Must Read: An Incest Birthday (18+)… Part 68


A Story written by Kevin_88…

“If you keep this up I won’t have anything to clean.”

“You can wipe the table and mop the floor when I’m done, you’re not getting away that easy.”

“Yeah but first I’m hungry,” I said grabbing the Corn Pops.

“I could eat too, plus we still need to talk about Chris and Stephanie,” she said sitting to eat.

“I don’t remember about what,” I lied hoping she didn’t either, I should have known better.

“How are we gonna date them and still be totally committed to each other?”

I thought for a minute. “Well, to be honest I don’t know. We need them to keep attention off of us, but its getting hard because I like Stephanie and I don’t wanna hurt her.”

“I know what you mean, I like Chris too, he’s such a sweet guy, but I’m in love with you, and I can’t help but feel like we’re using them, it feels so wrong.”

“More wrong than what we’re doing? I feel we’re using them a little too, like we’re stringing them along. Maybe we should break it off with them, so they can find someone who can be committed to them completely like we are.”

“Do we have to go that far? Its not fair to them.”

“We might have to, I don’t want to, but I don’t see another solution.”

“We’ll think of something, I don’t wanna hurt them, they didn’t do anything wrong.”

“Yeah, not to mention what the parents would do, they would be devastated. We could just control our feelings and not get so jealous of each other, that would solve everything.”

“Easier said than done, but I don’t wanna talk about this anymore, its depressing me.”

We finished our cereal and Rita went to check and make sure all the windows in the house were completely closed, since it was still raining. I washed the new dishes, wiped the kitchen down, mopped the floor, and for good measure got the clothes out of the dryer and took them to the proper rooms and folded the clothes on the bed. When I went back downstairs Rita was watching tv so I sat next to her as she cuddled up against me. A few minutes into Teen Titans (don’t judge us, we love that show) mom and dad came rushing in shaking the water off their umbrellas.

“Whew, its really pouring down out there, good thing we left when we did,” dad said.

“Good thing it waited until after we got here to really start pouring,” mom added.

“We did everything mom, so you two can relax with your two favorite kids,” Rita joked.

“Well, I think we’ll have to take you up on that, as soon as we get out of these wet clothes.”

They got to the middle of the stairs when a loud boom made mom jump and fall back into dad and Rita grab my arm, I guess the thunder was really picking up outside. Rita was clinging to me like a scared kitten, and I kissed her to let her know I was there for her and to distract her from the thunder.

“I don’t know why I’m so scared of it all of a sudden, I never used to be.”

“I remember, you only get scared when it gets really loud like it just did, its ok, I’m here.”

We started kissing again, careful to listen for mom and dad coming down the stairs when my cell phone rang, I pulled it out of my pocket and saw it was Stephanie so I answered it.

“Hey Steph.”

“Hey you, what are you doing?”

“Watching tv with Rita, Teen Titans.”

“That’s funny, were watching that too. Its really raining out there.”

“Yeah I know, mom and dad came back soaked and it started lightning and thundering here, luckily our power didn’t go out, that’s how bad its getting.”

Not even ten seconds after I said that, there was a flash of lightning, a loud boom, and everything in our house went off. Mom and Rita screamed and she now had my arm in a deathgrip.

“Scratch that last part, our power just went out.”

“Wow really? Is it just your house or is everyone’s power out?”

I went to the front door with Rita still clinging to my arm and went out, everywhere I looked everything was out, no house lights on, no traffic lights, nothing, just a few car alarms going off and a lot of rain. “Looks like everything is out over here, let me call you back when we figure out what were gonna do.”

“Ok be safe, and tell everyone I said hi, bye Randy.”

I said bye and hung up and went to the kitchen to grab the flashlights out the drawer, it wasn’t dark yet but I grabbed them now so I wouldn’t have to look for them in the dark later. Mom and dad came downstairs when we sat down at the table, mom was on her cell phone talking to who I’m guessing was the electric company, and dad came in the kitchen and started moving food from the fridge to the freezer (try saying that five times fast).

“We don’t know how long the power’s gonna be out and I don’t want anything to spoil.”

We helped him transfer all the food when mom came into the kitchen.

“That was the electric company, they said our power could be off until next week, a box blew out and they don’t know when it’ll be fixed, this whole area’s in the dark.”

“So what are we gonna do till then?” Rita asked.

“I don’t know, we’ll just have to slug it out I guess,” dad said.

“That’s gonna be tough, no power for how long? Man Stephanie and Chris are lucky theirs didn’t go out, oh and Stephanie said hi to everyone,” I said to no one in particular.

Mom gasped as if she just got an idea. “I have an idea! Let me call the Wilson’s.”

She went upstairs and left us to sit at the kitchen table. We were all in our own thoughts as to how we were gonna get by our little power outage, I mean we didn’t use power like crazy but it was there when we needed it. Going back to the caveman days in our own home didn’t sound all that appealing. We passed a little conversation when mom came back downstairs and into the kitchen in better spirits.

“Good news, Jim and Marie said we can stay over at their house until our power comes back on.”

“Are you sure you’re they’re ok with that? I mean that’s four extra people,” dad said.

“Yeah they suggested it before I could ask, they said they don’t mind at all.”

Dad contemplated it for a minute then perked up. “Ok sure, why not, could be fun. Go pack a few days worth of clothes and we’ll get going as soon as the rain lets up.”

We went upstairs and packed our clothes up. I was on my way downstairs when Rita came in my room and sat on the bed looking a little worried, and I already knew what about.

“You still feel guilty huh?”

“Yeah, I tried to put it out of my head but it keeps coming back. I like Chris but I can only see myself with you, but I’m dating him, and you’re dating Stephanie, how does that make us look?”

“Like were confused right now. Don’t look at it that way. Since were brother and sister our relationship doesn’t count, that’s all we’ll be recognized as in society, so we don’t have to feel guilty about it. Were not really using them since we do like them, its not like were going out with them to win a bet or something, we actually do care about them, we just care for each other more.”

She pulled me into a soft hug and kissed me on the lips, then gave me a sisterly kiss on the cheek as she leaned back to look at me. “You always know what to say don’t you?”

“I like seeing that smile on your face.”

She leaned back into another hug and held it until her phone started ringing. “Oh its Chris, let me take this while I finish packing,” she said and walked back to her room.

I went to use the bathroom then back to my room and looked out the window at all the flashes of lightning, followed by small booms of thunder and heavy raindrops pouring, it was a little calming but if it didn’t let up soon it would be forever before we left. I got caught up in looking out the window I didn’t notice Rita come back in until she leaned against me. We didn’t say anything, just looked out the window until finally the rain slowed down, and dad was on top of it, yelling upstairs to high tail it so we could go before it got bad again. We took our stuff and loaded it in moms van she bought last month and were off in less than five minutes. The more we drove toward the other side of town the more it seemed like the storm had already passed through there as it was just light rain coming down. We listened to our parents sing along to the radio like in that commercial with that little boy until finally we turned on their street and pulled into their driveway.

It was a little after four when we got there. We each grabbed our own bags (we only had two bags each) and ran to the door to get out of the rain. They must have seen us coming because when we got there the door opened and Chris held the screen door open for us as we ran inside.

“I heard you guys pull up, thought I’d let you in before you got too soaked. You can put all your bags here for now, were all in the living room playing Wii.”

We did as he said and left our bags there and followed him to the living room where they were playing Wii Boxing. They paused the game as everyone said hi to everyone and hugs and handshakes were passed around and they got back to their game as we sat on the couches and talked as we watched. We took turns playing tennis and baseball for a while laughing at each others mess-ups and talking about nothing in general then went back to boxing so everyone could get a breather (parents mostly).

To Be Continued…

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