finished squirting into her, she fell forward onto my chest where we lay, exhausted.

We all lay there for a while before anyone said anything, mostly because we were tired, and mostly because we couldn’t believe what just happened.

“I’m so worn out, that was amazing! I can’t believe we all just did that,” mom said.

“That was unbelievable, we are definitely gonna have to do this again,” Aunt Lisa followed.

Dad and I just lay there not saying a word, and Rita was still semi-unconscious on my chest, with my Pour running out of her. 

“Good thing I put this extra blanket on the bed, or these sheets would be soaked! Ok I think its time we all got some sleep; we have to be out of here in the morning after all. Lisa you sleep in here with us, and Randy you and Rita go back to your bed.” 

I picked Rita up who was just coming out of her daze, and we grabbed our clothes and headed for the door. “Ok mom, goodnight everyone,” I said and then Rita said the same thing. Before we were completely out the door I whispered “thanks” to mom, and she nodded her head and winked at us.

When we got back to our room Rita went to clean the Pour out of her and wash up, and then when she came out I followed suit and cleaned myself off, then we both got in bed together. 

“Well this was a good turn of events! At least now we can act like a real couple at home,” I said. “Yeah, hey I’m sorry if I enjoyed S£x with dad too much, I didn’t wanna do it but I knew I had to, like I knew you had to Fork Aunt Lisa.”

“It’s ok, we did what we had to do, and I’m sorry if I enjoyed S£x with Aunt Lisa too much.”

“I love you so much, I’ll never find anyone better than you, I know it.”

“I love you too; I already have the girl I want, so there’s no point in even looking.”

We cuddled up and kissed for a while before we both fell asleep holding each other, thinking out how great this trip had turned out.

When we woke up we could hear everyone running in and out of the front door putting stuff into the truck, and our door was wide open. We got up, went to the bathroom and cleaned up, got dressed and packed our stuff up; I guess we aren’t staying for breakfast. 

“Good, you’re already up, I was just about to come and wake you,” dad said as he took my bags.

“Why are we leaving so early? Can’t we stay for breakfast at least?” I asked. 

“No we have to be out of here in 45 minutes, my boss is coming back here and he expects us gone, we can eat breakfast when we get home.”

For the next 30 minutes the women packed everything up and dad and I loaded it up in the truck. Once we were done dad locked the cabin and we said bye to Aunt Lisa in our own new way, a kiss on the lips and the grapple of a body part. When Rita and I got in the truck we were immediately making out, no longer afraid of dad finding out. We would be all over each other from now on.

“Hey cut that out, it’s still early in the morning,” dad said as he got in.

“Sorry dad,” we said at the same time. Mom couldn’t help but laugh a little.

As he started the truck and pulled off we all took one last look at the cabin, the place that opened new doors for us, where we could say we had really become a family. We stared at it and waved as we got further and further away from the place that made all our lives better, secretly thanking it.

Goodbye Cabin.


“Goodbye cabin, goodbye cabin, gooooooodbye cabin.”

All I can hear around me is “goodbye cabin” over and over. I know its me saying it, but I dont know why, then out of nowhere I hear finger snaps and clapping noises, and the faint sound of someone calling my name. It continues for a few more seconds before I fell a sharp sting of pain across my face, and I shoot up in my seat.

“Well its about dam time! You were starting to worry me,” Rita said.

I let go of my stinging cheek to rub the grogginess out of my eyes, and when I cleared my eyes I was in for a rude awakening. I wasnt in the truck going home like I thought I was, but still in the hot tub with Rita sitting across from me.

“What the? How’d we get back here?” I asked confused.

“Get back? We never left. We’ve been here the whole time dummy!”

Never before have I been so confused, I didnt know what to think.

“But we… No because we… I was just… It can’t be! It was all a dream?!”

To Be Continued…

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