Must Read: An Incest Birthday (18+)… Part 70


A Story written by Kevin_88…

“How about some poker? We always talk about it but never play,” dad said.

“Sure why not, as long as the women are game I’m in,” Jim replied.

“I’m in, I haven’t played poker in a long time,” Marie said.

“Me too, but its every man and woman for themselves, I wanna keep the money I win,” mom said.

On that note we finished eating and everyone shot out of the room, leaving all their dishes on the table and laughing at Marie and I since we had to do them. We gathered up all the dishes and stacked them around the sink as she washed and I dried them and put them away.

“So how’s life going for you Randy?” Marie asked handing me a plate.

“Its ok, I can’t complain.”

“How are things with you and Stephanie?”

“They’re going good, she’s a great girl, and funny too, always messing with Chris.”

“Haha yes she is. Speaking of Chris how are he and Rita doing?”

“From what I can see they’re doing pretty good too.”

“That’s good. Just make sure he respects her, and you Stephanie. Women are fragile creatures. My daughter is a great catch and I know Rita is too, you all can be very happy with each other.”

“You don’t have to worry about a thing Mrs. Wilson, I only have her best interests at heart.” For some reason I couldn’t help but feel like I was lying, but another part felt I was sincere.

“That’s good to hear. If Chris ever gets out of line with Rita you tell me and I’ll hold him down while you guys beat up n him,” she joked punching the dish water in demonstration.

I couldn’t help but laugh. “Will do Mrs. Wilson.”

“One more thing, I know fast kids work these days, and I know you’re gonna be, you know, active, but please don’t rush things, its ok to wait, and if it does happen, make sure you’re careful.”

“Don’t worry Mrs. Wilson, if it happens we’ll be careful. I’ll tell the same thing to Rita and Chris.”

“Thank you honey. You know its a shame we don’t get to talk more, this is really nice.”

“Yeah, but there’s always so many people around its next to impossible. By the way how are things going with you?”

“How nice of you to ask. Everything is going just fine, I couldn’t ask for anything more.”

“That’s good. You have anything exciting planned?”

“Not right now no but there are a few things on the horizon I have planned.”

“Does that include a small pool of pudding or jell-o so you and mom can duke it out to see who’s top mama? I can’t wait to see who wins that,” I joked holding in a laugh.

She did one of those fake dramatic gasps and flicked some water on me, and I reached back in the water flicking some back on her, getting it on her gold locket necklace and running down her shirt. Luckily all the dishes were pretty much done because we splashed most of the water out onto each other laughing like crazy as we got soaked in dishwater. When we were done there was water all over the counter and some on the floor, and I offered to wipe it up since I’m nice like that. The other parents came back into the kitchen with the poker stuff and Jim had on this transparent green visor, must be a luck thing. They shooed me into the living room where the movie was just starting and Stephanie was waiting for me on the couch with a blanket over her, with Chris and Rita already under theirs.

“How’d washing dishes go?” Stephanie asked.

“Better than I expected, hence the slightly wet shirt.”

“That’s exactly why I don’t wash dishes with her,” she joked.

Before the movie even started she was grabbing onto me as Jason killed someone as the title came across the screen. She scooted over until she was pinned to me at the hip and encouraged me to put my arms around her, which I did. Rita was sitting with her back to Chris and both of their legs splayed out on the couch. She caught me looking at her a few times and gave me a smile that said she was fine how she was, but she would be better with me, and I felt the same way.

“Yeah! Straight baby! Gimme my mo-nay!” Marie screamed as I’m guessing she won the pot.

“Uhh mom were trying to watch a movie in here,” Chris yelled into the kitchen.

“Sorry honey, its just so hard to be quiet when I’m winning all this mo-nay!”

I laughed to myself as Stephanie crossed her leg over mine and turned my head to kiss her. It started off as one peck after the other but soon we were full on making out on the couch. I looked over to where Rita and Chris were sitting and saw Rita trying not to look at us, but I saw Chris glance our way and frown up, and a second later he and Rita were making out too. We were careful not to make any loud lip-smacking noises to alert the parents to what we were doing, but the sound was high enough on the tv that we were pretty safe. I reached up and cupped her Bosom with my own free will and she put her hand on top of mine and pushed it into her tit more. She was lightly moaning but never took her lips off mine, that was until the girl got stabbed through the head under the dock and both girls jumped.

“That’s a shame, she had a nice rack”, Chris joked and received an elbow to the gut.

As the movie went on there were constant screams and yells coming from the kitchen as someone won a pot, or doubled up, or told a joke. We make out at all the boring parts of the movie and stole grabs of each other under the blanket. I can’t tell what’s going on on the couch with Rita and Chris, but it looks like they’re doing the same thing we are. It gets to another part where we know someone is about to die because one, they did the stupid “I’m gonna go see if they’re ok” instant death talk, and two, they didn’t kill the black guy yet. Stephanie pulls me into another kiss but this time she rubs my Joystick through my shorts, bringing it to an almost instant erection.

“Everything ok in there?” Jim asked randomly as if he detected foul play.

“Yes dad everything’s fine,” Stephanie replied as she had to break the kiss.

“Good because its going great in here, flush! I believe these chips are mine!”

“They would be, but a flush doesn’t beat a full house! Haha yea! I’ll take those,” dad cheered.

Even though she broke the kiss Stephanie never took her hand off my Joystick, but now slipped her hand under my shorts and slowly have me a handjob. It was feeling really good and I was returning the favor rubbing her Kittycat through her shorts until she squeezed my Joystick like it was a banana. I followed her eyes to the screen and saw why, the black guy was getting chased and caught an ax to the back as he tried to run, which apparently horrified both Rita and Stephanie enough for them to scream.

“I can’t watch!” Stephanie squealed as she buried her face in my chest.

“Neither can I,” Rita followed as she covered up on Chris.

“Four of a kind! Oh yeah, another hand for mama! I think I’ll get me those shoes now,” mom boasted.

They both stayed like that until most of the killing was done, then turned around to watch the ending of the movie. I never thought I’d say it, but I was happy when Stephanie let go of my Joystick, she had been holding it the whole time in her deathgrip and I finally got the feeling back in it. We all had one last makeout session as the movie ended then got up and straightened everything back the way it was.

“It wasn’t that bad,” Stephanie said trying to save face.

Chris laughed. “You were curled up in Randy’s armpit so much you probably missed half the movie!”

“No I wasn’t, but I saw you trying to cover Rita’s face, kiss-Buttocks!”

“You’re just jealous cause I watched the movie with Rita and not you.”

“You guys really have problems you know that?” I teased.

“Ah were just kidding, she knows I love her,” Chris said tagging her arm.

They hit each other back and forth and I shrugged it off as we went to the kitchen to see on the parents poker game. There were empty beer bottles, at least eight, sitting around the table they were playing on. We each went and stood behind one of our parents, boys behind their dad and the girls behind their mom. We watched them play for a while, each one willing a couple hands until they realized how late it was getting and decided to make the next hand their last. They were betting like crazy until the pot ended up at $50 (it was a $2 a bet game) and made their last bet as they were just about to turn the river card. There was a nine of clubs, queen of hearts, nine of diamonds, and a king of clubs, so it looked like it was anyone’s game. Everyone was in and they flipped over the river, which was a ten of hearts. Dad had a nine and a ten, so he had a full house, but we didn’t know if it was good enough.

“Ok, moment of truth. Marie, show us your cards,” dad said.

“Three little 9’s sitting in a tree,” she said and laid them down.

“Three 9’s? Too good for me, I fold,” Jim said.”

“Not good enough for this table Marie, pulled out a straight on the river,” mom said as she lay down a Jack and an Ace and then looked over at dad. “So honey, its down to you, what you got?”

“That’s good, but not good enough to win this game, full house, three 9’s and two 10’s!” He lay the cards down and got all the chips. “I love money.”

“Dammit, the river helped you too? Well I still came out ahead,” mom said.

“Ok lets clean this up, I’m getting a little tired,” Marie said.

“Yeah so are we, were gonna go to bed,” Chris said scurrying off to leave.

“Hold it! Chris you and Randy take your room, and Stephanie and Rita will share,” Jim said.

“What? Share a bed with another guy? Come on dad!”

“Well you and Rita are definitely not sleeping in the same bed.”

“Tell you what, we play one game of 21, if I beat the house we pick our arrangements.”

Jim looked around at all the parents, like they had some kind of trick up their sleeve, and they all seemed to be in agreement. “Ok fine, since you seem so confident. One hand, no redos. I’ll deal.”

He shuffled the cards and turned over the first one, 7. Chris took a hit and got a 3, then another and got an Ace, then one more and flipped a 6. The house had 17 also and we told him to quit since technically we wouldn’t lose, but being caught up in the game he took another hit and got a Jack, bust.

“Dammit Chris we told you to quit man!” I said.

“I thought I could get the five cards!”

“You thought wrong buddy, have fun cuddling up with Randy tonight,” Jim joked.

We all beat up on Chris for messing up and helped them straighten back up the table, then we all went upstairs to where we would sleep. Mom and dad took the guest bedroom while Jim and Marie went to their room and we all slugged into our room, trying to drown out the parents laughing at us. Luckily Chris’ bed was a queen and we wouldn’t be touching, but just to be sure we used a blanket as a divider. We played his PS3 for a while before we got tired of it and decided reluctantly it was time for bed. I got on one side and he the other, flat on our backs, making sure we touched no part of each other.

“Hey man, my bad I messed up the bet, I should’ve just stayed.”

“Its cool, next time one of us will play though, you’d keep going if you had twenty,” I joked.

“What do you think they’re doing in there, Rita and Stephanie?”

To Be Continued…

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