Must Read: An Incest Birthday (18+)… Part 55


A Story written by Kevin_88…

“Don’t mention this to your father, nothing. I mean it, okay? Now you two get some sleep, we have to leave here tomorrow night. You can sleep in if you want, that way I won’t have to cook you two breakfast,” mom said with a wink.

They left and closed the door behind us, leaving us alone in the dim light of the nightstand lamp. We were laying on the soaked sheets of our previous S£x act, so we stripped the top layers off and grabbed a blanket from the closet. Once we were settled we got back into bed and cuddled up with each other with her head on my chest, shared a few I love you’s, goodnights, and kisses and drifted off to sleep.

I was the first to wake the next morning bright and early at 9:37. I heard walking outside the room and knew I wasn’t the only one up, not to mention the smell of bacon, eggs, and biscuits being cooked. I also caught a whiff of us still smelling like day old S£x, and knew it would be noticeable if anyone came in, so I got up, put on some boxers, grabbed my toothbrush and my toothpaste and headed for the door to take a shower.

“Where you going?” I heard Rita ask from behind me.

“I’m going to take a sho-,” I froze at the look she gave me. Her beauty never seems to amaze me, she was sitting up, hair rumpled, holding the blanket over her chest but under her neck with a beautiful smile on her face, how lucky am I to be with a girl this amazing?

“You’re going where?”

“Well we smell so I’m heading to the shower. We should probably take separate showers since everyone is up.”

She cracked a small laugh. “Oh I see, don’t wanna take a shower with your smelly sister huh?”

“That’s the farthest thing from the truth, I shower with your stinky self any day,” I joked back.

She threw a pillow in mock anger. “You lucky you’re so cute, go have fun in your shower, all alone.”

I smiled at her and left the room heading for the shower, passing stares from both Aunt Lisa and mom eyeballing me like a piece of meat, I felt a little cheap, but a good kind of cheap I guess. I got in the shower room and immediately turned on the first shower and cleaned myself thoroughly while brushing my teeth and used the bathroom at the same time (oh come on like I’m the only one who does that!). I was close enough to the door to hear friendly arguments about the shower, but couldn’t figure out who it was. Another five minutes in and I shut the water off and wrapped the towel around my waist, not a second sooner the door opened and Rita stepped in with a towel around her. Then just like she did to me, as soon as she started walking towards me mom opened the door and stepped in.

“You kids are unbelievable! Lisa was right, S£x S£x S£x all the time! Don’t you ever get tired?”

“Mom, were kids, we have energy for days, besides look at him, you know you want him too.”

Mom paused a minute before she spoke. “That’s beside the point, your father is up, you’re not gonna take the chance of getting caught because you can’t keep off each other for an hour. You (she said looking at me), in your room and get dressed, and you wash that S£x smell off of you.”

I grabbed my toothbrush and left the toothpaste for Rita as mom saw me back to my room. Once there I got dressed and gathered up the dirty sheets to wash, and headed out to throw them in the wash just as Rita exited the shower smiling at me. Mom took the sheets from me to wash, and with nothing to do I just sat on the couch and waited. I could hear Aunt Lisa and dad talking, but it just sounded like small talk so I tuned it out until I heard mom say breakfast was ready. We all sat down and Rita came out wearing the U2 shirt she got from the concert (we bought so many we could afford to mess a couple up) and tan khaki shorts, and wasted no time in eating her food. As usual, we were all eating until someone decided to say something, this time it was dad.

“When everyone finishes eating, go back to all the rooms and make sure everything is in order, Jim and his family will be coming back today before we leave.”

Rita stopped eating for a second, knowing what he meant when dad said “and his family.” She would have to deal with Stephanie for another day, and I don’t know how much more of her she can take.

“When are they getting here?” Rita asked.

“Sometime this afternoon, I want everything how it was when we first got here.”

We all agreed and finished our breakfast, helped clean up the dishes, and went back to our room to clean up everything. Once we had everything back the way it was (minus the bed), we lay down and stared at the ceiling, something we always did when one or both of us had something on our mind.

“What you thinking about?” I asked.

“You already know what I’m thinking about.”

“They wont be getting here till the afternoon, we won’t have to be here as long as they were last time.”

“She’s still gonna hit on you Randy, if she goes too far I’m gonna put her in her place!”

“You do that our cover might as well be blown, besides she has a brother, you can mess with him to piss her off, but not too much though.”

“You have a point, he didn’t look that bad, maybe I might make you jealous so you could see how I felt everytime she hit on you , maybe I might let him kiss me, feel me up a bit,” she said grinning.

“I don’t think so,” I said climbing on top of her, pulling her off the bed and throwing her back down. She was laughing hysterically as I repeatedly picked her up and play slammed her back down, then she turned the tables on me and threw me down on the bed, jumped on me and mock bounced my head off the pillow again and again. We got to rolling around to see who’d end on top, and as usual, she got the best of me and quoted Nala from our favorite movie “The Lion King.”

“Haha pinned ya!”

I wiggled to get up and we rolled around the rest of the bed until we rolled ourselves on the floor, where she again ended up on top and pushed me down on the floor, ironically again just like the movie.

“Pinned ya again!”

“So now what?” I said as I pushed my Joystick up into her crotch, causing an unsuspecting moan from her.

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Oct 25, 2016 — 9:00 pm

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