Must Read: An Incest Birthday (18+)… Part 64


A Story written by Kevin_88…

“Well well well look what we have here? Long time no see, eh Randy!”

I know that voice anywhere, that loud, annoying, demanding voice. It could only be one person, the same person who almost drove a wedge between me and Rita, the only person who I ever came close to hating. Ashley.

She stood there mocking me with two of her friends who looked distant around her. I didn’t feel like being bothered with her Shtt after what she tried to do to us, so I just shot her a look and ignored her.

“Don’t act like you don’t hear me talking to you!”

I gave her another “Fork off” look. “What do you want Ashley?”

“Haha! You’re on a date with Stephanie? What she lose a bet or something?” She laughed.

“Actually no Ashley, I asked him out,” Stephanie said emphasizing when she said “him.”

“Why? You’ve dated much better looking guys. What do you see in him?”

“Why the hell do you care? What, are you jealous or something?” I smirked.

She looked at her friends and laughed. “What in the world would I have to be jealous of you for?”

That really pissed me off. “I don’t know but it seems I’m always at the focus of your attention. Maybe you’re jealous of the fact that Rita and I are close because your brother hates your guts and wants nothing to do with you, I don’t blame him. Maybe you’re mad because I have a girl and you can’t date anyone for longer than three days. If you weren’t such a Bytch all the time you might actually have a relationship last past S£x and you’d actually have a boyfriend to take you places, instead of dragging your friends around who look like they rather be somewhere else instead of bowling with you!”

She like everyone else in our little group stood there in stunned silence. “You think you got it all figured out, huh virgin?”

“Wow is that your only comeback? Its only about S£x with you huh? Actually no I’m not a virgin but I’d rather be one than walk around with your reputation. Now if you’ll excuse us, the people that actually matter to me are gonna go bowl, go Fork yourself, or like usual get a stranger to do it for you.”

I heard her huff as we walked to the counter to pay and get our shoes. I don’t remember ever getting worked up like that. I almost felt a little sorry, but she had it coming big time.

“Wow Randy! You really put her in her place!” Rita said.

“I knew she could be a Bytch sometimes but I didn’t know like that!” Stephanie said.

“Yeah she is, but I don’t wanna talk about her anymore, lets go bowl,” I said.

We took our shoes and went to lane 11 on the left side of the room. We put on those ugly shoes and I programmed our names in the screen boy girl boy girl. We all got our bowling balls (I grabbed me a 10lb. Since I’m not that good) and put them on the rack as Chris went to start. The first game we were just playing for ourselves to see who was good or not, and judging by the looks of it, none of us were. When we finished the first game the highest score was Rita’s 96, we all sucked Buttocks. The second game we put boyfriend and girlfriend on teams and the losers had to pay the winners $10, since it was my fault we lost (I bowled a gutter both times on my last frame and we lost by six pins) I paid for both of us. The whole time we were there this group of guys kept looking over at us watching us every time we bowled, well they were looking at the girls, not us, and that gave Stephanie an idea.

“Ok new teams, boys vs. girls, and the losers have to kiss each other on the lips in front of everyone for ten seconds, tonight, and you can’t get out of it for nothing,” Stephanie grinned.

I was definitely not gonna agree to this. Sure we could see Rita and Stephanie make out, but there was a chance we could lose, and I’m not kissing Chris, no way in hell.

“Come on guys, don’t be chickens. Its just a little bet, you afraid you gonna lose?” Stephanie said.

She knew what she was doing, trying to tug at our male egos, and I’m sorry to say it worked. I don’t know why but being called a chicken in front of a woman will make you do anything, even if the woman calling you a chicken just happens to be the person you’re dating.

“Dude, we better not lose this game!” Chris said as serious as he could be.

I put my game face on and bowled as best I could, knowing if I lost Chris and I would get to know each other a little better. I actually did pretty good, I bowled two strikes and picked up three spares and got 132. Chris didn’t do so bad (at least by our standards) and bowled 91. Despite our best efforts our fate still rested with the girls. Stephanie bowled 111 and Rita was on her last frame needing eight pins to tie us and nine to win, she got five on the first bowl. When she threw the ball again we nervously held our breaths waiting to see if we were observers or participants in the kissing game. It finally got the the end of the runway and to our relief, it swung to the left and only knocked over one pin.

“Yes, oh my god yes!” Chris screamed as he dropped to the floor.

I caught my breath after being so pent up in anticipation and smiled at the girls. “Ok girls, time to pay up, get kissing,” I said suddenly excited.

They both sighed, but they actually looked like they wanted to kiss by the half-smiles they both gave. “Fine, but you have to get us a pretzel when were done,” Rita said.

“Fine fine ok just kiss,” Chris said sounding too eager, and looking a tad perverted.

They sat down next to each other, looked each other in the eye and leaned in and kissed each other square on the lips. It was a hot sight, though there was no tongue there was plenty of lip movement going on. I felt myself getting hard and had to sit down so nobody would notice, like anyone was looking at me anyway. Everyone around us close enough to see was cheering and slapping hands and everything else that comes with two girls kissing. Finally when the ten seconds were over they split and came back over to where Chris and I had sat down.

“Ok we did it, now go get our pretzels!” Rita play yelled and licked her lips at me.

It took us a little while before we actually stood up and left to get their pretzels seeing as the image was just permanently burned in our minds, but with some pushing we finally did. We weren’t gone a minute before we see guys sitting in our area hitting on them, typical. We quickly bought two salted pretzels and hurried back to our area, but the guys didn’t leave, instead, they had a proposition.

“Hey guys, they each offered us $5 to make out with each other some more, it’s $55 dollars on the table! Should we do it?” Stephanie asked.

“Uh, yeah do it, wait whats the catch?” Chris asked back.

“They get to record us and we gotta touch each other a little,” Rita said.

I looked at Rita and she seemed fine with it apparently, probably the money. “You know they might put this on youtube or something, or go around showing everybody,” I whispered.

Stephanie wasn’t phased. “So what? We don’t know them, and we’ll hide our faces, nobody will know its us. We won’t do it if you guys don’t want us to.”

“If you wanna do it go ahead, just don’t be surprised if you’re the newest internet sensation,” I joked.

With that said Stephanie turned to Rita and flat out straddled her lap. She put her arms around her neck and Rita put hers around her waist and started kissing again. If I thought their first kiss was great, then this was fantastic. They were moaning in each others mouth’s and slipping each other the tongue. Cameras were going off and guys were cheering and high fiving as they made out in front of a group of horny guys. Kissing each other must have made them extra horny because Stephanie’s hand dropped over Rita’s tit and started squeezing it and Rita slipped both her hands under Stephanie’s skirt and squeezed then slapped her Buttocks, the guys went crazy then, I had a crazy boner by now. Eventually it had to end and the girls separated. Rita went to Chris and Stephanie immediately came to me and pushed me down as she kissed me while she ground her Kittycat directly over my hard Joystick. They guys were pretty much happy, and still watching, saying it was the best $5 they ever spent, and both Rita and Stephanie had a flushed look on their face, so I’m guessing they enjoyed it as much as everyone else did. Once everything calmed down we bowled our last game as family vs. family with the losers paying for the next date, Rita and I actually won by a landslide and when she hugged me, she bit my ear and told me to get ready for a workout later, I was excited. We gathered all our stuff and started to leave much to the disappointment of the guys, but the girls received claps and cheers as they walked past. As I walked up to the counter I found myself looking at Ashley who was looking back at me. She looked like she was about to say something, but stopped and turned around without a word. Finally nothing to say, and all it took was treating her like she did me, who knew. We handed our stuff in and walked back out to the car holding on to each other laughing and giggling as we got in and drove off.

To Be Continued…

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