Must Read: An Incest Birthday (18+)… Part 74


A Story written by Kevin_88…

She squeezed my Joystick and my face in her nimble hands as she came on my fingers. She didn’t Pour like the women in our family, but she dripped and it soaked my hand as she shook on my fingers. I held her up from falling and brought my fingers to my mouth to taste her, and she tasted every bit as good as I remember, and from what Rita told me, the sweetness of a freshly picked sweet green apple. I sucked my fingers clean and got another taste while still remembering we could get caught at any time, but her Kittycat juice seemed to divert my attention at that moment. She finally let my softened Joystick go and turned around to put her arms around my neck and kissed me.

“That was Bleeping amazing Randy! Oh wow I came so good!”

“Yeah me too, luckily I washed up before hand or I wouldn’t have the strength to do it now.”

“Good thing you did, now get out, we don’t wanna get caught,” she playfully chided.

“Oh now you don’t wanna get caught! Fine, I know when I’m not wanted,” I teased.

As I got out she slapped my Buttocks cheek and giggled, but I didn’t have time to retaliate. Since she was still in there I figured I’d get dressed in Chris’ room since they were still in the attic to my knowledge. I wrapped the towel around me and grabbed my clothes and checked to make sure the coast was clear and came out. Just as I opened the bathroom door Rita and Chris opened the door to the attic and came out. Chris grinned at me and kept walking downstairs, but Rita didn’t. She looked in the bathroom and before I closed the door she saw Stephanie’s clothes on the floor with the shower still running, needless to say she put two and two together. Before we could say anything we heard someone coming up the stairs, and fearing it wasn’t Chris we bolted out of the hallway. I went in Chris’ room and locked his door while I dressed. I wondered what they did in the attic, and what she thought we did in the shower, and why we can’t seem to find the time to do anything with each other, we needed to break that habit. 

I waited a good amount of time before I went back into the hallway, it was clear so I headed downstairs. The guys were sitting at the couch watching the baseball game and the women were sitting at the table talking. Rita smiled at me as I came in the kitchen, but the mothers kept talking. I waved and they acknowledged me and went back to their conversation, and I headed to the basement, hoping Rita saw me and got the hint. I sat on the couch and waited, a couple minutes later I heard footsteps on the stairs and got up just as Rita came around the corner and walked straight into a kiss. She moaned in my mouth and hopped up on me while seeking out my tongue with hers. I carried her to the pool table and sat her down on it as we felt each other up, making up for lost time with each other.

“So what happened in the shower?” Rita asked.

“We masturbated each other till we came, what happened in the attic?”

“The exact same thing, though Chris did try to do more, but I wouldn’t let him. I pretended I didn’t wanna get caught, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do anything else.”

“I couldn’t either, I was too busy wondering what you two were in the attic doing.”

She kissed me again and rubbed my Joystick through my shorts as I squeezed her tits in my hands. She tugged my shorts down a little and pulled my Joystick out of my boxers and stroked it with both hands.

“I hope this is still mine,” she said seductively.

“You know it is, and he missed you.”

“Oh I definitely missed him, my Kittycat especially.”

“When everyone goes to sleep, I’ll make damn sure you two get reacquainted.”

She continued to stroke me as I played with her Kittycat, relishing the little time we had together away from everyone else, but just like all the other times, just when it seemed like we would be alone for a while, someone had to come and spoil it. We heard footsteps coming down the stairs and immediately got up and fixed ourselves, and almost on instinct, we both went to grab the pool balls on the side of the pool table and made it look as if we were about to play. We had the table half set up when Chris and Stephanie came giggling around the corner and stopped when they saw us.

“What’s so funny?” Rita asked.

“Oh, uh your dad threw a little tantrum when their team gave up a home run,” Stephanie said.

“Oh uh ok. What are you guys doing down here?” I asked.

“We uh came to play pool, what about you guys?” Chris asked.

“So did we. I thought I’d help Randy get better, them play a few games,” Rita said.

“Oh, yeah that’s cool, well since were all here we might as well play together,” Chris said.

“Sure why not, but I break first since I suck,” I said hiding my disappointment.

We played a few games them versus Rita and I (they won the most) and as usual I sucked, but this time for different reasons other than my poor play. My mind was too occupied on other stuff to really concentrate on the game, mostly on Rita. Usually I could put off whatever she did with Chris with the reasoning we were doing it to keep our relationship under wraps, but each time we caught each other doing something new with Stephanie and Chris, it got a little harder to cope with.

“Randy, Randy! RANDY ITS YOUR TURN MAN!” Chris yelled hitting me with the stick.

“Ow! Oh sorry, kinda lost in thought there for a second,” I replied.

“A second? Try minutes. Now would you stop daydreaming and take your shot so you can miss already, we all know you will,” Stephanie laughed.

I don’t know why, but I suddenly felt like I could make the shot, granted all our solids were on the opposite side of the table from the cueball, but I still thought I could make one. “Wanna bet?”

“You’re gonna bet on this babe? You suck at pool! Ok, if you make any shot I’ll kiss you and feel you up in front of all of our parents, how’s that for a bet?”

“I wouldn’t do it man, that’s pretty bold being all grabby in front of everyone like that,” Chris said.

“Nope I have a better one, you won’t kiss me in front of everyone, you’ll kiss our mother!”

“What? Are you crazy? I’m not kissing your mother, she’s hot and all but that’s weird.”

“Either you kiss our mother, or yours, your pick, or you can just be a little scaredy Buttocks and not take the bet at all, in which case I still win, but you know, mentally.”

“She won’t do it, she doesn’t like kissing girls,” Rita lied, trying to spur her on.

“You know what, fine, I’ll kiss your mother if you make any shot. I don’t know why I’m so worried anyway, you couldn’t make anything if the ball was sitting right in front of the hole!”

I called the blue two since it was closest to the corner pocket. I lined up the shot and hit the ball as best and hard as I could, but completely missed the ball altogether, but then it hit off the wall, came down and hit off the wall I was standing behind, then slowly went back up and hit the blue ball, knocking it into the corner pocket, lucky Buttocks shot. Everyone was in shock, but I still danced and gloated.

“Ha-ha! Made it! Guess who’s kissing our mother today, Stephanie is!” I teased.

“Get out of here, you didn’t mean to do that, that was complete luck!” Stephanie shouted.

“So what, it went in. A bets a bet, I can’t wait to see how you pull this off,” Rita laughed.

We finished that last game and lost again, but I didn’t care, I made the only shot that mattered, and I was gonna make damn sure I would be there if she actually kiss her or chicken out.

“You have to at least the end of the day to make good on the bet,” I reminded her.

“Yeah yeah end of the day got it. I’ll do it, I’m a good sport, even though I rarely lose.”

“We’ll see later on, I don’t wanna play this anymore, lets do something else,” Rita said.

“Lets go play Dynasty Warriors, I just got the new one,” Chris said.

“Ahh come on man I hate that game! Its so stupid,” I complained.

“You’re crazy, that game is awesome! Come on Chris lets go play,” Stephanie offered.

“Hey is it ok if we watch a movie on the tv down here?” Rita asked.

“I think so, just ask our parents just to be sure,” Chris said as they both left up the stairs.

We went upstairs not long after they did to find the parents, and we found both our fathers still sitting on the couch watching baseball, but had beer and chips this time.

“Hey Jim is it ok if we watch the tv in the basement?” I asked.

“Sure, I guess, well go ask Marie,” he said never looking away from the tv.

Since they weren’t in the kitchen, we figured she and our mother were probably upstairs and went up to find them, turns out they were in Marie’s room holding clothes up to each other, they were probably trading clothes since both of them are pretty much the same body type. We made ourselves known and casually walked in so they wouldn’t think we were spying on them.

“Marie is it ok if we watch the tv in the basement?” Rita asked this time.

“Umm, you should probably ask Jim since its his tv.”

“We did, he said to come ask you.”

“Well then go ahead, now shoo, me and your mom are trying on clothes,” she said smiling.

Mom grinned at us like always as we went back to the kitchen and grabbed a bowl of ice to chew on (I know were not the only ones who do that) and went down to the basement and relaxed on the couch and turned on the first movie we saw, which was The Long Kiss Goodnight, with Geena Davis and Samuel Jackson (seriously, what movie is he not in?), at the part when the guy broke out of jail. It took us a while to register the fact that everyone else had their own thing going on, with the dad’s watching baseball, the mom’s trying on clothes, and Stephanie and Chris playing video games, for the first time since we’ve been here, we actually got to spend some time together, without having to sneak around. I got up and grabbed a blanket out of the closet and lay it over us as we cuddled up and watched the movie, by ourselves, for the first time in what felt like weeks.

“I missed being close to you like this, I miss us,” Rita purred.

“Me too, with everything that’s happened I felt like we drifted apart a little.”

“I know what you mean, I hate that feeling, this bf/gf thing is only causing more problems.”

“Yeah, but we have to do it, we can’t let them find out about us, who knows what they’ll do.”

She squeezed herself into me and hugged her body to mine. “I love you so much Randy, I just wanna be with you, I hate this sneaking around thing!”

“I love you too Rita, but if we wanna stay together, we have to do it, I promise we’ll figure something out, but for now lets enjoy this time we have together.”

She grabbed my face and pulled me into her until my lips met hers, kissing me with the long lost passion we haven’t been able to share for quite some time now. She climbed up on top of me, grinding her crotch into mine and moaning into my mouth, making my Joystick harder by the second. Even though we were alone in the basement away from everyone I was listening for any footsteps on the stairs to alert us if anyone was coming. We kissed for a while as I ran my hands over her back and wrestled with her tongue that found its way into my mouth, until suddenly she broke the kiss.

“I’m sorry Randy, but I can’t do it anymore.”

I sat there confused trying to figure out what she meant. “You can’t do what?”

“I can’t be with Chris anymore, I’m not in love with him, I’m in love with you.”

“I’m in love with you too, but we have to be with them, so that we can have a relationship.”

“What relationship? We’re dating other people! We’re using them as a cover Randy, its not right, we barely even have time for each other anymore!”

“I know, I feel bad about it too, I hate using them like this, but we need them, don’t you see?”

“You’re not talking me out of this Randy, not this time! I don’t wanna do it anymore!”

I turned the volume up a little so we couldn’t be heard and sat her down next to me on the couch. “Rita, think about what you’re saying, if we stopped dating them they could find out about us.”

To Be Continued…

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