A Story written by Kevin_88…

Randy and I had come downstairs to see Aunt Lisa sulking at the table with mom. Her house was damaged in the storm and now she needed a place to stay until it could get repaired. Being the loving family we are (no pun intended), it was quickly decided that she would be staying here, but where at we had no clue. We had debated it for a while until we finally came up with a conclusion we were all happy with, Randy and I especially, she would take my room and I would share Randy’s room with him. We loved that idea, mom and Aunt Lisa knew we did too, it made the whole task of moving her in with us well worth it. The next three days we packed up her clothes, shoes, make-up, anything and everything we could and drove it the long commutes back to our house. Everything was stacked up in the living room until she was ready to put it all away, which turned out to be today, and we all had the honor and privilege of helping her, yay. 

We were not looking forward to helping Aunt Lisa put up all her stuff, there was so much. To make matters worse Randy and dad were leaving to go somewhere with Jim and Chris, and just leave mom, Aunt Lisa and I to do it ourselves, but I later learned Stephanie and Marie would be coming over to help. I didn’t want Randy to go, we haven’t been apart since we fell in love, and I wasn’t sure how it would affect me. Randy and I were in my room taking my stuff out of my drawers and putting it into boxes when we heard the Wilson’s arrive, and I knew it was time for him to go, unfortunately. I quickly locked the door, ran over to him and hugged him as tight as I could, squeezing him into me.

“I don’t want you to go Randy,” I said giving him my best sincere puppy dog face.

“I don’t either, but you know they won’t let me stay. Dad and Jim wanna take us somewhere, and Aunt Lisa wants the women to help her, that’s why mom asked Marie and Stephanie to help.”

I sighed. “I know, but I still don’t want you to go, who knows how long you’ll be gone.”

“I know, and I don’t even know where were going, they wont tell me or Chris.”

“Don’t do anything crazy, if they try to do something stupid don’t do it!”

“I won’t, I’ll come back to you in one piece.”

“You promise?”

“I promise.”

“Ok. I love you Randy. Hurry up and come back.”

“I love you too, and I will.”

I leaned up and kissed him as he picked me up off the ground, and I wrapped my legs and arms around him, not wanting to let go. Every time I kissed him I never wanted to stop, and that applied double then since I knew when I did he would have to leave. When we heard everyone come in downstairs I knew we would have to go down, so I reluctantly got down off of him, but kissed him a little while longer until I absolutely had to stop. We stayed up there hoping just maybe they would forget about us and just leave, but it decided not to work out that way. Dad called for us to come downstairs and we reluctantly stopped kissing and made our way down the stairs and to the kitchen where everyone was.

“There you are, you ready to go?” Jim asked Randy as we entered the kitchen.

“Yeah, where are we going?” Randy asked back.

“That’s a surprise, you’ll see when we get there,” Jim responded.

“He wouldn’t tell me either,” Chris said as he came over and kissed me on the cheek.

“I hope you guys aren’t going to do something stupid, like skydiving,” mom said.

“Oh no, were looking to do something fun, not get ourselves killed,” dad said.

“Good, because I’d hate to see my little Randy-poo get hurt,” Stephanie said as she kissed Randy on the lips. I know she did it just to keep an act in front of our parents, but I still don’t like seeing Randy kiss her, acting like his girlfriend, and I don’t know if I ever will, but I have to deal with it.

“Ok ok enough chit chat, I know you guys don’t wanna be late to wherever it is you’re going, and we have a lot of stuff to unpack, so you should get going,” Aunt Lisa said.

“Eager to unpack? I’ll never understand women. Ok honey were gonna take our car since it has more room and you can drive Stephanie and Chris’ car back ok?” Jim asked.

“Sure honey, that’s fine. Now go on, we have work to do,” Marie said. 

“Ok fine, we know when were not wanted, just don’t kill yourselves ladies,” dad said.

“The same goes for you,” mom retaliated as she made her way to dad and kissed him. “Have fun.”

We said goodbye to everyone and I had to endure watching Stephanie kiss Randy again, and he had to watch me kiss Chris, at least they knew that it was just a cover for our parents. I hurriedly pulled Randy out of sight of our parents and gave him one more kiss before he had to go, he had to literally pry me off of him before we got caught, and right then, I honestly didn’t care if we did. I watched out the window as they got into Jim’s car, backed out of the driveway and turned off on the street, never taking my eyes off the car until it was out of sight. Randy was gone, and I didn’t like it one bit. I wanted to stay there, hoping that they’d turn around and come back, but I knew it was useless. I gathered myself and turned around to see everyone else talking as they walked back to the kitchen. No Randy, and a house full of women unpacking all day, sounded like a blast.

Mom, Marie, and Stephanie all grabbed a box and headed upstairs with it as I went to grab one myself, and was met by Aunt Lisa who was coming to grab one too.

“Thanks again for giving up your room Rita, this is just temporary.”

“Its no big deal, really. I know you would do the same for us. Besides, I get to share a room with Randy now,” I said grinning entirely too much.

“Oh no, we already know whats gonna be going on in that room,” she joked.

I giggled. “Oh yeah, every chance we get.”

“S£x S£x S£x. Well I cant lie if I had the chance I’d be doing it all the time too.”

“Well we don’t always have S£x, we do other stuff together too. Sometimes we listen to music, play video games, or just lay together holding each other. When he wraps his arms around me and kisses me and tells me he loves me, I just feel so happy, like I’m the luckiest girl in the world. I love him so much Aunt Lisa,” I said trying my best to control my emotions.

“I can tell, and he loves you just as much. I’m happy for you two, siblings or not true love like that is hard to find, I should know. I hope it lasts for you guys.”

“Thanks Aunt Lisa, and don’t worry, you’ll find someone too,” I said regaining my composure. “Well we better go catch up with the rest of them, there’s a lot of stuff to put up.”

She nodded and we both grabbed boxes and took them up to Aunt Lisa’s new room. We all went back and forth taking boxes upstairs until finally we had them all crowded in Aunt Lisa’s room. Stephanie and I grabbed my remaining stuff and took it to our room, the room Randy and I were sharing, like an actual couple, I love saying that. When we got all my stuff and went to help Aunt Lisa set up her room, mom thought it would be best if Stephanie and I would help get me situated in mine and Randy’s room, and the older women would help Aunt Lisa get situated, that way we would get done faster. It seemed like a good idea so we were all for it, and we left them and went to mine and Randy’s room, I love that!

Once we were in we started clearing space in his dresser and chest of drawers for me to put my clothes. As I was moving his clothes to another drawer I came across the U2 shirt he wore when we went to the concert, and it brought back memories of when he held me and sang to me, I was in my own little dream world again. God I wished he was here right now so I could kiss him, why did they have to have a stupid guys day? I wanted to be near him, to touch him, at least hear his voice. Just then my phone started ringing in my pocket, and I guess luck was on my side for at least one thing because the only person I had that tone assigned to was Randy, I happily answered the phone.

To Be Continued…

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