Must Read: An Incest Birthday (18+)… Part 75


A Story written by Kevin_88…

“I don’t care! I really don’t care anymore! I won’t do that to them anymore, they don’t deserve it. If they find out about us then they find out, but I won’t lead him on anymore, I wanna be with you!”

“Ok, say we tell them, they don’t take it like we thought they would, and this all blows up in our face, then what? Once the secrets out there’s no taking it back.”

“If they don’t accept us, fine, we’ll deal with whatever happens together,” she pouted.

“And what could happen is we’d get disowned, I’m trying to think about our future.”

“You’re only thinking about the negative, what if it all works out? Randy they need to know.”

“Rita, think about what you’re saying, this can cause a lot of problems we don’t need.”

All of a sudden her face turned from concern to slight anger. “You know what I think? I think you like having two girls obsess over you, you don’t wanna break up with Stephanie because you want two girls you can Fork anytime you want don’t you?”

“What? No that’s not even close! You’re talking crazy!”

“You want me for side action while you spend all your time with Stephanie don’t you?”

“Oh here we go! It all comes out now! Get it all out! I knew this would come up sooner or later.”

“Knew what would come up? Your little plan to keep two women on your arm?”

“No your jealousy, I knew it would come out and cloud your head.”

“If I’m jealous its for a good reason. The guy I wanna be with is using two women to get the best of both worlds, and you don’t even feel guilty about it. Its like you don’t care about any of us, why else wouldn’t you wanna break up with her, so you can date her and have your sister on the side?”

I scooted back in shock. To say I didn’t give a damn about anything, especially her, that really upset me, but it hurt my feelings more than anything. “Is that what you think of me, that I don’t care?”

“Why else don’t you wanna tell them? You’ve been against it from the beginning.”

“How could you say that? You think I’m trying to be smooth and keep two women on my arm, really? The only reason I wanted us to stay with them is so no one would get suspicious of us and so we could figure out a logical way to tell everyone, if I knew for a fact everyone would be ok with this I’d tell them in a heartbeat. And I hate the way Stephanie and Chris are being treated in all this but to say I don’t care about them, about you! I’m in love with you Rita Renee Stevens, completely in love with you! I would give my life for you, I would literally die for you! After everything we’ve been through our entire lives for you to say that, I…it just…i don’t even know what to say, it hurts.”

I sat there in silence looking at the movie but not really watching it, it had jumped to the part where she was cutting her hair, which was a good thirty minutes later in the movie. Rita was on the other end of the couch doing the same thing I was, avoiding looking at me, but holding back letting out her emotions. Neither of us wanted to talk first, so we just sat there “watching” the movie while upset. It was like that for a while until I heard footsteps on the stairs and heard mom call out to us.

“Hey Rita, Randy, you down here?”

I thought about not answering, but she would just come down and then she would see something wrong, and try to talk, so I decided against it. “Yeah mom we’re both here.”

“Were gonna order pizza since everyone’s too lazy to cook, you guys want the usual?”

“Yep mom, sausage and pepperoni like always.”

“Ok that’s all I wanted, you can go back to whatever you were doing,” she said and giggled.

I didn’t wanna go back to what we were doing, I wanted it to go back to when we first came down here and avoid that whole conversation, but I knew it wasn’t gonna happen. I hated this, we almost never fought, so when it did happen neither of us knew how to handle it, and the fact that were both a little stubborn means we could have been like that all day. We finally get time alone and this happens, life can be messed up. I wanted to say something, but I was still upset at what she said and was prepared to watch the rest of the movie in silence, that is, until I heard Rita start to cry. I looked over at her and she looked back at me with tears in her eyes, I really hated to see her cry, this was no different.

“I’m sorry Randy, I didn’t mean any of it, I’m just so tired of having to hide our relationship from everyone, and being with Chris when I wanna be with you, I just lost it,” she said fully crying now.

My heart broke, I truly hated to see her cry. I loved her too much to want to see her like that, and over a fight we could have avoided made it seem even worse. I scooted over to her and put my arm around her and pulled her into me. “Don’t apologize, we both got caught up in the moment, this was bound to happen sooner or later. Even though it hurt hearing you say it, I know you didn’t mean it.”

“I’m still sorry, I know you would never think like that, I was stupid to even say it.”

“Don’t say that. It shows that you genuinely care about everyone, and their feelings. Look, lets not worry about this anymore, we have time together, so lets spend it being together.”

She lay me back on the couch so my head was on the arm rest and laid on top of me and spread the blanket over us. “I’m so sorry, I love you.”

“I love you too,” I said back as I wiped away her tears and kissed her as she cuddled up into me.

We watched the rest of the movie as if nothing ever happened, not worrying about anything, just happy kissing and feeling up each other. She wrapped her arms around me and pushed her crotch into mine, and my hands found their way to her Buttocks and massaged it. I thought about trying a little quickie, but realized it would be too risky with everyone awake, and just upstairs, but I wanted to do something. I sat up and leaned her back till she was flat on the couch, then dipped my hand under the blanket and played with her Kittycat through her shorts and licked my lips, we both knew what was coming.

I threw the blanket on the floor and hovered over her, placing my hands on either side of her and kissing along her neck. I slowly let my hands slide over her tits and gave them a firm squeeze and pinched her Tips as I listened to her soft moans while my hands trailed down her body until I got to her shorts. I looked her in the eyes as I hooked her shorts in my fingers, she looked up at me with those big blue eyes and grinned and lifted up off the couch as I slowly slid her shorts down her legs. I grabbed her panties at the sides and pulled them off in the same manner, held them to my face and took a long sniff right in front of her (first time I ever did that). It literally was a breath of fresh air, fresh aroused, sweet smelling Kittycat air, and the real thing would be so much better. I pulled her across the couch and positioned her so she was hanging over the arm rest with her Kittycat pointing to the sky and legs apart and put a pillow under her back, got on my knees in front of her, grabbed her thighs, and dove head first into the best Kittycat I’ve ever eaten in my entire life.

The second my tongue touched her smooth, wet lips her hands were on my head holding me in place. I licked up and down the slit spreading it with my tongue then holding it open with my lips while my tongue ran across every bit of pink inside her Kittycat it was able to reach.

“Oh yes baby, yes! I love the way your lips feel on my Kittycat, oh god yes,” she moaned.

I squeezed her thighs in my hands as she groaned and pushed her Kittycat into my face, rubbing it all over my nose, lips, and some of my cheeks. I sucked each lip into my mouth and sucked up her wetness as it dripped out of her. She opened her legs wider and at the same time exposing her asshole to me, so I stiffened my tongue and tonguefucked it.

“Oh Randy, that feels so good, god you make me feel so good!”

I took her words of encouragement and used them on her body, licking from Buttocks to clit and stopping to flick her clit every third lick. Her hands never left my head the whole time I was licking her, and the fact that someone could come down the stairs at any moment scared me, but also made it a little more exciting. I was sucking on her clit when I saw the bowl of ice we brought down and thought about how I could use it on her, and got an idea. I slurped at her Kittycat and kissed it before backing off and looking at it pulsate like it was breathing, causing Rita to whimper in disappointment.

“Where did you go? Get back down there, my Kittycat still needs you,” she whined.

“I’m not going anywhere baby, I just need to get something.”

“Ok well hurry up, I need your lips back on my Kittycat right now!”

I reached out and grabbed the bowl of ice and crunched a cube in half. I put one half in my mouth so it would melt and make my mouth cold and took the other half and pushed it into her Kittycat. With the heat coming out of it I knew it would be melted in no time, but it should give her a maddening sensation while it lasted. As I suspected she jumped at the sudden change of temperature and squished my face into her Kittycat, unable to talk, but breathing erratic. The ice cube I put in my mouth melted, but left my mouth cold and she jumped around more when my cold tongue licked and sucked at her hot pussylips.

“Oh Fork what are you doing to me? Oooh Fork yes baby! Its so cold, but its so good!”

I kept licking until my mouth wasn’t cold anymore and grabbed another ice cube and broke it in half again. I pushed one half inside her again and kept the other half at the front of my mouth so it wouldn’t melt as fast. I stuck two fingers in her and fingered her with the ice cube in her and ran the cube in my mouth over her lips. Her breathing was getting heavier and I really wanted to make her Pour hard, so I sucked onto her clit with my lips and ran the ice cube directly on it. She jerked around and contorted her face trying to hold back a scream, but I kept the ice cube on her clit with my tongue and danced them both around on her clit and fingered her until she couldn’t take it anymore.

To Be Continued…

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