Must Read: An Incest Birthday (18+)… Part 76


A Story written by Kevin_88…

“I’m gonna Pour Randy, Oh Fork, I love you Randy, I love youuuuuuuuuuu!”

She closed her thighs around my head and grabbed a throw pillow and screamed as loud as she could into it as her Kittycat pumped out a little piece of the ice cube and her Pour, which I don’t have to tell you I wasted no time drinking. She stopped cumming suddenly and just lay there, legs still hanging over the couch and shaking with her eyes closed and a big smile on her face, and I couldn’t help but smile too. I grabbed the blanket and her shorts and panties off the floor and picked her up and lay down with her on top of me on the couch and put the blanket back over us. I looked at the tv to see the movie had already gone off and now some infomercial was on, but I watched her recover from her orgasm instead. When she finally opened her eyes we just looked at each other, smiling and exchanging “I love you’s” and kissed like the two kids in love we were.

“Wow Randy, I can’t even describe how good you just made me feel, just, WOW!”

“You don’t have to I, could tell,” I said as I kissed her again.

“You know, that was the first time in a while you used my middle name,” she said after a kiss.

“Well I felt I needed to get my point across, and using someones middle name is always serious.”

She looked down, and looked back up at me again with the same look as before when the earlier “altercation” happened. “I still feel the same way Randy, I can’t use them like this anymore, they deserve better than that, and so do we. I think we should tell them about us.”

I thought for a minute. This could go so many different ways, most of them bad, but if she was willing to risk it for us, then so was I. “Are you sure you wanna do this?”

“I’m sure. They deserve to know. Who knows, they might not even care.”

“Ok. If you really want to, then I want to. We’ll tell them tomorrow. Is that ok?”

She hugged me tight, squeezing the air out of my lungs. “Tomorrow’s perfect. Thank you for not making it seem like I forced this on you.”

“Don’t worry about it, besides, I’d kinda like to see their reaction when they find out, but remember, we have to still act like were dating them until we tell them, ok?” I asked, and she agreed.

We laid there watching nothing in particular while doing nothing in particular but cuddling and kissing and listening to the storm outside until mom came to the stairs again and told us the pizza was here.

“You might wanna wash your face off, unless you wanna go upstairs smelling like my Kittycat.”

“You know I would, but your smell is too strong, everyone would definitely notice.” I laughed.

I grabbed some ice cubes and ran them over my face until they melted enough for me to clean my face off, then wiped my face on the blanket. We fixed everything back how it was and Rita put back on her panties and shorts and we made our way back upstairs play fighting so it wouldn’t rouse any suspicion.

“Ok ok cut that out, sit down and eat before the food gets cold,” dad said.

“That’s messed up making the pizza guy drive over here in this storm,” I joked.

“Well would you have made dinner?” Marie asked.

“Yeah, if everyone would’ve been satisfied with Ramen Noodles,” I laughed.

We all sat down and started eating. Everyone had different pizzas, Rita and I had our sausage and pepperoni, Chris and Stephanie had ham and pineapple, mom and dad had their usual supreme pizza, and Jim and Marie had mushrooms, pepperoni, and onions, theirs looked the nastiest out of all of ours.

“How could you guys eat that? It looks hideous!” Rita complained.

“Like this,” Jim said, waving a slice in her face and taking a huge bite out of it.

“So Chris how far did you guys get on Dynasty Warriors?” I asked.

“Not far, we couldn’t get past the one level so we stopped it and did something else,” Chris said.

“What were you guys doing? I thought I heard something fall,” Marie said.

“Mrs. Stevens you think I can borrow your yellow shirt, it matches my skirt,” Stephanie interrupted.

“Sure if you can fit it, you should trade clothes with Rita too, I do,” mom replied.

Rita smiled. “Why not, I’m sure she could squeeze into some of my stuff.”

“Ooh Stephanie I think she just called you fat,” Chris joked.

“Be quiet Chris, always trying to instigate something, you kiss-Buttocks,” Stephanie laughed.

“Never try to get two women to fight Chris, it never ends well,” dad said.

Mom looked at dad and grinned. “You would know honey wouldn’t you?”

“I smell a story! Spill it!” Jim insisted.

“Oh no, that one stays with us, way too crazy,” dad said.

“Come on, it can’t be that bad. What Anna beat up somebody?” Marie asked.

“They won’t tell, were their kids and they won’t tell us,” I laughed, Rita joining in.

We finished dinner with our own individual conversations, everyone getting a chance to converse with everyone, and when we finished eating gathered up all the trash and just put it in its own bag since everyone was being lazy. Since we ate out of the pizza boxes there were no dishes to wash and we didn’t have to wipe off the table so we were out of the kitchen pretty fast, and I don’t know how, but we all ended up in the living room watching the baseball game with dad and Jim.

“How can you guys watch this? It looks so boring!” Marie said.

“Its not boring, you just don’t appreciate good sports,” Jim replied.

“I kinda have to agree Jim, I’d rather watch football any day,” mom said.

“Yeah me too, baseball it too blah, luckily its the last inning,” Rita joked.

“You guys can take all that negative energy into another room, we gotta concentrate here,” dad said.

We sat in silence and watched the baseball game with them, even though it was boring. We kept poking each other and giggling trying to piss our dads off but they were too concentrated on the game that they didn’t even notice. We couldn’t kiss or touch each other because of everyone that was in the room, but we did manage to cop a couple feels. The only interesting thing that happened was some guy hit a homerun and the game went for another inning, our dads cheered and did the man hug thing, but no one thought anything of it. The game finally ended 30 minutes and 3 innings later when the same guy who hit the earlier homerun hit another and won the game, finally it was over.

“That was a great game! Man I wish we saw the whole thing!” Jim said.

“Yeah, it was great, real fun, now we need something else to do,” Rita said.

“How about Family Feud? The Stevens’ vs. the Wilson’s, everybody game?” I asked.

“What’s always with all the competitions? We never play for fun,” Marie said.

“We wouldn’t know who was better then, plus its always fun to win,” Stephanie added.

“So are we playing or not?” Chris asked.

“Set it up, were playing, and were gonna win,” mom gloated.

As they set the game up I noticed the storm outside getting stronger and the rain picking up, but I didn’t think too much of it since its been happening on and off the last few days. We got the game started and soon we were competing against each other guessing answers and doing the actual Family Feud things, clapping when we had an answer, dancing and jumping around when we got it right, and sulking when we got a strike. We split the rounds between us but they had a 50 point lead and was on the last board before the fast money. The game asked to name three guys with a naturally deep voice, and they guessed right with Billy Dee Williams and Barry White, but struck out on the last one, and I knew the answer, James Earl Jones (seriously, how could you not know that? Coming to America, Darth Vader from Star Wars, Lion King’s Mufasa, ring any bells?). It came around to our turn and I told them the answer, and the Wilson’s all scolded themselves for not knowing it, but we all cheered because we knew we had just won the game. Just as the screen was about to go to the board and reveal the answer there was a flash of lightning and a loud boom, and just like at our house, everything in their house shut off. Everyone gasped as everything in the house went dark and Rita grabbed onto my arm and held on for dear life, I knew it was her because she was standing next to me when it went pitch black.

“Aww man, we were just about to win too,” I sulked.

“Damn storm, must have knocked out another box,” Jim said.

“Do you have backup power, or are you stuck in the dark now like we were,” dad asked.

“Were stuck in the dark, we didn’t get a chance to get any of that done,” Jim responded.

“We need to go find the flashlights, its too dark in here I don’t wanna fall over anything,” Marie said.

“Oh come on mom, its not that bad, I actually kinda like the dark,” Chris said.

“Well I don’t, not when its storming like this, I’m with you mom,” Stephanie said.

“Yeah me too, these storms always make me uneasy,” mom agreed.

“Alright come on guys, we have to protect our women folk,” dad joked.

We started to feel our way around in the dark when I felt something fly past my face, I couldn’t see anything so I let it go. I started feeling around again when I felt it again, but this time it skimmed my face, then a third time I felt a pillow hit me directly in the face. I wasn’t gonna let that slide. I felt around and picked up the pillows and just threw them in front of me, when I heard everyone start to laugh I knew I got somebody. Next thing I know everyone is running around trying not to get caught and pillows are flying and people are falling on the floor. There’s a few giggles every now and then but nothing big since no one wanted to give away their spots. A few flashes of lightning gave away everyone’s spot from time to time and those were the times when the most action happened. After a quick flash I feel hands on my chest then down on my crotch and realize I’m being taken advantage of in the dark. I figured since they did it I might as well too and squeezed whoever tits it was, they were too big to be Rita’s so I figured them to be either mom’s or Stephanie’s. When they pulled away I felt a necklace around their neck and knew it wasn’t Stephanie since she didn’t wear one, so I knew it was mom. A little after the first person left another came and did pretty much the same thing, and so did I. When I tried to sneak away from whoever was feeling me up I tripped and fell on the floor, and they fell on top of me, everyone else heard it then in an instant were being bombarded with pillow after pillow for a while until finally, everyone eventually grew tired.

To Be Continued…

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