Must Read: An Incest Birthday (18+)… Part 69


A Story written by Kevin_88…

“So how long is your power gonna be out, do you know?” Jim asked.

“They didn’t say for sure, they just said probably until next week,” mom replied.

“Well you’re more than welcome to stay here until its back on,” Marie followed.

“Ok guys, kinda losing my concentration here,” Chris said punching with the Wiimote.

“Yeah you’re probably not that good anyway,” I joked.

“Oh is that a challenge? You sure you wanna do that? I don’t lose at this,” he said.

“I think I can take you, in fact, why don’t we all play, the Stevens’ vs. the Wilson’s,” I said.

“And the losers have to cook and clean, burgers and fries and all the dishes,” Jim added.

Dad laughed to himself. “Why is it you always throw in someone having to cook Jim?”

“Because that way there’s a chance I don’t have to, I can’t help it, I’m a businessman.”

“Ok fine, first two to lose cooks, the second two washes dishes,” Marie said.

“Wait what if were not that good? I just learned how to play a while ago,” mom said.

Rita grabbed the Wiimote and the nunchuck. “Then you better learn fast mom or you’ll cooking burgers and fries for eight. Stephanie, me and you first, if I lose I don’t wanna wash dishes.”

They went for a couple rounds until Rita knocked her out in the second round and did a victory butterfly, but Stephanie took it in stride and did the butterfly with her, until she remembered she had to cook. She gave me a quick kiss and went into the kitchen to get the stuff ready. Jim and dad were next, and as expected, it went all three rounds the game allowed and to the cards, which turned out in favor of Jim, so dad had to help Stephanie cook. He too took it all in stride, offering a handshake then went to the kitchen to help Stephanie cook. Chris and I took over next, making it to the second round before he TKO’d me after I knocked him down only once, so I was on dish duty. I knew he’d never let me live it down, or give me a rematch. Finally Marie and mom were up. It took them all of the first round to get used to the punching and dodging, but then let loose on each other in the second round. The last round was a battle as mom was swinging hooks and jabs and Marie was throwing haymakers and uppercuts, both looking like they were actually fighting with the friendly trash talking they were doing.

“Not bad Marie, but you’re not even hitting me! Too fast for you?”

“That’s all strategy, to get you tired and go in for the kill!”

“I’d believe that if I wasn’t punching your head in right now! Whoops almost got me!”

“Oh don’t worry, I’m gonna get you, then you’re gonna clean my dishes for me.”

“I don’t think so Marie, the only thing I’m gonna be cleaning is your clock!” Mom swung a right hook and Marie’s character fell down with 31 seconds left in the final round, and got counted out. “Whoo! Mama said knock you out! Looks like you’re doing the dishes tonight! Man that felt good!”

She looked exactly like the lady from the Wii commercial at that moment. When she started to do the Ali shuffle in place we all couldn’t help but laugh, she looked so funny doing it with her bare feet , pink blouse and blue skirt with her hair swinging all over the place, instant classic moment. Marie was laughing so hard tears were coming out of her eyes.

“Holy god Anna, I’m almost glad I lost now, that was priceless! Where’s a camera when you need one,” Marie said through tears and laughter.

“Right here, recording it so we can laugh at it later,” I said as I’d been aiming my phone at mom since they started trash talking. Even dad and Stephanie had been laughing at them from the kitchen, almost giving me the idea to make it the newest Youtube video.

We turned the game off, two wins for the Wilson’s, and two wins for us, but it wouldn’t be left at that. We changed into some house clothes and turned on the tv to the “My Wife and Kids” marathon and got comfortable on the two couches with Jim next to Marie, Rita next to Chris (unfortunately), and mom sat down next to me. We had been watching for a while and everyone kept making comments about who on the show looked best, who was the dumbest, smartest, but nothing really about the comedy. Mom and I sat on one couch and Jim and Marie were cuddled up on one side of the other couch and Rita and Chris were sitting close on the same couch but on the other side. They had no problem kissing each other with Rita and Chris right next to them, but Chris didn’t look like he wanted to do that in front of his parents. Mom saw them, ran her hand over the inside of my thigh and immediately started teasing them.

“Oh you two get a room! Or at least wait till the kids are sleep like the rest of us!”

“That would require us having to wait, which is something that just can’t happen,” Jim laughed.

“Yeah why should we leave? We’d do it right here if we wanted to,” Marie giggled.

“Eww mom gross!” Stephanie shouted from the kitchen.

“Yeah that is gross, we don’t wanna see that,” Chris jumped in.

“Don’t be a kiss-Buttocks Chris,” Stephanie yelled, causing dad to laugh loud enough for us to hear him.

“I am not a kiss-Buttocks! Where do you keep getting that from? You know what, you just messed up, now I’m not gonna… I’m gonna… You know what?”

“Wow Chris man you really told her,” I laughed sarcastically.

“Hey, I did tell her, you were listening,” he said as he threw a pillow at me. “And you, make my burger well done with all the fixings, you know how I like it,” he yelled into the kitchen to Stephanie.

“Yes sir! One burger well done with all the fixings and a loogie on top coming right up!”

“I’ll have the same thing but hold the loogie,” Rita said straight faced still watching the tv.

“All this craziness spurred just from kissing on the couch,” Jim stated.

“Hey you’re the crazy ones, me and my little angels had no part in this,” mom joked as she blew a kiss at Rita and kissed me on my cheek, very close to my mouth.

“Ha! Angels my foot!” Marie said as she launched a pillow that hit mom in the head.

“OOF, Marie! Did you just hit me with a pillow?”

“Looks that way mom, ooooh I know you’re not gonna take that!” Rita instigated.

We cleared space as they both stood up, pillows in hand ready to throw down like the college girls they both could easily pass for, but dad ran in with a skillet that had two burgers sizzling in it aiming it at them like he was gonna burn them with it, then laughed and backed off.

“Ok ladies, save it for when we can get a pool of pudding or some jell-o, its dinnertime.”

They both dropped their pillows at the same time and gave each other a mock staredown as they went to the dining room and sat down, then burst into laughter at their childish behavior. Stephanie came into the living room and kissed me hard, pushing me back onto the couch and falling on top of me for a second, then got up and licked her lips as she walked back towards the dining room. Chris was kissing Rita when I sat up and then he followed behind Stephanie. Rita stood up and looked at me like she wanted to tear my clothes off right there, and I felt the exact same way.

“Tonight, when everyone’s asleep,” she whispered and strutted into the dining room. I felt like Jim and Marie right now, I didn’t want to wait, but if I was to keep our secret I had to.

We sat down to eat the burgers and fries dad and Stephanie made. Chris actually checked to see if Stephanie spit on his burger and when he was satisfied she didn’t he gave her a “you better not have” look and she just smiled it off like it didn’t bother her. The food was pretty good, I guess everyone thought so because we all had consumed more than half our food before anyone talked.

“So what do you guys wanna do after we eat?” Jim asked.

” Since its still raining, I was thinking of taking a nap, I’m a little tired,” I said.

Rita looked over at me and slumped. “Oh come on Randy, you said you would watch the newest Friday the 13 th with me when it came on, and that’s tonight, or did you forget?”

“I didn’t forget, but I didn’t know it was today. If I promised then I’ll watch it with you.”

She smiled and clapped her hands. “Yay! I hate watching scary movies by myself.”

“Ooh I wanted to see that too, but SOMEONE didn’t wanna watch it with me either,” Stephanie said.

Chris sighed. “I had to leave that night, you know that. I’ll watch it with you tonight.”

“Well I don’t wanna watch it with you now, I wanna watch it with Randy,” she teased.

“Fine, then I’ll watch it with Rita, I know she wants to watch it with me.”

We both smiled at them as best we could without making it look like we were disappointed. Yeah I wanted to have Rita grab me when the scary parts came up, but knowing the situation we were in I knew this was best, besides, having Stephanie cling to me wasn’t bad either.

To Be Continued…

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