Must Read: An Incest Birthday (18+)… Part 54


A Story written by Kevin_88…

Don’t move, now it’s my turn to Fork you back!”

She got up, turned around and sat back down on me. She had her hands on both my knees and was bouncing her Buttocks up and down on me. It feels magnificent and the view is amazing. She pulls out all the way until just the head is in, and then slams down full force, and she does it all at a fast pace. She leans back against me and grinds on me as she pulls me into another kiss, and I squeeze her super sized tits in my hand. We Fork like this for a good while until mom looks over at me and smiles as she spreads Rita’s Buttocks cheeks to me, signaling what she wants me to do. Both Aunt Lisa and I catch on, but she takes her time getting off of me. Finally she kisses me and slowly slides up and off me and walked over to the bed as I followed. Mom scoots to the edge of the bed so her legs hang off a little and opens Rita’s cheeks one more time, I grab my Joystick in my hand and push it against her Buttocks letting her know I’m there, as she jumps from having her Buttocks tickled I put the head at the entrance and push in.

“Uuuuugh Fork! Dam that hurt so good! Fork me both of you, Fork my Buttocks and Kittycat!”

I leaned forward a little and grabbed right above her Buttocks and thrust in and out of her at the same time mom did. As we Forked Rita Aunt Lisa climbed up on the bed and stood up over them with her Kittycat directly in my face, I didn’t need to be told what to do. I licked at her slippery Kittycat as I joined my mother in Bleeping my sister. I wasn’t surprised when I found out Aunt Lisa’s Kittycat tasted good too, since it seems to run in the family. I really liked when she pushed my face up into it more as she pushed herself down on me, giving me access to her entire Kittycat without even touching it. Rita’s moans were getting louder as we both sped up Bleeping her faster and at different rhythms now.

“Oh Fork yes! I Bleeping love this! Fork me harder, Fork me harder please I need it!”

“Sounds like my Sluut daughter is loving all the attention!”

“Oh yes, I am, I love every bit of it! I’ll be your guy’s Sluut but please don’t stop Bleeping me!”

“I think we can manage that, you Buttocks feels so good I could Fork you all night,” I said.

Rita leaned down to suck on moms tit as we both continually thrust in and out of her as hard as we could for about the next ten minutes. Aunt Lisa moved from in front of me to behind me rubbing up against me and helping me thrust into Rita by pushing my Buttocks forward. Eventually mom grew tired of doing all the Bleeping and wanted to get Forked herself, by me.

“Ok Randy honey it’s time for you to Fork me now, lay down so mommy can ride you.”

I did as told and pulled out of Rita, which made a medium sized gaping hole, and lay down on the bed as mom took off the strap-on and handed it to Aunt Lisa. Mom climbed on top of me and grabbed my Joystick at the base and sat right down on it. For having two kids she was pretty tight, her walls quickly surrounded me as she let out a sigh of passion and fulfillment. Next to me Aunt Lisa was now wearing the strap-on as she Forked Rita missionary, who were liplocked as they grinded each others bodies. Mom was above me riding me with her eyes closed, her hands were pushing me against the bed in case I tried to get up, and she had a small smile on her face.

“Oh honey it feels just as good as the first time, even better now. Your Joystick feels so good inside me, so full, I could just Fork you forever!”

I carefully reached up to grab her tits, hoping she would knock my hands away, she didn’t. I squeezed and fondled them in my hands as she rode me harder and harder with each passing second, until she wasn’t grinding me anymore, she was bouncing up and down on me. She leaned down to kiss me and I grabbed two handfuls of mom’s juicy Buttocks and squeezed as I helped her Fork me. She was now moaning louder, but was overshadowed by Rita who was now getting Forked doggystyle by Aunt Lisa. I knew mom didn’t Pour yet, and I knew she needed to be Forked hard to Pour, so I rolled over off the bed and stood up with me still in her, held her up and Forked her standing up. I was holding her up by her Buttocks which gave me all the leverage I needed to really drive into her, soon she threw her head back and was ranting and raving like a mad woman.

“Yes Randy yes, Fork me hard just like this! Oh yes baby don’t you Bleeping stop! Oh Fork baby you keep Bleeping me like this and mommy’s gonna Pour all over you!”

I gripped her Buttocks again to make sure she wouldn’t slip out of my hands and gave my mother the Bleeping she asked for. She kissed me hard on the lips, shoving her tongue in my mouth, and giving me a taste of everyone her mouth came in contact with. When I sped up she buried her face in my shoulder and I could hear her breathing become more rapid. She dug her nails in my back as I felt her tense up and lock her legs behind me. Just as Rita screamed out asking to be Forked harder I felt moms Pour run down my Joystick and soak my pubic hair on its way down my thighs and legs. The whole time she had her orgasm I kept Bleeping her to make it as intense as I could for her, but when I felt myself start to Pour a had to slow down and stop, I wanted to Pour in Rita only. I walked over to the bed and dropped mom down next to where Aunt Lisa was still Bleeping Rita. We exchanged a look and she smiled at me as she pulled herself off the dildo and lay on her back next to mom, who was now getting Forked laying on her stomach my Aunt Lisa. I got between Rita’s legs and kissed her Kittycat a few times on my way up her body, and slid right into her. Everything around us seemed to just fade away as we finally ended back up with each other.

“Finally, just you and me, now Fork me big brother Fork me good, I want you to Pour in me!”

I leaned down to kiss her and was met with the softest, sweetest lips I’d tasted all night. I pushed into her as deep as I could before pulling all the way out and pushing back in, eventually she locked her legs around me and I had to replace length with speed, so I Forked her as fast as I could. I kissed everywhere on her body I could reach while I still Forked her and grabbed her wrists and pinned them over her head. We Forked constantly until I noticed an obvious change in Rita’s breathing.

“Oh Randy…oh Randy…oh Fork…don’t stop…keep Bleeping me like this…and I’m gonna Pour…”

“Fork Rita I’m gonna Pour too, Fork I can feel it coming!”

I lifted myself up and Forked her faster, building up both of our climaxes all the while trying to make it last, but eventually one of the two had to give. It was me who came first, blasting her insides with spurt after spurt of my heavy, thick Pour. After the fourth spurt she closed her eyes and pulled me tight against her while she came under me.

“Fork Fork Fork, I’m cumming, oh Fork, Randdddddddddddddyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!”

I hovered over her so my weight wouldn’t be on top of her as she came, and planted kisses all over her face. I looked at mom and Aunt Lisa, who had since switched spots and it was Aunt Lisa who was getting Forked, or was getting Forked as she was clinging onto mom as they embraced each other in a kiss. When Rita stopped cumming she pulled me into a kiss of our own and licked my lips as she fell back into the bed. I slowly pulled my sticky Joystick out of her, which made a slippery sound upon leaving her Kittycat and lay down next to her, mom and Aunt Lisa as we soak up the moment, and our breath.

I hold Rita and mom holds Aunt Lisa as we lay in the bed quiet relishing the feeling of what just happened. Me still being a little paranoid think my mind is still playing a trick on me, like I’m gonna snap out of another dream and wake up at the picnic table. I decide to give myself a quick test of reality and pinch myself on the arm, “ouch!” Ok, I believe it this time.

“What you do that for? You didn’t get Forked hard enough?” Aunt Lisa asked.

“Just making sure it’s the real deal is all.” Both Aunt Lisa and mom looked at me like I just picked my nose, and before I could clear anything up myself Rita jumped in.

“He had a dream earlier in the hot tub that we all had S£x just like this, except dad was there too.”

“Mike? Really? Now that could have been interesting,” Aunt Lisa said.

Mom breathed one of those annoyed sighs. “The way he’s been drinking up here he won’t be involved in anything we do. Besides, he doesn’t need to know of this situation, who knows what he’ll think.”

“In my dream he was plenty fine with it, but since were split on telling him we’ll leave it alone for now until we can think of a good time to tell him.”

Mom stood up and took off the strap-on while Aunt Lisa rolled over me stealing a kiss and then over Rita dragging her tits across her face, and Rita casually slipped one in her mouth before letting her get up. They gathered up their clothes and everything else they brought in and headed for the door.

To Be Continued…

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