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A Story written by Kevin_88…

“Can we get some new sleeping arrangements, I hate storms like this,” Rita said.

“What kind of “new sleeping arrangements?” I hope you’re not talking about with Chris,” dad said.

“Me and Rita could share, and Chris and Stephanie could share, seriously, two guys in a bed?” I said.

They thought about it and didn’t see the harm in it, and mom helped saying we usually slept together during storms, and they decided why not. We took all the stuff back in the house and dad and Jim said they would put the downstairs back in order while we made enough light with the candles upstairs. Chris went into Stephanie’s room and Rita came in Chris’ room with me, we were definitely happy with the new arrangements, and it looked like Chris was happy to get out of the same bed with another guy as well. We were all in the bathroom brushing our teeth when mom came in with a yellow shirt.

“Here Stephanie, this is the shirt you wanted, you can have it,” mom said and tossed her the shirt.

“I can have it? Really, you’re just giving it to me?”

“Yeah sure, I think I have another one like it.”

Stephanie did that girly scream and hop and ran to mom and gave her a hug, then she shocked us all by kissing her dead on the lips, not a peck either, at least three seconds, I was flabbergasted (yeah I said flabbergasted) as was everyone else. “Thank you thank you thank you! You’re the best!”

Mom was initially surprised, but wrote it off and smiled. “Wow, um, not the reaction I expected, but I can’t argue with that, you’re welcome. I wonder what would happen if I gave you a car. Goodnight everyone, don’t stay up too late,” she smiled at Stephanie and left.

She came back over and brushed her teeth like nothing happened, but was smiling to herself. “What?”

“What nothing! You actually did it! You do know you didn’t have to kiss her on the lips right?” I asked.

“I know,” she said sporting that smile again. We finished brushing our teeth and Chris went to Rita for a goodnight kiss/fondle, and Stephanie came to me. She pushed her chest into me and mashed her lips to mine. “Goodnight Randy, don’t be up too late thinking about me,” she whispered, then left with Chris as Rita and I went back to Chris’ room.

We went to say goodnight to the parents one last time and took one of the candles to Chris’ room. Since I was already wearing what I was gonna sleep in I held the candle for Rita so she could sift through her clothes for something better. When she finally found something I jumped in bed and waited for her to crawl up to me, I loved when she did that. We lay there for a while holding each other and listening to the rain, then a quick flash and loud boom had Rita cuddling into me even more, and for once I was happy about sleeping in Chris’ bed.

“Its ok, I’m here, I won’t let anything happen to you.”

“I know you won’t. I missed cuddling up to you like this, its been too long.”

“Yeah I know, four days is a long time. Didn’t you cuddle up with Stephanie though?”

“We did, but it was nothing like it is with you, I always feel so safe and happy with you.”

“And I like making you feel that way,” I said and she pulled in closer to me and sighed. “So um, what exactly have you and Stephanie been doing the past few days?”

“We ate each others pussies and kissed, and fingerfucked each other a few times, actually a lot of times, but nothing else. I didn’t feel right letting her Fork me with anything.”

“You got farther with her than I did, I wish I could have seen some of that though,” I laughed.

“You’d love that wouldn’t you? The only girl you need to look at is me,” she giggled and kissed me.

I rolled on top of her and massaged her braless titties in my hands and kissed her along her neck as she moaned lightly in my ear. She thrust her Kittycat up into my Joystick and started grinding it from underneath me, humping me with our clothes on. I kissed her and pulled her spaghetti straps on her shirt off her arms and was about to suck on her Tips when another flash and loud bang spooked Rita and she gasped and pushed me off of her.

“I’m sorry Randy, I didn’t mean to do that, the thunder just scared me!”

“Its ok, don’t worry about it. I’m not mad at you or anything, I know you didn’t mean it.”

“I hate when its so loud, I don’t know why it bothers me so much, at least you’re here with me.”

We were about to cuddle again when I heard the doorknob turn and the door swung open, then I heard footsteps and saw the shadows of two people jump in the air, and land right on top of us, I knew it had to be Stephanie and Chris, since our parents probably wouldn’t jump on us for no reason.

“What are you guys doing in here? Our parents could come in here at any second!” Rita said.

“We just came to get our goodnight kisses,” Stephanie said and then pushed her lips to mine.

She kissed me and ground her Kittycat into my Joystick like Rita did a little while earlier. I had my hands on my back and she moved them so I was cupping and squeezing her Buttocks, and from what I could feel she was only wearing panties. I could hear the rain hitting the window, lip smacking sounds from Rita and Chris, and Stephanie moaning into my mouth as she worked herself on my Joystick, I’m surprised she didn’t notice I was already hard. We all heard a loud bump noise come from the hallway and knew it came from one of our parents rooms, and we called it quits before someone came out. She whimpered at having to leave horny and kissed me a few more times and whispered goodnight, as did Chris to Rita as they made their way back to the door and out the room. I got up and locked his door knowing it would do no good since Stephanie could pick it, but it was better than nothing.

“I don’t think we’ll be doing anything tonight,” I said getting back in bed.

“I know, I’m so horny, but I don’t want them walking in on us having S£x, that’s not how I want them to find out about us,” she said disappointed.

“Yeah, we can’t take that chance. Stephanie can pick the locks, or someone could hear us.”

“We need to tell them soon Randy, I can’t keep running around with Chris, not without him knowing how we feel about each other, its really starting to get to me.”

“I know, let’s just go to sleep and put it all out in the open with them tomorrow,” I said as I cuddled into her back in the spoon position and kissed her cheek. “I love you, goodnight.”

“Goodnight Randy, I love you too.”


It took me a while to fall asleep, mostly because I was horny and I couldn’t do anything about it, and also because I couldn’t stop thinking what Chris and Stephanie’s reaction would be when we told them about us. I was assuming the worst, but like Rita said, they might not even care, and I should just warm up to the idea, but I just couldn’t. I laid there with my arms wrapped tightly around Rita while listening to her slight breathing and the soft rain outside until I finally fell asleep.

I was awoken some time later by a Unclad body grinding on top of mine and kisses being planted all over my face, I wasn’t sure who it was, and I didn’t wanna yell out Rita when it was Stephanie and blow our whole plan, so I grabbed the Buttocks of the person on top of me to be sure, it was definitely Rita.

“What are you doing? Someone could come in here!”

“No they won’t, the door’s locked, and I put the chair up against it,” she said still kissing me.

Before I could say anything else she was kissing her way down my chest under the blanket and down to my groin where she pulled my shorts off and dropped them on the floor. I had to suck in my breath to keep from making too much noise when I felt her mouth close around my Joystick. I exhaled and grabbed her hands when she slid them up my chest and held them as she bobbed her head up and down my Joystick. I was in heaven, getting your Joystick sucked after a minor case of blue balls really hits the spot, and man was Rita really hitting that spot. She let it slide out of her mouth and brought her hands down so she could give me a handjob while she licked and sucked on the head, and judging by her moans I knew she was fingering herself with her other hand. She took her hand off and went back to sucking me deep into her throat with no hands. I put my hand on her head and guided it down, but didn’t force it in her mouth, and she moaned her appreciation. After a while she stopped and made her way back up my body, kissing everything on the way the same way she did when she made her way down.

“Fork me Randy, please Fork me. I need my brothers Joystick in me right now,” she purred.

“Since you’re on top why don’t you Fork me,” I whispered back.

She needed no more encouragement, she grabbed hold of my Joystick and aimed it at her opening, and in one push it went all the way up into her Kittycat.

“Uuuuuuuuungh, oh Fork baby!” Rita moaned as my Joystick pushed deep into her.

She sat up and rocked back and forth on my Joystick at a smooth pace. Her moans and the smell of our combined S£x filled the air as she slowly moved faster and faster on me until she found a pace she was happy with. I palmed her titties and she pushed against my chest and started grinding me in a circular motion, and then fell down onto me so we were chest to chest. I felt her hard Tips poking me in the chest as I held on to the sides of her Buttocks while she slowly rose and dropped down on me.

“Oh Randy, oh Randy baby suck my titties, please suck my titties while I Fork you,” she moaned.

I did as she asked and sucked her tit into my mouth, pulling on the Tip with my teeth and switching to the other and doing the exact same thing. Her arms went around the back of my head and she dropped her mouth to mine, kissing me as passionately as she ever had, and I kissed her back with just as much passion. We broke the kiss but she kept hold of my bottom lip, biting it between her teeth as she giggled and ground her Kittycat into me. By now I had enough of her doing all the work and pulled her off me and lay her down so we were spooned together on our left sides. She giggled again as I lifted her right leg and rubbed my Joystick against her Kittycat, spreading her juice around it as much as I could.

“You want this Joystick baby? You want me to put it back in you?” I teased.

“Ooh yes baby, don’t tease me like this, put that Joystick back in meeeooooooooooooh god!”

I pushed it back in as she was talking and slid it in until I couldn’t go any further. I worked my left arm under her and cupped her left tit in my hand and squeezed her right tit with the other as I slowly Forked her, then built up speed until our skin was making the clapping sound.

“Oh, oh, ooooooh, Fork this feels so good, just like that, keep Bleeping me baby, keep Bleeping me!”

I squeezed both tits and kissed along her neck as I pounded into her, hard enough for our bodies to bounce off of each others, but not hard enough to shake the bed. She reached down to play with her clit and bounced back into me while I kissed her neck and cheeks. When her leg slowly rose into the air I grabbed it and sat up on my elbow and Forked her deeper now that her Buttocks wasn’t in the way.

“God Randy you’re Bleeping me so good! Come on, I want you on top of me.”

I pulled out and she lay flat on the bed as I climbed over her. I threw the blanket back over us and looked into her eyes as best I could in the dark, and from what I could see she was looking back at me with that loving look. While we were looking at each other I grabbed my Joystick and pushed it back into her Kittycat, making her moan louder then she had before up to that point.

To Be Continued…

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