A Story written by Kevin_88…

“Its me, pretend like its mom.”

“Uh hey mom, were in the movies, I can’t talk now.”

“Go in the girls bathroom by the arcade and come in the last stall, I need to exercise now!” (Click)

“Ok mom, I’ll go outside, hold on.” I covered the phone like I had someone on hold. “I’ll be right back, mom needs to talk about something really quick,” I told Stephanie.

“Ok take your time, I know how your mom likes to talk,” she joked.

I eased out of aisle slowly, but when I was in the hallway I power walked to the bathroom. I made sure no one was around before I went to peek in the women’s bathroom, and when I saw it was empty I quickly made my way in. The whole time I was scared someone would come in or someone would come in, so I quickly went to the last stall where Rita saw me and pulled me in.

“Get your pants down now, I’m so Bleeping horny I’m gonna explode!”

As soon as I had my pants down she pushed me on the toilet and straddled me, wet skirt and all. She moved her panties to the side, lined my Joystick up with her and literally just sat down on it.

“Oohhhhhhhh yes that hits the spot! Fork my Kittycat with that big Joystick!”

I gripped her hips and helped her bounce up and down on me and kiss along her neck. She put her arms arms around me head for balance and Forked me back as I plowed into her. She started moaning a little too loud for comfort so I lifted her head back and pushed my lips against hers. After a while we finally matched a rhythm and I lifted up her shirt to suck on her Bosom when she stopped me.

“No, suck on the left one, that one was in Chris’ mouth. He got his spit all over it.”

I don’t know why, maybe jealousy, but I gritted her left Tip in my teeth and pumped my Joystick in her harder. I could tell she was biting her lip so she wouldn’t scream by the little squeal that would just escape her lips. A couple minutes later we heard the bathroom door open and someone come in. I stopped Bleeping out of fear but Rita wasn’t having any of that and kept bouncing up and down on me. We heard the lady gasp in disgust and come out of a stall and walk to the one we were in, she tried to open the door but couldn’t, thank god she locked the door when she closed it.

“Excuse me is there someone in here?”

“Uh yes its occupied!” Rita said trying not to sound like she was Bleeping.

“Could I use that stall really quick? There’s only one other with a door and the toilet is stopped up.”

“Not right now, I’m still in here. Give me a minute and I’ll come out.”

“Well how much longer are you gonna be because I…”


All we heard were quick footsteps and the door swing open and close. I was just looking at her as she continued to ride me as if nothing happened.

“What? She was annoying and we don’t have that much time as it is!”

I got up and turned her around and had her lean over with her hands on the wall and slipped back into her. We both groaned and I grabbed her hips again and drove into her over and over until a clapping noise echoed through the bathroom. Watching her Buttocks jiggle against me as I Forked her really got me going harder and harder when she reached back and grabbed my shirt.

“I’m cumming Randy! Keep Bleeping me I’m cumming!”

I Forked her through her orgasm and kept Bleeping until I couldn’t take her walls squeezing my Joystick anymore and told her I was cumming too. She slid off of me as fast as she could while still coming down from her orgasm and took my Joystick in her throat just as I started to Pour. I was just cumming and cumming and she just let it flow down her throat. When I stopped I leaned against the wall and caught my breath while she fixed herself and took out a small bottle of mouthwash. I looked at her weird.

“Its so Chris doesn’t smell Pour on my breath. Go back to the movie and I’ll meet you back there. I need to get my legs back, you Forked me so good.”

I pulled my pants up and we both walked out of the stall. She checked and made sure no one was coming, kissed me for a little while and gave me the go ahead. I quickly snuck out and walked to the line for snacks. I waited through the line and bought two boxes of Sour Patch and went back to the movie. When I got back Rita was there but Stephanie and Chris weren’t. Rita just shrugged her shoulders. A couple minutes later they both came in each with a box of candy and sat back down next to us as Stephanie kissed my cheek. I didn’t remember seeing them in line, but I just shrugged it off since I just had a fantastic quickie. We all cuddled up on each other and held a special body part as we all got comfortable again and finished watching the movie. When it was over we all got up, stretched and headed back out to the car laughing and messing around. Chris slapped Stephanie on the Buttocks and she laughed, so since they did it, Rita and I did, but we were a little more handsy and sneaky.

“So where should we go eat?” Chris asked.

“How about Fridays, they give out free sundaes today, and its 2 for $20 all month,” Stephanie said.

“That’s ironic, free sundaes on a Friday. Everyone ok with going there?” I asked, and they agreed.

I let Chris drive so I could sit back and relax and get some energy back. Stephanie snuggled up to me and I could see Rita shooting glances back at us a few times until Chris scooted her close to him so he could put his arm around her. We joked and talked about nothing in particular until we finally pulled into the Friday’s parking lot. We went in and were almost immediately seated in a booth with me next to Stephanie and Rita next to Chris, with Rita across from me. We were all pretty hungry since we didn’t really eat the stuff we bought at the movies so we wasted no time ordering. I got mini-burgers and fries, Rita got buffalo wings, Stephanie got a mini pizza and Chris got quesadillas. The waitress brought us our drinks and we downed them right away and asked for refills and if she could switch the tv in front of us to family guy.

“Were assholes!” I said.

“Might as well get our money’s worth. Speaking of moneys worth what happened in the movie when I went to the bathroom?” Rita asked.

“I wouldn’t know, I wasn’t really paying attention to it, I don’t watch chick flicks,” Chris boasted.

“Oh you liar! I saw you! You were more into it than I was, and I picked it out!” Stephanie laughed.

We all kinda laughed at his expense a little, mostly because he made that “busted” face. The waiter came back with the drinks again and switch the tv to family guy like we asked, just in time to see the part where Stewie asked Brian for his money.

We forgot about everything for a minute and got caught up in watching the show (its a great show). We were so into it we didn’t notice the waitress had already started bringing our food to the table. She finally brought everything and clanked the silverware together to snap us back to reality.

“Thank you miss, everything looks delicious,” Chris said smiling at her.

“Wow, you’re being such a kiss Buttocks today,” Stephanie teased.

“Its called being nice you should try it.”

“Nope, just a kiss Buttocks. You’ve been doing it all day; just now, on Rita, earlier at home, when will it stop?” Stephanie said smirking when she said “at home.”

“You guys have problems, you know that,” I joked, hiding the jealousy in my voice about Rita.

“Oh my brother knows I love him, he does the same to me, I’m just better at it,” Stephanie giggled.

They smiled at each other and Chris play slapped her and they both laughed it off as we all grabbed our food and sat it in front of us. Everyone was looking at everyone else’s food like they wanted it, since everything looked so good, so what we did was trade off food so we all had a little bit of everyone else’s food. We were just concentrated on eating since we were hungry, but once we got a decent amount of food in us we slowed our pace back to normal.

“So when’s the next time we can go on another double date guys?” Chris asked swallowing food.

“Don’t know, you know how long it took us to get free for this one,” I followed.

“Then we better make the most of this one, where are we going next?” Rita asked.

“To cosmic bowling, it starts at eleven, so we got a good half hour to kill,” Stephanie said.

We finished our food and sat around joking and having fun. When the waitress came by to get the dishes Stephanie poked fun at him again, and he responded by throwing a piece of tomato at her, forcing a truce. We were about to leave when Stephanie stopped us and reminded us about the free sundaes. The waitress complied after Rita whispered something to her and a few minutes later they were right in front of us.

“Last one to finish theirs has to pay the bill!” Rita shouted.

Right away we all started eating the sundaes as fast as we could. Chris and I knew that one of us had to pay the bill since it was a date, so really it was between us. I was a few bites in when I noticed the girls sundaes were smaller than ours, they pulled a fast one on us. As I thought both the girls finished before us and were rooting us on. Chris tried to swallow too fast and choked a little, giving me an edge, and I ended up beating him by a nose, but agreed to leave the tip. I left $20 as we got up to leave and Chris went to pay the bill. On our way out the door I saw a crane machine with all the bears and stuff in it and thought what the hell, so I played it. Ironically, and by sheer luck, my very first try I won a pink bunny rabbit, and as soon as I grabbed it from the machine, Stephanie gasped and grabbed it from me.

“Ooh its so cute! Thank you Randy,” she squeaked as she kissed then hugged me.

I looked right at Rita who was no doubt pissed at what just happened in front of her, but hid it when Chris came back over to us.

“Ok, bill’s all paid, lets go. Bowling should be just starting right now,” he said.

Rita glared at me and grabbed hold of Chris’ arm as they walked to the car in front of us, Stephanie was holding her bunny and making little girlish noises. We got in the back seat again as Chris drove telling jokes that Rita kept laughing at, and looking at me with a smirk on her face as she did. I sat there hugged up next to Stephanie when I got a call from mom asking what time we’d be home, I told her in an hour or two and she said ok and hung up. When I got off the phone we were just pulling into the bowling alley, there weren’t that many cars yet so it looked like we beat the rush. We went in and stood in the mini-line laughing at the day’s events while we calculated the cost of four games plus shoes, and looking around taking the environment.

To Be Continued…

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