Must Read: An Incest Birthday (18+)… Part 71


A Story written by Kevin_88…

“I don’t know, they’re probably as bored as we are.”

“Nah man, I think they’re in there messing around.”

“What really? Not them, it took them two months to stop being jealous of each other.”

“And now there in there making up for lost time.”

“You have a weird way of piecing stuff together man you know that?”

“What do you call what they did at the bowling alley?”

“They only did that so they could win the bet, that doesn’t count.”

“Yeah I guess, It’d be hot though if they were doing something.”

(meanwhile in Stephanie’s room…)————————————————————————-

I got in Stephanie’s bed after we’d finished painting our fingernails and toes and got under her big blanket and lay there, horny as ever. Stupid Chris for messing up the bet, if he had stopped at 17 Randy’s Joystick would be seven inches deep in my Kittycat right now. I’ll just have to tough it out and wait until everyone goes to sleep, including Stephanie, who just cut out the light and got into bed next to me.

“I’m glad you guys came to spend the night, its way more fun when you guys are here, even though right now it feels like were 11 and you’re here for a sleepover,” she said.

“Me too, though I’d rather it not be for our power going out, but still glad.”

“So how are you and Chris doing?”

“Were doing ok, he does some stupid things at times, but its all in fun.”

“Tell me about it, I’m around him all the time, but hes worth the hassle. Randy on the other hand is so sweet and gentle, when he kisses me its always soft, not all lip mashing like I’m used to.”

“Yeah I know what you mean, Chris kinda kisses like that, I try to show him how to kiss softer but he’s always so eager, he’ll get it eventually.”

“Yeah, hey quit hogging all the blanket, its cold in here!”

We were pulling it back and forth trying to get as much of it as we could while giggling to ourselves. Eventually I won out, seeing as I never like to give up, and she resolved to get the blanket back by any means necessary, including trying to wrestle it away from me and even pinching my tit.

“Oh! You little hussy!” I say in fake shock.

She starts laughing and covering her face as I play slap her and pinch her back until finally she gives in out of breath and falls back into the bed. We lay there laughing trying to catch our breath, now too hot for the blanket after all that moving around, the only other sound other than us being the rain.

“See this is what I mean, even the little stuff is fun.”

“I guess we just know how to have a good time is all,” I said.

“What about yesterday at the bowling alley, was that us having a good time?”

I thought back to the kiss she was referring to. It was really hot kissing in front of everyone like that, not to mention she is a great kisser. “Yeah, that and the easy money we won.”

“What about back at the cabin, what was that?”

It took me a while to remember what she was talking about, but when I did it made me even hornier than I already was. Before they left that day she came to me and asked for some advice, and I don’t know how but we ended up eating each others Kittycat for a few minutes. While I was not expecting it I would be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy it. Damn I could really use Randy right now. I looked at her in the dark and could see the outline of her face looking at me. Before I responded to her question she scooted over to me and kissed me. It was only then when I realized what her true intentions were, to butter me up with past experiences and pounce. When she broke the kiss she looked at me as if checking my reaction, still stunned I realized what just happened, and ironically it didn’t bother me, maybe because I was horny or because I knew what she wanted, either way I smiled at her and she took it as a good sign. She got off the bed and walked to the door, leaving me to wonder where she was going, but it clicked for me when I heard her lock the door and come back to the bed ready to play.

She climbed right on top of me and kissed me, wasting no time. I kissed her back as we rubbed our bodies together, getting a feel for each other. She broke the kiss and took off her shirt, revealing a pair of titties that looked to be a size bigger than mine, maybe 34C. I was a little jealous of her, but that went away fast when she leaned down and traced a Tip over my lips like how a woman puts on lipstick, and made a whiny noise until I finally sucked it into my mouth.

“Oh yes suck on it baby, your mouth feels good on my hard Tip,” she whispered.

I squeezed her free Bosom with one hand and her Buttocks with the other, it was nice and tight, and a little small, she may have better breasts than me but I definitely have a better Buttocks. She started grinding her Kittycat into mine, hard and in circles as I switched from sucking one tit to the other. She then used her hand to massage both my breasts through my shirt mashing my super sensitive hard Tip against the fabric, making me completely horny. I knew if I didn’t get some relief soon I was gonna die, luckily Stephanie planned to give me that outlet before I could even ask for it.

“Please Rita can I eat your Kittycat again please? I can’t stop thinking about the first time I did.”

Even though we were taking a big chance with everyone still up, my mind was completely overridden by my need to Pour and I desperately nodded my head yes, as worked up as she got me there was no way I was gonna pass this up. “Yes please eat my Kittycat, I’m so horny please eat me!”

She pulled down my short shorts then my panties and threw them on the floor, then locked her eyes on my Kittycat and licked her lips. My legs were shaking in anticipation and she hasn’t even touched my Kittycat yet, that’s how horny I am. Just when I was about to beg her to eat me she lowered her head and ran her tongue up my slit. It felt sooooooooooooooo good after all that build-up to finally get some release. I spread my legs wide for her and threw my head back as she licked my Kittycat clean.

“Oh yes Stephanie, oh yes, that’s so good, oh god eat my Kittycat, I love it!” I moaned.

I lifted my shirt over my titties and pinched my Tips as hard as I could as she stuck her tongue up in my Kittycat. I don’t know how long her tongue was, but it had to be pretty long because she got it a good distance up in me and licked anything it came in contact with. I could hear her slurping my Kittycat juice up as it seeped out of my hole and I could also hear a faint squishing sound, and I knew she was both extremely wet and was fingering herself. I was in heaven, I’ve never had my Kittycat licked like this before, every movement and touch with her is so soft and caressing, yet it makes my Kittycat tingle even more, she even kisses it! I lay back enjoying every moment of it and then I feel her grip my thighs to pull my Kittycat closer to her face, and right away she encloses my clit in her mouth.

“Oh my Bleeping god Stephanie! Suck my clit baby, suck it please!”

My hands grip the back of her head and hold her there as I smear my Kittycat all over her face, no doubt leaving all my juice everywhere. The more she sucks my clit the more I can sense an orgasm close to shooting out of me, and it intensified when she shoved what felt like two fingers in me. She fingered me and sucked my clit through the thrashing I was doing until I felt my orgasm fast approaching, and she bit down on my clit and bent her fingers inside me as she Forked me, that did it.

“Oh Stephanie I’m about to Pour! I’m gonna Pour all over your pretty little face!”

“You gonna Pour for me baby? Do it, Pour all over me, shower my face in it.”

“Yes, I’m doing it, oh my god, oh my god, I’m cummmmmmmmmmming!” I moaned silently.

Just like I said, I came all over her face. It didn’t phase her though as she kept licking up everything she could, and kept licking when I stopped squirting. I could hear her still fingering herself and realized that she still hadn’t come yet. I waited until I had enough strength and moved her to her back and replaced her fingers with mine, and my tongue.

“Oh god, Rita that feels so good, you don’t have to…”

“I want to, you made me feel so good, now I wanna make you feel good too.” I cut her off.

She tasted just as good as I remember her tasting the last time I ate her, like the sweetness of a green apple when you take that first bite. I sucked her Kittycat like I owned it, and at that moment I felt like I did, and it was my job to make it Pour. I pulled my dripping fingers out of her Kittycat and put one right on her asshole, and when she gasped, I slipped it in. She was moaning even more than I do as I slowly pushed my finger all the way in and slid it back out and licked her Kittycat. I knew she wanted to Pour, I also knew it wouldn’t take that long once I touched her clit, so it one movement, I Forked her Buttocks with my finger as hard as I could and suctioned my lips around her clit and sucked on it as hard as I could, before I knew it she was thrashing around on the bed just like I was not too long ago.

“Oh Rita! I’m cumming! I’m cumming Rita! I’m cummmmmmming!”

She wasn’t a squirter, but she did leak, and I licked. I licked and licked until there was nothing else to lick, and then I licked some more. Eventually she had to get me off her sensitive Kittycat and pulled me up to her and gave me a big wet kiss.

“I’m sorry I seduced you Rita, but I just had to. I had to lick you again.”

“Don’t be sorry, I’m not. I completely loved that, I can’t wait till the next time.”

She got a big smile on her face. “Next time?”

“Yes next time. You can’t do that and then expect me to stop cold turkey!”

“I’m so happy you said that, I didn’t wanna stop either, not even for Randy or Chris.”

“Speaking of Randy and Chris, lets go surprise them with a little wake up call,” I grinned.

(back over to the other room)——————————————————————————–

To Be Continued…

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